The Coquille Valley sentinel. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 19??-1917, January 26, 1917, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Under present conditions,
when markets are advanc­
A mixture of
W heat and Corn Flour
Malted Buttermilk
Tip Top and Hokum Bread.
arrives fresh from Eugene every day.
First National Bank Building
CALIFORNIA—with .its oranges, its W inter flowers, its
beaches, to mountain resorts, its time- stained missions,
its delightful sunshine and out-door-life sur ely the call
is Irresistible in January.
But a two days Journey away on daily trains of thg de­
Shasta Route
Shasta Limited
California Express
San Franidsco Express
M in Audrey Bryant who has bean
resting a t home since her last school
s t Detmsr, is hsre this week visiting
her brothers, Henry and George Bry­
The preeent railroad time regula­
tions will make it fine for the jit­
neys from here to Marshfield.
Mrs. Katherine Stemmier in her
new automobile went to Coquille Mon­
day and today sits a t bar own whsal
in her automobile.
Mrs. Detwiler, of North Fork, was
in town near Sunday with her par­
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Konert Clinton.
Our Paul Brewer was the young
man who refereed the basket ball
game between Marshfield and Co­
quille last Friday night in Coquille.
Mr. and Mrs. MUt Basse, of Bridge,
came in Wedneeday from Bridge and
took home a big toad of groceriee and
When asked far news
about Bridge, they said it was unmen­
William Huff and family w en down
from Sandy creak, a branch of Middle
Fork. In the “mod age” the road to
th at point was On an average a foot
below the preeent.
Ed Jenkins is said by the peetoAce
to be m arried. He did not, 'go to
Harrison’S Pool Parlor want* to be
open on Sundays and is circa toting a.
petition to be alowed to. do SO- In­
asmuch as Mr. Harrison does wot and
will not sell boose and there is no
public library or reading room, it
seems to be almost necessary th at
Professor W. Eugene Smith is ill
this week and Bev. Mr. Yemen is
holding his place this weak in our
high school.
John Shook, brother of Sam Shook
on the old Taylor Bros, place on East
Fork, was in this weak. Hs has been
here 86 years and entertained us by
tolling us of things th at used to be.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Back are here from
North Bend. They came, here for bet­
ter climate and if business conditions
are right will stay.
G. W. Halter, of Arago, was in this
has been carrying it for thsee months
but says be will soon be able to use
i t He can drive a team with one
hand and today brought in a load of
hogs, one of which s t eight months
weighed 200 pounds.
Dr. Bunch was absent Tuesday this
week on account of sickness.
Miss Ruth Barton, sister of Mrs.
Marie Stemmier, Is hare end expects
to make this her home.
First Street
Phone 463
«ettiing claims with
P A P A f P
(W o n
last spring from Palo Alto and con­
ducted a dressmaking businAs in the
Bill Page house, has with her child­
ren gone to Portland where there
may be more busineoe for one of her
W. H. Cariile, having completed a
fine barn, has now turned his atten­
tion to the house which he will finish
to her “taste.”
Many of us are disappointed in the
fern of the through train to Portland,
Étaiqly because we would rather eat
and sleep in M yrtle Point than in
Marshfield, aa we will have to do now
V h « wo go outside by rail.
True Wood, 11 yuan old, living
with Mrs. Lane and going to school.
Beardless Barley
White Oats
Spring Wheat—Bluer,
Italian Rye Grass _
English Rye Grass
Red Clover
Crimson Clover
White Clover
White Clover and
Orchard Grass
American Wonder &
Early Rose Seed
ing and transportation is uncertain,
yotl*re liable to be caught without
weather for
seed when the
planting is on.
they 'Will be no lower—and will
doubt advance.
Our Advice Is:
Front and- C Streets
Coquille, Oregon
■ 'Phonee 691 and 541
law is on your side—but ws can’t
catch them and they keep coming.
Soon the garden planting time will
be here.
— When we came down Monday, there
on our deek was the pries of the Sen­
tinel and 4 magazines for one year
waiting for aa—|1.50 for Sentinel
and 26 cento extra for 4 magazines.
California is sending ns bales of
alfalfa now. Is it bettor than our
hay or can’t we grow the hay?
BUI Hughes says th at his house is
not nearing completion Tepidly, but is
slowly approaching th at condition.
William is a t least an artistic archi­
te c t
Our undertaker, Mr. P ra tt was
caUed to Powers Tuesday by the
death of Miss Burkhart, daughter of
Prof. Burkhart, at the Powers schools.
The funeral was conducted there. The
K. D. Layman is here from Toppen-
ish, Wash. His slogan la, “It is the
R oot” Hs sells nursery stock.
A lbert B right, the man who can
play Yankee Doodle on a double myr­
tle leaf, was in town Thursday. While
we were busy hs placed a hunk of
Lim burger under our noee. We have
an appointm ent with him. He took
the arom atic delicacy home.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Giles have gone
to San Francisco by steam er from
Marshfield. They will visit their son,
Clarks, D. D. S.
A nice young man from the coast,
corns through mud with his automo­
bile tb M yrtle Point for some tea and
soma to ast and the climate is good
to his feel. Whan we were young we
did the same, but drove another kind
of machine, and would go through----
to sue our “flame.” and she’s the best
than before we had railroad
R. L. Carter, fath er of Cedi. and
Ed. passed sway this Thursday a. m.
a t the home of his son, Cecil, in Myr­
tle P oint
Kay Leep and Vivian Annin are
the debaters who meet the Bandon
team tonight a t Bandon. Mim Lottie
said to be pneumonia.
P ratt is smong those who accompany
Our salesman of autos seU one now thorn. Gladys C arter and Lyle Nos­
Cadi C arter, odt stockman, who
and then and the buyer takes H ier m eet the North Bend team here ships every week or eo, was on his
“rig h t out in the mud.”
— , - 1
horse one day this weak chasing s
Mr. and Mrs. Hansen went to
Five new pupils from Stringtown, red hog up Fourth street and as usual
Bridge Sunday and had a “Jam up”
the head seeased to be on the wrong
dinner and say the road was not “half
end, when some obliging young man
bad.” They got no tacks o r nails in
grabbed the red hog and handed it to
their tires
Cedi, who held It acroes the horse
Tommy Root, whooe home is in
before him, the pig squealing like
Stringtown and who works in tbs N.
a pig stuck in u fence because of o
D. Peterson’s store, says th at when
mud ball on its tail too big to go
be walks over our Coquille river
through the hole. He C. was heeded
bridge it teeters and swings. Others
for the north when last seen though
who drive loaded wagons over do not
it was a little prevtoue for his regular
say a word about it. They only road
shipment. This pig weighed upwards
the same old sign a year old that
of a 100 lbs. and the color was not
has been tacked on both ends of i t
the reflection of drover's face.
“Dangerous, Cross a t your own risk!”
Would Tommy gat redress if he
th*m t Second Semester Monday
The second semester of the now
year begins next Monday morning.
New classes wül bo organised In the
high school for pupils who have just
finished the eighth grade examination
•>d it Ik thought th a t a eosniderahle
number of such pupils wül coiné in
from the rural districts fa addition to
the ten who have graduated from the
rifh th grade at Coquille. A new class
of prim ary pupUs will also be organ-
iMd a t th at time and children who
hato pasead th eir sixth birthday will