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A 'purr-dicament'
A treat for our inside cats is
to be carried, one at a time, out
the front door and then down
the street. This way they can
investigate the world from the
safe vantage point of my arms.
Who knows...they might spot
something to relieve their bore-
dom and add excitement to their
One hot summer evening,
one that was way too hot to be
wearing a fur coat, I stepped
barefoot outside wearing an
eight-pound male Silver Persian
draped on each arm.
I walked down the street with
my arms covered in their beau-
tiful white fur, wondering why I
felt the need to take two at once.
I rotated this way and that
so the cat-brothers' huge green
eyes, designed for hunting,
could discover a wonderful un-
expected mystery.
Our cats have the best man-
ners. These two male siblings
never had an argument or fi ght.
They are like well-behaved no-
bility, always exhibiting the best
of manners and respect for each
Before my "boys" saw them,
I spotted a pair of neighborhood
cats seeking relief from the heat
under a bush.
I taught my cats English by
word repetition and "cat" is in
their vocabulary, so I alerted
them to the presence of the hid-
ing cats by whis-purring, "Cat!
Cat! Cat!" My cats immedi-
ately spun their heads around
scanning with their eyes and
using their ears like radar devic-
es searching for the cat that had
made the major kitty offense of
being on their visual turf.
Myster E. spotted the two
offending cats fi rst. He emitted
a low growl that sounded like,
Get your salt and
snow shovels here
while supplies last!
Family owned and operated for over 47 years.
Open 7 days a week!
79149 N. River Road
"You dirty rotten cats! Get off
my street!"
Nymbus had not yet spotted
the "enemy" cats, but he heard
Myster E. and was confused.
He had never heard such lan-
guage from his mild-mannered
brother. In response, he turned
and began hissing and hitting
Myster E. like a boxer wearing
big puffy white paw-mitts. This
caught Myster E. and me totally
by surprise!
Myster E. returned the favor
by hissing and batting back at
Nymbus. Oh, my gosh! I had
been turned into a human box-
ing ring! In the midst of their
confrontation, thankfully they
somewhat still behaved as gen-
tlemen and did not claw each
other or me!
I gently talked to them and
the CAT-erwauling subsided,
and we continued our walk.
That is when Nymbus caught
sight of the two now-startled
"stranger" cats. Imagine what
those pair of cats were thinking
watching a mobile cat fi ght!
Now it was Nymbus's turn;
he began growling at the cats.
Of course, Myster E. assumed
Nymbus was growling at him,
and the boxing match began all
over again.
They were furiously fi sticuff-
ing. I kept spreading my arms
further and further apart so they
could not hit each other. But the
cats have very long legs, and my
arms seemed shorter than I re-
It was obvious that the bat-
tle would continue, so I began
a swift retreat back to the drive-
way. That's when something
else went wrong!
The house telephone rang.
So, I sprinted to the front door,
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Edythe Ann Stromme
Edythe was born on July 22,
1940, in Kansas City, Missouri.
She lived with her mother, Le-
Tain Cutrell, and her father, Earl
Luther Thomason, and her sib-
lings. Her working life took her
to San Mateo, Chico, Sacramen-
to, Anchorage and Olympia. She
retired from the IRS to Cottage
Grove, OR. Edythe and husband
Chuck traveled often during
their life together including to
Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Saipan,
Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Portu-
gal, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong,
mainland China and may times
to their beloved nation of Geor-
gia. She loved to visit Kauai.
Matriarch, wife, daughter,
sister and friend who loved her
community as her community
loved her. She was a philanthro-
pist, co-founder of the Causasus
Children's Relief Fund charity,
a wonderful cook, a welcoming
hostess and once a scuba diver
in such diverse locales as Alaska
Nymbus (now deceased) and his brother Myster E. purr-oved that wearing a
live fur coat (them) was fraught with dangers!
my toes.
Thankfully the door opened
wide enough for me to put Mys-
ter E. and Nymbus on the fl oor
in the hallway, prevent the other
three from escaping, and run for
the phone - all while maneuver-
ing around fi ve cats running ten
different directions!
Too bad the entire escape was
not videotaped! The cat-crazy
video would have won Ameri-
ca's Funniest Home Videos!
So much for a quiet walk for
the bemusement of two bored
cats! All of our adrenaline was
pumping now!
I wish we could read the
minds of the bush cats as they
observed the walking cat fi ght.
We must have relieved their
boredom, too!
If the neighbors saw this
crazy scene, they might ask for
advance warning of our next
walk so they can have their
video cameras handy! One
thing is for sure, we relieved
everyone's boredom and found
some excitement that hot sum-
and Saipan.
Edythe was an author, play-
wright and active member of
writing communities locally
and in the Seattle area. Two
of her plays were staged and a
third, "Hotel Potempkin", pre-
miered in the Seattle area in
January 2018. She was a clever
card player, especially hand and
foot and cribbage. Gardening
was her greatest passions. Blue-
berries were always a summer
bumper crop in her backyard. As
a certifi ed master gardener, she
kept her back porch and yards
beautiful with colorful plants.
She was a member and elder
of the Creswell Presbyterian
Church. She loved her fami-
ly, visiting Oregon coast and
camping. She hosted a beau-
tiful Thanksgiving dinner this
year, full of family and friends.
Edythe was plucky and one who
persevered and found her way
through life's diffi culties with
enthusiasm and a great sense of
Kindness was the core of her
mer evening! And who was
the purrs-on on the phone? We
will never know, they hung up
just as I stepped over scattering
cats and picked up the receiver.
Making another mystery for an-
other day!
Relieve inside cat's boredom
by appealing to their sense of
catching prey. Buy them: catnip
toys, scratching posts, teaser
toys, and meow-vies to watch
on TV! Walk only one cat at
at time and use a harness and
leash! Tips and the secret on
how to train cats to walk out-
side on a leash;
My dog, Dolly, sheds so
much that I always say that I'm
always dressed in "Dolly" (Not
"Dior")," said Christine in Van-
couver, B.C. "I should name
my next dog Dior!"
being. It was her standard and
her benchmark for the decision
she made and the way she dealt
with people. Edythe can live on
in how well we treat each oth-
er and how kind we are to one
She is survived by husband,
Chuck Stromme of Cottage
Grove; her children Jim Siek-
man (Dawne) Sutherlin, OR;
Kathy Nelson, Sierra Vista,
AZ; Lisa Stromme Warren
(Luke) Seattle, WA. Siblings
Adrienne Oyler, Penny, Bill
Cutrell (Stephanie) San Mateo,
CA. 10 grandchildren and six
great-grandchildren, nieces, and
nephews. It's quite a clan.
We welcome your comments
on the Smith Lund Funeral
Home online guest book.
There will be a celebration of
life on Saturday, February 3, 1
pm at the Creswell Presbyterian
Church, 75 S. 4th St., Creswell,
followed by friendship, food
and music.
She was a perfect wife. I will
love and miss her forever.
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struggling to hang on to the on-
going cat fi ght!
Visualize this: two quarrel-
ing cats, a ringing phone and not
a single fi nger available to open
the screen door!
No one was home to call for
help to open the door latch, let
alone relieve me of one of the
brawling cats or answer the per-
sistently ringing phone.
Normally I would stack one
Persian on top of the other so
I could release the door latch,
but in this case, with them still
scrapping, growling, and hiss-
ing, they were hardly in stack-
ing mode!
By now, our other three cats
had heard the cat commotion
and had gathered at the screen
door like curious fans at a ball
Now, my problem was two-
fold. Cats in arms and cats in-
doors. How could I keep any of
them from escaping and running
after the neighborhood cats?
It is not easy hosting a cat
fi ght in your arms, worrying
about missing a phone call, and
thinking on how to solve the
Finally, I lifted one bare foot
and released the door latch with
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