Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1909-current, November 29, 2017, Page pg 7, Image 36

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    Michelle Dockery
Elizabeth Henstridge
“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” ABC
“Good Behavior” on TNT and “Godless” Netflix
“Each year, my auntie makes an Advent
calendar and puts all different types of tea
bags in it. She sends it through the mail on
the run-up to Christmas, and I know I’ll be
going home to England, so it just makes me
get my ‘happy levels’ up for going home.”
“In our family, we always buy each
ach other
Terry’s Chocolate Orange. It’s English.
It’s always in our stocking and it’s been a
tradition for years in our family. And
nd sherry.
Before you do anything, actually, you
ou wake
up – me and my sisters wake up and
d we
open a bottle of sherry. And that’s the e first
thing we do on Christmas day (laughs).
). It’s
the way to go – crack open the sherry y and
an d
you’re good to go.”
“The Walking Dead” AMC
“Christmas in Rockefeller
Center” NBC
“I hate to be clichéd,
but (my son) Magnus
was born on Dec. 6,
and that’s close enough
for me. I’d say that’s
the best holiday gift
I’ve both received and
Reba McEntire
“My favorite
Christmas gift
was a book that
my dad gave
me years ago. It
was a big coffee
table book about
Leonardo da
Vinci. But that
my dad thought
to give me that
book was my
favorite thing
about the book.”
Jeff Daniels
“CMA Country Christmas” ABC
“Godless” Netflix
“We were very fortunate. We
always had Christmas presents.
Mama and Daddy took very good
care of us kids. It wasn’t anything
elaborate, but we always got to
unwrap something on Christmas
Nick Gehlfuss
“Chicago Med” NBC
“I’ve paid my
dues, and this
is a point where
I want to give
back -- I always
have, but I want
to raise the bar a
little more -- so I
like it when I get
something that
says a donation
to something has
been made in my
“Anything my kids make for me. Recently
we’ve done, ‘You don’t need to go spend
money. Save your money. You don’t need
to be overspending on gifts for me and
Mom.’ Kathleen and I have said, ‘Make
something. It could be anything.’ And
those mean a lot.”
John C. McGinley
“Stan Against Evil” IFC
“My wife every year does these pho-
tography books that you can send
your pictures to Apple and then they
make a book for you and then you
have the book. And she does them
of the year. And so every year now
since I never really want anything, I
just want that book. And it’s not quite
a coffee table book but it’s a little
bigger than maybe it should be. And
every year, I want that Apple pho-
tography book of the year. Nothing
makes me happier.”
Angelique Cabral
“Life in Pieces” CBS
“Well, that would
be my engagement
ring! My husband
proposed to me
two days before
Christmas, and I was
blown away.”
Brian Louden
“Mythbusters” Science Channel
It’s not a normal holiday for everyone,
but for my birthday I was given a Leath-
erman from my father probably about
17 years ago now, and it’s still on my
hip right now. And so of all holidays and
all gifts, I’ve got to go with that Leather-
man as probably the most important one
to me.
Jon Lung “Mythbusters” Science Channel
My favorite gift is the one I bought myself,
which is a Leatherman I use now. … And
I was like, ‘You know what? I need a
tool.’ And I bought it for myself as a ‘self-
holiday gifting.’ It’s just something that
I use so often and so much that like – I
don’t know, there’s nothing else I own that
I use that much.