Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 27, 1899, Image 1

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    Devoted to the Mining, dumber and farming Interests of this Community, to Cood Government, and Hustling for a Living.
.Cottage Grove, Oregon, JPviday, Jan. 27, 1899.
Kfn o
For All
Stoves, Tinware; Ropes, Pumps, Pipes, and
Plumbing Goods; Plain and Barbed Wire;
Coal, Iron and Steel; Garden Tools, Plows,
Axes and Amunition.
IBYill Stock of
We Meet Eugene Prices.
Griffin & Veatclf Jur(lVare GonIP"y,
llnw to I'mvrnt rnrMiiintilH.
Yon uro perhaps uwaru that pucunio-
ilu always results from a cold or from an
Htmtk of lu grippe. During tlmciiideni-
!e of lajgrippo nfow yearH ago when ho
iiuny cases resulted In pnoumonia, it
was observed that the attack wan never
(followed y that disease when Chaiubor-
in'H Cough Remedy whh used. It
counteracts any tendency of a cold or
1 grippe to remilt in that dangerous din-
anso. It is the bent remedy in tlio
vorld for bad colds and In grippe.
Jwery bottle warranted. For Halo bv
Itho Benson Drug Co., Cottago Grove and
Uoo J,yons of Drain.
All pcrsoiiH interested in a itulillo
jibrary are invited to meet in the read
ing room over 6. It. Piper's Htoro on
Monday ovoning Jumiary 23 at half
Nstsovon for the nurnoso of ori?indz-
')g u library association.
A first class, three seated hack.
ilo cheap, Call at this; ofllco,
Eakin & Bristow's $
And so do the bargains we arc offering you in
Dry OooclK, Ircw,s CJomis, Furnishing'
ftoiMlH, Clothing, Itoots, Shoes anI Ktih- J
lier Gooritt, muke your money
Co Farther Than Ever Before. A
& Yeatcli,
Kinds Of
Waoroii Material.
C.Jf. YANDENB UliQ, Manager.
Collage drove. Oregon.
Acllvc Solicitors Wanted Everywhere
For "The Story of the Philippines" by
Murnt Ilalstcad, eommlssionod by tho
(ioverninout as Oircial Historian to tho
War Department. The book was Writ
ten ti nrtiiv fiimmu nt Kim lVitlifIifn fin
! the Paciflu with Gen. Merritt, in the
hospital at Honolulu, iu'IIong Kong, in
tho American trenches at Manila, in tho
insurgentcaiup with Aguiuuldo, on tho
deck of tho Olynipin with Dowoy, and
in tho roar of tho battle at tho fall of
Manila. Bonanza for agents, Brimful
of original pictures taken by govern
ment photographers on tho spot. Large
Imok j low prices. Bigprollts. Freight
until. Orodit. elven. I)mi nil ItiihIiv
unofiioial war books. Outilt free. A(-
dress, F. T. Barber, Seo'y., Star Insur
auce Bldg,, Chicago.
Tutho Putillo.
W.i nrrt nntlinrtvfwl tn irllnrn titnn nvnrv
bottle of Chainberlain'R Cough Remedy
and If not satisfactory to refund tho
money to the purchaser. Thero is no
better inedicinomado for la grippo, colds
and whooping cough. Prico 25 and 50o
por bottle. Try ' it. For salo by tho
Benson Drug Co., CottagcGrovo and Joe
Lyous of Drain.
QUI papers for sale at this office,
I The Law Goverening and Relating
to Mining Claims.
(Of Intureit to miner ami mine owners con.
tinned from lat week' Uat:c.
A cut or crosscut, or tunnel,
which cuts the lode at-a depth of
ten feet, or an open cut at least
six feet deep, four feet wide, and
ten feet in length along the lode
from the point where the same may
be in any manner dissovered, is
equivalent to such discovery shaft.
Such work shall not be deemed a
part ol the assessment work re
quired by the revised statutes of
the United States.
Section 4. Abandoned claims
shall be deemed unappropriated
mineral lauds and titles thereto
shall be obtained as in this act
specified without reference to any
work previously done thereon.
Section 5. Mining claims so
located shall thereafter be deemed
real estate, and the owner of the
possessory right thereto shall have
a legal estate therein, within the
meaning of Section 316 of Hill's
Section 6. Prior to obtaining of
patent from the general govern
ment of the United States to such
claim the same shall be exempt
from taxation except as to the im
provements, machinery and build
ings thereon.
Section 7. All conveyances of
mininjr claims, or of interests
therein, eithet quartz or placer,
shall be subject to the provisions
governing transfers and mortgages
of other realty as to execution,
recordation, foreclosure, execution
sale and redemption thereunder,
but such redemption, by the judg
ment debtor, must take place with
in sixty days from date of con
firmation or such right is lost.
Section 8. In case of redemp
tion from sale under judgment or
decree the redemptioner shall pay
such suru or sums as are now re
quired by law for redemption u
dcr execution r.ale and such ad
ditional sum as may have been ex
pended upon the property so re
deemed by the purchaser under
execution or his assigns in order to
keep alive the possessory right
thereto after such execution sale,
not exceeding the sum of one hun
dred dollars for each claim, with
ten per centum interest thereon
from date of such expenditure or
section 9. Ditches and mining
flumes, permanently affixed to the
soil, are hereby declared to be real
estate; provided that whenever any
person, company, or corporation,
being the owner of any such ditch,
flume, and the water right ap
purtenant thereto, shall cease to
operate or exercise ownership over
said ditch, flume, or water right,
for a period of five years, and
every person, company, or corpo
ration who shall remove from this
state with the intent or purpose to
change his or its residence, and
shall remain absent one year with
out using or exercising ownership
over such ditch, flume, or water
right, shall be deemed to have lost
all title, claim and interest there
Section 10. Any and, all loca
tions or attempted locations of
quartz mining claims within this
state subsequent to the thirty-first
day of December, 1808, that shal
not comply and be in accordance
with the provisions of this act
shall be null and void.
Section 11. That all contracts
of mining co-partnership commonly
known as grub-stakincr shall be in
writing and filed for record with
the Recorder of Conveyances of
the county wherein locations there
under are made; such contracts
must contain, first, the names of
the parties thereto, and, second,
the duration thereof. Otherwise,
such contracts snail be null and
Section 12. That chapter XIII
of the code of civil and crimina
procedure in" justices courts, and
sections 3827, 3830, 3831, 383a,
3833. 2834, 3835 and 3836 of Chap
ter LX, Hill's Annotated Laws of
Oregon, be and the same are here
by repealed.
Section 13. Whereas, under
existing laws there is great un
certainty as to mining titles, and
the abuse of rights to locate there
under is detrimental to the mining
industry of this state this act shall
be in force and take effect 011 and
after the first day of January,
Passed by the Senate Oct. io,
Joseph Simon,
President of the Senate.
Passed by the House, Oct. 12,
E. U. Carter,
Speaker of the House.
Hauler Take Notice!
Wo tho undorsigned property ownors
do from this dato forbid any porron or
porsons from hunting, orothorwiso tres
passing upon our promises. I Any person
or persons found guilty of tho same, will
bo prosecuted to tho full extent of tho
Datod this 23rd day of Dec., 1898.
Goo. W. Whitaett,
J. A. Sears,
' W. G. Killingbook.
' Loris Johnson, son of tho lato Pro
fessor Johnson, of tho U. of 0., who was
a member of Co. 0 at Manila, has been
honorably discharged a,nd arrived homo
Friday tho 20 inst, a i
walker items.
Wm. Hrtwley of Row Itfvur wan
doing business in this vicinity one day
last week.
Quite a number of young people of
this place attended the revival meetings
at Crcswoll Sunday night.
Miss Edith Tozier of Creswell wan
visiting with Misa Etta Weeks hint
Miotics Pearl Smith and Nora Wright
weio visiting in the Grove ona day lat-t
wct-k. s
Wm. Gardner preached at tho
church Sundav morning.
It is rumored hero that Mr. Gcorgo
Walker will commence tho erection of a
new store building just west of M. C,
Smith's store at once and will open up
with a stock of dry goods and groceries
as soon as possible.
A most pleasant and unique affair
was given by Misses Bertha Tait and
Jessie Wright at tho residence of Mr.
and Mrs. John Tait Wednesday evening
Jan. 1899. The first part of tho evening
was spent in musio and later came the
bundle party, which was very exciting,
Mr. Fred Robinett received tho first
prize and Miss Jlyres tho booby prize.
When through with this they were in.
vited into the dining room where q
delicious lunch was served.
J. E. Chandler and son Charlie paid,
tho Grove a visit Thursday.
Mr. and .Mrs. G. W. Kelley went to
Royal Monday to vlbit with their
daughter Mrs. II. M. Damewood,
Arthur Chandler, is working nt tho
Booth-Kelley mill.
A. A. Kelley, who is working for J,
B. Rouso of Amos, visited at homo San
J. E. Chandler mado atrip, ta Amoa
Saturday returning Sunday,
W. L. Edwards made a trip, to. Cot
tago Grovo Monday,
Misses Mablo and Myrtlo Whltbrk
visited with tho Misses Edwards Sun
GlP3EXv '
The Tax Levy Two and One-Half;
Higher Than Last Year.
Wo are indebted to the. Register for
tho following: '
Tho county court mado tho 1898 tax
levy yesterday. Tho levy is 20 mills,
2)6 mills higher than last year, and
divided as follows : .. '
Stato , J. 5 740
County 8
School ' fi
Couft House 1 3-10
Total 20
The raiso is caused in tho state tax.
which is nearly throo mills higher than
last year.
Last yoar'a tax levy was 17J mills.
tnOrlpiio Successfully Treated,
'I havo iust recovered from tho second
attack of la grippe this year," ays Mr,
James A. Jonos, publisher of the Leader,
Moxia, Texas. "In tho latter case I
used Chnmborlain's Couch Remedy, and
I think with considerable success, only
being in bed a little over two days
aginst ten days for tho former attack.
Tho second attack I am atisflod would
have been equally as bad as tho first
but for tho use of this remedy as I had
to go to bed in about six hours' after be-
ing 'struck' with it, while in tho first
place I was able to attend to business
about ,two days before getting 'down.' "
Forsalo by the Benson Drug Co., Cottago
Grovo and Joo Lyons ot Drain,
Snow Is vory deep in tho mountains.
Last woeks rain served to settlq
it down soiuo four or flvo feet.
I take nartioular nains to keen tho
beat and freshest tolled oats, Grandma's
mush. Gcruiea, morning meal, fresh
corn meal and buckwheat flour. F B,