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    Cottage Grove Retrospective POLICE BLOTTER
A look back at Sentinel stories from 50 and 70 years ago
Found child, New to You
A caller reported a 2-3-year-
old female found wandering in
the area. The child was unable
to articulate her name or ad-
dress. The caller waited in front
of the store for an offi cer, who
returned the child to her resi-
Trespass, Apothecaria
March 3, 1965
Lost cat found quickly
Lost last Thurs. vicinity Godard Lane, male
cat, light gray, striped, white chest and paws.
The cat was reported to the owner at 2 p.m. Feb.
24, a few hours after the Sentinel went to press.
Whether it’s a lost or found item or for sale, the
results are usually very gratifying. The above is
just one example of the hundreds of want ads ap-
pearing in the Sentinel during the past year where
quick results were obtained.
Cottage Grove Police Department 24-Hour
Anonymous Tip Line: 767-0504
Feb. 23
Above: March 4, 1945: Work Begins
— Clearing work and other preliminary
construction was started on the Cot-
tage Grove Airport last Thursday by Glen
Ousley Construction Co. of Eugene.
The Airport, which will have a 2,600-foot
runway, has been in the making for ap-
proximately three years now. Located in
the Thornton Corners area east of Cot-
tage Grove, Glenn Plymate, state airport
supervisor, estimated construction would
not be completed until July or August.
Above, Ousley (left) and Plymate (right)
are shown as they inspect plans for the
airport last Thursday.
A reporting person said a
subject had been in and out of
the shop several times, inquired
about the purchase of marijuana
but did not have a medicinal
prescription and the purchase
was refused. The subject then
loitered at bus stop nearby but
left before offi cers arrived.
Feb. 24
Warrant service, Dots Trophy
A reporting person said a
green van was parked at the lo-
cation loading something from
the shop. The caller believed
that the subject did not have
permission to take anything. Of-
fi cers on the scene determined
the vehicle had switched license
plates, and the subject had an
expired license. The subject
was fi lling barrels with water
when offi cers made contact and
detained for failing to appear
in a Jackson County court on
charges of manufacturing mari-
juana and possession of meth-
amphetamines. The subject is
to be transported, and was not
prosecuted for theft of water.
Criminal mischief, Village
A complainant reported that
graffi ti had been applied to
fences, sidewalk and driveway
at the location. The damage was
estimated at $200.
Mental, Police department
A complainant at the station
insisted on speaking with an of-
fi cer regarding crimes occurring
within the city but was unwill-
ing to speak with dispatch. The
complainant was not in danger
to herself or others, but was very
paranoid and wouldn’t give the
offi cer any information regard-
ing the alleged crimes.
Feb. 25
Information, Harvey Rd
A reporting person at the sta-
tion said that she has been tres-
passed at the location by a sub-
ject who entered the house and
helped herself to food. She was
told to call 911 if the subject, a
former housekeeper, returned.
Feb. 26
Criminal mischief, Bryant
A complainant said a tire on
their vehicle was slashed. Ap-
prox. value was $100.
Feb. 27
Suspicious condition, Withy-
combe Ave
The caller said two males
dressed in all black were just at
her door asking about her Direc-
TV service; the subjects were
not in any offi cial vehicle.
Reckless driving, Hwy 99
The complainant and another
caller said that there was a red
Kia with a Dominoes delivery
sign on front speeding down the
street, almost hit multiple peo-
ple in the road and fl ipped them
off as he drove by.
Tresspass, Middlefi eld Oaks
A reporting person said an ex
of any employee is at the loca-
tion and refusing to leave.
Tidy up the Town
A group of dedicated volun-
teers will visit historic down-
town Cottage Grove to “Tidy Up
The Town” on Friday, March 13
from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. This is an
annual event that brings volun-
teers together to clean up down-
town sidewalk areas, wash win-
dows and generally tidy things
Do you know this face?
Do you know this name?
News and events from the City's 'Friday Update'
Saturday Yoga
Center hosting tax class
Driving Class
Confi dence
A new Yoga class is being of-
The Community Center will
Volunteers from AARP are
offering free tax service on
Wednesdays in the Reception
Hall at the Community Center
from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
This service is being offered on
a drop in basis; no appointments
are being taken. Doors open at 8
a.m. and a sign-in sheet is avail-
able for those interested in hav-
ing help with taxes.
fered at the Community Center
beginning Saturday, March 14
from 10-11:30 a.m. The cost
for each class will be $5 with
money raised from classes to be
donated toward scholarships for
children’s swimming lessons.
For more information about the
class please contact Gloria at
(541) 912-7789.
be hosting another AARP Safe
Driving Class Saturday, March
7 in the Shepherd Room from
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This
class is open to all ages and to
non-AARP members. The cost
is $20 for non-members and $15
for AARP members. Those in-
terested in learning more about
the class or to sign up can con-
tact volunteer instructor Bryan
Ducker at (541) 942-7260.
leading back up into the West
Hills to the sources of water he
controlled. With these, he fed a
colossal high-pressure hose. He
would use dynamite to loosen
the soil, then wash it down into
the lake in a muddy, swirling
torrent. Blast, rinse, repeat. Day
after day, all through the rainy
Naturally, this played poorly
with the neighbors. It played
especially poorly with Colo-
nel L.L. Hawkins — remem-
ber him? Hawkins was already
displeased that his park dream
had been defi nitively scotched
by Pence’s scheme, and the
constant drumbeat of dyna-
mite charges wasn’t helping his
mood. It wasn’t making the oth-
er neighbors happy either.
Pence also had some trouble
with the government. Denied
permits for his system of fl umes,
he built them anyway, knowing
if he missed the rainy season,
he’d be done for. This resulted
in some hard feelings at City
Hall. Luckily for Pence, Mayor
Harry Lane overplayed his hand
when he personally helped de-
stroy a section of Pence’s fl ume
system that he though was inside
Macleay Park; Pence graciously
met him at the site with a team
of surveyors who demonstrated
that his fl ume was not encroach-
ing, and the embarrassed Lane
helped him fi x it and removed
further bureaucratic hurdles.
There was also a horrifying
episode when a section of fl ume
collapsed, precipitating several
workmen to their deaths on the
ground several dozen feet be-
The 2014 Water Consumer
Confi dence Report (CCR) has
been fi nalized and will be made
available to all City water cus-
tomers over the next few weeks.
The City will be reporting on
the quantity and quality of the
City’s source, treatment and dis-
tribution of drinking water to its
The availability of the CCR
will be announced in the wa-
ter bill that will be mailed in
March. Customers will be giv-
en a web address that will link
to the City’s website, where the
CCR can be viewed or printed.
Additional copies of the CCR
will be printed and made avail-
able for pick-up at the Public
Works Department in City Hall
or by calling (541) 942-3349 to
request a copy via mail.
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if you don’t, check out the
DVD “Gift ed Hands.”
water the fairgrounds could
possibly need, and by the time
the expo came to a triumphant
conclusion late in 1905, he’d al-
most made up for the Bull Run
Then, at the head of his con-
sortium of local and national
investors, Pence bought the fair-
grounds and started putting his
plans into effect.
His crews got busy tearing
down the fairgrounds structures
and using the scavenged wood
to create a massive system of
fl umes — 14 miles of them —
FROM 10 AM -4 PM
We need volunteers for the
ReStore ~ a few hours
each month! Will you help?
(Sources: Portland Morning
Oregonian, March 11, 1907;
Liston, Gabriel. “The Reclama-
tion of Lafe Pence,” lastwater.
net;; oregonencyclope-
Finn J.D. John teaches at Or-
egon State University and writes
about odd tidbits of Oregon his-
tory. For details, see http://fi nn- To contact him or
suggest a topic: fi nn2@offbe- or 541-357-2222.
Brightening Lives One Smile at a Time
in the Cottage Grove Industrial Park
South on Hwy 99 past the High School
Call 541.767.0358
for more information
ished part of the job and called
it good. Then in the early 1920s,
the Port of Portland fi lled in the
rest of the lake when it dredged
the river channel and used the
lake as the repository for 20
million cubic yards of silt from
the river bottom. Today, Guild’s
Lake is an industrial neighbor-
hood, and Northwest Yeon Av-
enue (Highway 30) runs right
through what used to be the
middle of it.
Douglas G. Maddess, DMD
Habitat Offi ce and Warehouse
2155 Getty Circle ~ Unit #1
Nonetheless, by the end of the
rainy season (1906-1907), Pence
was very bullish on the venture.
His operation had all but re-
moved a hill called Scotch Nub-
bin, and dumped over 200,000
cubic yards of dirt into the lake.
At that rate, he expected to have
the job fully fi nished well be-
fore the six years he’d promised
his investors.
But it was not to be. In sum-
mer of 1907, a bank panic
broke out, and the bank that
was his primary backer closed
its doors. Suddenly gasping for
cash, Pence found himself un-
able to make payroll, and with
the bankruptcy trustees trying to
claw back the money the bank
had advanced to him. Seeing
the writing on the wall, Pence
closed up shop and headed back
east, where he fi nished out his
life as a railroad lawyer.
As for the lake, when the
property reverted to the sellers
they sold it to a duo of Seattle
hydraulic contractors, who fi n-
UNIQUE PROPERTY with 2500 sq ft heated SHOP on 1/3 acre
fenced, gated, private, peaceful setting close to everything! Custom
built home with 3 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths with bonus 4th
bedroom or theater room. Oversized 2 car garage, RV parking,
mature LOW MAINTENANCE yard. $319,000 - 2070 Bryant Av
Cottage Grove. Shown by appointment.
Please call 541-942-0769 or 541-729-9742
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