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CDC microgrid looks to add power
By Caitlyn May
The Cottage Grove Community Develop-
ment Corporation (CDC) is looking to add a
little more power to Cottage Grove.
According to the organization's website,
CDC and Green Energy Corp. have com-
pleted a feasibility study for a community
solar microgrid in Cottage Grove.
A microgrid is a small subset of electric-
ity users who have a local supply of power
that is sometimes connected to a larger grid.
"It's basically a project that would set
up several renewable energy sites around
town," Cottage Grove Area Chamber of
Commerce Executive Director Travis Palm-
er. "It would help create resilience for our
power infrastructure as well as feed power
back into the main grid."
According to the group's plan, the city
shops located behind the post offi ce on
Main St. would serve as the ideal location
for the grid.
"It would involve more than just that
property," said Cottage Grove City Man-
ager Richard Meyers. "The reason for the
shop being a good location is the regulation
of the microgrid you can’t cross a right of
City hall was also a possibility, according
to Meyers, due to its proximity to the river
and other commercial business in the area.
Oregon offi cials respond to Las
Vegas shooting
Sunday's shooting marks deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history,
more than 50 dead, 500 injured
Oregon offi cials
are reacting af-
ter what is being
described as the
shooting in the country's history.
On Sunday, October 1, at least 58 people
were killed and more than 500 injured when
Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fi re on a con-
cert from the 32nd fl oor of the Mandalay
Bay hotel in Las Vegas. The death toll sur-
passed that of the shooting at Pulse Night-
club in Florida, which claimed the lives of
49 people and was, until Sunday, the dead-
liest mass shooting in the nation's history.
That attack occurred in 2016.
"My thoughts and prayers are with the
families of those tragically killed in Las
Vegas," Governor Kate Brown said, order-
ing fl ags around the state to be fl own at half
mast. "My heart breaks that this will never
be enough to console those who have lost a
By Caitlyn May
loved one to senseless violence and I thank
the fi rst responders who selfl essly serve in
times like these."
Portland Democrat Earl Blumenau-
er called for stricter gun control after the
shooting asking Congress to consider his
2015 plan for reducing gun violence.
The Congressman's plan calls for gun vi-
olence research to be permitted, background
checks for gun purchases, better mental
health care and for certain fi rearms to be
prohibited in certain settings.
"From Orlando to Roseburg, and now
Las Vegas, the carnage has only continued,"
Blumenauer said. "'Thoughts and prayers'
will not stop future tragedy. Enough is
enough. My hope is that sanity will prevail,
and Republican leadership in Congress will
muster up the courage to act."
The Cottage Grove Police Department
took to social media to address the incident,
posting, "Our heartfelt condolences go out
to all those affected by the tragedy in Las
Vegas last night. Please keep your loved
ones close."
Initial reports of terror group ISIS claim-
ing responsibility for the attack have been
debunked by offi cials who report Paddock
had no ties to foreign groups.
According to Las Vegas authorities, Pad-
dock was deceased when they entered his
hotel room.
Paddock had been staying at the hotel
since September 28.
Clark County Commissioner Steve Siso-
lak has sent up a GoFundMe page for vic-
tims of the shooting which can be accessed
Those wanting to help can also donate to
the National Compassion Fund at national- or the Southern Neva-
da Chapter of the American Red Cross by
calling (702) 791-3311.
CG Body Studio
By Caitlyn May
The owners of CG Body Studio missed the last art walk of the
season after their business was burglarized late last week.
According to Layla and Bret Munk, a cash drawer and iPad mini
were stolen from the property.
"It's partially our fault because weren't visiting the studio every
day," Bret said. "We were mourning the loss of one of our best
friends in town so we hadn't been to the studio in awhile."
When Bret visited the location on Friday, September 29 to re-
trieve cash left by one of the personal trainers, he noticed something
The cash drawer had been taken along with the couple's 10-year-
old daughter's iPad mini.
The Munks said that while the building was equipped with an
alarm system, they did not get a notifi cation from their security sys-
tem and that when speaking with law enforcement, were told a wifi
jammer may have been used.
Cottage Grove Police responded for a request for details. Captain
Conrad Gagner said CG Body Studio was a victim of a burglary
but the report has not been completed and a suspect has not been
identifi ed.
While the couple originally offered not to press chargers in ex-
change for information or their stolen items, the crime has since
ballooned in cost.
"Originally it was the cash box and the iPad that had a cracked
screen. But now our credit cards, our daughter's education account,
her gaming site, our email, all of those accounts have been hacked,"
Bret said.
Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact
the Cottage Grove Police Department at (541) 942-9145.
New game comes
to town
By Caitlyn May
Linder Rohrbach comes to Cottage Grove to visit her parents and
volunteer at Schwarz Park. She's fi nished up her latest visit and is
headed to Florida to continue traveling the country but she's left
something behind. Munzee.
"It's a fun scavenger hunt game that gets people out of the house
and outside," she said.
The game consists of bar codes left around town in various loca-
tions. Once a user downloads the Munzee app to their phone, they
can view a map with possible Munzee bar codes around town. To
capture a bar code, simply scan it with a smart phone.
"You don't win anything but points. It's a nice sport for when
winter comes and there's not a lot to do," Rohrbach said.
Interested residents can view the game at
Cottage Theatre presents:
The thrilling musical juxtaposition of good and evil
October 6-29
of All
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