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Cottage Grove Retrospective
ust before press time Mon-
day evening, a press release
from South Lane County Fire
and Rescue indicated that crews
responded to a report of a truck
rollover on Row River Road at
about Milepost 13 at about 6:20
Division Chief Joe Raade stated
that fi rst responders found a
full-size pickup on its side
with bystanders attempting
July 11, 1935
Stump struck by ax set
afi re
To see a large oak stump burst into fl ames
when struck lightly by an ax would aston-
ish most anyone. That certainly was the ef-
fect it had on Walter Graham, a lad who was
working at the golf course the past week.
He was one of a number of boys who are
earning dues by cleaning up rough spots and
chopping out some oak sprouts. In doing so
he struck a nearby stump and it burst into
fl ames. He was almost as badly frightened
as he was astonished and went right away
from there to inform Groundskeeper Bagley,
who was aware that stumps had been treated
this spring with sodium-chlorate, a highly
infl ammable substance. Bagley had no idea
that it could be set off in that fashion, but
he took advantage of the fact to set other
stumps afi re. A large portion of the rough
was in that manner cleaned up with a mini-
mum of physical exertion.
July 14, 1955: Winner of the animal drawn conveyance division of the Cen-
tennial Parade was Tucker’s covered wagon, drawn by six work oxen. Pic-
tured is one of the stage coaches in the parade. An estimated 20,000 viewed
the parade, which lasted approximately an hour and went from Pioneer
Bridge, down Main Street and up the highway to Sixth Street.
Cottage Grove Police Department 24-Hour Anonymous Tip Line: 767-0504
Information — attempt to
locate, bike path behind
Theft, Speedway
The complainant, who was
calling from Eugene, requested
to fi le a theft report as her purse
fell below the grandstands while
at the location watching races
on Saturday between 6 and 9
p.m. The complainant further
reported that when she went to
retrieve her purse $50 in cash as
well as RX meds — methadone
and oxycodone — were miss-
A male with black hair had
a knife in his hand and told the
caller to walk the other way.
The suspect also chased after a
girl on the bike path. The sus-
pect then left the area in a black
Mazda Prelude.
Theft, Thayer Ave.
The complainant observed
a male transient hiding near a
train car behind the location.
The complainant said that the
subject appeared to be spray
painting the train car. The sub-
ject was last seen wearing a blue
shirt, black shorts and carrying
a backpack and was heading
south bound on the tracks.
The caller reported the theft
of several bags of pop cans,
approximately worth $60. The
caller also reported additional
thefts that had occurred previ-
ously, including baseball equip-
ment valued at $200. The caller
did not fi le a report.
July 8
Suspicious subject, Jim’s Tire
declares July
“Water Awareness
Last week, Governor Kate
Brown declared July “Water
Awareness Month”. There are
20 counties under emergency
drought declarations and ap-
CPR on a female who was later
pronounced deceased. Raade
said fi ve of the vehicle's other
occupants were in the vicin-
ity and none were trapped in
the vehicle. Two were trans-
ported to Riverbend Hospital in
Springfi eld, while three refused
care. The Sentinel will release
updates as they become avail-
July 6
Crash on Row River Rd. claims a life
A look back at Sentinel stories from 60 and 80 years ago
Offi cers contacted the sub-
ject, who was intoxicated, near
the south end of Bohemia Park.
Offi cers gave the subject a cour-
tesy ride to the ER for treatment
of a large bruise on his back.
The subject’s dog was lodged at
the kennels until the subject is
released from the hospital.
Burglary attempt, N. 11th St.
The property owners said
that it appears someone drove
through the new garage door
and tried to pry open the door
to the other side of the garage.
He also said there was evidence
of several BB holes in windows
on the back of the residence. Of-
fi cers determined that no entry
was made and a canvas of the
area was negative.
Kidnap, Quality Inn
The caller said her cousin was
taken by force from the location
sometime that morning. The
caller was able to communicate
with the victim via text. The
subject said she also received
the following text: “She owes
me and she’s going to make it
right. She is going home with
July 10
Information, Landess Rd.
The reporting person said a
neighbor shot her dog, possibly
for getting into his chickens. An
offi cer contacted both parties.
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Excerpts from the City of Cottage Grove's 'Friday Update'
proximately 98 percent of the
state is experiencing drought.
“I am asking all Oregonians
to do their part to use water
wisely,” said Governor Brown.
“Water is the foundation for
local economies and ecosys-
tems, and essential to the health
and well-being of Oregonians.
Drought is a slow moving disas-
ter, adopting responsible water
use practices now will help re-
duce the impact of drought for
years to come.”
The proclamation cites as
causes for concern the lowest
statewide snowpack level on
record; the third warmest aver-
age temperature from January
to May in the past 121 years;
and below normal rainfall. The
proclamation also recognizes
some climate scientists’ predic-
tion that over the next 50 years
Oregon is likely to lose most of
its snowpack and become a rain-
dominated system.
ed pouring down to the beaches
to watch the disaster unfold-
ing as best they could through
the driving rain and whipping
wind. Many of them left with
armloads of salvaged goods
from the Iowa’s cargo; the seas
had done such a thorough job of
breaking the hull apart that cases
of canned salmon, bags of fl our
and huge pieces of lumber had
poured out and now littered the
beaches, along with millions of
soaking-wet matches. McLeod
described one man, who for ob-
vious reasons declined to give a
name, beating a hasty and trium-
phant retreat from the scene of
carnage with 25 cases of canned
The next day, the storm had
blown itself out, leaving fl ooded
roads and fl attened telegraph
lines all over northwest Oregon.
Aircraft and boats fl ocked to the
scene of the disaster, looking for
bodies to recover and answers
to the questions that could never
really be found. They discov-
ered the ship was in about 20
feet of water, and realized that
had she drawn just two feet less
she would have been carried
over the spit and probably either
managed to get control again,
South Fourth
Street and Hayes
Avenue water line
The City of Cottage Grove
Public Works Department will
be replacing the water main
line on South Fourth Street
from Grant Avenue to the end
of South Fourth Street and from
South Fourth Street to the end of
Hayes Avenue. The new water
line will be a combination of 12-
inch and 8-inch C-900 PVC and
is approximately 1300 feet in
total length. One additional fi re
hydrant will also be installed in
this area. Preliminary work is
scheduled to begin on the proj-
ect the week of July 13.
Due to the water line replace-
ment there will be limited,
and at times, no parking along
Hayes and South Fourth Street.
Water service will also be dis-
rupted at times. Customers will
be notifi ed door-to-door when
these service disruptions are
Those with questions or con-
cerns about this project may
contact the Public Works De-
partment at (541) 767-4100.
or fetched up on a beach within
breeches-buoy range of shore.
To this day, the wreck of the
Iowa remains the worst disaster
in the history of the Columbia
River Bar since 1852, when
the sidewheel steamer General
Warren foundered there (42
drowned in the General War-
ren incident). And to this day,
when people talk about the bar’s
capacity to destroy even major
modern oceangoing freighters,
it’s usually the Iowa they have
in mind.
(Sources: McClary, Daryl.
“SS Iowa wrecks on Peacock
Spit … (Essay 11007),” Histo-, Feb. 2015; Portland
Morning Oregonian archives,
Jan. 13-14, 1936; Marshall,
Don. Oregon Shipwrecks. Port-
land: Binford, 1984)
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As word spread around the
peninsula, local residents start-
weather forecast
FRIDAY July 17
51° | 80°
53° | 79°
Partly Cloudy
SUNDAY July 19
56° | 88°
56° | 86°
Brightening Lives One Smile at a Time
MONDAY July 20
53° | 85°
52° | 85°
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