Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1909-current, January 24, 2018, Page 6A, Image 6

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A squirrelly dog
ogs CAN see in the
They love
chasing glow in the
dark toys making night games
easier on both them and their
pet parents!
Now in the darkness of win-
ter, you can fi nd Sonja and her
10-year-old dog, Ben, outside
enjoying their play-time ritual
of his favorite game!
“Ben insists on it! He sees
just as well in the pitch dark
as he does during day light,”
said Sonja. “If I lose sight of
him I look for his disembodied
Frisbee disk fl oating, very Hal-
loween-esque like, above the
ground, at Ben’s mouth height.
“Ben is a 50 pound Austra-
lian Cattle Dog, so an 8" Frisbee
works best for him,” said Sonja,
“Glow in dark Kong toys, balls
and Frisbees come in many siz-
es for different sized dogs. His
current Frisbee has held up for
three years, even though he
loves ‘catching and killing’ the
Sonja recently moved and it
appears right into Ben’s heav-
en! There are squirrels every-
where! She hung bird feeders in
the trees and in no time, “Herds
of squirrels appeared invading
like a rodent army! Ben was
thrilled!” laughs Sonja. “Even
after six months, he still thinks
he has a chance at a Squirrel
Fricassee. Unfortunately for
him, the squirrels outrun and
outjump him. It is a hoot watch-
ing a strong-prey drive, eter-
nal-optimistic canine thinking
he can catch a squirrel! I hate to
tell him that it is sooo not gonna
happen! Besides, he probably
won’t know what to do with it
if he catches one. He would
probably bring it to me to toss
for him to chase again, and that
is also not gonna happen!
One day, while playing Fris-
bee I tossed the disc and a brave
squirrel, heading back from the
bird feeder, ran between me and
Ben! I had a fl ash of wondering,
‘Will he chose to chase the disc
or the squirrel?’ Well, the ro-
dent won and Ben took off after
the squirrel ignoring the fallen
Frisbee. He is fast for a senior
dog! Once Mr. Squirrel was up
a tree Ben did go back, retrieved
the disc and brought it to me.”
During an ice storm Son-
ja’s neighbors heating system
konked out. “We sheltered two
neighbors for 10 days. Ben
loves them, but he was put
out when one of them slept on
‘his’ couch. Once they returned
home, he quickly returned to
‘his’ couch and every evening
we get a text message from
across the street reminding me
to say “Nite-nite” to Ben from
them. It makes us smile!”
Do you love animals and re-
fuse to wear animal fur? Don’t
let the garment industry fool
you! REAL fur from the Chi-
nese Raccoon dog is appearing
on our clothes!
Sales clerks may describe
a garment’s fur as “Faux Fur”.
But, if it "looks like a German
shepherd’s dog fur" it is likely
fur stripped off a cute Padding-
ton bear-faced Raccoon dog.
This “cheap” fur is appearing
everywhere, also dyed different
Pinch the top inch of any fur
trim and look for eyelash end-
ing guard hairs that a once live
animal wore; faux fur has blunt
Instead of trimming our coats
with dead animals it is best to
let the animals enjoy their own
fur. I have heard innocent peo-
ple wearing Raccoon dog fur
say, “It can’t be real fur because
it was so cheap.” But not to the
Raccoon dog, because it paid
the highest price with its life.
As consumers, we want the
choice of wearing real animal
fur or not. Do your part, educate
friends, store customers and
managers to this deplorable sit-
uation of suffering animals.
Sonja and Ben’s nightly ritual is a bit squirrelly. Pictured above, Sonja with her pal
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