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    COTTAGE GROVE SENTINEL September 14, 2016
Games Start at 6:30
Open to Everyone
755 North River Road
Information 942-3554
Every Wednesday (except Holidays)
Warm Ups 6:30pm Regular Games 7:00pm
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a 2nd Warm-up Pack FREE
Affordable Care Act
Starts November 1st
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the complicated.
Paul Henrichs ~ Independent Agent
South Lane Physical Therapy LLC
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We have a rapid access
program and can see new
patients within 2 business
days for an acute injury.
Orthopedic • Sport • Spine
Rufus never ruffl es feathers
303 Main Street, Cottage Grove OR
Phone: 541.942.6482
Fax: 541.942.6483
When I told my daughter that I res-
cued a stray dog,” said Rosemary,
“and found his owner, she declared, ‘If you
are saving strays, it is time for you to get a
She was serious and started sending me
Internet photos of dogs who needing re-
Rocko’s photo arrived and it changed his
and my life.
Originally, Rocko was shipped from West
Virginia to the West Coast, but his family
had to rehome him, so they were interview-
ing new purrs-pective owners.
During ‘my’ interview I began calling
him Rufus, and soon so was his family! I
left without him, thinking he would be too
much work.
Upon arriving home, I realized I missed
him and drove right back! Today, I don’t
know what I would do without him. He is
such a dear heart.
At fi rst, I was concerned about Rufus’
lack of tail. But instead of wagging a tail,
he shakes his entire rear end! He overdoes
joy, if that is even possible, by wagging his
entire back end from tip to tail - well, if he
had one. There is no doubt when this dog
is happy - he greets people, with a stuffed
toy in his mouth, wagging his rear excitedly
back and forth!
He was soon dubbed ‘Rufus Sprinkles’
because during potty-training, he tinkled in
big fancy-pee-swirls all over the tile fl oor,
wiggling that happy-fl uffy butt!
My three daughters are grown, and I
would be alone without Rufus. He fi lls a
huge void. He is a handsome and wonderful
companion with lots of dog cousins. When
my animal loving daughters and their dogs
visit, it is puppy mayhem with our four ram-
bunctious rescues playing. When their dad
arrives, his dog makes number fi ve.
Rufus is cuddly like a living-fl uffy teddy
bear, but he is too big and hot to sleep with,
so his bed is on the fl oor. Every morning, I
join him for ‘morning cuddles’ before head-
ing to work.
Besides our good looks, another thing Ru-
fus and I have in common is clumsiness! We
are always running into things. When Ru-
fus was a baby he broke his back by falling
20 feet off our cabin’s slippery-wet steps.
The fi rst vet said he was ‘OK’, but Ru-
fus was not swimming in the lake like he
I had a bad feeling, so after we arrived
home I had a second vet X-ray his back.
His back was broken! It is a good thing I
followed my instinct.
I also had noticed that on our four hour
drive home from the lake, that he could not
get comfortable. No wonder! He was in
It is important to pay attention to our pets’
body language and not dismiss it. Rufus had
NO other symptoms.
Spending money on a second opinion was
worth it! It saved him from potential paraly-
sis. His healing took three months and I had
to keep him from running.
I double-checked with our vet to make
sure Rufus was safe because he loves the
hot tub! He is a social butterfl y who prefers
joining us when we go in. He does a few
doggy paddles from one side to the other,
then he comically stands with his front paws
on one side of the hot tub’s seats, with his
back ones on the other side.
Rufus has this cute at fi rst, but then ob-
noxious habit of pawing the air, in a waving
motion, for attention. He won’t stop until he
receives the attention he craves. Whether I
am sitting on the bed, sofa, or a chair, he is
always resting his heavy head on my lap....
or anything else that is his head height -
then his eyes follow me with a ‘look’ – yup
- adorable.
He has a gentle giving spirit and when I
look into his face I ‘hear’ his ‘voice’ in a slow
Southern accent: kind of low-goofy-gravely
sound brimming with kindness slowly say-
ing, ‘I’ve heard that I make people smile.
Good! That is my job!’”
Photo by Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”
You’ve heard about pets that resemble
or act like their owners. In the case of
Rosemary and Rufus, a two-year-old
Sheepadoodle, it really is true!
“Rufus’ fur is actually hair, so he is hypo
allergenic,” adds Rosemary, “and does not
shed. Just like our hair, it grows and tangles
when not groomed.
I comb him every second night for 15 min-
utes to prevent matting. Matting would take
an expensive trip to the grooming salon or
me having to comb him for hours at a time.
At fi rst he thought grooming was a game,
and he was all wiggly-squiggly, wanting to
play with the brush. But I patiently kept at
it, stroking him massage-like, and he soon
understood that this was the best kind of at-
tention. This diligent method prevents mat-
ting and the subsequent shaving off of his
beautiful hair.”
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Adopt Loving Pets
Humane Society for Neuter/Spay Assis-
tance Program. (541) 942-2789
proclaimed the Columbia River
Bar to now be “eminently safe
and easy of navigation.” This
might have been overselling
it a bit – hundreds of mariners
who heard those words would
be drowning on that bar over the
subsequent half-century or so.
But today, the bar – the dead-
ly central feature of the famous
“graveyard of the Pacifi c” – has
been, if not tamed, at least paci-
fi ed enough that a careful skip-
per can cross it more than twice
a week and still qualify to buy a
life insurance policy.
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and repeat the process until the
rocks on both sides of the trestle
were solidly mounded up into a
secure, wave-proof man-made
peninsula of sorts. Once this
was all done, the rails would be
taken up and the top of the jetty
fl attened and regularized so that
people and vehicles could eas-
ily get out on it for any repairs
or modifi cations that might be
needed in the future.
It took almost a decade, from
planning to completion, to fi nish
the job. In 1894, it was done.
By the time it was done, the
South Jetty had already changed
the fl ow of the river. In place
of the old fan-like network of
treacherous channels through
the sand, the current of the river
had now scoured a single chan-
nel 30 feet deep along the jetty
and out to the sea. It had cost
just over $2 million to do – well
under the budget estimates of
$3.8 million, but still one of the
biggest U.S. government proj-
ects of the 19th century.
An early-1900s postcard image of the Cape Disappoint-
ment Light on the north side of the Columbia Bar, the
fi rst lighthouse built in the Northwest. Ironically, it was
delayed several years after the bark Oriole, carrying
building supplies for the project, sank on the bar.
It still wasn’t quite enough,
though, for the bigger steam-
ships of the new century. So in
1914, the government started
construction of the (much short-
er) North Jetty, running it right
over the top of Peacock Spit.
This did the trick. The chan-
nel entrance narrowed to 2,000
(Sources: Gibbs, James A.
Pacifi c Graveyard. Portland:
Binford, 1950; Marshall, Don.
Oregon Shipwrecks. Portland:
Binford, 1984)
feet and now deepened itself
even more. Ten years later, in
1925, the U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers made a bar survey
and found the channel had deep-
ened to about 40 feet – shy of
the 50 that engineers had hoped
for, but enough.
The engineers then happily
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egon State University and writes
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W orship D irectory
Gateway Family Fellowship
Church of the Nazarene
337 “C” St. Drain, OR
Sunday School 9:30am
Worship 10:45am
Living Hope Free Lunch
Wed. at 12:30pm
131 W “A” St. Drain, OR
Pastor: Lura Kidner-Miesen
Bible Study: 10:45am
Potluck Lunch: Noon
Worship: 12:45pm
6th & Gibbs Church of Christ
195 N. 6th St. • 541-942-3822
Pastor: Aaron Earlywine
Youth & Families Pastor: Seth Bailey
Services: 9am and 10:30am
Christian Education
Nursery for pre-k - 3rd Grade
Calvary Baptist Church
77873 S 6th St • 541-942-4290
Pastor: Riley Hendricks
Sunday School: 9:45am
Worship: 11:00am
The Journey: Sunday 5:00pm
Praying Thru Life: Wednesday 6:00pm
Calvary Chapel Cottage Grove
1447 Hwy 99 (Village Plaza)
Pastor: Jeff Smith
Two Services on Sun: 9am & 10:45am
Youth Group Bible Study
Child Care 10:45am Service Only
Center for Spiritual Living
Cottage Grove
700 Gibbs Ave. (Community Center)
Rev. Bobby Lee
Meets Sunday 3:00 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church
3rd and Adams St • 541-942-4479
Pastor: Karen Hill
Worship: 10:00am
Sunday School: 10:00am
Old Time Gospel Fellowship
103 S. 5th St. • 541-942-4999
Pastor: Jim Edwards
Sunday Service: 10:00am
Join us in Traditional
Christian Worship
Church of Christ
420 Monroe St • 541-942-8565
Sunday Service: 10:30am
Grove Community Church
77820 Mosby Creek Rd.
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Pastor: Bryan Parsons
Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Nursery: Infant - Pre-K
Kidʼs Church: K to 5th grade
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
and St. Philip Benizi
Catholic Churches
1025 N. 19th St.
541-942-3420 / 541-942-4712
Pastor: Roy L. Antunez, S.J.
Euch. Liturgies; Sat. 5:30pm
Sun. 10:30am
St. Philip Benizi, Creswell:
552 Holbrock Lane • 541-895-8686
Sunday: 8:30am
Cottage Grove Bible Church
1200 East Quincy Avenue
Pastor:Bob Singer
Worship 11am
Sunday School:9:45am
AWANA age 3-8th Grade,
Wednesdays Sept-May, 6:30pm
Cottage Grove Faith Center
33761 Row River Rd. • 541-942-4851
Lead Pastor: Isaac Hovet
Summer Schedule: Sunday Service 10am
Full Childrenʼs Ministry available
Covered Bridge Nazarene Church
152 S. M St.
Pastor: Cindy Slaymaker
Sunday School: 9:30am
Worship 10:30am
Delight Valley
Church of Christ
33087 Saginaw Rd. East
Pastor: Bob Friend
Two Services:
9am - Classic in the Chapel
10:30am - Contemporary in the
Hope Fellowship
United Pentecostal Church
100 S. Gateway Blvd. • 541-942-2061
Pastor: Dave Bragg
Worship: 11:00am Sunday
Bible Study: 7:00pm Wednesday
Living Faith Assembly
467 S. 10th St. • 541-942-2612
Pastor Rulon Combs
Worship & Childrenʼs
Church 10:00 am
Youth 180 Mondays 5:30-8pm
Church of Christ
1041 Pennoyer Ave * 541-767-0447
Preachers: Tony Martin & Robert Evans
Sunday Bible Study:10:00am
Sunday Worship:10:50am & 5:30pm
St. Andrews Episcopal Church
1301 W. Main • 541-767-9050
Rev. Lawrence Crumb
“Church with the fl ags.”
Worship: Sunday 10:30am
All Welcome
Seventh-day Adventist Church
820 South 10th Street
Pastor: Kevin Miller
Bible Study: Saturday, 9:15 am
Worship Service: Saturday, 10:40 am
Mid-week Service: Wednesday, 1:00 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
6th & Quincy • 541-942-2373
Pastor: James L. Markus
Sunday School & Adult Education 9:15am
Sundway Worship 10:30 am
Comm. Kitchen Free Meal Tue & Thur
5:00pm TLC Groups
United Methodist Church
334 Washington • 541-942-3033
Pastor:Lura Kidner-Miesen
Worship: 10:30am
Comm. Dinner (Adults $5, Kids Free)
2nd & 3rd Monday 5-6:00pm
“VICTORY” Country Church
913 S. 6th Street • 541-942-5913
Pastor: Barbara Dockery
Worship Service: 10:00am
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