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    Volume VI
Animals Found Dead in Woods
From Starvation.
CHEWS UP HIS EAR LIKE MAH Thu belief t h a t it ia Hipiirri'ls in the
aearch for food t h a t have been doing
the d am ag e to tim b er in the C ottage
Had Been in Excellent Health Until
Time of Fatal Illness.
Number 24
J o h n Doak, a nativ e of the Wiliam- 1
e t t e valley and for a n u m b e r of years
a resid e n t of I » r a n e , died Sunday of
blood poisoning, and th e funeral was
held Treaday a t I/iran e . Mr. Doak had
been in excellent hea lth ami had been Gradually Increasing Business of
confined to the house b u t a s h o rt tim e
Cotlage Grove Manufacturing Co.
before his death. The seriousness of
Makes Necessary Addition of
his condition was not realized until a
few days before th e end came.
Large Amount of Floor Space.
Besides a wife and four children, de- 1
ceased leaves a sister, Mrs. John M a r ­
One of the la rg e im prove m ents for
tin, of Silver Lake, (ire ., and a b ro th ­
the spring in C o tta g e G rove will he
er, T hu rsto n Doak, o f this city. Mr.
the second story th a t will he added to
Doak was 51 y ea rs of age a t tim e of th e C o tta g e Grove M a n u fa c tu rin g C o .’s
building. T he addition will be above
Mr. Doak lived a t tim e of d e a th on
th e e n tir e main p a r t of th e building
the old Doak homestead, said to be one and the dimensions will be 50x225 feet.
1 of the b es t pieces of land in the valley. The m a te r ia l for the work is already
Grove country has been atre n g th en e d
Warren McFarland, City Dog T ai this week by report» of the finding
of aeverul gray squirrels lo u t had
UK SKNTTNEL believes in tooting
Collector, Haa Harrowing Expe sta rve d to d e a th ami w ere found
y ? r -
its own horn, and has a large reserve
rience While In Performance of to he tilled witti the lir hark.
T he m y stery of w hat anim al hex
supply of wind that has never been
Hie Duty.—Badly Bunged Up.
been d a m ag in g the tree s haa resulted
Is that frank enough for you ?
in many theories being advanced from
To huvu a mao ju m p onto him like a 1 all sections of the s ta le , hut so far the
Here goes for some of it. Do you ever stop
boar or sum« wild anim al and a t a r i squirrels are the only anim als th a t
to time yourself and see how long it takes
chew ing him up, waa the experience
have actually linen c a u g h t a t work and
Monday of W arren M cFarland, city dog
t^o read the live home news in every
with the bark in th e ir e n tra ils. It la
ta x collector, who waa act onto by
impossible, however, to g e t old tim ers
issue of The Sentinel ? Try it some time
Ja ck Kice, a dog ow ner, while the col­
to believe it ia a n y th in g Init w<s«i rats,
lector waa in th e p erform ance of hia
'•(|£ an,l ^ en
think of some other weekly
and those w ith the jaircupine theory
publishes as much. Try
still stick to it.
on hand and the construction will com ­
M cFarland aaya he had apoken to Kice
to think of some weekly newspaper in a
mence j u s t as soon as it seem s prob­
aliout hia dog and waa m aking m i n t
able t h a t th e re will be a week of c le a r
notationa In hia record l»ook, when
city the size of Cottage Grove that pub­
w ea ther. T here ia much tine g ra d e
Hire jum |ied onto him w ithout any
lishes half as much. You can’t think of
mill m a teria l in the p la n t t h a t would
w arning w hatever, grabbed hia e a r in
be g r e a tly dam aged by w ate r.
many, can you? It costs money to get out
hia m outh and s ta r t e d chew ing it up.
Some new m achinery will be added
Kice ia a a 'a io u t aa a bear and held on
^ /
a pa{>er like this.
as soon as the addition ia com pleted,
like a bull dog. M cFarland ia, how ­
The reason we remind you of this latter
but th e plant is overcrow ded in its
ever, p r e tty active oral hunky and sue
p rese n t q u a r te rs and most of th e e x t r a
cceded in brea k in g aw ay. In doing no,
fact is because we want you to bear it in
however, he fell backw arda off o f the
Reign of Petty Thievery Probably space can be used to a d v a n ta g e in g iv ­
mind when you have any business in our
ing room for the o p eration of th e m a ­
aidewalk and hia anaailant jumped onto C. A. McFurland Says Pig Makes
Ended by Recent Experience of chinery now in th e plant.
him again and a ta r te d pounding him in
Such a Hog of Himself that He
Marauders Who Were Discovered
This company is enjoying a p ro sp er­
thn face. When M cFarland promiaed
) A f
piece of job printing, every legal notice,
ous business and th e addition will give
to leave him alone he let him up.
Was Ashamed to Keep Him Around
at Boyd Ranch Few Days Ago.
every new subscription you get for us helps
it a large-sized m a n u fa c tu r in g plant.
Mcdieul a tte n tio n waa imm ediately
the Place Any Longer.
given the injured mail. Four atitchea
us in continuing to get out this kind of a
Chicken thie v es which had been
John H. Hull has sold 6 acres o f his
w ere required in hia left e a r and he
o p e r a tin g in this vicinity had a good Riverside farm to Mrs. Cora E. Pope,
waa obliged to ta k e to hia bed. Hia
scare throw n into th e m a day or so ! who recently arrived from e a s te r n O re­
bark waa quite badly injured by hia e t te f a rm e rs seem to be it th a t is
ago. One night recently quite a com­ gon.
| when it comes to raising hogs.
The consideration was $600.
motion was heard in the chicken yard Mrs. Pope has already s ta r t e d the
t'lty Marahal Snodgrana awore uut a
at th e S. W. Boyd ranch. Geo. Boyd erection of a home.
dÙ Û
"T M E b M O P " W H E R E G O O D P R I N T I N G IS D O N E
w a r r a n t for Kice, b u t he not y e t been ’ small am ount of feed in this salubrious
and Clyde Langdon, who happened to
be a t home a t th e tim e, w e n t to locate ¡
\ by a ika; |Hiund anim al bro u g h t in dur-
the trouble w ith a targe caliber Win­
| mg the past week by C. A. McFarland.
c h e ste r and a shot gun. Two men
Mack aaya the pig a t e and grew and
w ere plainly visible a t t e m p t i n g to g e t !
| ate and grew until he made auch a hog
away w i'h some of the Boyd egg-pro- ;
' of him self t h a t he waa asham ed to
Gray Wolves Get Goat.
Again Spreading Out.
ducers, but a couple shots into th e air WINS OUT UNDER HOME RULE
keep him around any longer, so tie just ; Gray wolves c a u g h t and a t e one of
U mphrey & Mackin are again mak-
w ith th e rifle served to cause them to j
I brought him in nnd sold him to the
WILL HAVE CAPACITY OF 200 | butcher for a sum th a t will buy the laiw rey E n g la n d ’« goat* F riday e v e ­ | ing an addition to th e ir store room. change their minds and to d e p a r t from ;
A man waa a t work c u t tin g ( Hy the addition to th e I. O. O. F.
family groceries fur some little time. wood w ithin 100 yard« of w here the building they are given tw elve feet th e ir visit in a m anner t h a t denoted |
Model Saloon License Law Will Be
T he report of an e x p e r t connected wolvea made the killing.
| more space at the r e a r and will move ’ more wisdom th a n decoriousness. A
couple shots w ith the shot gun th a t
Put Into Effect.—Decision Likely
Plant Will Be in Operation Within with one of th e g r e a t pork packing
S. L. Goddard waa th e loweat bidder ' back the partitio n th a t divides the
s c a tte re d shot all around th e m gave
companiea of the country concludes
to Effect Elections in Other Cities
Six Weeks. Machinery Now on ¡ w ith this s t a t e m e n t : “ T here is no on the new U n ita ria n church in E u­ eleva ted office will also be added, i them a scare t h a t they probably w o n ’t
g e n i and he will e r e c t the s tru c tu re ,
fo rg e t for some tim e.
' place in the U nited StaleH w here pork
Way From the East.
lie will aaaemhle hia m aterial« on the wMch will give the sto re much more
I t is believed t h a t th e incident will
County option has received a serious
j can lie produced its cheaply us In the
ground ut once.
put an end to th e p e tty th ie v e r y th a t setback in a decision o f th e s u p rem e
W illam ette v a l le y . " This applies with
C o tta g e Grove ir going to have a
i has been ca rrie d on in th a t neighbor­ co u rt g iving saloons to Springfield un­
n special force to the ('.ullage Grove
concrete block m a n u fa c tu rin g plant,
hood for some tim e. B u tter, cream , d er th e home rule am en d m e n t.
te rrito ry , fur it is situ a te d in the most
and the pla n t will be ready to tu r n out
canned fru it, etc., t h a t w ere le f t in
D eclaring th a t an election held in
desirable and highly favured section of
the p a te n t D ocks w ith in aix w eeks
outside buildings had been d isa p p e a r­ 1911, in Springfield, L ane county, in
the valley. Hog cholera is unknown In Damage Suit Against Oregon &
The m achinery to be used in th e work
Book Now Under Course of Prepara­ ing r ig h t along.
which the m a jo r ity vote c a s t by th e
and all kinds of stock a rc rem arkably '
Southeastern Railway Co.
is alre ady on the way from the east.
tion.—Editorial Work
No trac e of the thieves has been in h a b ita n ts was in favor of se llin g in­
Clover, vetch, field peas i
T he p la n t will have a capacity of 1 !
for Sum of $10,000.
to x ic a tin g liquors cam e w ith in the
Being Done
! secured.
keep gree n th e y e a r around, and pro­
to 200 block« per day.
purview of the home rule am e n d m e n t,
vide the best feed for hogs. The best
In the case of L. Haney vs. the O re­
Thu Sentinel haa received this in.
Planting Still Continues.
The local H igh School S tu d e n t Body
J u s tic e McBride, of the s u p rem e c o u rt,
bred hogs of the e a s t are being shipped ! gon & S o u th ea ste rn railway for 110,000
form ation from a source th a t can not
J . C. Adams has j u s t com pleted Tuesday reve rse d the ju d g m e n t o f th e
to this section for breeding purposes, dam ages, the ju ry b ro u g h t in a v e r ­ is prep a rin g for the issuance of a High
be disputed, hut the names of the ow n­
School A nnual this y ea r t h a t will s u r ­ p la nting six acres of prunes and one circ u it co u rt of L ane county in th e
dict for $2,i»00 for the plaintiff. It is pass anything here to fo re issued by the acre of gooseberries on his Avondale
ers aru withheld from publication for
case o f th e s ta te a g a in s t E dw in J .
(Continued on page 7.)
said he agreed to s e ttle for $1,500 be­ school.
ranch two miles e a s t of th e Grove.
the present.
■ Perkins.
fore the trial began.
Thu Held for the m a n u fa c tu r e of con­
The m agazine, which will be printed
A f t e r the election held in S pring-
This wus one of the d a m ag e suits on a tine quality of paper, and have a
c r e te blocka ia grow ing larger here
field, th e council issued a license to
every year, but those who are p u ttin g
ta sty cover, will contain individual
P erk in s. As the county of Lane is dry
on the O. & S. E. on J u n e 5. 1009. photographs of all the m em bers of the
in the p la n t e x p e c t to have plenty of
te rr ito r y , his a r r e s t followed on the
when the C urrin bridge gave way.
uth e r kinds of work to keep them busy
Senior class and group pictures of each
c h a rg e of violating th e local option
T he ease of Gid Ellis vs. th e O. & S. of the o th e r classes.
when things a re alack in the concrete FARMERS OF EXPERIENCE MAY
NOVEL METHOD BEING PUT IN­ law, th e contention being made t h a t
K., which is still pending, is the last
b u a i n e a a . _______________
Much labor is being p u t into the
the tow n of Springfield had no r ig h t
of the cases grow ing out of this wreck. editorial work and every s tu d e n t is
issue a license. Upon his t r i a l P e r ­
Garden Peas Doing Fine.
privileged to w rite a story for the pub­
kins was convicted, b u t the decision of
H am V eatch was in F riday w ith a Patron-Teachers Association Taking
lication. The stories are now under Ground Is Loosened With Explosive the s u p re m e co u rt now rele ase s him.
Dave G riggs says i t 's a long walk
bunch of g arden pea vinea t h a t were
of p rep a ra tio n
For these cash
The contention is raised by th e s t a t e
Up Work Outlined During Recent from Saginaw to C o ttag e Grove and
in full bloom. They grew th ro u g h all
and System, Although New, is ; t h a t as Springfield is located in two
prizes will be given, ran g in g from
the ex|M>Murea of w e a th e r from volun­
Visit of State Superintendent.
$■'>.00 to $10.00, according to num be r
precincts, including county d istric ts,
Said To Be Successful One.
Dave o u g h t to know, too, for he tried
te e r seeds.
of stories subm itted.
e vote did not come w ithin th e p u r­
it Sunday, although he did not intend
Members o f the l ’atron-T ea che rs as- |
The p re p a ra tio n of th e Ai.nual is oe-
The Milwaukee O rchard company, view of th e borne ru le am endm e nt.
to. He put his family on the tr a in for
“ T he Shop” w h ere good p r in tin g is
sociation are planning to push the in-1 Eugene Sunday and neglected to g e t ing d o r e on a business basis, and there which is a large com m ercial orchard The su p rem e c o u r t holds t h a t th e elec-
d o n a —T he Sentinel.
are officers to look a f t e r the d etails of p la n te r in th e rich and b ea u tifu l Lo- I tion was purely a city election, and
dustrial education plana laid out by ■
off before it was under motion, with
S t a ' e S u p erin te n d en t L. K. Alderman |
ran e valley, has a large crew a t work, th a t th e f a c t t h a t th e p rec incts in
the resu lt t h a t he hRd to go as f a r as the different branches of the work.
d uring his re c e n t visit here, and a
The Annual is to be the high schools
Saginaw . His usual eq ua nim ity was
clea rin g w ith a donkey engine, and which th e town is located included o u t ­
m eetin g will he held Marsh 22d, at
s tu d e n ts ' m essage to the citizens of now comes th e news t h a t holes for side te r r ito r y , made no difference.
put s o m e w h at o u t of re p a ir by the
which it is expected to m a tu r e a plan
the city and the stu d e n ts e x p e ct th a t p la nting will be d ug by use of d yna­
of action.
the e n te r p rise will receive th e ir hearty mite. This gives th e ground a shock
One plan t h a t has been mentioned
If i t ' s a rush job of prin tin g , the support.
and loosens the soil five f e e t down.
and which has received much favorable Sentinel will g e t i t o u t for you on
T he A nnual will be ready for dis­ W ith the rich deep f r u i t soil N a tu re
com m ent, is to r e n t a piece of land time.
tribution about J u n e 1st.
has provided in L orane and th e up-to-
large enough to give each c o n te s ta n t a
d a te way in which th e com pany is d e ­
small plot, and to have prom inent ag-
veloping it, success in sa tis f y in g cus­ TO PROVIDE FUNDS FOR SEWER
With Only Three Companies Left to r icu ltu rista give an hour on Saturday
tom ers seem s ce rta in .
to in stru c tin g the girls and boys, g iv ­
T he company is s p a rin g no expense
Inspect It Passed Unexpectedly ing the y o u n g ste rs the benefit o f what
in its efforts to tu r n o u t high grade
High Examination in EveryW ay. it has ta k e n older people yea rs of hard
com mercial orchards.
Ordinance Passed for Improvement
work to learn.
—Only Three Absentees.
of Weber Street, Closing Ordinance
U nder this plan the c o n testan ts wil1
Men’s Entertainment March 15th.
tie urged to c a rry o u t a t home on a IS SAID TO BE COMMON TALK IN RAILROAD
The e n t e r ta i n m e n t being given by
Passed, Ordinances for Street Im­
S ix th Co., sta tione d a t C o ttage la rg e r plan the sam e work t h a t they
th e men of the Methodist church w ill
provements Ordered Drawn.
Grove, in th e re c e n t annual inspec­ ta k e up in th e small plots.
occur on March 15th.
Those who
tion passed th e beat exam ination
S everal p a re n ts have expressed the
will ta k e p a r t are p u tti n g in lots of
by 50 per ce n t of any of the companiea opinion t h a t this will prove an excellent Two
O rd e rin g th e city a tto r n e y to draw
Men Make Statement That Twelve
tim e a t r eh e arsals and promise som e­
in the ( ’o ast A rtille ry inspected up to solution of the vacation problem.
up pape rs for th e calling of a city
Months Will See Oregon Electric
t h a t tim e, according to th e rejiort of
election to raise the lim it o f bonded
Capt. Henkle, C. A., U. S. A., and
Into Cottage Grove
I indebtedness of th e city from $150,000
Major Knapp, C. A., O. N. G., who
to $200,000, rec eivng e s tim a te s for
conducted the inspection. T h ere were
“ The Oregon E lectric will be build- has hardly been hoped for by even the One Dairy Ranch Ships 38 Cans $12,152 o f se w e r ex te n sio n s, le ttin g
Prof. J. N. Waterhouse Will Have
only th r e e companiea le ft to inspect
ing into C o tta g e Grove w ithin tw elve most optim istic, although P resident
c o n tra cts for house n um be rs and s t r e e t
During Month of February.
Charge of Musical Treat.
when th e inspectors le ft here. One of
m o n th s .” This s t a t e m e n t was made Gray, when approached by local peo-
signs, p assing ordinances providing for
S. C. S w a g e r ity of Yoncalla was in the closing of pool rooms and soft drink
A public rec ital u nder the direction the first o f th e week by tw o different pie, has sta te d t h a t he would he here
theHe ia a new Portland company, and
Mr. e s ta b lish m e n ts betw e en th e h ours of
ia th e only one of which th e local com­ of Prof. J . N. W a te rhouse will be g iv ­ citizens of Portland who w ere in the to look over the situ atio n j u s t as
soon th e city Monday on business.
S w a g e rity is th e la rg e st patron of the 1 12 and 5 a. m., fo r the providing of a
en in the C hurch of C h rist F'ridny eve­ city, one claim ing t h a t he got th e in- as he could g e t th e tim e,
pany haa any fenr.
L ieutenant-Colonel l.awaon and C apt ning, March 22d.
form ation d irec t from th e P o rtland
T he tr a n s f e r of a piece of property local cre am e ry a t present. D uring 29 public lib ra ry fund, for the im p r o v e ­
Many of Mr. W a te rh o u se ’s most pro­ offices o f the company. H e claim s on th e W est Side, f ro n tin g th e Pacific days la st month he shipped in 38 cana m e n t of W eber s tr e e t, and one for th e
J . C. Johnson, of this city, assisted in
th e e xa m ina tion. Sixty-one of th e 54 ficient pupils will ta k e p a rt, and a th a t »his is common talk in railroad H ighw ay, gives credence to the sta te - of cream , for which he received a purchase o f new ja w s for th e rock
m e m b ers of the company w ere p res­ musical novelty will be an organ, piano circles in th e metropolis.
m ent th a t plans for the extension are check t h a t will keep the com m issary c rushe r, and ordering ordinances draw n
se v eral for a large am ount of s t r e e t work, for
e n t, which made it th e la rg e s t com ­ and voice all ta k in g p a r t a t once.
T h a t the electric road is planning to already under way. The papers in this d e p a r tm e n t
T he W aterhouse rec itals have always continue on up the valley from E ugene t r a n s f e r have not been filed and the months.
pany which had been Inspected.
th e providing of p ay m en ts to the vol-
N. W. W hite of th is city was a close
Capt. M etcalf ia more th a n pleased been successful, and he expe cts to o u t­ has been ce rtain , b u t t h a t th e road j nam es of th e purchasers can not be
second w ith 30 cans of cream .
(Continued on page 7.)
w ith the record made by th e company. do h im self this tim e.
would g e t here w ithin th e n e x t y e a r ' learned.
T5he Cottage Grove Sentinel