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    Cottage Grove Sentinel
photo by Eric Eligott
A stunning double rainbow decorated the skies over Cottage Grove on Saturday.
Friends gather to celebrate APC move, anniversary
A Primary Connection commemorates 25 years'
service, move to LCC campus
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
photo by Bruce Kelsh
Ana Maria Dudley (left) and Peggy Lintula share a
moment during last Tuesday's ceremony.
hough many visitors came
to a room they may never
have visited before, it wasn’t long
before the gathering had a family
Guests came together at Cottage
Grove’s Lane Community College
campus on Tuesday, Oct. 6 to tour
the new facilities and mark the
25-year anniversary of A Primary
Connection, the family resource
center of South Lane School Dis-
trict that has been helping young
parents and their children for
generations. Nearly all those who
gathered — including many who
Ruby and
Amber's Or-
ganic Oasis
owner Walt
speaks with
intern Carlin
Briner as
draft horses
Tom and
Jerry pull
their wagon
on a beauti-
ful Sunday
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
Organic farm shows off its system
alt Bernard has been work-
ing with draft horses for
about 20 years, and the ease with
which he speaks about their value
to his farm near Dorena only adds to
the slow cadence of a Sunday-after-
noon wagon ride.
Bernard, owner of Ruby and Am-
ber’s Organic Oasis, is in the driver’s
seat, though he’s content to let Car-
lin Briner, an intern who’s spending
a month on the farm to learn the art
of equine farming, do the actual driv-
ing. Tom and Jerry, two massive Bel-
gian draft horses, plod along, seem-
Please see APC, Page 11A
Police plan to
ticket distracted
photo by Jon
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
over the years,” said Mary Nise-
wander, who fi rst visited A Prima-
ry Connection as a young parent
and recently retired from teaching.
“Do you know how many times
I’d call and ask for help?”
Ana Maria Dudley, now herself
a fi xture at the center, fi rst visited
22 years ago.
“I was new in town, and I didn’t
know anybody,” she said. “I walked
the streets with two kids and didn’t
know what to do. This place gave
me a community. I came here in
1993 and never left.”
During her remarks on the occa-
sion, Lintula explained that, after
have contributed their own efforts
to A Primary Connection over the
years — shared stories of the fi rst
time they brought their children
to the center, children now grown
and pursuing their own higher ed-
ucation and careers.
It was a celebration that in many
ways revolved around one woman,
Peggy Lintula, who transformed
an initiative to connect with young
parents into a resource center that
has thrived despite budget con-
cerns, fi rst at the SLSD offi ce,
then at Lincoln Middle School,
Bohemia Elementary and, begin-
ning this year, at LCC.
“This is probably only a mil-
lionth of the families she’s touched
Check out
the insert in
this edition
Breast Cancer
ingly oblivious to the wagonload of
visitors behind them.
It’s a busy day on the farm, where a
patch of land teeming with pumpkins
has drawn a crowd and a tour group
with the Living on the Land work-
shop series has made a trip that’s a
Need to check a text while driving across Cot-
tage Grove? Have trouble stopping for pedestrians at
crosswalks? Hate wearing that pesky seatbelt?
These days, driving behaviors such as these will
be more likely to warrant a ticket from the Cottage
Grove Police Department, whose interim chief, Scott
Shepherd, said that police will be working to target
distracted drivers.
“In addition to speed and traffi c enforcement, offi -
cers will be encouraged to look for distracted behav-
ior that can lead to accidents,” Shepherd said, add-
ing that enforcement in the near future could include
stings set up at crosswalks to target those who don’t
stop for pedestrians (drivers must stop for pedestri-
ans at crosswalks that aren’t controlled by a traffi c
signal), in addition to tickets for those who use mo-
bile devices while driving, are observed speeding or
not wearing seatbelts.
Shepherd took over for outgoing Chief Mike Gro-
ver last month, and he said he’s already responded
to requests for more traffi c enforcement by writing
more tickets and stationing police in school zones.
The push to ticket more distracted drivers also stems
To the dogs
City kennel hailed as a
success, page 3A
Harriers cranking out
season-bests, page 1B
Please see DRIVERS, Page 11A
Please see HORSES, Page 11A
Council approves franchise agreement with Charter Communications
City has sought a new
agreement since 1999
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
t its Monday night meet-
ing, the Cottage Grove
City Council came to an agree-
ment with Charter Communica-
tions that the City has sought for
over 15 years.
In 1999, the franchise agree-
ment that guided the way the
cable company does business
in Cottage Grove expired, and
a provision was put into place
to continue the old agreement
on a month-to-month basis,
which has guided the relation-
ship between the City and Char-
ter since. The City has worked
to renew the Charter franchise
agreement since then, especially
attempting to secure added reve-
nue in the form of franchise fees
— fees that companies pay for
the privilege of using the City
right-of-way to conduct their
business — from a company
whose offerings in the commu-
nity have expanded into other
realms beyond cable television.
Charter has resisted efforts
to increase the franchise fees
it pays to include its telephone
and Internet services, but the
City recently attempted another
way to secure an agreement.
After consulting with its legal
counsel, the Local Government
Law Group, the City learned
that its existing month-to-month
agreement included provisions
that Charter reportedly does not
typically agree to in new agree-
ments, according to the fi rm’s
Christy Munson. (A representa-
tive from Charter could not be
contacted by press time for this
article). These provisions in-
clude stronger protection of the
right-of-way, according to Cot-
tage Grove City Manager Rich-
ard Meyers.
Over the summer, Charter
asked the City Council to con-
sent to its merger with Time
Warner Cable and its acquisi-
tion of Bright House Networks,
LLC. After consultation with le-
gal counsel, the City consented
to the merger and acquisition in
August but added in the stipu-
lation that its current month-
to-month franchise agreement
be renewed for 10 years. To
the City’s apparent surprise,
it worked, though Charter re-
sponded with two conditions of
its own.
“We were waiting anxiously
to see how Charter respond-
ed,” Meyers said. “They liked
the idea, which surprised both
Christy and I. But they didn’t
want 10 years; they only wanted
fi ve.”
The second condition that
Charter wanted changed, Mey-
ers said, was the requirement
that they maintain a physical
offi ce for customers to do busi-
ness with the company in Cot-
tage Grove. The revised agree-
ment includes conditions by
which the company could close
its local offi ce, though it spells
out that certain services would
still have to be provided for cus-
“They have approved the doc-
ument, so as soon as you adopt
it, it will be in place,” Meyers
told the Council on Monday.
“We’re able to have a signed,
sealed agreement that is our old
franchise agreement, though it
has a lot of language in it that
they will not approve now.”
Mayor Tom Munroe said the
agreement was full of “lawyer-
speak” and asked Munson if she
indeed felt it was in the City’s
best interest. Munson responded
that she has represented numer-
ous cities in negotiations with
Charter and that “your existing
franchise is pretty good.”
“When these agreements were
written before, they weren’t as
exacting,” Munson said later.
“This franchise gives the City
a lot more options. There’s no
longer a mandate that they have
a physical offi ce here, but there
are provisions in place to make
sure the customers’ needs are
still met.”
Rain Country Realty Inc.
505 Gateway
3 bedroom, 1 bath,
undergoing some
renovations, can be
business or residence.
Pest and Dry Rot
being completed.
Principal Brokers
Teresa Abbott ..................221-1735
Frank Brazell....................953-2407
Lane Hillendahl ................942-6838
545 Crestwood, Creswell
3 bedroom, 2 bath,
big kitchen, corner
lot, convenient
location, RV
Parking come see!
Laurie Phillip....................430-0756
Valerie Nash ....................521-1618
Licensed in the
State of Oregon
On the Internet
(541) 942-3325
By telephone
(541) 942-3328
By fax
By e-mail
P.O. Box 35, Cottage Grove, OR 97424
By mail
Corner of Sixth and Whiteaker, Cottage Grove
In person
78 47
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