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Transporting pets across
state lines —
Volunteers save lives
iranda and her husband, Bob,
have rescued dogs for 30
years. They currently volunteer as pet
transporters, driving animals from kill
shelters to animal rescue organizations,
or for the lucky ones, to their forever
homes. The couple has purr-formed
over 100 transports, saving untold
furry lives. Most transports involve 1-
20 pets, take fi ve hours and cover 150
miles — the couple pays for their gas.
Disaster area transports involve up-
wards of 80 dogs. It takes a legion of
volunteers to transport these suddenly
homeless pets over state lines to avail-
able rescue shelters, until their owners
can claim them.
“Bob enjoys volunteering,” said Mi-
randa, “but he teases me, ‘YOU got us
into this!’ Yes, I was the one who dis-
covered the need for transporting res-
cued animals on the Internet. I signed
us up for IN and OUT-of-state trans-
It started out slowly, but soon other
transport coordinators contacted us, so
now I spend hours networking people
via phone/emails to move homeless
animals. Complex transports start in
one state, then they are met by other
volunteer teams who drive some of the
animals north, south, east, or west to
shelters with open space. Retired vol-
unteers drive weekdays, and those who
Courtesy photo
Miranda cuddles her rescued
dog, Rusty, fondly nicknamed
Schmoopy. He was a puppy
mill dog for nine years, then
was discarded into a “kill” shel-
ter before happily ending up in
Miranda’s arms.
work, like Bob, drive weekends.
The cooperation of many rescue or-
ganizations and a legion of volunteers
are necessary to save pets destined for
euthanasia. For the very long distant
transports, some volunteers overnight
the animals and their drivers in their
In the beginning, I rode with Bob
but soon relinquished my seat because
it was needed for animals. Just before
we became involved, we traded our van
in for an SUV. Now, we wish we had
that roomy van back!
We overnight dogs in our ‘posh’ car-
peted and heated garage that has never
housed a vehicle, just dogs! The ga-
rage-dog dorm has a comfy bed for Bob
and his traveling guest-dogs. Some of
our dogs join him, and the ‘visitors’
making for a very crowded bed. It’s a
canine sleepover or Pup Party! Then at
7 a.m. Bob is on the road again to meet
the next transporters, who drive the res-
cues onto their fi nal destinations.”
The couple’s love for their ‘pet’ chil-
dren extends to their fenced backyard
‘dog park’, so they can observe the res-
cued dogs’ behaviors.
Some animals need obedience, leash
training, or have food, toy, and space
aggression. The couple patiently trains
these diffi cult rescues. Some otherwise
good-natured animals have developed
aggressive tendencies, making them
unattractive to adopters. These dogs
growl as their only form of communi-
cation. Miranda and Bob reap the re-
wards of helping and adopting rescued
dogs: “Each dog is interesting, chal-
lenging, and loveable,” said Bob. “We
have learned how loving older, sick,
and disabled pets are — they extend
their love and appreciation to us. We
no longer adopt cute puppies who eat
our shoes and fur-niture!”
The couple also enjoys their less
complicated dogs — the ones who live
to eat, play, sleep, and lick a hand.
“We ‘found’ Rusty at a rescue. I was
talking to his foster mother about busi-
ness, and behind my back, Rusty cozied
up to Bob on the couch. When it was
time to leave, Rusty tried following us
out the door. Look how smart that dog
is! We ended up adopting him, and he
‘did’ follow us out the door!”
Always a team, Miranda authored
and Bob took the photographs for “I
Never Met a Dog I Didn’t Like”. The
book shares their many cat and dog ad-
ventures like Lizzie, the Cocker Span-
iel, who loved dressing up as a witch
and handing out Halloween treats. The
featured animals are rescues from kill
shelters who lived to tell their tale.
Their book also addresses the ridicu-
lous prejudice towards adopting black
dogs and cats. Just like people, the col-
or of skin, or fur, is nothing - but, well,
color! Both have loving purrs-onalities.
“Black animals are often overlooked or
even avoided by adopters,” said Bob,
“Yet, they are the most loving pets.”
Read about Lizzie’s funny trip to
the “I Want a Biscuit” bakery. Lizzie
knows exactly where they are and why.
She marches in barking - demanding a
cookie. “The owner tosses her her fa-
vorite peanut butter treat,” said author
Miranda, “she has him trained, while
I pay.” (Apparently she has Miranda
trained too!)
One day the bakery featured an ani-
mal communicator (pet psychic). Be-
fore the woman could begin reading for
Miranda’s other two dogs, Lizzie de-
manded to know from the communica-
em POWER ing
Calling All Crafters
added to the
EPUD offers five $1, 250
scholarships to any
customer, or their family
member, interested in
pursuing a career in the
utility industry.
April 11th & 12th
Spaces available for as low as $30.
Applications are available at
KNND Radio
This includes high school
seniors graduating in
June, adults seeking
second career training,
and returning students.
tor, “Am I going to get more cookies?”
Some dogs’ minds are easy to read,
even if you are not an animal commu-
Enjoy more of their animal adven-
tures in “I Never Met a Dog I Didn’t
Like”. Proceeds go towards their ani-
mals’ medical bills. www.mmcadams-
“Never abandon a pet,” advises Mi-
randa. “Please take them to a no-kill
shelter. One of our rescued dogs was
tied to a tree in coyote country. The
dog’s food and water were beside him.
His previous parents ‘thought’ they
were doing the right thing, but their pet
was ‘easy bait’ and could have been
helplessly killed by a wild or aggres-
sive domestic animal!”
“LIKE” Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales on Face
Share your wonderful/funny pet mo-
Adopt Loving Pets
Humane Society for Neuter/Spay
Assistance Program. (541) 942-2789
Live presentation to commemorate
'Nam vets' 'Welcome home Day'
Five years ago, the Oregon
legislature declared March 30
Vietnam Veterans Welcome
Home Day.
To mark the occasion Inner
View Productions is bringing its
live presentation of "Viet Nam:
An Inner View" to Roseburg's
VFW Post 2468 on March 29.
Post Commander Kirkland
Conner reports that the Rose-
burg VFW is pleased to have the
opportunity to welcome visitors
(both veterans and civilians) to
the Post, which is also the site of
the brand-new Oregon Veterans
Memorial Wall.
The multimedia documentary
project is entirely focused on de-
tailing one three-tour Marine's
experiences during and after
the war. Marc Waszkiewicz, is
100 percent PTSD disabled, and
Waszkiewicz this week became
a resident of Cottage Grove.
The presentation will begin
with an open house at 1 p.m.
followed by the love presenta-
tion at 3 p.m.
321 Main St. • Cottage Grove
across from City Hall
Applications due
April 15, 2015
541-746-1583 y
Board: Ron Davis, Kevin Parrish, Lee Kelley, Penny Jordan, Katherine Schacht
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