Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1909-current, December 01, 1911, Image 3

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I h r l i r i i w u v to u d v u n i ' r y o u r Inin
litres i i i i c i r s i s is tu
yin ir
M-ll w i t h U k 11'*'!. s l U 'ii K
vv I h i m -
I il i i ^ i essi v r niel I i i h I m c a n ani y o u ,
Mut «MilV tiiiMiii’i iillv , lillt w i t h t h r
y nm l in I v ice I hut it in i i l t i i n r s u l i l r tn
H iv e in I i u m i h - h ’, m a i l e r s
T h e la tter
Is i i l w u \ s i n lis iil e n ii a silent l e a t m e
ln Im n k in n
However, w e m i i s i ile t
II m lv ÍH a h le tu ai <411 :« i 1 11 v o ll w i t h
t h is lai I
'I he otti« n s a m i ill re c tors
i l u s i n s t i t u t i o n a l w a y s stanti
re ru h to j ; i v r ■ d v i r e to its p a t ro n s
m i a u v li n a u i nil m ilt e r s , as t h e y a p
p re c ía te th e sill cess n! th e liis litu
t toil i l r p m i l s o n the s i i c i ess o l its
d e p os itors .
A ü t h o r . W h u w W n li n g * and M .th o d " B . a t n c e L a y n g ’a Fat* at »ha Handa af
o» Lifa Wara Conlradicle ry.
tha Mob In 1705.
A mull of yeulua when be wrltea a
T b a t tiallar In « tri Ijcriifl ami brutal
bonk and all the g„,l comea mailing treutiuent of Hiiruril wlo ües ouï e
lliln bis wild" Is In an abnormal aialw. tooineil lu rira tu tbotlanil I* ahown lu
ami lieiicv live* of men of letters have HU-wart Dh k a "Tlie l'ageuut ut tbe
often been In glaring eoutraat to their Fort h.’
lu I70.’i Fltteu weetu guldr’l
u riling*
Mnntiiluiie tells US that tie uuenvlublo nolorlety iru n i a sériés nf
alw ays ubaerved supen elestlal n|ilu
|il’usis ni buis nf nul woliieii, tinij (lie
Inns to lie aefoiii|innlisl with sutiferrii
pulllpllleleers nf Mie iliiy were kept
I ll ’ ll || l l l u l ' H l s
O il I lie u t lle l
till t i l l , t i l l ’
bu*y nu botli aides lu <lef«*iiijliig ami
must iii t It ««at I niarlu n profeswira <if ,-pl
iteuniim lug t lie u< lion nf the mngl«
riireuulsiii have uften lived III.« uu
llutes. T l , v un Unir «a J a:
i bul lies Ol lril|i|ilsts
Sullle of the
" I l aeeius llmt N blii'k.ljiltli, nue
best sen s u i i k s buve been written by
l ' n i r b k Mnrtou. Iielng tukcu lit. de
■lieu wliu l e v e r eiiotTed a ■oil water
clured Unit lie wua h « w Ile lied, and ou
lire*-/.«. » l i n i n g war suites have been
h l» liisllnii l Inii u uuinte-r nf old wnrn
written by timid men mid women who
en were lliru w n Inio |irlwon.
Wunld tin' e shrieked at the sin lit uf M
by tbe inuKlslrutes and lulnlafer» of
mouse, mid by intis steeped III t lie very
spirit of devutluu have been written the town by day null tortured by their
Realized W hat It Really
Maant to Ba Blind.
•'U'eie »no ever bund for an entire
evening uf y m ir life blind In tbe midst
of a Judy • mo puny who were sewing
and ■ batting and dldu t In tbe least
realize your p li g h t / asked a social
worker receoUy
" T h a t was wbut
happened tn me nut lung ago. and I
must - iy St was a most urn omfnrtnble
I sympathize wltti per
antis win, have lust their sight uuw as
1 n e 'e r did befure
’’Y u n see, I went to ra ti upon a
young girl from my hnme l u w u who Is
IM-Ing isl m u ted In u private Institution
fur tbe blind near here. I bud beet, to
see tier before, and so I stub prepared
fur l b « way her companions crowded
ale,lit tue. felt m y clothes, m y bands
and my face am i remarked every thing
j 7 T . . 7 * on.“ '»«/t
by met, of doubtful morality, who t - n J . by night who never tet
.. .................. ..
le s s at borne than lu a ■l**,l*- b,,t *“ »'*
“ ■ wak«
hat I , - liow pu-tty «lie looks.” und so
< lirtsUati , bu r’ ll
Charles l.u m b was "•« “ 'em with plus, these miserable on.
Nor was I surprised when my
ready to wager that Mlltuii'a morning
wollleo were wn,o Induced to con
friend conducted me through the cluuu-
h y m n In Paradise was penned at mid ( Teas any thing
roouiH. pointing out the new work and
night, and we know positively that
’One wo m a n In particular. Beatrice
displaying Home line lace work Hhe hud
T h o . . . paon w lio snug the praises of L a y tig. bud been singled out by M o r­ started that morning, quite as though
li e
early lining III the ’’Hensons." used to ion for bis special vengeance.
•be cotlld see It nil
lie abed till utHui
Sir Itl< hard Steele suld (bat sin, came asking him to
“ B u t on this visit, for the first time,
make some mills fur her. He. believ­
could discourse elo<|iiciiily on temper
1 was Invited to stay for slipper und
Tilt Ot ti RELIABLE"
nuce when lie was not drunk
upend the evening with the girls.
worth In Ills 'Old Oaken Bu cke t" sung refused lo do so. and she we/it off
was delighted to accept tbe invitation
m uttering Imprecations. When he fell
the praise uf coli) water under tbe In
und enjoyed tbe meal, which was to-rv
spirarlo!! of brandy
III she was heard to say, ‘ He inlclit
ed by sighted waitfesnes tn a well
who wrote so welt oh |silltetiess later
tilame bis nne tongue for Ills III.' On
rirlc rtril, H r-C lta a * d Seed
lighted dinin g room
But after that
rilpted tils opponent a with " Y o u lie this tissue of trivialities she was I in
m y expericte «• came
W e walked from
" Y o u are a vile Whig , siri” prisoned, ami practically under lor
the dining room Into dim balls, nnd us
Burn s was n rotnpound of "dirt and lurH ,|l(, acknowledged to (he minia
w e mounted tbe stairs to tbe sitting
di lly .”
Ituuss«au, w ho was alwaya ters and magistrates tbat she bad
room we walked Into utter darkness.
filling people'» c y « « with tear«. tic
iiiade a w a r linage of Mortou and I began to envy my friend, who t rip ­
trayed and slandered Ills lieiiefiif tora atuck plna In It.
ped lightly by m y side, while 1 could
In turn nnil sent hla children to the
" A f t e r a long period of Judicial bul­ only grope m y w a y a w k w a r d ly . Once
found I Inga hospital
When Moore pro
lying she was set free or. In other
¡ h i h h I tn Scutt to go atid see Metros« words. Iiambsl over to the mob to In the sitting room I felt for a chair
nnd dropped Into It. w a iting for the
abbey, ns Sir W a lte r had 4cacrll>ed It. work their will on her
Ha ng e d on a
Bu t the Inugh
by lii’ Hiullghl. " I ’lKib. poob.” said Sc utt rope between a ship arid the ahore, lights to be turned on
ter nnd the chatter went on uncon­
“ you don’t supliose t ever saw tt by
ahe was pelted with stones till half cernedly about me. and after a few
F o r F »11 r t s n llu g
m oo nlig ht!" W illi a m Matthew s.S alu te
dead und Dually pressed to death u n ­ minutes It d a w n e d upon me that lights
ili’UVe’a Monday t ’liata
‘ ‘S lm d eln n d
der a door
It seems that In those were not necessary In an Institution
C h a lle n g e ”
days no one was safe against (he for the blind at nigh t: that the sitting
wildest accusations which might Is, room was ” o d a rk e r for those girls
lit Nt \Y |,| f « ^ i.l r < lai,
brought ugulnnl him."
then than It bad tieen all through the
(• ra jr W i n t e r
Oavio« by W hic h th* Hollow Strip « of
beautiful, sunny day I had enjoyed so
Swedish Red
Dough A r t Produced.
A « my eyes grew a hit ac­
/A# /■##! i/«|
H aven't you often askeil. “ H o w do
customed to t li e ’da rkness | could per
B U t k Kuiuan
they get Hie hole« In nu n n rn n l? ” Ye»
re ive that Ihe g'rls had d r a w n tbelr
A*(r* A\tf.j
you undoubtedly have, and unless you Probably a Dutch Invention of the
chairs up around mine and were busy
have visited a iiiarnrohl factory yon
w ith embroidery and lace m aking a«
Fur Spring IMaiitlng
T h e history of sash w indo w s Is som e
are probably ■till In doubt
they talked.
“ Shadelurid C lim a x ’
lug methods are employed In bringing
" A n d for the rest of the evening 1
this food Into the form in which It u that t h e ) were a D u tc h Invention and
K A rll^N t,
l * i t » l tilt*,
I.i r ^ r a t mill
sat there fry in g not to let m y blind­
that they were Introduced Into En g
place,) before ttie public.
( U l K\ r r (iro w u IVotlui'
land soon after t h « revolution of It 188. ness fret me. not to appear stupid
li>K loo bueli* 1« |*ei nero uu d ry bill laud
A fter the dough ba- been well m l m l
h e derivation of the word "sash" In when the girls, forgetful of m y afflic­
and kneaded in „ powerful machine It
1* ^ / u t h a t yoM u r r »/rttim/ i j enui n*
tion. held up their work for m y Inspec
Is n u d y to form tuto muenroul. which this sense Is the D u tch " s » » . ” a sluice—
** JShtliit lit* it
U n i i u l N t i i / « htt y i/o rt I f t u m
T h a t was the time I realized
0 u r /*«#F f / i n if B t i r *
/'r 1 « r# 1 i r e • «* tuli’ y o u
Is of a tube shape about one-fourth
w h a t It really Is to be blind.” — N e w
C a n n o t ujfu> i to f i l a n t a n y u l h c r $ t n l oul §
Inch In diameter, or spaghetti, which reign they were yet *„ comparatively
uncommon na to be mention,si as a York Press.
la n solid all’ k shape of about one
Write» for S a r i p U i end Price*
feature of houses that were
eighth Itieh In diameter
T ills Is done
A s k f o r ( a la i , . N a .
Civilizatio n!
In the T a l le r ,
by forcing (be dough under hydraulic advertise,) na "to let."
A Japanese diplomatist Is said to
pressure through a cylinder with a Hat for Instance. No 178. May 27-.'iO. 1710.
have exclaimed: " F o r 2.000 years we
P O l I U t O . ORISON
there la thla advertisement:
circular bronze die or mold at the but
kept peace w ith the rest of the world
" T o be lett. In Devonshire Square,
T h e mueuroul die Is full of holes
and were k n o w n to tt but by the m ar-
near Blshopagate. a very g o < x f Brick
u I h , u ( one fourth Inch |ti diameter, anil
House » f :i Itootns of a Floor, and a vets of our delicate ethereal art and
M i ll hole In is a smalt pin In tbe center
the finely w rou gh t productions of our
of It Will, b Is nttucbe,| In lin e side of g o o d Hall, with very good tight and
the hole
Tills pin forms the hole In dark Closets, the whole House beiug Ingenious handicrafts, and n e were
But from the
the macaroni and divide « the dough well wainscoted and ansli'd with 30 accounted barbarians:
d a y ou which we made w a r on other
on one side na It starts through the Sash Lights, a very pleasant und con
nations and killed many thousands of
h o le but before the dough rem lies (he
vcnlent o i t b e lielnw Stairs." etc.
end of the Inde the dividisi s id e come«
F ro m
Eng la nd
they passed Imo our adversaries you at once a dm it our
together and re m a in « so. making a per
France, where the first to put them up claim to rank among civilized n a t i o n » ”
feet lulic
T h e spaghetti die cnntnlns was Marshal de txirge at his new | O n mailing the foregoing tn the Ja v a
only plain hole« iilmut one eighth Inch h o u s e nt M ontm artre
Speaking of 1 T i m e « we are reminded of Professor
IjM'uted at London. Oregon, in III diameter arranged In groups When
K e n n y 's story of the shipwrecked mar-
this. Lister In HRW writes In tils " J o u r
ma< m oni and «puglietii «siine from the ney to Paris :" " W e had the good for | Iner who at d a w n came across a
tii«* ( ’a l a i M x i y a mountains, s i m i
p r e s s e s or cy lin d e r» they nre cut lulu
gibbet and exclaimed. '’T h a n k Cod.
tune here to find the marshal himself
feet alxivesea level, twelve
certain length«, the length depending H e show,si us Ills great sash win,lows, j here 1» a sign of civilization.'"— London
miles from Cot t a if e
U|«in whether the curing or d ry in g ta how easily they might be lifted up and I Ulobe.
to lie done on trnyn or by hanging over dow n nnd stood at nny height, which
(irove, Ore.
A Clever Phrate.
co ntrivance, he anld. he had out of
In a sninll volu me „r kiimorous let­
In curing or d ry in g macaroni tbe - Eng la nd by n small model brought on
Cuisine and Recommendations length of time varie« according to the
tera and •
otte of ..........
these thè clas-
thence, m
being uoiu-
purpose m
u t i mence,
e re oeing
— ..............
Hot mineral baths, process employed and lo atmospheric ||1(f of
|lol<M. , n « I n d o « * In France i *'0 " C1,7 ,,r ITi'k'ue. by the late Wtl-
conditions outside the factory und the
Ham Jeffrey Prowse, there occurs the
London Standard.
recommended by physicians for
standard of quality maintained Some
following footnote to the prefatory
rheumatism, stomach, liver ami makers require only thris- days, while
memoir by I’uni Hood, tbe editor of
O rig in of a Postal Custom.
i F u n . referring to Prowse’* apprentice
kidney troubles
Very extensive, others take na many ns six ilnys —
T h e steamship Oregou was ’oat off
Omaha lice
connection w ith the A yle sb u ry News:
swings, tennis
E ire Islam! on March 14. 188*1
" I find among tils papers a rough copy
was rammed by a coastwise schooner,
court, croquet ami other amuse­
of verses for tt about ' K i n g Cllquot.'
A m e r ic a n S u n s h in e .
remaining afloat for half an hour, a
Prilli a man lias made the expert
dated 1S5.V which w in d up w it h this
ments. Splendid trout fishing at
time which made It possible to save
meut It Is Im possible to lielleve how
co uplet:
hand. Automobile line from Cot­
every person aboard
When her mall
vivid and how severe on British eyes
"His courtiers found htm out at last be­
tage (¡rove orver good roads. Is the glare of the American sun. nud
neath the table sunk.
" , " rotH*d
« “ I Problematically pious, but Indubitably
Write for full paticulars, rates, 1 also how Impossible It I». no matter !
how strong British prejudice may tw i u ,«,-v hM‘1 b w n
, h *‘ w r * * - ,he first
etc. Address
" I t Is uot every lad of t w e n ty who
It, that regard to play golf In the coat
of ■ practice which Is now
« I l l ’ ll all the traditions of Scotland
I’.v dire, lion of the Interna- can pen as neat nnd sm art a line as
that last.” — L ondon Chronicle.
pres, rila* ns decent
Very soon the !
U" ,0,,-
T b e Cr‘'U,t for
Briton golfing In America will have f
»•^ believed to. ba
Pope's Initials.
cast from him that worse than super
,l" ‘‘
E d w a r d M Morgan. «
A le xander Pope was a v ictim of his
filions garment and will I«. going with ,l,m ‘
" ««b o rd ln a to position tn the
N e w York postoffice, who foresaw that | Initials
A fte r the publication of the
light heart and light raiment no call
a few minutes wo rk with a rubber i Duiictad one of the poet's euetnles.
ed "In «lilrt sleeve*"— like the Altieri
stamp would forestall an Infinitude of ! w h o had suffered a severe trouncing
C . I,. Churchill
T . K. Alicen«
can himself.— London Globe.
compla int.— N e w York Sun.
In the satire, declared tbat If you took
I'hotte .'fcri
the Initial letters of Pope's name aud
added the Dual letter of his surname
W h e n T u r k e y W as Great.
Little Nelly told little Anita what
T h e "Jest"
T u r k e y at her height was In posses­ you had his character
she termed u “ little lib.”
A n it a — A fib Is the same as a story, sion of every famous city of the a n ­ caught on, and In 172S appeared a
cient world except Rome.
She held pamphlet entitled "Pope Ale x a nde r’s
nnd a « t o r y Is the sa m e as a lie.
by the sw ord Athens. C orinth Sparta. Suprem acy uml Infallibility
N e lly — No. It's not.
T h e frontispiece to this now
A nita — Ves, It Is. because m y fnther Grectau Thebes. Constantinople. A n ­ ined "
forgotten pasquinade represented Pope
sntd no, nnd my father Is a professor tioch. Reluct*, Oteslpbon.
Nineveh, Bagdad. Jerusalem. Datuas- [ In the form of nn ape. with his head
at ihu university
Iv e ry th in q \«’w unti
resting on bts hand, nnd his elbow
N e lly — I don't care If he la. M y fa cus. Mecca. Medina. Alexandria. Cal-
t p l o U ’ito.
llier Is a real estate man and he know s ro. Memphis. Eg yptian Tbelies and placed upon n pile of his o w n works.
inure alHitit lying than your father Carthage.
Some were lu ruins, but
doe». — Un ited Presbyterian
! the T u r k was master where they had
T a k in g E v e ry Precaution.
tn a state of convalescence a West
Fu lly Impressed.
I hiir, hill A Abeene, Props
“ I see y ou r daughter Is engaged to '
A Frank Preference.
When his pnysletnn visited him the
be m a rrie d."
I " D o e s n ’t y o u r wife want the prlvl-
man said. "D o cto r. I’m ns h un gry as a
Makes re g ula r Iritis
IP* to Bohemia
” A t last.”
lege of going to tbe polls nnd easttug a bear, but from what you tell me I
postolnee every
Monday. Wednesday
'ry Monday,
and Friday. Leaves
“ 1 hope she realizes that marriage ballot as an enlightened and respon
from West Side
m ustn't eat a n y t h in g ”
Feed and L iv e cry
r Barn.
It a serious th in g .”
I *tble eltlzeuT”
" Q u it e correct.” replied the pbysl
" Y o u bet she does
W e thought ' "Yes.
replied M r. G row e h e r. "but
clan, who Is Inclined to be soinewbut
she'd oever land this b o o b . " -l,o u t s
"he'd rather have a new h a t - " - W a s b -
alisentmlndevl. "nnd be sure, atiove ev
vlllo C ou rier-J ournal.
i tngton Post
er.vthlng else, to chew tt thoroughly .”
— Philadelphia Tim es.
His Failing.
H o w It Went.
H n r k e r - D o e s n ' t Cuttem, the tailor,
“ I hear yon won a fifty dollar prize."
H e r Idea of It.
” 1 dhl
And l have already loaned ! remind you of a doctor?
“ MV friend the nretilteet has a h*rd
P a r k e r— I
out AH'iTi. Invested f ’J no tn schemes slid ! should say not.
H e reminds me of , Job on his bands."
other | that little hill I ow e him every time | " W h a t ’s that?"
L i t , ’••— •h • rr I r « , I f o, parity Mid
friend*."— P ittsbu rg Post.
we meet.— Lou don Telegraph.
, “ H e has a rich customer w h o wants
ernnin.lK*. N o t r „ h M r pa. krd
| him to build an Italian vendetta
by urui.I.M th r«- 1 „ „ qualitir, drow
tkr vrty htgl »,1 « ii.Janl. O u t fully
Dodges Trouble.
| around her new cottage.” — Baltimore
•uuii p rd Ishovalnq, u n d «, tkr
Blobbn— B o rrow el I Is the sort of fel
ff r v «-r there Is need of joyousnem
dio-ftinn oI • rdr-nti# and n p rft
r r . - I I . « ’ . ’ f f r m v M n il f u , « « r is k .
low who Is a lw ay s looking for trouble,
and good cheer In our words nnd looks
Wkrn Morinel ■ >MMa.yMa*
Hlotibs Oh. I don't know
H e Is a!
aud demeanor It Is when we fee! least
Nothing Is so grand as truth, noth-
fn cm trd crop*. Srnd lot cal*lo«.
ways anxious to dodge * creditor.—
tike It and when other* about u* are ,n * *° forcible,
*o moral.—
T h e O i m . H . Lilly C o .. SrM tb
Philadelphia Record.
| moat likely to tw helped by I t
P “
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iNowhere will you
find such economical
silk values as this store
is showing at cash sav­
ing prices. Messalines
are selling in prefer­
ence to all other silks.
...T H E ...
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the besl shades, 27
inches wide, a yard
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3 6 inch China Silks in several
shades, a yard
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Age Adds to
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