Semi-weekly herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1904-1905, April 24, 1905, Image 4

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    We uow have two ambassadors
to the Court o f St. James, one act­
ing and the other waiting. Am­
PUBLISHED KVKIiY TUESDAY bassador Choate holds on whils Am­
bassador Whitelaw Reid anxiously
lurks on. There is perhaps not on
this planet a more desirable appoint­
ment than that of Ambassador to
Great Britain. Many distinguished
County Official Paper. Americans have held the place,
! if 'T O t e d t o t h e i r m t e n n l A n d B o o ia l n p -
li uldinp of th« Coquille Valley particularly among them Buchanan, Revery,
a ut of Coo« YV.nnty ouuerajlv.
Johnson, Lowell and Bayard. Hon­
- 'o l) 3o r ip t it n > , T t e r v e a r . l n a d v a n o e , $ 2 . 0 0
ors and social distinctions are show­
ered thick upon the American rep­
Church Directory-
resentatives. Mr. Choate has just
rnn isTU N
t'n in c ii - - Ptaachinc every been elected Master of the Bench of
S ind:-y at 11 a . 1 - 1 . and 7:30 p. m. Snnday
a dtool *at 10
m . Christian Endeavor at the Middle Temle. Among English
10 p. r
I’ ravar m ri-tina rvery W adn*«-
lawyers, this is the moat distinguish­
d ■!v evonlna at 7:20. All oordially invitad.
ed honor that can be conferred on
1 i H in r c h K p f s o o p a l
Sem i-W eekly Herald.
'I he held ;v? St. Jam es church, Coquille
'¡l y tha third Sunday in i-ach month,
landay school at 10 a. m. each annday.
W o t . H orsefall, Pastor-
any outsider and it is the first time
in several generations that auy
other than an English subject has
been elected a Bencher of the Mid­
dle Temple, one o f the oldest inns
of Court in London. Five signers
of the Declaration of Independence
were members of the Middle Tem­
ple, but since then until the elec­
tion of Mr. Choate, no American has
beeu a member. At a full meeting of
Templars on the night of April 10,
Mr. Choate was unanimously elected
When his name was proposed, an­
other member moved that all stand,
ing rules and orderd be suspended
and the greatest enthusiasm ws#
shown when the Ambassador was
elected by unanimous vote.
AT E . C h u rch . Sonth : Preachim? each
and avarv S n n d a v a a t l l a. ra. and 7:30 p.
Sunday-school avarv
Sunday at 10
o ’clo ck . Sanior Epworth League at 6:30, p.
a ,. T u m o rL e a g n e a t3:34),p .tn . Prayerm eet-
in ; T h u rsd a y evening at 7:30.
H . Al. Branham, pastor.
M ethodist
Episcopal church.— Serrioe
the fr e t ami third Snnday in aaoh m onth
Preaching ut 11 o’ clock a. m . and 7:30 p. m .
Sup lev school at 10 o’ clock a . m .
worth Tieagne at 6:30 p. m.
J . L. B e a tt y , Paator.
P ip - hvi kuian Cm inon.— Preaching eer-
v -as 2nd and 4th Sundaya, m om inp ard
availing, Sunday School every Sunday at
10a. m . Christian Em laavor « a r y ioas every
Su idav nt 11:30 p. in . M iss W iania H all,
hr. dent.
Ladies’ Aid and Missionary
Society meats every two weeks on Thura-
iiv s at '■ p, m. A cord ini welcome is e l -
tsndad to the pnlilio to attend all onr ser-
AuoLpn H abeii LT, Pastor.
T h e W . O . T . V. meets every 1st and 3rd
h’riduv at 2 d . m. at the C hristian ohnroh.
- K v iN T H
A d v k k t is t
C hobch —S ab-
Chemien D e ath
seventh day) servieoe: Sabbath
«h u r l 10 a. 111 .. Billie study 11 a. m .,
prayer meetiup Tu eidny ayaning R p .ro.,
yoiio - people's m eeting F rid a y , 8 p. m.
All are invited to attend these meetings.
C. l i . B U N C H .
Kidney trouble often ends fatally
but by choosing the right medicine,
E. H. Wolfe, of Bear Grove, Iowa,
cheated death. He says: “ Two
years ago I had Kidney Trouble,
which caused me great pain, suffer­
ing and anxiety, but I took Elec­
tric Bitters, which effected a com­
plete oure. I have also found them
o f grert benefit in general debility
and nerve trouble, and keep them
constantly on hand, since, as I
find they have no equal.” R. S.
druggist, ‘ guarantees
them at 5Üe.
(The Sun.)
Our negro population said good
bye last week and took a "hike”
for other parts.
D orn .— A t Libby, April 10, 1905,
to the wife of A S. Johnson, a
K. V. Kruse laid the keel last
week for the 100-foot gasoline
seine mar he will build at his yard
for Sa:i Francisco parties.
Fur a Weak b iir tlla u .
No medicine can replace food
but Chamberlain’s Stomrob ami
Liver Tablets will help you to di­
gest your food. It is not the quan­
tity of food taken that gives
strength and vigor to the Bystem,
hut the amount digested and as­
If troubled with u
weak digestion, don’ t fail to give
these Tablets :i trial. Thousands
have been benefitted by their use.
They only cost a quarter. For sale
bv R. S. Knowlton.
Photography fo r the
north the 1st of May from San
Francisco, where she is undergoing
neral overhauling and having
her cultiin enlarged so that she can
i in elate a large list of passen-
If. Keugal uckeu, agent, is au-
tlu lit for the statement that the
Kill.ur.o ii i ti tin- route to stay, not
wide binding the many reports to
the contrary.
The ¿11 ianee look with hor on
her la i tiip to Portland, 30,000
feet of lumber, pomprising the ma­
terial for the frame and the exterior
finish of tie Coos county building
at the T/ewis and Clark Fair.
also curried Cunt raptor Turpen and
a force of men, who will lose no
time in getting the frame, which if
already sawed, together. The own­
ers of the Alliance took up this 30,
000 feet of lumber without charge.
The remainder of the building ma­
terial is to follow on the next Alli­
um r ami everything will be in read-
im ss when the Fair opens, June 1.
T w o L im b s B rok en .
Seo our el h Idling proposition
with t1 Ore ni Semi-Weekly Jour­
nal. This i- done to give our rend­
ers a, elmt
to ri id Paul De La-
ney * l ew nov. t,“ T|ie Shocphcrder.’’
I >1:: li 1 Inl NiiflVrliig llrlli-rr it.
8 iff' ling frightfully from the
virifwit. poisons o f undigested food,
C. <t I! ray son, of 1 ti la. Mis«., took
Dr K ing's New Life Pills, “ with
th ■ revolt. " lie writes, “ that I was
cu g|.” All stomach and bowel dig-
ord>|N give way lo their tonic, lax
native properties. L’oc ut R 8.
Kin,wlten’s drug store, guaranteed.
Meets all Boats and Trains. Goods Handled with Care and
D riry Farm for Sale.
T h e fa m ou s
A fine dairy farm containing 70
acres of bottom land 23 acres of hill
land, and adjoining the town of
Myrtle Point, Coos county, Oregon,
and J mile from creamery. Forty-
five acres of bottom land improved
and in good state of cultivatiiun; 5
acres slashed, burned and newly
seeded; hill land is all good for pas­
ture; 3 acres of orchard in good
eari bngcondition and different var­
ieties of fruit. House, barn and
other buildings. While we have a
number of other darry farms for
sale, yet this is one of the best bar.
gains, as the location is all that j
could be desired, being near town,
school and crenmery. This is cer­
tainly a bargain for some progres-!
sice dairyman. Price *7,500.
Am erican J r ;
With Double
Plate Holder
W anted —T rustw orthy man or
woman to manage business in this
county and adjoining territory for |
well established house of solid |
financial standing. *20.00 straight I
cash salary with all necessary ex-1
peases paid weekly by check from
headquarters. Money advanced for
previous experience not essential.
No investment required. We furn­
ished everything. Enclose sell ad­
dressed envelope. Address, Mana­
ger, 810 Como Block, Chicago, 111.
Dr. King’s
New Discovery
H ow
Th e second edition of a Pracicnl Poultry
M anual is now ready. C ontains am ong
other things the famous Sam pson Method
o f Feeding, which is known to be one of
the best means o f m aking a profit from
poultry. Some o f the chapter bendings are:
Brooder O bieks; Profitable Poultry Knis*
ing; Principle Difficulties; R em edies for
R oup; D uring the Moult,: Econom y in
Feeding: Poultry as a
Business; Trap
Nests, with plans and illustrations.
chapter is werth the price ;»f the book.
Tells the practical way to make poultry
pay. Price HOo.
Our paper is a 32 page Agricultural M apa-
lin e with Household, Poultry, Horticulture’
and Dairy
Departm ents.
price $1.00.
To introduce our m onth ly into your home
we will send the paper one year and A
Practical Poultry M anual for 86 dents.
The Pacific Tree and Vine
24, in township 28 south of range 9 west
P a r k H o t e l B l d g . , S a n «J o s e , C a l i f .
j of the Willamette Meridian, in Coos
eonnty, Oregon, and that defendant has
“The safe and reliable tm n-
no estate, interest or claim, or any title
whatever to said descrilied premises,
and that Plaintiff’ s title be declared good
and Speedy.*
slid valid thereto.
This summons is published once a
week for at least six successive weeks in
the Coquille H erald , a semi-weekly
C. P. Jensen. Master.
newspaper published at Conuille, Cone
county, Oregon, by order of Hon. J. W .
Will make regular trip« between
Hamilton. Judge of the Second Judicial
District of Oregon, made on the 27th day
of February, 1905.
This first publica­
tion of this summons is on the 3rd day
of March, 1905, and the laat will be on
April 14, 1906.
No Stop-over at W ay Porta.
Rated this 27th day of February. 1905
E left lie Lights. Everything in First-
ClffiM Style.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Str. Elizabeth
Coq uille River and S a n
F ran cisco .
o c v «->
r*<r* -r*
Newly established. Everything neat and up-to-date in every
respect. Meals at all hours, day or night.
Rooms by the Day, Week or Month.
D r a n e 's
S to re ,
Fancy and
Staple Groceries.
Syrup, Tobacco, Cigars, etc.
carry a
full line of
a n d E^eecl.
Everything found in a first-class Grocery. Prices the 'owest
consistent with good goods.
F R O N T ST .
Goquille Furniture
Coquille Board of Trade f
i ’t s h
To tlie Unfortunate. S p e c i a l
D r. Gibbon
travel, tack signs nnd distribute
s imples and circulars of our goods.
Salary $75.00 per month. *3.00 per
day for expausss. Kuhlman Co.
Dept. Atlas Building, Chicago.
P R O C U R E D A N D D E F E N D E D . 8yn*l m od el, I
d ra w in g 4>r p h oto, f o r ex p ert B*>»r«’h and fre e report. I
F re e a d v ice , h ow t o o b ta in patents, tra d e in&rks, I
co p y rig h t«, etc., |N A L L C O U N T R I E S .
Business direct with Washington saves time
money and often the fatent.
Patent and Infringement Practice Exclusively.
W rite o r c o m o t o us at
| 013 Ninth Street, opp. United SUtee Patent Office, |
W A S H IN G T O N , D. C.
A homey magazine—eacji month helptul,
practical and inspiring. Full o f fasci­
nating features; beautifully illus­
trated. A million readers.
$ 1 .0 0 per Year— 10 Cents a Copy.
V. li.
W il so n ,
E. 1). SettiRV, Vice-President.
O. C
H a zar d ,
S anfohd ,
Cor. Secretary
Industries of any kind
From the office ot the (Vismopolitan Maya
Regular Price $3.50,
A lt Th re e to the su b scrib e r fo r...$2.50
Single copies 10c. Annual subscription $1.
The Cosmopolitan Magazine occupies a posi-
sion distinctly its own. While giving great
attention to fiction and entertainment— fifty
short stories and one or more complete novels
appear in its pages each year —it has a definite
plan beyond. It may be likened to a great
modern university, with a million and a halt
j .student-readers. A year’s course embraces
what is most important in the Scientific field,
what is most interesting in invention and Dis­
covery, what is most entertaining in Travel
I and adventure, what is most valuable in the
I W orld >f Business. A portion of each mini-
I her is edited with reference to the W om an of
the W orld, another h» the Wom an ot the
Home, and another to interest Youth, snd
still another for the Man of Affairs, covering
equally the clerk just starting in life and the
captain ot industry.
What the Twentieth Century Home Offers
O tte r«
m o s t successful S p e cia l­
zine is published the “ Twentieth Century
is t in San F ra n c is c o ,s till
H om e,” a new magazine for women on new
c o n tin u e s t o c u re all
M e n i a l a nd A e i n i n a l
lines, printed on coated paper (toned), pro
D la e a H it H ,
such an
fusoly illustrated and contributed to by more
G o n u r r litin .
G lr r f
M tr lc tu r e , S y p h ilis
noted writers t-han any other periodical. An
In a ll it s fo rm s , M k l n
English publisher has ordered in advance ot
iH s o n s e » , N e r v o m
publication 10,(MX) copies for the London mar­
D e b i l i t y , In ip o le n -
le y b e m In a l W e a k *
ket. W o have made arrangements to buy a
! lie * » a n d l.o » a o f U la n -
limited number «if annual subscriptions to this
j h o o d , th e consequence
new periodical, which we offer absolutely free
• o f se lf abuse a m i excesses
o our subscribers, new or old. Here is the
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h e a d ,rin g in g In th e ears, lo s s o f c o n fid e n c e ,d iffi- /
d en cè In T ip p ro a c h in g s tra n g e rs , p a lp ita tio n o f th e / n e w s p a p e r:
h e a rt, w eakness o f th e lim its a nd b ack, loss o f m e m - i
The Twentieth Century Home,
o ry ,p im p le s o n th e face , coughs, c o n s u m p tio n , etc.
D r . C li b b o n has p ra c tic e d in San F ra n cisco 4 0
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y e ars a n d tho se tro u b le d s h o u ld n o t fa il to co n s u lt
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h im n n d re c e iv e th e b e n e fit o f h is g re a t s k ill a n d
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tor one year (reirular price * 1 ) ....$1.00 j
h im . C u r e s s r u a t r u n t e e « ! . P ersons cu re d a t
This Paper for One Year,
h om e. C harge e re asonable. C a ll o r w r ite . D r . J . F .
i (L llb >H >n ,i(2 t ) K e n r n . v M t . , K a i i F r a i i c i » t ’o , i ' a l
52 n u m b e rs ............................... $1.50 j
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K ehk ,
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. _
5 //
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W. T
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prompt Attention.
to G et
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Oregon W rLer’s Best Effort.
G e n u i n e l y g o o d in
every detail. Film or
Plates as you choose.
Absolutely new models.
j, Little's Livnrv
The City R e sta u ra n t
Our facilities enable
us to furnish cameras
of the highest grade at
prices which cannot
be met.
Send for illustrated
catalogue telling a ll
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De Laney’a N ew Novel.
A story of the great range war
into which is interwoven the
romantic episodes of acquiring
timber lands and the advance­
ment of irrigation.
This pro­
duction will appear in the Ore­
gon Semi-Weekly Journal in
serial form.
The Journal will
be clubbed with this paper, the
two for *2.75.
Subscribe at
once and read this great story
of life as told by Paul De Laney.
$ 1.60
A m e ric a n
C am eras.
Leave orders m T.
Myrtle Point Oregon.
‘The Sheepherder’
R obests & C ahteii ,
In the name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby notified that you are re­
quired to appear and answer the com­
plaint filed againat you in the above
entitled suit within six weeks from the
date of the firat puhlicativn of this sum­
mons, to-w it: within six weeks from the
10th day of March, 1905, the same be­
ing the date of the first publication of
this summons.
And if you (nil to appear and answer
on or before the 21st day of April, 1905,
the same being the last day of the time
Sub o rib e noui an d g et first C h a p t e r
prescribed in the order of publication,
the plaintiff will take judgment against
von and will apply to the court for'the
relief demanded in his complaint, a suc­
cinct statement of which is as follows:
That the marriage contract existing be­
tween plaintiff and defendant may be
set aside and held for naught and that
plaintiff be restored to all the rights
and priviliges of a single person, and for
such other and further relief as the court
may deem equitable and just.
C onsumption
Service of this summons is made bv
0UGHS and
60c St $1.00
publication in pursuance of an order
Free Trial.
made by I,. Hnriocker, as Connlv Judge
of Coos County, dated March 7, 1905,
Surest and Quickest Cure for all
directing that service thereof lie made
T H R O A T and L U N G T R O U B ­
by publication thereof in the S xmi -
L E S, or M O N E Y B A C K
W kkki . y H iiiiami . a newspaper pub­
lished f t the City of Coquille, in said
Coos County, once each week for s
period of six weeks.
The Whole Thing in an Egg Shell
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Ed Hansen, engiueor on the tug
t'oiiuOhiiv, had the misfortune to IN TH E CIRCUIT COURT OF THE
break his leg yesterday forenoon,
a s tin tug was coming up the bay.
His foot slipped on the iron grating Joseph H. Smith,
in the engine room, uud Mr. Han­
sen being a heavy man, fell in such W m . J. Marsh, Trustee
a way that both bones of the left
l-*g, just above the aukle, were To W m . J. Marsh. Trustee, the above
named defendant:
broken. The Columbia ran up to
In the name of the State of Oregon.
Marshfield and Mr. Hausen was
You are hereby required to appear and
taken to the Marshfield General answer the complaint of Plaintiff filed
Hospiial. Dr. Me Oormac, assisted against you in said Court and Cause, on
by Dr. Mingus, reduced the frac­ or before the 14th day of April, 1905,
j being the date prescribed hy the Court
ture. Coa.-t Mail.
in the order for publication of summons
Elvvo.ul, the three and a half for yon to appear and answer said com­
Mur old m n of Mr and Mrs W. R. plaint, ard if you fail to appearand an-
; swei said complaint on or before said
F arm broke bis arm yesterday date, for want thereof, the Plaintiff will
muquir ; by falling out of a 1 ggv. | apply to the Court for the relief de­
I>i Mét anme wu- culled, and was manded in Ids complaint, which is that
assisted lu Dr. Mingus in reilnciug Plaintiff la- decreed to lie the owner in
fee simple of the northeast
of section
the fracture
( ’oast Mail.
H alf its Former Cost
Tin1 Roanoke «nile-1 Monday ear-
20 from this
n u 11
W. F. Waite,
Plaintiff, Suit in Equity for
P°r toi bi.rtlmul. The Roanoke
i,. building up n line trade which Mary E V8 Waite,
vr ,i : h f r her permanency on this
To Mary E. Waite, the above named
The steamer Kilburn is to sail Defendant:
Claude Fox,
Single copies 10c. Annual subscription SI.
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