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Police seek information on
pedestrian fatality
grants to
local non-
profi ts
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
he Cottage Grove Com-
saluted efforts at community
photo by Jon Stinnett
betterment while distributing
grant awards to 13 nonprofi ts Judd Van Gorder (far left) and Travis Palmer present a grant to the Cottage Grove
at the Community Center on Museum's Tara Sue Hughart for the Museum's Passport to History program, a scaven-
ger hunt of sorts for local historical information provided for Cottage Grove's youth .
Tuesday, March 17.
Foundation President Judd
Van Gorder said that, between the fi re department will use six weeks in the summer, and sary as food,” said Commu-
the organization’s grant and its $767 grant to update the Dill said Cottage Grove High nity Sharing’s Lise Colgan.
scholarship programs, the fi re prevention videos it uses School music teacher David “We’d like to thank the Foun-
Foundation would distribute to educate local children on Larsen and Lincoln Middle dation for being realists and
School music instructor Joan- funding this effort.”
over $100,000 in the commu- fi re safety.
na Newton have done a great
Bohemia Mining Days was
nity this year.
Programs funded included a young age,” Wooten said. job since assuming leadership also awarded a $1000 schol-
arship to purchase tables and
transition facilitation at South “Our videos were 15 years old of the camp.
chairs for the popular sum-
Lane School District, whose
mer festival. Womenspace re-
David Bascue explained that
the $1000 foundation grant is a wonderful opportunity to ery to conduct developmen- ceived a $1000 grant to help
tal screenings of local youth the victims of interpersonal
will allow parents who do upgrade those videos.”
aged three weeks to six years. violence fl ee harmful situa-
not speak English to hear a
Community Sharing’s Project tions, and the Cottage The-
translation of a school-relat-
ed function they attend from Music Camp, which aims to White Paper received a $1000 atre’s $1000 grant will fund
wherever they choose to sit in keep middle-school and high- grant to purchase toilet paper a marketing effort to bring
school aged musicians busy and other toiletries.
more locals to the theater, in
the school’s auditorium.
addition to adding Thursday
South Lane Fire and Res-
cue Chief John Wooten said The camp takes place over for food, and this is as neces- evening performances.
regon State Police (OSP)
troopers are continuing the
investigation into a fatal pedestrian
crash that occurred on Interstate 5
near milepost 174.5 southbound just
outside Cottage Grove on Tuesday,
March 17.
Police say that, at approximately 9
p.m. last Tuesday, OSP troopers were
dispatched to a report of a pedestrian
walking on the shoulder and also in
the right lane of travel on I-5 south-
bound near milepost 174.5, nearly
being struck by passing vehicles.
As troopers responded to the scene,
additional callers reported what ap-
peared to be a person lying on the
Upon arrival troopers say they dis-
covered Eric A. Boldt, 42, of Eugene
and with ties to Idaho, deceased on
the highway shoulder. They say Boldt
was wearing a multicolored pullover
and carrying a large digital camou-
fl age backpack. One caller reported
that Boldt may have had a mid-sized
dog walking with him as well, which
has not been confi rmed.
Troopers believe Boldt may have
been struck by a large or commer-
cial type vehicle which may not have
been aware of the crash. Anyone who
may have witnessed this incident or
have information pertaining to this
crash is asked to contact Oregon
State Police Collision Reconstruc-
tionist Sr. Trooper Blaine Hlebechuk
at 541-726-2536 or by calling the
Northern Command Center (NCC)
at 800-243-7865.
Municipal Court schedule changed
uring proceedings at Cot-
tage Grove Municipal Court
Thursday morning, Judge Martin
Fisher outlined a new schedule for
the court’s operations going for-
Fisher said those accused of traffi c
violations will be scheduled to appear
in court at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morn-
ings; criminal violations by those not
in police custody will be scheduled
to arrive at 9 a.m. with their proceed-
ings to start by 9:30, and the court
will hear the cases of those in police
custody as time allows.
“We’ll have traffi c violations at
8:30 so those folks don’t have to sit
waiting here for two hours,” Fisher
told Prosecutor John Woodworth
and Public Defender Ryan Gifford.
“We’ll process in the out-of-custody
cases at 9 so that court can hopefully
start by 9:30 and deal with the in-
custody cases when we can fi nd the
Fisher said he sought to avoid ne-
gotiations between attorneys while
the rest of the courtroom waited. He
cited the desire of the Cottage Grove
Police Department not to pay over-
time costs for the time its offi cers
spend in the courtroom as the major
reason for the change.
Two repeat offenders have their day in Municipal Court
The Cottage Grove Sentinel
group of community
members gathered at
Cottage Grove Municipal Court
Thursday morning to serve as a
panel of jurors for a trial that al-
most was.
Jurors assembled for the trial
of Cottage Grove’s Dillon Priv-
itt were thanked for the part they
Th ank you to all who sent cards and came to our
Anniversary Celebration.
Bill and Nancy Van Schoiack and Families
played in the judicial process by
Judge Martin Fisher, who told
them that they had fulfi lled an
obligation just by showing up.
In the minutes prior to the tri-
al, Prosecutor John Woodworth
and Public Defender Ryan Gif-
ford reached a deal that found
Privitt, not quite 20, pleading
guilty to charges of carrying a
concealed weapon, unlawfully
possessing an implement of
graffi ti, possession of a burglary
tool, unlawful entry into a mo-
tor vehicle, theft II and failure to
appear in court.
Woodworth said Privitt will
serve 30 days in the Cottage
Grove Jail for possessing the
concealed weapon and 14 days
for the failure to appear charge,
in addition to paying restitution
to the victims of his burglaries,
serving 24 months probation
and attorney’s fees. His other
charges were dismissed as part
of the plea deal. After the court
proceedings, Woodworth called
Privitt one of the “menaces of
this community” and promised
to seek the maximum sentence
against him at any subsequent
court appearances. Police say
was captured after successfully
eluding them on two previous
“He likes to break into cars,
steal from them and shoplift,”
said CGPD offi cer Jarrod But-
ler. Butler said Privitt had pre-
viously served a long sentence
for the widespread application
of graffi ti that often depicted his
nickname, “Tank,” on surfaces
throughout Cottage Grove.
On a morning that featured a
very light court docket, Fisher
also presided over a show-cause
hearing for 29-year old Jeremy
Overstreet in relation to charges
of violating probation and vio-
lating a no-contact order. Fisher
explained that Overstreet had
placed calls to the victim of a
previous incident of violence
from the Lane County Jail in vi-
olation of the no-contact order.
“Of all the things I get to tell
people to do, this is the one I
take most seriously,” Fisher said,
“because it deals directly with
someone else’s safety. I know
when a person is doing this that
it isn’t a misunderstanding; the
person is intentionally giving
the court the proverbial fi nger.”
Fisher gave Overstreet credit
for a week of time served in the
Lane County Jail, citing the fact
that Overstreet owed the court
almost $7000 and needed to
fi nd employment to begin pay-
ing off that debt. He cautioned
Overstreet that his next infrac-
tion would immediately result
in a lengthy jail sentence.
A little reuse from
way back when...
photo by Jon Stinnett
City Manager Richard Meyers dis-
plays a piece of fl ashing removed
from the roof of the Cottage Grove
Armory during recent renovations,
which appears to have originally
functioned as a printer plate for a
December, 1970 edition of the Cot-
tage Grove Sentinel.
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