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    8A COTTAGE GROVE SENTINEL December 2, 2015
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The amended county ordi-
nance, Leutke said, specifi es
that the $200 fee charged for a
license can only be used to ad-
minister the licensing program.
Penalties for selling tobacco
products to minors were also
added for the employee in addi-
tion to the business owner. Four
such violations in a two-year
period would result in the revo-
cation of the sales license.
“It won’t solve all the issues
created by tobacco, but it’s an
important part of an overall
strategy,” said Assistant Direc-
tor Karen Gaffney.
And Cottage Grove has a par-
ticularly pronounced problem
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with tobacco, according to data
presented to the Council that
points out that this community
has the highest density of tobac-
co retailers in Lane County, with
one for every 500 residents. Ad-
ditionally, Leutke pointed out
stats showing that one of four
outlets in Cottage Grove sold to
minors last year.
Comment from the Council
was light, though Councilor Jake
Boone did ask why tobacco re-
tailers are being targeted if most
fi rst-time underage users get the
products from their friends.
“I’m all for kids not smok-
ing, and adults, but this doesn’t
feel to me like the right way to
go about it,” Boone said. “Edu-
cation already has led to less
smoking. I don’t see the reason
to take more money from peo-
ple who are at least following
the rules.”
Gaffney countered that the
licensing program can have an
effect on use by minors.
“We’re working hard to make
an impact where we can,” she
The Council did not make a
formal motion to support the
ordinance, but City Attorney
Carrie Connelly said she would
be working with the county or-
dinance to see if she could craft
something the Council could
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area’s large landowners, while
South Lane Fire protects local
homes and up to fi ve acres of
their surrounding property. He
said that fi re such as the small
brush fi re that started as a re-
sult of an illegal burn off Veatch
Road east of Cottage Grove in
December could easily grow in
conditions such as those experi-
enced last summer.
“We had several close calls,
fi res that could’ve easily caused
a lot of damage,” he said. “We
managed to stop them dead in
their tracks, but without coordi-
nation, it wouldn’t happen that
way, which is why those rela-
tionships are valued.”
Lane County has a mutual
aid agreement that states that
agencies collaborate with other
agencies for 12 hours at their
own expense, after which the
assisting agency foots the bill.
“The Western and Eastern
Lane districts are complemen-
tary to keeping fi re damage in
Lane County relatively small,”
Wooten said.
Earhart’s hideout. Tired, sober
and suddenly aware of the hope-
lessness of his situation, Earhart
started crying and begging for
mercy. He came out and was
soon safely arrested and shack-
led and on his way to Heppner
in the care of the sheriff.
Behind him he left the town
of Ione peppered with bullet
holes — more than 50 of them
on the north side of Main Street
On the way to the sheriff’s of-
fi ce, Earhart and Deputy Walter
Cason — who, remember, Ear-
hart had hit with two long-range
blasts from the shotgun — got
into a nasty verbal fi ght. It end-
ed with Earhart threatening to
come back to Ione and kill Ca-
son — a threat that several other
people overheard.
Earhart pleaded not guilty to
all charges, and his trial was a
bit of a circus. “In outlining his
case to the jury, (Earhart’s attor-
ney) declared that they would
prove the shot fi red by Earhart
… was fi red accidentally as
the result of his stumbling as
he walked along the sidewalk,”
the Gazette’s reporter wrote.
“He said further that they would
prove that a conspiracy was
formed by the armed mob for
the purpose of murdering the
accused man.”
Not surprisingly, it didn’t
work. He drew four and a half
years in the state pen.
One imagines the citizens of
Ione didn’t much look forward
to Earhart’s release date. Of
course, he came straight home.
But he found the reception
awaiting him somewhat warmer
than he might have anticipated.
Maybe Earhart intended to
settle his score with Cason upon
his return to town, and maybe
he’d forgotten all about it. But
when he arrived, he found Ca-
son waiting for him.
The two men went for their
pistols. Cason shot him through
the heart.
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he was Earhart, shot him, in-
fl icting a severe chest wound.
“As soon as the facts were
realized the posse was consid-
erably rattled, and Earhart’s
whereabouts were lost track of,”
the Gazette reported.
Assuming Earhart was in one
of the warehouses, the posse
surrounded them. They soon
learned their mistake when the
shotgun bellowed again from
a nearby bush on the hillside
behind them, sending a cloud
of stinging .160-caliber pel-
lets at a posse member from 80
yards away. The posse member,
peppered with shot but not re-
ally hurt, fell to the ground and
started yelling for help; Mor-
row County Sheriff’s Deputy
Walter Cason went to help him,
and himself got a charge of shot
in the back and another in the
After that, the posse re-
formed and waited for daylight,
which fi nally came and revealed
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