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Rest In Peace
As diffi cult as his loss is, it is a
blessing knowing he is at peace.
Now I am going to take the ho-
meopathic remedy for grief, Ig-
natia, like they were peanuts to
stop my crying! Thank you to
all of you who loved our sweet
ymbus, named after a
puffy white cloud, and
the oldest of Miss Wings’ trip-
lets, died in my arms. We are
all in shock. Nymbus and his
fur family, including sister
Whyspurr and brother, Mys-
ter E, became internationally
known after appearing on Ani-
mal Planet’s “Must Love Cats.”
Followed by his famous feline
swimming appearance on An-
derson Copper’s show in New
York. Nymbus was better trav-
eled than a lot of people. He had
been to Canada numerous times
and fl own to New York.
I have been care taking my
mother, 500 miles from home
for fi ve months, so my hus-
band was bringing Nymbus for
a visit. Nymbus loved car ride
adventures, so we told him that
he was coming to visit mummy.
He rode in New York’s limou-
sines, on the rear back window
ledge, like a mewvie star. As
a purr-fessional, he pranced in
front of the Green Room’s mir-
rors waiting for his Anderson
Cooper appearance. Nymbus
knew he had a “job” to do teach-
ing the world about pet safety,
and he took it seriously.
After their long drive I excit-
edly ran to the car and stroked
Nymbus’ head and softly called
his name. He lifted his head and
his huge green eyes looked into
mine. Within seconds he had a
seizure, so I cradled him in my
arms and sprinted to the vet
clinic. They were closed. As a
miracle would have it, a vet tech
Photo by Mary Ellen “Angel Scribe”
Rest in Peace. One of Cottage Grove’s four internation-
ally famous cats, Nymbus, has passed, leaving his feline
fans in shock and grief.
was leaving, so she alerted a
vet of our emergency. We told
Nymbus that he was a wonder-
fi lled cat ambassador who had
done a superb job teaching peo-
ple and pets about water safety.
As we said that he was greatly
loved, the vet released him into
the waiting arms of angels.
It was just like Nymbus to live
until we saw each other. He was
always a thoughtful, kind crea-
ture to both humans and animals.
He was born into my hands and
it was my hands that delivered
his ashes into the earth.
Losing Nymbus is life-chang-
ing for me. None of my other
cats had his sense of adventure.
He loved riding in my bike’s
basket with one of his arms
draped over it. He enjoyed his
pet stroller rides and walking on
the leash greeting smiling peo-
ple. He walked for a mile walk
on a leash. At nursing homes, he
sat in his blue stroller greeting
people in wheelchairs, knowing
it, too, was his job. He touched
the hearts of many. He was only
12 years old. Most indoor kitties
can live for 19-22 years.
In the end, Nymbus reaped
the kindness that he sowed. Af-
ter his last bath, too tired to dry
himself with his tongue...his
mother and siblings took turns
drying him with theirs.
Then on his way to see me,
resting in his travel bed at our
daughter’s home, his nemesis,
William the cat, stood guard
beside him with a concerned
look. Our grandson kissed the
kitty and then his new cat, Ce-
cil, who had never met Nymbus,
nestled next to him and washed
his head. The animal kingdom
sensed something was wrong
with their king. (Video: www.
A week later, a friend and I
walked past Nymbus’ garden
burial ‘sight’ and were stunned
to see a single soft white feather
had “planted” itself on the exact
location. Both my friend and I
not seen a feather in weeks, yet
here was a pristine white one
marking where our little fur an-
gel was buried leaving no doubt
that he is indeed resting in the
arms of angels. Even in death
he continues teaching, inspiring
and offering hope. The Angels
are teaching him to fl y...he is
teaching them to swim.
- The feather photo/story are
on Pet Tips and Tales Facebook
- The miracles that transpired
after his passing are posted on
Nymbus’ Fans Comment:
Nymbus was talented and
enjoyed being a star. He had a
wonderful life with you. Chieko
in Cottage Grove.
‘Beautiful Being’ disguised
in a gorgeous cat suit. Sonja in
Cottage Grove.
What a special gift Nymbus
was! I read when you adopted
Miss Wings, then about your
fur babies arrival and watched
them evolve into famous swim-
ming cats. Your stories bring
joy, laughter and much more.
My heart felt love and condo-
lences - he was meant to be with
YOU when he passed. Brenda
in Kentucky.
Tears are pouring from my
eyes! The heart of love is in the
knowing that you loved Nymbus
and you were loved by Nymbus!
Denise in Ohio.
Nymbus gave you the great-
est animal/human gift of all….
the gift of love. I am deeply sad-
dened at his passing. He was an
adorable kitty and through you,
he became a celeb-ra-cat. He
lived a happy life in your and
Howard’s care. His mission is
fulfi lled, it is time for him to go,
and you brought his suffering to
an end. Dick in California.
Nymbus was magic in a kitty
costume - a gift to the world. He
was a joy. He made us laugh,
smile, and feel warm and fuzzy
inside. What a special soul.
Many humans have not given
or as much as he did during his
short life. He taught love and
gifted it through his volunteer
work. Linda in Eugene.
Nymbus, the little kitty an-
gel came to bring many smiles
and opportunities for people to
see what a kitty could do with
proper love and training. Your
little fur friend is released from
his assignment and will now
rest in peace knowing he did
his earth job well. Kathleen in
Your beloved Nymbus was
determined to hang on until he
saw you as his way of honoring
you and saying ‘Thank you’.
He was not going to leave un-
til he saw you one last time! He
was a joy and inspiration. What
a wonderful, loving, gift for
Howard to drive all that way for
you to cradle/love Nymbus one
more time. Nymbus left his paw
prints on many hearts. Suzka in
Sweet Nymbus will go down
in history as the cat who intro-
duced the world, and Anderson
Cooper, to the kitty paddle.
Beverly in California.
Video: Cat Saves Human
Moving Rendition of Un-
chained Melodies by Elvis Pre-
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For the Sentinel
Calling All Crafters
added to the
Matt Bjornn ChFC, Agent
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Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Bus: 541-942-2623
… and I’m one of them.
My customers know who to
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Don’t stress over figuring it out
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I exist to assist.
April 11th & 12th
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KNND Radio
321 Main St. • Cottage Grove
across from City Hall
State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL
his is Read Across Amer-
ica Week, coinciding with
Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2.
This Thursday, March 5, the
Eugene Emeralds and Sluggo
will present their EMazing
Reading Program to the Apple-
gate student body at 2:15 p.m.
Congrats to the Crow High
School boys’ basketball team
and its great season. They made
it to the tournament, and while
slightly falling short of victory,
they played their best!
Our Crow High School wres-
tling team took fi rst place in the
1A and 2A class statewide for
having the highest GPS overall!
Congrats to all of you! They
have been showing dominance
on the mat too.
Lorane Grange meets this
Thursday, March 5 at 7:30 p.m.
The Grange had a great atten-
dance last Saturday for dinner
and bingo. The next spaghetti
dinner and bingo is scheduled
for Saturday, March 21. Sign-
ups for baseball — kindergar-
teners through sixth grade, are
Thursday, March 5 from 6-7:30
p.m. in the Applegate Elementa-
ry gym. Those not able to attend
may pick up a form in the offi ce.
Those with questions may call
Sandie at 541-242-6395.
Five students are spending
their spring break helping peo-
ple in Tecate, Mexico. They are
accepting donations for a garage
sale to be held on Friday, March
6 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and Satur-
day, March 7 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Those who wish to donate items
for their sale may drop them off
at the Crow-Applegate Church
of the Nazarene.
It looks like several people
plan to perform in the RAC/
Lorane Grange talent show on
Sunday, April 12 at 3 p.m. Call
and bring your special talent for
all to enjoy! Call Jeri at 541-
942-2448 to get involved in the
Lorane Celebration planned for
this summer or fall. It is going
to be exciting!
W orship D irectory
6th & Gibbs Church of Christ
195 N. 6th St. • 541-942-3822
Pastor: Aaron Earlywine
Youth & Families Pastor: Seth Bailey
Services: 9am and 10:30am
Christian Education
Nursery for pre-k - 3rd Grade
Calvary Baptist Church
77873 S 6th St • 541-942-4290
Pastor: Riley Hendricks
Sunday School: 9:45am
Worship: 11:00am
The Journey: Sunday 5:00pm
Praying Thru Life: Wednesday 6:00pm
Calvary Chapel Cottage Grove
522 E Whitaker • 541-942-6842
Pastor: Jeff Smith
Two Services on Sun: 9am & 10:45am
Wednesday Service 6:45 pm
Child Care 10:45am Service Only
Youth Group Bible Study:
Wed. 6:45 pm & Sat. 6 pm
Center for Spiritual Living
Cottage Grove
700 Gibbs Ave (Community Center)
Rev. Bobby Lee
Meets Sunday 3:00 p.m.
Info: 541-767-0182 (Mrs. “T”)
Church of Christ
420 Monroe St • 541-942-8565
Sunday Service: 10:30am
Cottage Grove Bible Church
1200 East Quincy Avenue
Pastor:Bob Singer
Worship 8:30am, 11am
Sunday School:9:45am
YouthGroup Mondays 6:30pm
AWANA age 3-8th Grade,
Wednesdays Sept-May, 6:30pm
Cottage Grove Faith Center
33761 Row River Rd. • 541-942-4851
Lead Pastor: Isaac Hovet
Sunday Service: 9am and 11am
Full Childrenʼs Ministry available
Delight Valley
Church of Christ
33087 Saginaw Rd. East
Pastor: Bob Friend
Two Services:
9am - Classic in the Chapel
10:30am - Contemporary in the
First Baptist Church
301 S 6th St 541-942-8242
Pastor: Steve Johnson
Sunday School: 9:30am
Worship: 11:00am
Come Worship with us
First Presbyterian Church
3rd and Adams St • 541-942-4479
Pastor: Rev. Bruce Cameron
Worship: 10:00am
Sunday School: 10:00am
Hope Fellowship
United Pentecostal Church
100 S. Gateway Blvd. • 541-942-2061
Pastor: Dave Bragg
Worship: 11:00am Sunday
Bible Study: 7:00pm Wednesday
Living Faith Assembly
467 S. 10th St. • 541-942-2612
Pastor Rulon Combs
Sunday School All Ages 9am
Worship & Childrenʼs
Church 10:30 am
“The Bridge” Saturday Evening Service
Youth ABLAZE: Wednesday 6:30pm
Childrenʼs Breakout Class:
Wednesday 6:30pm
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
and St. Philip Benizi
Catholic Churches
1025 N. 19th St.
541-942-3420 / 541-942-4712
Pastor: Roy L. Antunez, S.J.
Euch. Liturgies; Sat. 5:30pm
Sun. 10:30am
St. Philip Benizi, Creswell:
552 Holbrock Lane • 541-895-8686
Sunday: 8:30am
St. Andrews Episcopal Church
1301 W. Main • 541-767-9050
Rev. Lawrence Crumb
“Church with the fl ags.”
Worship: Sunday 10:30am
All Welcome
Seventh-day Adventist Church
820 South 10th Street
Church of Christ
Pastor: Kevin Miller
1041 Pennoyer Ave * 541-767-0447
Bible Study: Saturday, 9:15 am
Preachers: Tony Martin & Robert Evans Worship Service: Saturday, 10:40 am
Sunday Bible Study:10:00am
Mid-week Service: Wednesday, 6:45
Sunday Worship:10:50am & 5:30pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
Old Time Gospel Fellowship
6th & Quincy • 541-942-2373
103 S. 5th Street • 541-942-4999
Pastor: James L. Markus
Pastor: Herb Carson
Sunday School &
Sunday Service: 10:00am
Adult Education 9:15am
Sunday Bible Study: 6:00pm
Sunday Worship 10:30am
We sing the old time hymns.
Comm. Kitchen Free Meal Tue & Thur
5:00pm TLC Groups
United Methodist Church
334 Washington • 541-942-3033
Pastor:Jerry Steele
Worship: 10:00am
Adult & Sunday School: 9:00am
Comm. Dinner (Adults $3, Kids Free)
Mon. 5-6:30pm
“VICTORY” Country Church
Community Center Shepherd Room
700 East Gibbs • 541-942-5913
Pastor: Barbara Dockery
Worship Service: 10:00am
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