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Volume VI
lease Hurling I’ re tty N eu rly Becomes
Perm an ent Resident.
Mrs, Jeaae Darling hecurne an ciiam-
oreil with the l.orane valley ilnrniK her
recent visit here that Mr. OarhoK
could harillv get her to return to her
hume in Milwaukee.
Mr. liurliiiK. who lias charge of the
Milwaukee Orchard Co.’s tract at l.o­
rane, arrived about two montila ago to
look after thi' interest of the company,
intending to stay two weeks. Mia.
Darling carne with him for lier lirai
visit lo this beautiful valley.
liked On' country so well that alie in­
duced Mr. IhtrliiiK to poNt|Mine ids de­
parture from week to week until the
two weeks stretched into two months
and a visit that hud been planned to
California |mints liad to he given up
altogether. They finally got started
lust week, Mrs. Hurling protesting
ugainal leaving so soon and vowing
that alie would he hark again ua soon
as possible.
Creswell Proves Easy for
Governor West's honor men are com­
Ali unuaual tri al is in sture for Cot­
Gridiron Artists.
ing into demand us road huiidera. A
tage Grave Invera o f high elaaa, rcflncd
entertainment in thè forni o f two lee-
tures un thè l’ aiiarmi canal hy II. Le
Itoi CpNon, who aperti three years in
thè canal girne. The (Hat lerture, en-
titlerl “ The l’anamii Canal, It's Con-
struction ami It's Relation to thè Ha
cific Coirsi S ta tes," w r 11 Ire given rie ut
Tueaday in thè High schiari assemhly
rrrom, The secm l, entitled, “ Hanarna,
It's llistitry, It's Heople ami Their
Guattirne“ will he given Friday, No-
vemlrer 2lth. liirth lerturei are illus­
trateli witli a largì* riumhcr of rolored
slides, and afford an excellent oppor­
tunity for people to fam iliarize them-
selves with a project that mi-ana more
to tliia country than any project o f
modern times and which is little un­
derstood hy the great majority.
/ I
Number 8
Last Saturday the football team of
the Cottage Grove high school suc- TH RILLING THREE MINUTES ON
ceeded in rolling up a pleasing »¿ore
o f 31 to 0 against the team from the
Creswell high school. The grounds
Th e R o ya l English Glee Singera and
were very sloppy as a result o f the In Which W. A. Hogate Makes
Hi ll Kingeri. W ill b t Here
snowfall o f last week ami consequent- j
Daring Leap to Buckboard and
ly no fast work was witnessed from
Th u rsday.
Quells Runaways.
either team. When the two teams ap-
peered upon the field it required no
I'I k ' Itoyiil English Glee Singers und
Dropping a pecketbook containing
rare discrimination to see that the
lloll Ringers, On* first number of a
about six dollars in silver, and making
home team hail every chance for vic-
I'uurao iif three lyccmn entertainments
a reckless leap to the buckboard o f the
tory since they out-weighed their op-
In lie given here llna winter, will lie
wagon, W. A. Hogate made a thrilling
ponent* several pounds to the men and
|nit mi at Arm or) hall neat Thuraday.
stop of a runaway team on Main atreet
seemed to handle the ball with greater
1 dealing with prisoners,
At Eugene ami other eit'ea where
Tuesday morning.
] skill. The Creswell boys, h ow ever,1
the alei' aiiiaera have a|i|ii'iireil Oieir
The team and wagon were Spray A
Send your Sentinel to eastern friends ,Jew,rve the hi|{hel,t commendation for
entertainment haa lieen pronounced the
Co.’s delivery outfit. The rig wss
after you have read it.
the excellent pluck they displayed in
heat thing of tliia Itiliil ever aeen on
standing at Burkholder's store and be­
a losing game.
the enaal.
Advertising pays in the Sentinel.
came frightened at an automobile that
With tlieir a|ili'inll<l |>eal of 130 me -
passed. When the team started, Ho­
Remodeling Building.
loilnnia hella raiiKiiiK in weiKlit from
gate grabbed for the lines, but only se_
The Bank building is being remod­
two nuneea to tun pounds, perform
cured one o f them and the team con­
eled preparatory to its occupancy by
eoin'erteil ftniaie o f every eluaa with
tinued its course west on Main street.
a ____ ___ . __________ __________ _
'th e Hank o f Cottage Grove. The en-
such perfeet rorreetneaa ami enaemble
W anted L iv e One to Send East.
The situation was gettin g dangerous,
aa to huve evokeil warm eneoiniurna
While listening to an impassioned and at 2 :30 Hr. Mann said he wa.- l ' re ^ronl * ri^ H°or o f the room form- many people scurrying to the sidewalk
K. W. Randolph, who is looking over
occupied by the First National for safety, so Mr. Hogate let go o f the
from tin' pri-aa ami many muairal tlie valley for a locution called on the sermon by Gypsy Smith at Portland | dead. Luring part o f the service the
Sentinel yesterday to get a paper
to Sunday afternoon. Rev.
Henry L. ; body lay on a bench behind the build- bave been torn out and when the re­ purse which he had in his hand when
The repetoire inelinlea aelei'tiona send east. He wanted h live one and Nave, formerly pastor o f the Cottage ¡ng, hut was soon removed to Hunning Fair8 are completed the building will be the team started and which he was un­
very much improved in appearance.
from Hu- works o f Handel, Hayden, a glance at a ropy of the Sentinel had Grove Presbyterian church, was strick­ .V McEntee’s undertaxing parlors.
able to get into hia pocket, leaped to
Itoildiru, Sullivan, Wagner, Verdi and impressed him us being tin- paper to en with heart trouble and ex p ire ! a few
the buckboard while the team was
Rev. Mr. Nave had suffered for some
moments later.
of tiers.
send. Mr. Randolph is from Iowa.
traveling at break-neck speed, grabbed
time with heart weakness, but on the
The songs with hell arconi aniinenls
Few persons in tlie audience knew day o f death appeared in excellent
the other line and succeeded in quickly
until ufter the services that death had
health. He preached a vigorous ser- l o c ^ l T Y R O S PUT ON SUCCESS- sawing down the frightened animals.
where encored. The vocal work o f the
occurred in their midst.
When he returned down the street,
mon at his own church in the forenoon.
ilinilde quartette is another strong feu
he found his purse where he had
Rev. Mr. Nava was sitting i.) the
ture o f tfie program. M * . G iggle has V A L L E Y L A N D S C YN O SU RE OF middle of the section reserved for min­
dropped it, with the silver scattered on
Montavilla church at Portland for two
recently introduced another novelty, a
isters only, talking to Rev. W. 11. and a half years, going there from Cot­ Audiences Appreciative and Local the pavement. In the excitement no
piccolo a o l o with hell accompaniment,
Hampton, who sat beside him. His tage Grove. He had been preaching in
one had noticed it, although many had
Jokes Cause Many Bursts
which is proving very popular. The Oregon O bjective Point of Those voice suddenly broke, and Rev. Mr.
walked over it.
the valley for 10 years.
of Laughter.
repertoire o f the company iniTudeu
Hampton noticed that he had turned
Fora few moments the situation was
w ith W estern F ever in
Mr. Nave was 60 years old at time
suftlcient mu'erisl to fill two or three
pale. Rev, J. W. McDougall, who sat
a hair-raiser, but no injury whatever
T n eir Blood.
o f death. Two sons are attorneys in
evening's entertainments without any
The big minstrel show put on by the was done.
just behind, called Hr. S. M. Mann, of
New York City and another is an in­ Antlers’ club Wednesday and Thursday
Linnton, Ore., and the three carried
There seems to be more activity In the dying man to the reur of the build- structor in the Portland Y. M. C. A. evenings was pronounced a grand suc-
The priee of admission is &0 certs, 35
A Large Radish.
cents and 25 cents. Season reserved farm binds throughout the state than ing.
I. A. Randall le ft a mammoth radish
Mr. Nave visited in this city about1 "e*8 by the appreciative audiences that
seat tickets, good for the three enter- ut any time during the year. While
at the Sentinel office Monday for exhi­
The seizure took place a 2 :2.r> o ’clock three weeks ago.
tlie W illam ette valley seems In he the
tninmi'nl», can lie secured for fl.25.
The entire affair showed the pains­ bition. It weighs seven pound, is a
The course is given by the Britt ly- section most favored by intending set-
taking labor put into staging the show foot in length, 18 inches in circum fer­
leuin bureau under tin- auspices o f the tiers, the fact remains that districts in
1 by Director F. H. Hall and that much ence and solid as cement. It ia o f the
K. P. and W. <>. W. lodges.
'eastern and central Oregon have been
time was given by the performers to winter variety and is a beautiful spec­
The second number will lie the Vir attracting many homeseekers this fall
drilling and rehearsing was quite evi­ imen o f what W illam ette soil w ill do.
ginia Warblers, January Xlh.
One o f the gratifyin g features o f the
The third number will tie Alvah situation is in the immense investment
Many local jokes on prominent
Green, humorous enlertainci, February o f eastern money in farm land», fruit
“ cits’ ’ made a hit with the audience
lands and irrigation and general land
and brought out rounds o f applause.
development enterprises.
In connec-
To say who did best it is necessary COUNTY OPTION LAW W IL L BE
to give a complete list o f the perform­
that there is a general tendency ul tut*
ers, who w ere: B illy Brund, James
Messrs. Ittnle & Grant,
P o r t la n d , ( h\
land improvement companies to keep
Potts.Winter Wallace, Lloyd Stratton,
Cottage Grove, Or.
M RS. 1). R E A D 'S LONG S U F F E R - prices down to reasonable figures inor-
Henry Hexman, Herb Adams, Horace Friends of Home Rule Law W ill
' der to appeal to actual settlers and
Cochran, C. E. Umphrey, H. C. Mad­
Have Chance to Prove its
It is admitted by close
sen, S. L. Mackin, F. H. Hall. Cha».
student« of land affairs in Urrgon that
Hall, Elmer Roberts.
Paares P e a c e fu lly A w a y Sunday (he day o f speculation is about past.
for being proud o f your bus­
In view o f the effect that the testing
M orning and Is Laid at Rest
Many ot the large ojierators have real­
Patron-Teachers To Meet.
iness card, copy o f which
o f the home rule law may have on the
at Pleasant H ill.
A meeting o f the Patron-Teachers
election in Cottage Grove next fall,
was received with your letter
it w ill be much better for all con-
association w ill be held this afternoon
the result o f the voting on the liquor
Mrs. 0. Read, lie to veil b e a u ....... . ''•Tried ss well as the state at large to
o f O ctober 90th. It is well
at 3 :30 at the east side school bouse.
question o f other cities located within
her kindness towards the suffering and " “ minute speculative buying whenever
The subject w ill be "P rim a ry Agricu l­ dry counties is o f interest.
balanced and printed. When
tu re."
Interesting talks w ill be made
for tier work in tlie cause
cause o f He who lM*s|,,ble.
Both Springfield and Joseph voted
presented to a prospective
Thix feeling is growing stronger
by Mesdames A lta King, DeSpain and
has welcomed her home, Mrs. U Read
e t ," and in both instances injunc­
A. B. Wood, after which everyone will
passed pe are fui IL away Sunday at tlie steadily in all parts o f the stale. In
customer it will create a
w ill be applied for by the "d r y s ”
be invited to join in the discussion. and the matter fought out in the cir­
age of OK, after several year« o f suffer- some districts land values have been
favorable impression.
held much too high and fabulous prices
Several musical numbers w ill also be cuit and supreme courts. In Spring-
i f You <t re (i
for acreage have been received, due
Yours truly,
Pmuprctivr i ’uttom rr
field the vote was 213 to 183; in Joseph
rhietlv to a sepculative market. In
The attendance at these meetings ! 97 to 52.
i ’ll// l 9 I p
A m . T ype : F o u n d e r s C o .
other sections, where the soil is equally
has not been as large as they should
Woodburn and Freew ater voted dry.
O. R BALL, M a r s g e r
productive and where conveniences of
be in order to get the most good out of The vote at the former was 227 to 122;
living are just ns good, land has
the association work, and a special ap­ at the latter 84 to 54.
been selling for less thsn half de­
peal is made to parents to be present.
manded in better advertised localities.
The result is that the newcomers are
Baker W ill Not Wear Star.
seeking the districts where prices for
Larger Portion of 138-Acre Farm
J. W. Baker, who has been mentioned
land are more attractive.
To Be Planted to Fruit.
as a possible candidate for the office of
SuliMiintial Class Altruclisl.
Creswell Resident Plays Part of Secretary of Commercial Club Has chief o f police o f this city and whose
One hundred acres o f prunes w ill be
In the future those communities will
petition had been in circulation, has planted immediately on the 138-acre
make the fastest and surest progress,
James I,«Franco, o f Creswell, cause)!
What the future has in store for this recalled the petition, stating that he Robert Schmutz farm at Creswell,
it is admitted, which offer the best op-
which has recently been purchased by
will not be a candidate.
portunities to the man o f amali means, the arrest o f three Portland bunco men 1 section o f the country is indicated by |
where h man with $20txi or $3000 i by playing the part o f a come-on for a the number of letters that come to the
Mr' “ •*«*■ K*ve aa the reason for this F. J. Woodward, o f Roseburg.
Tha trees have been ordered and will
secretary o f the Commercial club. A t act' on tbat be ar|d b' 8 fam ily expect to
who comes to Oregon in quest o f a short time.
lin iin l wire re
twirl on a horse race 1 the regular
reirular meeting Monday night,
night. move to f>ortland to reside shortly.— be set out as soon as the caterpillar
farm large enough to support his fam-
A tapped
engine gets the soil in condition.
Albany Herald.
ily can secure a fair competence in a was the method used. I.aE ranee, to Secretary Anderson reported an un­
Mr. Woodward is a wealthy landown­
reasonable period.
; all appearances, deposited a check for usual number o f inquiries for informa- i f ¡t '8 a partiCualr job o f printing.
er and intends to hold this land for his
his bet, then making the excuse that tion about the Cottage Grove country. g jve jf f0 u,e Sentinel,
i Cunt!nueil on last page.)
own use.
he had some business matters to attend
The naming o f the streets o f the city
request, probably inspired hy the em-
ployment o f honor men on tin: Crater
l.ake road, has been sent from Ollala
for from thirty to forty men to help
build a ginal road from Koaehurg to
M yrtle Feint, and thence west into Coos
county. It is stated in the letter that
Coos county is building up this main
traveled thoroughfare, and that it will
l»e o f general public benefit. Similar
requests have come from other sec-
tiona of the state, all o f which is very
pleaslng to Governor West, us it is a
purtial endorsement o f his manner of
,,r< *.. .
WOMAN DIES " “ * ,,h thiB “,liv lv ,l h tu u ' u l
Oct. .11, l l t l l
The lolle Mrs. H. Henil
Everyone is guessing ; no one knows
for certain. Preparations have been
„ oinK on mysteriously for a month or
to, left the men and went to police was again taken up at the meeting and
headquarters, exposing the deal. Tw o Messrs. Thompson and Phillips ap-
detectives were put on the case and 11. pointed a committee to confer with the
captured two o f the smooth indi- street committee o f the city»council,
viduals as they were entering a thea­
tre Monday night in company with I,a-
New Brand o f Apple.
France. The third man in the deal
A new and distinct variety o f apple
was caught later. A ll three are now has been developed by W. G. Myers
held under $1,000 cash bail each.
and W. T. Ward, o f Gold Hill, on their
Sams valley fruit ranch, and one that
Assessor K en n ey Is H appy.
combines the best qualities o f both the
Find Trace of Nora Darling.
Word was received in Medford this
. week by friends, including Mrs. Bly,
The silver cup won by Felix Currin
a distant relative, that Nora Darling,
at the I.ane County fa ir arrived this
the nineteen-year-old girl who myster-
week, and is now on exhibition at the
i iously dissappeared, had been seen in
Burkholder-Woods Co.’» store.
; Cheyenne, W yo., the last Sunday in
cup was won on an exhibit o f grasses
. . . ..
October, by a w aiter who form erly
a'" ^ra,na w ,c
knew the girl while he was employed
sentative said was the greatest the
in the Manhattan cafe in Medford.
'»s ever seen.
The waiter wrote to the mother in
lud S p iu e n b .,,.
■“ » " ■ I » " ' « ’ Buhl, Idaho. According to friends Fn
The new apple is obtained from seed-
Eugene, Oregon, November 10 1911 this city, the Cheyenne police thought
waiter was "k id d in g .”
ling top-graftings on old trees, all the \jr> Fe ijx Currin,
mother is now supposed to be in Chey-
cuttings being made from a single
Cottage Grove. Oregon,
I enne. It is also supposed that the
thrifty seedling tree. It has the Spit- Dear Mr. Currin:
zenberg shape and the Newtown color-
A fte r quite an unexpected delay daughter and her companions, a man
ing, with a tendency to develop a red we j,ave ^een ab|e at |ast to hav,^ and woman, took flight.
ing as an invalid, her own sickness be
ing brought utuiut hy overwork in car­ more. Carpenters have been busy g e t­
ing for tlie distressed.
ting a building ready to house it. Gos­
The funeral was held Monday, inter­ sips say it is to be this or that or some­
ment being inaile at Pleasant Hill, thing else. But it w ill be something
Rev. Kenton, o f Eugene, conducting worth seeing, a novelty in its line-a
the services.
A large number o f new one on Cottage Grove. Early next
friends were present, 17 going from week everyone will know—for then
County Asiuauor Kenney i . h.ppy
Cottage Grove.
over the fact that out o f 12,000 sepa-
the Metsan shop w ill be open.
Mrs. Reail was born in White county,
rate assessments this year only 15
lllinoia, in 1843, her maiden name be­ known through Oregon heenuse o f her complaints were filed with the board
ing Lucinda A. Hull. She was the activities in the C. W'. B. M. She o f equalization, nine o f which were re-
daughter o f Mr. and Mrs.-Tims. Hall. was a woman o f remarkable self-con- garding timber land assessments and
She was married to I). Rend in 1863. tro' and o f hardy constitution which these seven asked reductions on ac-
They moved to Kansna in 1863 and to stoixi her well in hand in her work o f 1 c'unts o f burns or “ cut-overs.”
cheek that is more marked the present fhipped to you the 9i,ver cup won b
Crescent H ill, Oro., in 181M), just 21 caring for the sick. Her long ex per-
O f the fifteen complaint«, ten o f season than at any time since the you at our last county fair. We very
years to the day previous to the date ience in this line made her a most pro- them were o f a nature such that they
graftings began to bear. much hope indeed that you w ill find it
o f her funeral.
In 1907 Mr. and Mrs. ficient nurse, and many a little tot could have and would hace been cor-
As yet nameless, the new apple is a pleasing and satisfactory, and we wish
Read moved to Cottage Grove. Four hailed Grandma Read as an angel o f rected by the assessor had his atten- handsome fruit, rivaling the Newtown at this time to thank you once more
children were born to the couple, the health,
i tion been called to the conditions be- for keeping qualities but having no for the magnificient display you made
two living onea being Mrs. Ora Hem-
Just as the services began at the fore he turned the roll over to the water core such at is often found in for us and very much hope to have your
enway, o f this city, and Ur. S. I). grave a rift came in the clouded skies, board.
that variety. The skin ^is heavy and assistance at our future fairs.
Read, o f Eugene.
letting the sunlight through, as i f He
There wasn’ t a complaint from a
tough and the meat firm, which will
With kindest regards, we are,
In her maiden daya Mrs.
Read waA
on high was welcoming to the fold
farmer in the county, and there
insure was
its shipping qualities.
Yours truly,
a achool teacher. The latter part o f her who had done an much for Him unly the one complaint o f town prop- flavor is tart, and while slightly re­
lh e Lane County Fair Association.
hcr life ahe was devoted to Christian here. The phenomenon lasted during erty. The two merchants complaining sembling that o f the Winter Banana,
By J. A. C. Rodman,
and benevolent work, becoming well the entire services at the grave.
were o f Eugene.
ia distinctive.
$2250 in Booze Fines in Six Weeks.
Lane county is richer by $2250 in the
past six weeks as a result o f fines im ­
posed and paid for the illegal sale o f
booze. O f this sum $1550 came from
: Springfield, $450 from Cottage Grove
and $250 from Junction City. Eugene
! has three men in ja il serving time and
got hers the last term o f court. One
man says $10,000 is a low estimate o f
the amount o f money paid into the
county in fines since the local option
law was passed. -E u gene Register.