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fisherman v a d « ! In the aurge«|
The sailor Balls over the sea;
The soldier steps bravely to battle!
The woodman lays axe to the tree.
They are each of the breed of the he­
The manhood attempered In strife;
Ctrong hands that go lightly to labor.
True hearts that take comfort In
In each Is the seed to replenish
The world with the vigor It needs—
The center of honest affections,
The Impulse to generous deeds.
Hut the shark drinks the blood of the
The sailor Is dropped In the sea;
The soldier lies cold by his cannon;
The woodman 1s crushed by his
•—Bayard Taylor.
" I know It's altogether Idiotic of me
to entertain any sort of hope,” said
Nlcodemus. "A s a matter of fact 1
haven’t any hope. Not the falitost.
I'm just telling you about It to re­
lieve my mind. Kind of had to. don’t
you know. You know how It Is. I
don't mean In a case of this kind, of
course, you being a girl;
but you
know how It Is when you have to tell
som ething!”
"Being a girl, of course I do,” re­
plied Margherlta. “ Well, I hops your
Blind feels at case now.”
Nlcodeinus sighed dolefully. “ I sup­
pose It does,” he said.
“ You hadn’t finished what you were
going to say, though, had you?" asked
" I — I think so,” said Nlcodemus. " I
just thought I ’d tell you, anyway.”
"T ell me what?" asked the young
woman. " I haven’t heard anything yet
except that you don’t entertain any
hope. You are really a little incoher-
ently. "A fte r a^x It was more to get
It off my mind than anything else
I*U do ray best to converse on agree
able subjects after this."
"Then It wasn't because you really
wanted to propose to me?" said Mar
“ It was weighing on your
mind as a disagreeable duty to be per
formed and you wanted to have done
with It! How very peculiar! Really,
though, I shouldn’t have felt you were
neglecting me."
“ You don't understand," said Nico
demus, " I assure you that I ’ve not had
a night’s rest for a month, thinking
about you. I've lost my appetite en­
tirely. Everybody notices It. I'm re­
ally awfully In love with you. I never
did get Into such a condition before—
not so had, I mean— so It makes It all
the harder.”
“ Makes what all the harder?" asked
“ Being refused,” said Nlcodemus.
"Still, I don’t want you to feel ban
about It," he went on. " I 'll probably
get over It very soon. I do sometimes,
you know— generally, as a matter of
fact. And you aren't a bit to blame.
You’ve been as sweet as could be to
me and you've never given me any
reason— any encouragement In that
way, you know. I ’ve known girls to
encourage me.”
"Sham eful!” commented Margherlta
"H ow many girls do you make a prac­
tice of proposing to In the course of
a month, Mr. Swankey?”
'I have proposed to as many as
three," confessed Nlcodemus. “ I never
expect to propose to another, though.
You're the last."
“ I hope so,” said Margherlta. " I ’ll
try to see to It that you don’t.”
“ It will be very kind of you,” said
Nlcodemus, absent-mindedly.
"N ick,”
Margherlta, "what
made you think I refused you?”
“ They all do,” said Nlcodemus
“ What could you do? You couldn’t
accept me, could you?”
“ I hate to have people settle for
themselves beforehand what I am go­
ing to do and what I’m not going to
do,” said Margherlta. “ Still, whatever
you may say, I ’m not at all sure that
I've received any offer from you. You
write It out plainly and send It to me
and I'll give you my answer within a
She got up, nodded kindly at Nlco-
demus and left the room.
And Nlcodemus had to move quick­
ly to catch her before she got a foot
beyond the threshold.— Chicago News.
came back to her home Island
with her liberal education of ten ;<ages
In the primer and twenty Christian
hymns, and the ten commandment
and the Lord's Prayer.— Youth's Com­
R la *w e
I'a ln g Our T a le n t « .
I ’ Nulm o f C o m f o r t .
Look uu' sad heart,
Naught e’er can go
For He who drives
Resides In all that
and grlevs
thy bark to'ard
Nor think thyself and kith alone,
Or dark and cold thy place;
Surrounding thee Is all thine own
The friendship of God’s face.
There Is no creature e’er denied
The comfort of His eye;
'Tween Him and thee Is no divide—
Where thou art, He Is nigh.
No child was ever loved like thee—
Despite the galling pain,
That breaks the heart and bows the
And weighs upon the brain.
Just now no stars the path reveal
Across the trackless sea;
But One there Is who guides the
And guides eternally.
Fear not! He loves thee— would en­
Thy very self In light;
And give thee visions as of old.
To gird thee for the right.
Look up! sad heart, and grieve no
Naught e’er can go amiss;
Thy barque will surely reach the
And thine be all that Is.
•—Rev. Calvin Weiss Leufer.
I'e w c e
W ith in .
“ Let the peace of God rule In your
heart—and be ye thankful.”— Col. 3:
"The secret of the Lord Is with them
that fear him."— Psalm 25:14.
Every Christian is endowed by hie
Redeemer. The Christian has special
advantages and every one is account­
able to God for the use or abuse of
them. It Is well to stop every now
and then and take account of your
spiritual stock. Our Lord has delayed
Hls coming now 1900 years and more.
ThU does not mean that He will never
This is to test us, whether
we are true merchantmen.
faithful only In the visible presence
of the Master Is not to be fully trust­
worthy. Though our outward circum­
stances be unequal, we may equally
serve the Lord In them. You may not
have ten talents, but all have the one
talent. Try to make your one talent
The "w ell done” w ill be pro­
nounced upon the one talent man as
well as the ten talent man if he has
made good. God gives us each a tal­
ent and says “ till I come.” In other
words, make good.
T h e \ e w C o m m a n d o f I.o ve,
The Gospel of John records tor us
the new commandment of Jesus. He
gave few commandments.
ever revealing principles.
But this
one principle He put In the form of a
commandment, and told them It was
But wa3 that new?
The Oold Testament had ever bidden
men to love, but this was a new love.
The old love had been "as yourself.’’
The new love was to be "better than
yourself." Now men were to love with
a love like Christ’s, unselfish, everlast­
ing, and only by such love would men
accredit themselves as H U dUclples
and subdue the world. Are we lov­
ing any one with such love? It was
to be no rare and exceptional thing.
All Christians were thus to love.
Just to let thy Father do—-what He
Just to know that He Is true— and be
Just to follow hour by hour—as He
Just to draw the moment 's power— as
It needeth;
Just to trust Him— this Is all.
Then the day will surely be
Peaceful, whatsoe’er befall.
Bright and blessed, calm and free.
S ia b n -v'ii
C o n trib u tio n .
Not long ago there died on one of
the small Islands of Micronesia a
young woman
named Siakwe. The
P e n a l t i e s A r e D i f f e r e n t In t h e V a r t -
story of her life Is a curious tale.
oim C o u n l r i « ! .
The last time the Morning Star was
Opinions differ radically the world
over as to what constitutes a breuoh In the little harbor at Nukuor, Siakwe
or promise.
some parts of the came on board, and asked the cap­
United States the laws refuse to rec­ tain’s wife If she might take the wash­
ognize any breach of promise case and ing of the missionaries ashore and do
a man may become engaged and dis­ It. The offer was gladly accepted, and
few hours Slakwe's husband
engaged as often as he likes with Im­ In a
brought the clean clothes back on
In some states, again,
enormous l>onrd.
The captain's w ife paid him, against
damages nmy he awarded on the
barest evidence. The attitude of the his protest, and he took the money
M C O D K M I S II Al> T o MOVE q l 'I C K I . Y .
law toward the man who changes his and returned to his home. But soon
mind after popping the question In Siakwe cajne out In her canoe, and
cut this afternoon. Mr. SwanHey.”
different countries also differs widely, gave back the money. “ Take it,” she
Nlcodemus groaned. "1 suppose I although as a general rule the faith said. “ I must not let you think I did
could get that name changed," he said. less man Is likely to have rather the It for money; there Is so little I can
do to help.” So, In the spirit of Him
"I'm told that If you apply to the bettor of It.
State legislature they’ll do It for you.
There are fewer breach of promise Who washed His disciples' feet, she
The only thing is that It would seem cases In France than In any other counted It a privilege to wash the gar­
a little rough on the old gentleman. country. The French law requires the ments of those who were conveying
I'm pretty sure he wouldn’t like It. plaintiff to prove In court that she the gospel from Island to Island In
Mother wouldn’t, either. You seo the has suffered a peeunlary loss by her that great ocean world.
At the time she became a Christian
position I'm In, don’t you?
I don’t fiance’s change of mind. Throughout
s u p i k i s o It would make any difference
France a bride almost Invariably has she had never seen a missionary. She
to you. though, would It? If 1 picked a “ dot,” large or small, and the fact lived with her husliand for six months
up something like 1’erolval De I.aneey, Is likely to weaken her case.
The on the back side of an Island where
for Instance?”
same law has been adopted In Austria there was a mission, and the contrast
Margherlta shook her pretty head. and Holland, where the number of of tho people she met with those of
"I'm sure that I can't guess what you such cases Is proportionately
very her own distant Island wrought the
mean," she said.
A simpler and more direct change In her heart. She had no
but In these six
"Oh, I know It wouldn’t,” said Nlco- method Is. of course, for the relative» large equipment;
denius. "I am sure that It Isn’t worth of the plaint Iff to take the law Into months she learned to read a little In
the Gilbert Island Bible, and as many
while explaining."
their own hands.
' You must know best,” said Mar
In Germany an elaborate method oi as ten pages In the English primer.
ftherlta. "But I should llko to know announcing the betrothnl practically She learned the commandments and
"what you were going to say In the puts an end to all breach of promise the lo rd 's I’ra jer and twenty Chris­
llrst place. You seemed to be feeling cases.
As soon as a couple become tian hymns, went back to her own Isl­
n little discouraged about something. engaged the pair visit
public and, unknown to the missionaries, and
Then you go wandering off about Stale town hall and declare their willing | taught the little population o f Nukuor
legislatures and nonsense. Of course 1 ness to marry, and sign with wit all she knew. She scraped the bottom
shouldn't want to force your court
nesses, a series of documents which of her meager barrel in giving to Its
render a change of mind on the man's Iasi grain her handful of meal. And
when the first missionary landed on
"I>o you mean to say you don't part practically out of the question.
know that I was proposing to you?”
When either party wishes to with her Island a few years ago, the peo
asked Nlcodemus, with
wide-open draw from this agreement the pair pie were already Christians.
again visit the town hall and another could road ten jmges In the English
Margherlta leaned back In her chair series of documents are formally primer, recite the ten commandments,
and laughed until the tears brimmed signed, witnessed
and sealed.
Tho and do something
over and ran down her cheek.
authorities then determine the ques them, pray to God In the words of Je­
Nlcodemus bit his thumb nail and tlon of compensation for Injured feel­ sus, and they knew both words and
then stared at the gas log until the ings, If there be nny. It Is not uneom music of twenty Christian hymns.
y.rl dabbed her face with her hand­ mon for the man to claim damages,
kerchief and begged his pardon.
which commonly amount to one-rtftn meager, she gave her utmost, and
changed her little Island.
"It's all right," he said. "1 expected of the marriage dowry.
something of the sort. You'd natural
We read In the New Testament that
Still another method Is followed In
ly take that view of It."
Italy, to the consternation of any pos “ If any man be In Christ, he Is a new
It is also allowable to
"But It wasn’t any view of It," pro
slide plaintiff. The law requires the creature.”
tested Margherlta. " It was the funny person suing for breach of promise, ot read. " I f any man be In Christ, there
way you did It. Nobody could have whichever sex. to produce a written Is a new creation.” It was not enough
guessed. I'm sure. What was that you promise to marry from the defendant; for Siakwe that she became the new
•aid about the State legislature?”
There are
otherwise the case Is Instantly thrown creature which she did.
"W ell, as I say. I don't think It out of court. The difficulty of produe new heavens and new earth at Nuku
would make any difference," explained lng such evidence Is, of course, prac­ or. because one humble life gave Its
Nlcodemus. "Still, even If
l were tically
Insurmountable, and such utmost, simple though It was, toward
other respects, you cases are rarely tried.
As may he the bettering of the world.
wouldn't want to be called Mrs Nteo- Imagined, the stiletto Is n more com
There stands on Nukuor a little
deniut I’ Swanksy. No girl would, of mon way of deciding such disputes.
church, built In the last few years by
And then Mrs Nlcodemus
The best of all countries, from the the native people, who have laid up
PllklngtOU Bwankey would be still plaintiff’s point of view. Is England. Its walls of coral rock with their own
The laws greatly favor the abused hands, ami carved Its !»enms of bread
“ It’s a matter of taste, of course," I »arty and a verdict Is often nvached palm tree with loving If crude art.
l and damages paid on evidence which And In that church they give of the
wouldn't consider the name any par
would !>• laughed out of court In al little money they earn by the sale of
tlrular objection
It's rather an Inter­ most any other country. A curlour dried cocoanut for two purposes. The
esting name. In fact. Everybody hasn't light on the strictness of the law Is first Is that they may put an Iron
one cxaitly like It. If there was nolh
afforded In two recent decisions where roof on the church Itself and a cistern
lng worse than the name— —" Mar | damage* were granted for f 50.000 beside it. that so In time of drought
ghenta blushed, but Nlcodemus was : against the editor of a matrimonial the whole Island may quench Its thirst
still contemplating the gas log and 1 paper, and In n mtsundersiamhug be from the droppings of the sanctuary
did not notice It
tween a well known actress and the And th ■ other pur;»ose Is th:r the
“ Well, you won’t let this ma'cs any | eldest eon of an earl
New York Her- may send the gospel to the heathen
difference, will you?" he eased pr— 1
And It ts hardly half a decade stnci
U n c l e S a m G u a r d » S m a l l K*o tt*eaaloua
aa W e l l u s t h e L a r g e O n e « .
The Russian czar rules over
000,000 persons.
A t the beginning of the present
year the population of Australia was
It Is figured that a million and a
Stella— Did she keep him at arm 'i quarter persona pass In and out of
length? Bella— Worse; she held him London each day.
at hat’s width.
It has been announced that an air­
Patron— Have you pigs’ feet? Walter ship line will be In operation soon be­
— No, sir. It ’s a bunion makes me walk tween Potsdam and Berlin.
In Athens there are good dentists,
that way.— Scranton Truth.
Her Father— You must remember, and the people take care of their
sir, that we only have one daughter. teeth. In the rest of Greece the den­
Suitor— Well,
I — er— er— only tistry Is usually performed by the
barber, who only pulls teeth.
want one, sir.
On account of its great strength
The Beggar— Sir, I was not always
like this. The Victim — No, last week drawn glass is being widely resorted
you were lame in the other leg.— to for many purposes. It withstands
sudden changes of temperature, re­
Cleveland Leader.
sists fire to a great extent and Is very
"W h at’s the matter?
Doesn't life
look rosy?" “ Not much. My creditors
The meeting of the British Asso-
are after me, and life Is more of a dun
iation In 1913 will in all probability
color.” — Stray Stories.
"T alk ,” said Uncle Eben, ‘‘Is sumpin' be held In Australia. The effort Is
like rain. A certain amount Is wel­ being made by the officials of the Uni­
come an’ necessary. But doggone a versity of Melbourne, who are now In
correspondence with the various edu­
delu ge!"— Washington Star.
cational and scientific bodies of the
“ I thought you and Mrs. Brown southern continent.
were the best of friends." "W e were,
Mr. Gabet, a French Inventor, has
until we rented a summer cottage to­
recently conducted some very suc­
gether.” — Detroit Free Press.
cessful experiments with a torpedo
Rich Uncle Ebenezer— So you are operated by the wireless system, and
named after me, are you? Small he says that In a short time he w ill
Nephew— Yes. Ma said It was too have hls device perfected so that It
bad, but we wanted your money badly. w ill be possible to control the death­
Fat Man— What! Are you going to dealing device for a distance of eight
let this small boy shave me? Barber— miles.
Let the boy have hls fun for once. It
A Berlin museum has recently ac­
Is hls birthday, sir.— Fltegende Blat­ quired a very valuable manuscript,
which originated In the second cen­
Nervous Old Lady (to deckhand on tury B. C. It seems to be of the na­
steam boat)— Is
there any fear of ture of a biographical dictionary, for
(carelessly) — It contains a list of the leading men
Plenty of fear, ma’am, but not a bit of the time in art, statesmanship and
of danger.
warfare with much other general In­
Patience— Do you know the name of formation of a similar nature. The
that piece? Patrice— Do you mean the paper was found In the wrappings of
one the woman was singing or the ono a mummy.
the pianist was
playing?— Yonkers
Of the railways In Holland, E. V.
Lucas writes: “The trains come In to
“ How do you manage to live with­ the minute and go out to the minute.
out work?” asked the kind lady. “ I The officials are Intelligent and po­
don't, ma'am,” answered the
hobo. lite. The carriages are good. E very
“ I ’m allers workln’ somebody.” — Chi­ station has Its waiting room, where
cago Dally News.
you may sit and read and drink a cup
"A pessimist," said the Philosopher of coffee that Is not only hot and fresh,
of Folly, “ Is one who, when he has the but Is recognizably the product o f
choice of two evils, chooses both and the berry. It Impossible to travel In
sticks around to wait for more.”— the wrong train."
Complicated and expensive criminal
proceedings Involving the sale of a
faded flannel shirt and a pair of
dilapidated shoes would cause attor­
neys In the state courts to smile In
derision, but no case is too small to
escape the sharp eyes of Uncle Sam's
legal watchdogs, the Los Angeles
Times says.
Frank M iller of Omaha was arrested
by Deputy United States Marshal
L ittle gophers and moles are the
Place at San Diego yesterday upon an Cleveland Leader.
Mother ( com plainlngly) — W ill seems cause of endless trouble for the South­
Indictment charging him with having
bought a shirt and a pair of shoes to have forgotten us at college. Hls ern Pacific company, and continual
from a soldier. The articles are ap­ letters are so short. Father (tersely) expense, especially in the W illam ette
praised at $3.50, which Is probably a So Is W ill when he writes ’em.— Bal­ valley, where the land Is rich and the
gophers like to live and dig. Fore­
liberal estimate. The law forbids the timore American.
man Strawn Is raising portions o f
purchase of any article of clothing
Mrs. Dyer— Have you ever called on
from one of the country’s defenders the people In the next apartment? the track near Eugene an inch to tw o
Inches and other section foremen have
without a permit.
Mrs. Gossip— No;
the walls are so
But In spite of the apparent petti thin that I know all about their af­ to do the same In other sections.—
Eugene (O re.) Guardian.
ness of the alleged offense, the fedeial fairs.— Brooklyn Life.
Birmingham, England,
officers, both here and at Omaha, are
Bacon— A
woman who wants to
home of prize fighting when the ring
taking as much pains as though the
vote Is called a Suffragette. Is she
case Involved millions. Before Miller
was patronized by literature and roy­
not? Egbert— Well, yes, that’s what
Is returned to Nebraska the expense
alty. There was Bendigo, who became
she’s called If there are ladles pres­
of the proceedings may mount up Into
an enemy to all unrighteousness.
ent.— Yonkers Statesman.
hundreds of dollars.
"W ot's atheists?” he asked once, on
"T ell me," said the lovelorn youth, being told that a gathering of men he
It Is tliis relentless pursuit o f crlm
Inals that makes the crooks fear prose "w hat’s the best way to find out what saw were of that persuasion. He was
cutlon In the federal court as they a woman thinks of you?” "M arry told, "D on’t believe in no God, don’t
her," replied Peckham promptly.— they?” he shouted.
never do In the state tribunals
"Here, hold my
The theory of the government !s Catholic Standard and Times.
coat. I ’ll show ’em wot's w o t!”
"W h y do so many women rest their
that every offense committed against
Man’s outer garments ought to be
the statutes of the United States war­ chins on their hands when they are made so that they could be cleaned ev­
rants prosecution. Men who have de­ trying
to think?"
"T o hold their ery week or so; indeed, some now send
frauded the government of a few dol­ mouths shut so that they won't dis­ their woolen garments to dry clean­
lars are dealt with as summarily as turb themselves."— Cleveland Leader. ers Instead of having them “ cleaned”
pnrlotners of thousands. The govern
"W ho gave the bride away?” “ Her and pressed In the ordinary way, but
ment Is always ready to put Its splen- little brother. He stood up right In prices for dry cleaning men’s clothing
lid machinery in motion to convict the midlle of the ceremony and yelled,
are unnecessarily high, and ought tc
even the smallest malefactor.
The ’Hurrah, Fanny, you’ve got him at
come down when dry cleaning would
ounterfeiter who makes a dozen last!’ " — Western Christian Advocate.
become a much
bogus dollars Is sought for with as
Tommy— Pop, what Is the difference Other men In summer wear “ wash­
ninth diligence as the gang tnat floods
between vision and sight? Tommy's able" garments which are worn a day
the country with counterfeit $20 gold
Pop— Well, my son, you can flatter or so and then relaundered.— New
a girl by calling her a vision, but don’t York Press.
There Is a statute which covers the
call her a sight.— Philadelphia Rec­
Miss Rose Welntraub of Philadel­
entire question. It Is made a crime to
phia Is at the head of the movement
purchase guns, equipment, blankets,
Miss Gushing— Why. how do you to erect a memorial to Elizabeth A.
uniforms, shoes or other supplies, ex
oe;>t under a special permit. The law do, dear? I didn’t think you would Phillips, known as Miss Santa Claus,
was framed to prevent the regulars remember me. It ’s a whole year since whose death was recorded recently.
from disposing of their outfits In case we met. Miss Cutter— I didn’t recall The work Is being directed by the
your face at first, but I remembered Elizabeth A. Phillips Memorial Asso­
they wanted to raise a few dollars.
ciation, and the cents and dimes from,
Pawnshops are closely watched In your dress.— St. Ixrais Republic.
every city near which is located an
Lady— But poverty Is no excuse for children who wish to contribute to
array post.
It was not uncommon, being dirty! Do you never wash your the fund are to be received by Drexel
years ago, for a soldier to return from face? Tramp (w ith an Injured a ir) Co and Albert F. Maltby, who used
his leave of absence clad In rags.
Pardon me. lady, but I ’ve adopted to supply whatever vehicles
Since the passage of the law referred this ’ere dry-cleanin' process as bein' Santa Claus needed to distribute her
gifts at Christmas, will be treasurer.
to. pawnbrokers and secondhand cloth­ more ’ealthy and ’i-geenic.— Punch.
ing dealers are generally cautious
Mrs. O. C. Edwards of MacLeod,
"W h y don’t you bring out an um­
about making purchases from soldiers.
brella on a drenching day Hike this?" Canada, has complied a book show­
women In
Inquired a man of a neighbor's son. ing the legal status o f
A G reat ( u reer A h ead.
'Since father gave up hls club he’s Canada. One Injustice to which Mrs
"A re you the professor?"
Yes, sir; what can I do for you?” never brought home any more um­ Edwards calls attention is that ac­
I have a daughter and I'd like to brellas," replied the lad.— Philadel­ cording to the laws of Canada the
father owns the child and decide« os
know what It will cost me to have her phia Inquirer.
taught to sing. I think she w ill be­
The Hostess— What, do you have to to Its education, religion, domicile,
come a great operatic star If her voice leave at this early hour? The Guest— etc. The consent of the father alone
Is properly trained."
I ’m sorry, but it's necessary. The !e required In regard to the m arriage
"Does she seem to have extraordi­ Hostess— And must you take your of a minor daughter. In one case In
nary gifts as a vocalist?"
w ife with you? The Guest— Yes, the province o f Quebec, according to
Well, no; we haven't noticed that ma'am— I'm sorry to say. I must! — Mrs. Edwards, a father gave hls 12-
year-old daughter as a wife to a
her vocal gifts are out of the ordi­ Cleveland Leader.
comrade of hls who was over 40.
nary. but nobody seems to be able to
"Mftmma," asked little three-year'
r-anage her."—Chicago Record-Her­
James Payne wrote of hls expenl-
old Freddie, "are we going to heaven
_____________ .
enre In Edinburgh. Scotland, In the
some day?" "Yes, dear. I hope so,"
’70«. of the last century:
"In the
W h y fh r W h i t t l e H o\rled .
was the reply. " I wish papa could
Passenger (on branch lin e !— Say. go. too." continued the little fellow. street where I first resided It struck
why does the engine always set up W ell, and don’t you think he w ill?” me that, to judge by the drawn down
auch n piteous howl at this particular asked hiâ mother. “ Oh, no.” replied blinds, th « people spent a good deal
spot? Guard— A h '
It was here the Freddie, "he could not leave hi* busi­ of their ttaue upon the seventh day in
bed; on my second Sunday, however,
engineer first met his w ife — Kansa» ness."— Tlt-BIts.
1 was undeceived, for my landlady
Clrr Journal
My dear." said Mrs. Newlywed, her came up and Informed me that though
lion UorelU Win Intf
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