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spirituality to be
Loving pets — even
the ones that drive us
t does not matter if you are
two or 100-years-old, if you
loved a pet, its memory lasts a
I asked 91-year-old Nellie
for her pet memories and a fa-
miliar theme ran throughout
the conversation. Love. Then
tears at the loss of pets loved
60-80 years ago. Nellie can
easily speak of relatives who
have passed, but talking about
her long lost pet, Smokey, still
brings her to tears.
“Our parents had an 18 pound
Persian, Smokey,” said Nellie,
“who claimed the front shelf
of our corner store for his ‘of-
fi ce’ to supervise the customers’
comings and goings. If a cus-
tomer arrived with a dog, it did
not bother Smokey. He knew
who the boss was.
One customer arrived with a
dog that would not stop barking
at Smokey. Smokey showed the
patience of a saint. The lady
said, “That cat should not be
in your store.” I told her, “This
is his workplace. He has a job
making sure there are no mice.
BUT, it is illegal for you to have
a dog in our store.”
Smokey took my comment as
his cue; he stood up and jumped
on the back of that big black
noisy dog like a jockey riding a
horse out of the store. The dog
howled as he ran down the road
with the cat on his back. An
hour later, Smokey sauntered
back into the store, jumped up
onto his offi ce perch and con-
tinued his afternoon nap as if it
was just another normal day. He
sure had gumption! Apparent-
ly, he thought it was his job to
get rid of unwanted mice AND
When I was a young wife,
the front door’s screen was
slightly torn. I heard a noise
and watched as a tabby kitten
climbed up it, crawled through
the hole and plopped into our
home. What could we do? She
Photo by Ariel Mam
If you love pets as a child, you will love them your entire
life. Angel Scribe’s grandson, Yossa, is “playing cat”
with his rescue kitties, Mambo and Cecil on their cat
condo, as they train him to grow into a kind and loving
purr-son. Yossa is upset that this is not a “boy toy” but a
cat toy.
had chosen us and it was her
moving-in day! We named her
Sheila. She was so smart. She
would sit under the magnolia
tree and hunt birds. I enjoyed
feeding the birds so there was
only one thing to do. I had to
train Sheila that these were “our
birds” and to leave them alone.
As soon as I saw Sheila stalking
them, I tossed my broom in her
direction to distract her (never
to hit her). The fl ying broom
training only lasted 10 days.
After that she would sit under
the tree with the birds eating on
the ground around her.
Sheila had two kittens. We
kept Rover because he was so
dog-like. Sheila was a tiny-fi ve
pound delicate cat but Roger
was HUGE! He was tall, black
and at bedtime when we went
to the back door and whistled
for him, he came running like a
dog. One day, he did not come
Nellie stopped, took a deep
breath, her throat tightened,
tears fell from her eyes as she
slowly whispered, “I was dev-
astated. I searched for weeks
and weeks. I still miss his sweet
We adopted Brandy, a Boxer
puppy that my sister had seen
tossed out a car window. He
was adorable with his big brown
eyes and appreciation and dedi-
cation to us. He loved sitting
next to us on the coach, but he
was a wild-uncontrollable teen-
ager when not in our presence!
The next day we had to go to
work, so we locked him safely
in the laundry room. After
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work, we returned to excitedly
greet him. We opened the door
and stopped dead in our tracks!
It looked like a tornado had
ripped through the room. The
curtains were torn and shredded
right off the three windows! Our
string clothesline was in shreds
and so were all the clothes that
once hung on them. I had to
replace the bamboo curtains so
often that when I returned to
the store for a new set, the clerk
automatically handed me a set
without a word.
We took Brandy to our sum-
mer cabin with the same results.
Returning home we found he
had ripped into a 100-lb. sack of
potatoes, took a bite out of each
potato, spit it out, then contin-
ued with his new game before
shredding all our laundry — and
Also, when the scale model
train that our son had saved for
arrived he ‘safely’ put it in the
storage room. Somehow Bran-
dy opened the door and bit that
train in half before it even saw a
set of tracks!
Another time Brandy broke
out of our home. There I was
with curlers on only one side of
my head, perm goop dripping
down the other, running down
the road calling for him. I heard
a commotion on the beach and
in the middle was Brandy, held
by irate parents. Apparently he
had recreated his ‘potato trick’
running from child to child
licking each of their ice cream
It broke our hearts when
Brandy became a senior citizen
and died. He was part of our
family and contributed to many
of our memories.”
From the mouths of babes,
“Angels are in charge of help-
ing sick pets. And if the animals
don’t get better, Angels help the
child get over it.”
Patton’s Country Gardens
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A representative of Parents’
Rights in Education will speak
at the next meeting of the Cot-
tage Grove 912 Project on Mon-
day, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. at the
Covered Bridge Restaurant, 401
E Main. The meeting is open to
the public and there is no cost
to attend.
The velomobiles
are coming
Though the vehicle hides its
operator in a small plastic shell,
many Cottage Grove residents
have no doubt come across local
parent, school board representa-
tive and chess coach Taylor Wil-
hour pedaling around town in his
velomobile, a human-powered
cycle that’s enclosed for greater
aerodynamic possibilities. Soon,
Wilhour won’t be alone on local
streets in his velo.
Wilhour informed the Senti-
nel that the Left Coast Velomo-
bile Gathering extension of the
Oregon Human powered Ve-
hicle Association Human Pow-
ered Challenge will continue in
Creswell for day three and four
on May 27 and 28.
The Day 3 ride on May 27
will take riders to Springfi eld’s
Clearwater Park via road and
bike path along the Willamette
River bikeways to North Eugene
and back to Creswell. The next
day, riders will use Sears Road
to the Row River Trail around
Dorena Lake, then back to Cot-
tage Grove, around Cottage
Grove Lake, the back through
Cottage Grove with a stop at
Velocity Velos and a return to
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 12-5
Closed Mondays
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Nursery for pre-k - 3rd Grade
The Cottage Grove Ranger
District announces that it will
begin issuing fi rewood permits
on Monday, May 18. One non-
transferable permit will be is-
sued for two cords of fi rewood
at a total cost of $20. Permits
will be issued on a fi rst-come,
fi rst-serve basis. Firewood is
Firewood cutting areas are
typically on narrow, single-lane
gravel roads with an average
distance of 35 miles from the
city of Cottage Grove. More
information on specifi c areas
for fi rewood cutting will be pro-
vided with the permit.
Cottage Grove Ranger Dis-
trict is open Monday through
Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(except holidays). Permits are
issued from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The
Ranger District offi ce is located
at 78405 Cedar Park Road, Cot-
tage Grove, OR 97424. Contact
the offi ce at (541) 767-5000, or
email for
more information.
912 Project
May 15th & 16th

Firewood permits
The Opal Center for Arts and
Education presents Era Coda on
Friday, May 15 at 8 p.m. Tickets
are $5 at the door.
The Eugene-based band fea-
tures original music fronted
by lead vibraphone, along
with guitar, drums, bass and
keyboards. The Opal Center is
located at 513 Main St.
Floral Arrangements
Sale Valid
May 13th thru May 16th
On Thursday, May 21, Eu-
gene psychiatrist Dr. Joseph
Arpaia, MD will share tips from
his books “Real Meditation in
Minutes a Day” and “Tibetan
Wisdom for Western Life” be-
ginning at 6:30 p.m. at South
Lane Mental Health, located
at 1345 Birch Ave. in Cottage
The discussion is the third
in a series of Thursday conver-
sations happening in May at
SLMH to commemorate Men-
tal Health Awareness Month.
Admission is free. Requests for
more information and for a sign
language interpreter or other ac-
commodations can be directed
to SLMH at 541-942-3939.
Tell us your pet’s story!
Craftsman Pro
Riding Mowers
Era Coda
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Youth ABLAZE: Wednesday 6:30pm
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Wednesday 6:30pm
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Sunday Bible Study:10:00am
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We Want Your News!
Th C tt
Old Time Gospel Fellowship
103 S. 5th Street • 541-942-4999
Pastor: Herb Carson
Sunday Service: 10:00am
Sunday Bible Study: 6:00pm
We sing the old time hymns.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
and St. Philip Benizi
Catholic Churches
1025 N. 19th St.
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Pastor: Roy L. Antunez, S.J.
Euch. Liturgies; Sat. 5:30pm
Sun. 10:30am
St. Philip Benizi, Creswell:
552 Holbrock Lane • 541-895-8686
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“Church with the fl ags.”
Worship: Sunday 10:30am
All Welcome
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Mid-week Service: Wednesday, 1:00 pm
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Adult Education 9:15am
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Comm. Kitchen Free Meal Tue & Thur
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United Methodist Church
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Comm. Dinner (Adults $5, Kids Free)
Mon. 5-6:30pm
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913 S. 6th Street • 541-942-5913
Pastor: Barbara Dockery
Worship Service: 10:00am
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