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    COTTAGE GROVE SENTINEL September 9, 2015
photo by Sam Wright
Idyllic late-summer
weather greeted
tour guests Satur-
day for the Oregon
Covered Bridge
Festival. About 60
people toured the
area's bridges by
bus, including the
Stewart Bridge at
left, which was built
in 1930 and restored
in 1996.
Tours highlight Covered Bridge Festival
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
he Cottage Grove Covered Bridge
Festival took place this weekend,
featuring a tour around Cottage Grove
and surrounding areas to see the his-
toric covered bridges. The festival has
been going on locally since 2007, ac-
cording to organizer Judd Van Gorder,
who spearheads the event along with
his wife, Sharon. The Festival is hosted
by the Chamber of Commerce.
This year the tours saw an attendance
of about 60 people, raising enough
money to keep the festival afl oat ac-
cording to Van Gorder.
“We’re trying to see if we can get a
grant in order to hire a few part-time
executive directors,” Van Gorder said.
“That way we [the festival] can start
making some more money.”
The money made from the festival
would then go to the upkeep of some
of the historic bridges in the area. For
instance, on a few bridges, plaques
were placed on the bridges in order to
provide historical information and keep
vandals from damaging the wood.
The bridges themselves are deeply
embedded in the history of Oregon.
With such easy access to high qual-
ity timber, builders mostly used wood
to build the bridges, forcing them to
build a cover over the bridge in order to
stop the wood from rotting in the damp
northwestern climate.
The oldest of these bridges on the
tour is the Mosby Creek Bridge. It
was constructed in 1920 and restored
70 years later. It’s the oldest bridge in
Lane County and is still open to traffi c,
a rarity amongst a lot of these bridges.
The Chambers Railroad Bridge,
which sits just north of Cottage Grove
High School, is just fi ve years younger
than the Mosby Creek Bridge and was
built to bring a railroad line across the
Coast Fork of the Willamette. It is the
only remaining covered railroad bridge
West of the Mississippi River. The
Chambers Bridge was completely re-
stored in 2011 and is open to pedestrian
and bicycle traffi c.
Although most of the bridges are
closed to traffi c, they defi nitely don’t
go unused. Tour guide Sharon Van
Gorder explained that bridges such as
the Dorena Bridge are often used for
functions such as weddings, commu-
nity dinners and even meetings for mo-
torcycle clubs.
At one point early in the 20th centu-
ry, Oregon had an estimated number of
450 covered bridges, but over the years
that number has rapidly decreased.
Lane County possesses the most cov-
ered bridges this side of the Mississippi
with 20. Cottage Grove holds the most
out of any town in Lane County, mak-
ing the festival truly historic and iconic
for the area.
Rotarians aid children's dental clinic
At its Sept. 3 meeting, the
Rotary Club of Cottage Grove
assembled pouches of dental
products and instructions for
the Smiles Program for the
South Lane School District
elementary students. Rotarians
will be giving away these pack-
ets at the Health Screening Day
in September. The Rotary Club
of Cottage Grove raises $3000
every year to support this
program. Pictured are Sharon
Scarpelli, Darrel Williams, Dave
Kelp and George Devine.
photo by Nadine Kelley
South Lane TV adds
four new channels
outh Lane Television and Luken
Communications announce a
multi-network affi liation agreement
between SLTV and Luken Commu-
nications, LLC. Beginning Sept. 1,
SLTV began broadcasting four new
Luken networks: The Family Channel,
Heartland, Rev’n and PBJ. Viewers
will fi nd the new channels on SLTV’s
over-the-air system on channels 44.4,
44.5, 44.6 and 44.7, respectively.
“The SLTV board is excited and
proud to bring Luken’s programming
to our community,” said Lloyd Wil-
liams, President of South Lane Tele-
The Family Channel aims to offer a
safe, wholesome space for television
viewing, and is dedicated to great edu-
cational, entertaining and some faith-
based programming, with a fresh look
and new shows like The Balancing
Act, Real Green, Designing Spaces,
The Hollywood News Report and
Emmy-winning The Folklorist.
Heartland debuted in 2013 with
programming comprised of syndicat-
ed and fi rst-run shows along with digi-
tally restored content pulled from the
vaults of Music Row, creating a coun-
try music and lifestyle experience.
Rev’n is a network geared towards
the performance enthusiast. Rev’n is
dedicated to all things revving includ-
ing cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats,
ATVs, snowmobiles, events, auctions
and more.
“The addition of these channels
brings our channel count to over 30,
and Newsmax, a news and feature
channel, will be coming very soon,”
said Williams. SLTV is a self-support-
ed non-profi t organization managed
by its board of directors. SLTV pays
the costs of expansion and general
operation of their system by leasing
ground and tower space to cell phone
operators and various smaller com-
munication entities that utilize South
Lane Television’s infrastructure on
Hansen Butte a mile southeast of Cot-
tage Grove. Williams notes that “this
fi nancial arrangement allows SLTV
to bring free television to the Cottage
Grove area.”
Coverage from Cottage Grove ex-
tends north beyond Creswell to Gos-
hen and the south hills of Eugene
and east to areas of Pleasant Hill and
Springfi eld.
CGPD: Traffi c ticket
increase doesn't signal a
policy change
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
n increase in traffi c ticketing
by Cottage Grove Police Of-
fi cers in the last week or so has not
gone unnoticed by local drivers, but
the incoming interim police chief said
the increase is not due to a change in
policy or approach as the department
transitions to new leadership.
Drivers who say they were ticketed
or observed others receiving tickets
for traffi c violations such as not hav-
ing two license plates on their vehicles
or seat belt infractions sounded off
on social media beginning last week.
Many joined the conversation on local
Facebook groups in support of police
action to target speeders and other
violators, while others noted other lo-
cal problem offenders that the police
should be targeting.
But Scott Shepherd, who took over
as interim police chief this week fol-
lowing the retirement of Chief Mike
Grover, said that the tickets don’t nec-
essarily mean such infractions will be
treated differently on his watch.
“Police work is often very call
driven,” Shepherd said. “We get calls
based on incidents that happen, and we
respond to them. But between those
times of high call volume, we need to
take advantage of the opportunity to
target these types of violations.”
The blotter for the Cottage Grove
Police Department certainly show-
cased an increase in traffi c stops last
week, with many earning tickets for
speeding, failure to obey traffi c control
devices, failure to display a front li-
cense plate and failure to provide proof
of insurance. Most were attributed to
just a few offi cers, which Shepherd
said may be due to a shift change and
the offi cers’ attempts to address a dif-
ferent type of issue on their new shift.
Additionally, tickets were handed out
in earnest beginning in the middle of
the week, prior to Chief Grover's de-
Today we remember the tragic events of 9/11, a day that forever changed the
landscape of our nation. We solemnly remember those who passed, and we salute
the firefighters, police officers and everyday heroes whose brave and selfless actions
saved so many lives. We will never forget.
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