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I am thankful for my family.
They love me and I love them
too. Im thankful for my hosue. I
am thankful for my three dogs.
Im thankful for Youtube.
From Megan F.
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for the food. I am
thankful for my Home. I am
thankful for my clothes. I am
thankful for my car. I am thank-
ful for the art. I am thankful for
my school. I am thankful for my
friends. I am thankful for my
bike. I am thankful for God.
From Jocelyn
I am thankful for having a
place to live because alot of
people don't have a place to live.
Another thing I am thankful for
is having food because alot of
people don't have food. I am
also thankful for the nutcracker
because I get to be Clara.
From Miranda
I am thankful for everything
that God has given us. The rea-
son is because He gives us a lot
of stuff. If you just trust in Him
he will give you a whole lot
more. God can give you a whole
lot on thanksgiving
From Marishka
I am thankful for drawing and
Cottage Grove without Cottage
Grove I would not know all the
kind people like my family and
every person alive and gone.
Drawing is fun. Every person
has talents and tricks, and ev-
eryone has kindness that is all
that matters.
From Victor
I am thankful for my family.
I love my mom and dad and my
dog. I love them all even when
they are not happy. They are the
best in the world. I love them no
matter what because the are nice
even when they are not happy.
From Hunter
I am thankful for my family
especially my dad and mom. My
dad is the one that gives what I
want. My mom is the one that
alway cooks us and cleans the
house. I love when my brothers
play with me.
From German
I am thankful for my family
especially my dad and mom be-
cause they give me food. They
protect me. They are nice to me,
they love me and especially my
grandfather and my dad because
they are super fun and so nice.
From Ever
I am thankful for my family
because they take care of me,
they play with me and make
dinner. I really love them.
When I want to play a
sport like basket ball they
will sign me up and watch me.
And also they take care of ev-
eryone in my family.
From Lily
pillows. Pillows are just really
cool. The E…wait! If we didn’t
have pillows we couldn’t make
pillow forts or spliters or even
pillow fi ghts. Now for real this
time, THE END.
From Alex C.
I am thankful for my family
because They take care of me.
They love me with all of There
heart. They also wonder about
me a lot. They always play with
me and we do fun thing together
a lot.
From Preston
I am very, very thankful for
my nephew Danner. He was
born about a week ago. So I
am a new uncle. I am thankful
to have a life. I am thankful
for my life because I can learn
about new things. Most of all
I am thankful for my family.
If I didn’t have my family, I
wouldn’t be writing this right
From Kyler P.
I am thankful for seeing my
family. I am thankful for the
food that my family gives for
Thanksgiving. I am thankful for
Thanksgiving bringing my fam-
ily together.
From Ella
I am thankful for having a
house. I have a school for me.
I have a TV. I have a family. I
have a dog. I have a lot of things
I’m thankful for like the Navy
Seal soldiers and the army. I
have an amazing and carring
teacher. I have a lot and lots of
friends especially my dad. I’m
thankful for a Thanks giving
dinner next week. Yum!
From Ben E.
I am thankful for my ener-
getic French bulldog Tater. We
got him off of a guy who sold
puppies. So, once we put our
new dog, Tater in the car, Tater
started crying all the way home.
Gracie, our older dog had hated
his guts his whole life. Not me,
From Sam L.
I am thankful for having a
family, having something to eat
and having somewhere to live.
I am olso thankful for having
a dog, a mom, a day, brother
and two sisters. I am thank-
ful for getting to learn making
friends and having fun. What I
am thankful for is my mom to
have a job, having a car. Having
friends at home and at school,
having a cote when it’s cold and
even in the worst condishons
something good allwas hap-
From Emmanuel
I am thankful for my ability
to draw. I think that drawing is
really cool, drawing can be fun,
hard, sad, frusterating, easy,
funny and lots of stuff. Draw-
ing makes me calm and happy,
that’s why I like it so much. I’m
thankful for my sister Stepha-
nie, she is really nice and kind.
I’m thankful, well, REALLY,
thankful for pillows. If pillows
didn’t exist, I wouldn’t get a
good night sleeps and some-
times I randomly draw faces on
I am thankful for my mom
and my dad. They are the one
who are razing me to the preson
that I need to be and that I want
to be lik my mom. She helps
me with my hipergle it is here
I can’t keep my sugar level to
high or low it is hard and my
dad help me get stronger and
fast. I am so thank for my mom
and dad they are the best in the
unvers thank you guys.
From Robert A.
I am thankful for being able
to be in school. The reason I’m
saying this is because, not many
kids can go to school. When
my parents were in school they
didn’t make it to college. They
didn’t go to college because
they didn’t have enough money.
When they told me they didn’t
go to college, I tried to do well
in school. When ever I told my
mom I fi nished all my work, she
was happy. She is very proud
of me. I was also very proud
of myself. So that’s what I’m
thankful for.
From Rogelio S.
I am thankful for my cat be-
cause he’s funny and weird. The
second thing I’m thankful for
is my mom because she feeds
me and takes care of me. I’m
also thankful for my guinea pig
named Bolt he usually calms me
down. Also I’m thankful for my
Grandma because she helps me
with my things. I’m thankful
for my house because if I didn’t
have one I’d be on the streets.
I’m thankful for my rabbit
that died because he was my
fi rst et. I’m also thankful for my
mom’s car because if we didn’t
have it I’d be riding the bus to
school. I’m thankful for my sis-
ter because she helps me.
From Clayton D.
I am thankful fo having a
mom and dad. If I didn’t ther
I would not survive. Also I’m
thankful for my brothe and sis-
ter. If I didn’t have them I would
be lonely no one to play with. I
am also thank ful for frends be-
cause with out them I woul not
b able to talk to anyone. I am
also thankful for having a caus-
ing in the school or else I would
not know any body so yeah I am
thankful for my cousin.
From Christian S.
I am thankful for all the peo-
ple who donated to the canned
food drive for the cub scouts. It
was fun. Some people did it with
us, even the Boy scounts. We
brought to community sharing.
Some people had something to
donate. Some people did not.
Some people were not there or
did not come to the door. But
the people that did were helpful
and friendly. I’m thankful for
the donations.
From Bryce J.
I am thankful for my mom and
dad sighning me up for sports
such as basketball, soccer, base-
ball. And fi naly track and fi eld.
I am thankful for all of the stuff
because I have fun playing the
games that I like contests. I am
also thankful more my friends
because if I didn’t have any
friends I wouldn’t have anyone
to play with and that I would be
bored all day. And fi naly I and
thankful for having a house and
not live under a bridge.
From Ashton P.
I am thankful for my parents
and my bunny Stustu. The rea-
sons I am thankful are…Stustu
is always nice to me (except
for when he bites me). He also
loves to lie on his back with me
when I’m watching Youtube.
My parents are also super nice
and they comfort me when I’m
upset or something. Also Stu-
stu and I love to play outside
and when he gets really happy
he goes crazy and hops every-
From Joslyn V.
I am thankful for my family. I
am thankful for the family that
I have. My family is sweet and
kind to me. My brother, Alex, is
one of the nicest people I know.
My dad is super nice too. He
pushes me hard to get better
at things. My mom is so sweet
and kind, as are the rest of my
family. I also have a dog named
Rocky, he is a kinda sweet dog,
but he can be rough and bite.
Rocky is a dog that loves to play
fetch before I go to bed so I play
with him but all the other hours
of the day, Rocky, he just sleeps
all day long. One of the laziest
dogs I know. I am also thankful
for the friends I have. My best
friend is named Kylee. She is
nice and I love her as a friend.
I love it when she comes over
to my house. We have so much
fun. Another one of my best
friends, her name is Allison.
She is an enthusiastic person.
She is also nice and funny. She
is one of my best friends. I like
to hang out with her at recess.
From Emily P.
From Valery R.
I am thankful for family be-
cause they care about me. My
mom says to me and my broth-
er, sometimes not all kids have
good parents like we do. I feel
bad for those kids, but at least I
have good parents. My Grand-
parents watch and take care of
me after school until my mom
gets off work. Speaking of my
mom’s work, she works all
week and sometimes on Satur-
days. I’m happy for her because
she’s the boss of two banks. So
she earn just enough to keep a
roof over our heads. I’m thank-
ful for how hard my mom and
Grandparents work. I love them
for that.
From Allison P.
I am thankful for my family.
They always do things for. My
dad always fi xes my quad and
trampoline. My mom cleans up
my room and washes the laun-
dry. I am also thankful for my
brother because he takes me
places and buys me stuff. My
scooter is my favorite thing
to ride. I’ve learned an 1806,
1360 barspins, tailwhip and mor
tricks and I am thankfull for
my two dogs and cat. I am also
thankful for a house and that
I’m not poor. That’s what I’m
thankful for.
From. Drake D.
I am thankful for my family
because they love me just like I
love them. My family is always
there for me when I need them.
My mom is my best friend and
she loves me. My dad makes
me laugh whenever I’m sad.
My little brother makes things
fun whenever I’m bored. My
big brother helps me to suc-
ceed. I am also very thankful
for our baby who is on its way.
My cat lucy can even be funny
sometimes. My family always
encourages me to succeed and
they keep me happy no matter
what! We all love eachother. All
together we make a perfect fam-
ily. I would not be myself if it
weren’t for my family. I have a
lot of family and they are also a
big part of my life. This is only
part of the reason I love my
From Jocelyn T.
I am thankful for my friends.
We should all be thankful for
our lives because it is what we
love the most. Some people are
or should be thankful for our
families. A lot of people are
thankful for our pets because
they are fun to play with. I am
thankful for my mom and dad.
I am thankful for the games so
we can always be happy. School
is what I am also thankful for so
we can all learn. I like exercis-
ing sometimes because I want to
stay in shape. I love my life be-
cause I have fun. We love holi-
days and everything else in the
world that is nice and lovingly.
I am thankful for my step-
mom Wendy and my pug Roth-
Lee. I am thankful for Wendy
is because Wendy makes deli-
cious food and takes me and my
brother to very fun places. She
also takes really good care of
me and my brothers. She buys
me a lot of clothes and shoes.
I’m happy that she takes me to
horror movies and spends a lot
of time with me. I am so lucky
to have her. Why I am thankful
for my pug Roth-Lee is because
he always tries to cheer me up
when I’m sad and tried to get
me to play with him. He is re-
ally fun to play tug of war with
him. Even though he is old he
still plays like a puppy (some-
times). When my baby brother
is sleeping he stays in his room
and waits for him to wake up
and goes and gets Wendy. I’m
so lucky to have him.
From Genesis E.
I am thankful for school be-
cause without school we would
never learn things like math,
science and reading but you also
would not learn to be sociable. I
am also thankful for my friends
and family because without
my friends and family I would
be able to accomplish nothing.
For example without my mom
and dad I would not be able to
travel as much as I do without
my friends I would not laugh as
much as I do because they are
funny. I am especially thankful
for my friend Ethan because
he is my best friend and I have
known him for a long time. I
am thankful for food and water
and the fact that I am alive, I am
thankful for these things for ob-
vious reasons are of course that
I need these things to live espe-
cially the last one.
Finn V.
I am thankful for books. I like
to read books. I read in school.
I am reading the Harry Potter
seresi, I love to read. I could
reading the daytime for a long
time. Reading is fun. Reading
helps me learn I can be smarter.
I read every day.
From Keith H.
I am thankful for friends
because if I had no friends I
wouldn’t have anyone to care
for me but family. I would also
have no one to play with or do
anything. I am thankful for a
roof over my head, nice things
like clothes and a phone like the
i-phone 5S and video games. I
am thankful for food and clean
water. I have good food like ev-
ery night. I have a mom and dad
to look for me. I am thankful
for enough money to do sports
like football because so many
kids don’t have the money. I am
thankful for school because a lot
of kids don’t have a education. I
am most thankful for my good
parents. Some kids parents are
At this time of
Th anksgiving
we pause to count our blessings.
Th e freedom of this
great country in which we live.
It’s opportunity for achievement.
Th e friendship and confi dence
you have shown in us.
For all of these things
we are deeply thankful.
Our best wishes for a
Happy Th anksgiving.
Cottage Grove Sentinel