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    School News
December 27,2017
A monthly newsletter covering area schools
Kennedy series "Bad Kids" continues
The Sentinel's seven-part series chronicling a
year in the life of Al Kennedy High School con-
tinued last week with an in-depth feature on how
Kennedy works. Classes, schedules and opportu-
nities make up students' days and to understand
their successes and challenges, it's essential to un-
derstand how they spend their school day.
Part II is available in its entirety at cgsentinel.
com. Below, a sample of the latest installment.
It’s Christmastime at Kennedy.
Once upon a time, that meant a family dinner,
prepared by students and staff in the kitchen of
their old portable trailers in the footprint of the old
high school. But Delight Valley isn’t the old por-
table trailers. Its kitchen is responsible for turning
out six meals a day—plus snacks for a pack of
hungry preschoolers and has little room for a ca-
sual, lighthearted and somewhat haphazard cook-
ing parties meant to mark the start of the holiday
season and the end of the fi rst half of the school
So, on Dec. 14, in the minutes before winter
break would see the school empty for two weeks,
there weren’t several courses of food laid out
on the cafeteria tables. But, that doesn’t mean it
wasn’t a party.
“Hey! Guys!” Kennedy Principal Halie Ketch-
er really likes Christmas. In Christmas leggings,
a Christmas sweater and a necklace of fl ashing
Christmas lights, she shouts over the restless-
ly excited chatter of approximately 40 students.
They’re 30 minutes away from winter break and
even closer to getting one of the Christmas pres-
ents Ketcher guards. Their conversations come to
a California stop, some still rolling on. “Are you
buying it for her?” “He’s not a super senior.” “We
have to pay for Snapchat now because of that In-
ternet stuff.” (The FCC voted earlier in the day to
eliminate net neutrality).
One more shout from Ketcher and the road is
It’s time to recognize outstanding students of
the month and hand out presents: lotion, soda,
candy, gloves, knick-knacks and gift cards that
Ketcher warns are worth $5 each, encouraging
students to repeat the amount back to her because
she will not repeat herself.
Each month, Kennedy recognizes a student
who has shown growth, determination, passion
and persistence and for December, it’s Sophie.
She’ll speak at the next South Lane School Board
meeting as a reward. She’s nervous.
And while the celebration normally ends with
a round of applause for students like Sophie, to-
day is different. There’s a special announcement.
There’s a new Kennedy graduate.
Nathaniel Mulhall will return this spring to
walk with his class but today, he’s done. He’s
completed all 75 credits required by the state of
Oregon in time to qualify as a four-year (not fi ve-
year) graduate.
It’s easy to see the pride among his teachers
and the excitement in his peers as the cafeteria ex-
plodes in congratulations for the boy in the back
hiding under his hood.
The thing that’s a bit harder to single out though
is what it took to get here, to this moment of ju-
bilee because at Kennedy, things work a little dif-
Mulhall was part of the cohort group of stu-
dents. It’s one of three options for students who
choose Kennedy over the traditional Cottage
Grove High School and most resembles a sched-
ule one might fi nd there. Students have different
teachers and rotate classes throughout the day
with a lunch period in between. But it’s only one
option. Kennedy also offers a GED program and
something called Odysseyware that can be com-
bined with the cohort or GED program.
Telling stories
Danny Henson doesn’t teach Odysseyware or
GED. No one does, really, in the traditional sense.
He mans the language arts class and storytelling
spark--a unique component of the cohort model.
At Kennedy though, not everything is black
and white and so Henson has students who are in
Odysseyware class in the morning and spend the
afternoon with him. It’s part of what draws some
students to this school: the ability to choose and
receive dedicated time from their instructors.
In his storytelling spark students explore dif-
ferent ways to tell stories and the fundamentals
that build narrative. They complete assignments
that ask them to interview their favorite characters
from their favorite stories. Who are the charac-
ter’s friends and family? Where were they born?
Where do they go when they’re angry? What’s
their favorite possession? Some questions are ob-
vious, others, students have to use their storytell-
ing chops to create the answers.
When they indulge in typical high school grip-
ing over assignments, he refocuses their attention
and doesn’t let anyone off the hook.
Please see KENNEDY pg.3
Community donates supplies to
South Lane School District
School newspaper coming back
with a roar
eginning in January,
"School News" will
be occupied by a new
South Lane School District received a generous donation of school supplies from School House Sup-
plies located in Portland, Oregon last week. The supplies were generated from their annual School
Supply Drive in which local sponsors help generate school supplies for kids. The Cottage Grove
Safeway was a part of the drive this year. Every donation made in the Cottage Grove Safeway went to
purchasing supplies for South Lane School District. South Lane School District School Board Chair
Alan Baas, and Superintendent Krista Parent wish to thank Safeway and the generosity of the Cottage
Grove Community. The school supplies will be divided amongst the schools and delivered out to
them in the next few weeks.
*Provided by South Lane School District.
Lincoln announces after school
Lincoln Middle School is excited to announce several new after school clubs this winter and spring.
Using funding from Measure 98, we have hired Christina Kent as our new After School Coordinator.
Currently we are offering Photography and Science Experiments classes. After winter break we hope
to also add classes on art, movie reviews, cooking, and the outdoors. Our goal is not only to bring fun
new opportunities to kids, but also to strengthen our relationships with them and help improve atten-
dance. Classes are taught not only by staff members, but by community members as well.
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tenant: The Lion's Roar.
The Cottage Grove High
School student-led newspa-
per was discontinued after
the school's former yearbook
instructor retired and began
drawing attention for her cos-
tume creations at Cottage The-
atre and soon, high schoolers at
her former stomping grounds
will be earning attention of
their own with the release of
the fi rst new edition of the Li-
on's Roar.
Media instructor Garrett
Bridgens has teamed with the
Sentinel to provide an opportu-
nity for students to learn the ba-
sics of journalsm and print their
own paper.
Students began working on
the project in September and
have since named editors, re-
porters, photographers and a
graphics team to head their pub-
After completing a story bud-
get, students have begun writing
and are readying for publica-
The fi rst edition of the Lion's
Roar is set to publish Jan. 25 as
a special insert to the Sentinel.
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