Semi-weekly herald. (Coquille, Coos County, Or.) 1904-1905, April 24, 1905, Image 2

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~ cy Primaries.
Injunction Dissolved.
On Friday County Clerk Watson
Following ure the nominations
j made the latter part o f the week received an order from Judge Ham-
TU FSD A Y, A P R IL 25, 1905.
I for o ur city election wbich takes! ilton dissolving the injunction re-
straining our countycourt from mak­
I place Monday, May 8:
Togo W ill Strike
ing an order closing the saloons of
Cooe county as provided by the law
Tokio, April 20.— That Admiral
voted last election. It is now the
T ogo, with the whole Japanese fleet, Hersey, J. A, Lam b, and W . L.
duty of the county court to make an
is to sail at once for Kamranh Bay,
F or two years, B. H. Burns and order demanding all saloons to close
where Admiral Rojestvensky’s fleet
which order will be made at the
■is still at anchor, nnd engage the W. H. Lyons.
called session to convene May 8th.
enemy in a decisive bnttle is the
positive statement made here. After
Myrtle Point Items.
Couucilmen for two years, J. F.
a five hours’ momentous conference
The M. P. F. D. has leased a
o f leading Japanese statesmen, the Sehroeder, W . T. Kerr and J. A.
building on 5th street, opposite
Premier nnd members of the Cabinet, Lamb,
Councilmen for two years, J . W . the Guerin hotel, for an engine
the decision that the Japanese A d ­
heuse nnd have a tower nearly sixtr
miral should take the initiative and Leneve and G. O. Leach.
Recorder, O. C. Hanford.
feet high erected in which has been
force the fighting was arrived at.
The likelihood of the Russian squad­
ron remaining in the shelter of a Meeting of Public School Im
friendly French Cochin China port
provement Club.
until joined by Vice-Admiral Nshoga-
The meeting o f the Coquille Pub­
toll's division o f the Russian fleet
was considered to add a new and lic School Improvement League on
grave dnuger to the situation, to last Friday was one o f the most en­
avert which immediate action was thusiastic o f the year.
Under the subject, What Con­
deemed necessary.
The order was forwarded to T ogo stitutes Good Citizenship?
to gather his fleet together and sail Jory discussed the topic, School
for Camrank Bay and force the fight, Training as a Preparation for Citi­
ing, on the supposition that the zenship
Mrs. Snook discussed in a very
Japanese main fleet is at Pescadore
Islands, and that Rojestvenky is acceptable way the topic, Moral
Miss M nlkey read a
in Kamranh
Bay, which is 800 Training.
paper on Mental
miles distant across th6 China Sea.
The Japanese Admiral should reach Training. This paper will be pub
Mrs. W ooten read a
the scene of action in less than three lished later.
a prominent educa­
days, and Sunday should see the
tor on the subject o f Character.
Many took part in informal dis­
The attitude o f the French G ov.
At the n ext meeting,
eminent in giving shelter to Rojest- cussion.
vensky was declared a matter for which will be the last o f the school
serious after consideration. A dis­ year, we hope to welcom e all the
patch states thatNebogatoff’s squad­ friends o f the school.
placed the g on g formerly in the
band house. May they never have
to turn out for any genuine alarm!
A D e a d / Far B ara s.
8hredded whole-wheat hiacnits at
Remember F. Wilson runs a first-
class bakery.
Don’ t lorget that Strung keeps Shoes
of all kinds.
Fresh bread, pies, cakes and dough­
nuts at F. Wilson’s.
A good Winchester Rifle for sale
cheap. Inquire at this office.
As fine a line of negligee shirts as ever
came to town, at Z. C. Strang's.
For a nice short-order meal, call at
the Davis restaurant, Front street.
A piano for Bale on easy terms. Will
take part in trade. F.nquiro at this
Full line of fine, fresh groceries ami
canned goods has just been received at
For fine caiqiet and rug weaving ap­
ply to Mrs. K. Holver-on.ui the Mo-
Yuauie place.
Call and see the swell line of Muslin
Underwear at Mrs. Nosler’s. They are
beautiful and prices itial right.
Oyama Silk and other wash fa brics
for Spring and Summer wear, tlie latest
patterns, arrived at KanemaU’a.
Brown I-egliorn eggs from
uing stock, at $ 1.00 oer setting or $5.00
per hundred. J C. W atson , Coquille,
Mrs. Nosier lias just received her line
of Ladies’ Muslin Underwear, consist ing
of Skirts. Chemise, Drawers, Corset
Covers, etc.
“ Hazelwood” White Rocks, eggs
$1.00 per 13. Leave orders with P. E.
Drane, or write me. F. M. G evrkz ,
Coquille, Oregon.
Odds and Ends;—J. S. Kanematz is
closing out a few odds and ends in china
and glassware at oue-lialf the regular
prices. Don’t miss this opportunity
Dr. Bergin, Pana, III. writes: “ I
have used B.dlard’aSnow Liniment;
recom mend it to uiy
; friends, as I am confident there is
' no better made. ‘ It is a dandy for
burns.’ Those who live on farms
are especially liable to many acci­
d e n ta l cuts, burns, bruises, which
heal rapidly when Ballard’s Snow
Liniment is applied.
It sbould
always lie kept in the house for
cases o f em ergency.” 25c, 50c and
J1 ♦.00. R. S. Knowlton.
It has been stated recently that
the North Bend ladies were the
first to organize an improvement
club in the county.
The Ladies’
Improvement Club of Myrtle Point
was organized on Dec. 14, 1904
and the first work was done in the
park on March 15.
The city has
placed a fountain in the center, and
the walks are all laid out ready for
the gravel. The pavillion will claim
our attention later. Our club now
numbers nearly seventy members,
(Myrtle Point Enterprise.)
and the socials given by the club
G. M. Harrington died at his home
are among the pleasantest social on Catching Creek, Saturday, aged
functions o f the town.
about 54 years. Mr. Harrington
Mrs. James Arrington has been came to this county about six or
visiting relatives and friends in seven years ago from Heppner, M or­
Marshfield for the past week or two. row county. He was an honest, up-
Miss Kitty Thom returned from rigbteitizen and held in high esteem
an extended visit in Portland on by all. He was formerly sheriff of
Jackson county and was a popular
Friday last,
efficient officer. Funeral services
ron has reached Sudan Straits on its
former warehouse back on his lots were held Sunday by Rev, Thos.
was to join Rojestvensky in the
of the
by his store and will have the large Barklow and members
Chinn Sen.
To the Friends of Local Option.
building he owns on the cornor of K nights o f Pythias of this place act­
ing as pall bearers, the deceased be­
W e have won a great victory! Spruce and 7th, moved dow n and
Ten Thousand Arrive.
ing a member of tbe Heppner lodge.
Judge Hamilton decides the elec­
A wife and several adult children
New York, April 21.— F ou r trans- tion lart fall valid, and saloons are djunct to the same.
are left to mourn their loss.
Atlantic steamers which arrived at now outlawed in Guos county. But
Mr. J. R Benson has moved his
the port today brought 9!17.r> ste^r this dons not mean that there is house onto adjoining lots an 1 wil
The new bardw ire store which is
ago passengers, the hugest number nothing more for us to do,
bo c o T lu e t' l by (Japt T. W. Mc-
We soon have an elegant ro (¡douce
Cloiki'V and T. H Me hi was open­
ever passed in quarantine in ouo need to be p.spare 1 at once to
erected ou the old site.
ed tor business Monday. The Btore
d'iv. It was impossible to handle meet any appeal on the part of sa­
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Roberts and
is located iD the room adjoining the
the great throng in one day, and at loon keeperp, we need a fund to
little daughter, who are now v isit­
C oquille Valley Peeking Co's estab­
least 4000 would-be citizenc had to see that the law is enforced, and
ing in Los Angeles, California, ex.
lishment an has been renovated
remain overnight aboard the ships wo have not yet received all the
pect to be there about three months.
on which they arrived, as G000 is the money pledged to defray the suit
and nicely fitted up, making a neat
On their return they will visit the
and commodious store room. A
limit of Ellis Island’s clearing ca­ in the circuit court, which we have
Lewis and Clark Exposition before
good slock of all Kinds of hardware
just won.
Friends send in your returning to Myrtle Point.
is carried and the pubbe willyeceive
Last night G2.791 immigrants had subscriptions to the treasurer at
Mrs. E. W . Hermann has been courteous nnd fair treatment. The
b o o n la n d e d fchia m o n th , c o m p a r e d
your earliest convenience; and let
quite ill with the mumps tbe past proprietors are business men, well
with 42,447 to the same date in
those who have not yet contributed
known in this part of the county
April last year.
or subscribed do so at once.
Mrs. E. E. Bender, who is to with excellent reputations for hon-
New York, April 21.— Plans have
teach the Gravel Ford school which etv nnd enterprise. The new firm
been completed in Wall street, ac­ it is but fair that this burden
begins next Monday, has been co n ­ will certainly be a credit of the bus­
cording to the Herald, by which sbould be borne by the supporters
fined to her bed for the past week iness c 'lumunity nnd will no doubt
funds for the construction of the o f law and order generally, and not
under Dr. Stemmler’s care.
W e meet with success in the new venture
Western Pacific Railroad are abso­ by the few. The treasurer is A. H.
are glad to say she is im proving.
B orn — In this city, April 14, 1905,
lutely assured. A syndicate of Wall Mulkey, Coquille,
O bserver .
to the wife o f James Gurney, n son.
street banking houses is stated to
A fine stock of Stilson-Kellogg loggers’
W ill Jenkins aud Miss Jennie
have agecd to buy $50,000,000 worth
shoes are at Strang’s store. Look at Hand were married at Yakima,
of bonds from the company, the
Wash, April 8th. Tbe groom is well
€ ' u r « ‘ ft ( ' o u g l i N n n d C o l d * .
proceeds of tho salo of which will
Hotel and livery stable for sale. Both known at this tlace and is a son of
Mrs. C. Peterson, 625 Lake St.
complete a line from Salt Lake,Utah,
Topeka. Kans, says “ O f all cough buildings in good condition; 16 rooms in merchant Wm. Jenkins.
to Oakland, Cal., where banking
hotel, 12 bedrooms. All rooms fur­
Ballard’ s
Horehound nished.
24 stalls in stable. $1,000
bouses, it is understood, will parth-i Syrup is iny favorite; it has done down,
balance on easy payments. For
pate in the issue,
and w ill do all that is claim ed for further information call on or address
On its completion, the western t to speedily cure ni! ouglis and field, Or., or at this office.
F. S Dow returned from a trip to
cold s— nnd it is s o s w e d
id pleas
Pacific will become an integral part
Coquille and Myrtle Point yesterday
ant to the taRte. For sale by R. S
n m la r iT s l l o r c t i o i i m l N j - r i i p .
o f the Gould system from the At­ Knowlton.
and reports having completed ar­
Im m ediately
lantic to the Pacific, aud will com­
rangements for opening his branch
• -m- -—
croupy cough; oppressed, rattling
plete the first line across the United
rasping and difficult breathing. commission house in Coquille. He
Riverton Pick-ups.
Slates under one management. At
Henry C. Stearns, druggist, Shulls- has leased the large building, form­
present the G ould svstem terminus
The Riverton coal mines have burg, W is., writes. May 20, 1602: erly occupied by C. M. Skeels and
“ 1 have been selling B allard’ s and expects to he opeD for business
is at Salt Lake on tho W est. The shut down till fuither orders.
Horehound Syrup for two years,
Eastern line to the seaboard at Balti­
Joseph Ferry is about to open
about May 5tb. Mr. G eorge Leach,
and have never had a preparation
more is now being completed his coal mine.
All preliminary
of C oquille, will have charge of the
that has given lietter satisfaction.
through connections at Pittsburg preparations are now complete.
new branch nnd a full stock of Sper.
I nolice that when I sell a bottle
between the Wabash, West Virginia
The saw mill will start this week,
flour and feed will be carried in
they com e back for more. I can
Central and Western Maryland
R obert McCann, of Marshfield,
honestly recom mend it.” 25c 5c0 connection with Mr. Dow’s general
wsh over on a business trip last
and $1.00.
For sale b y R. S. stock.
Mr. D ow formerly made this ter­
Chicago April 21.— M ore than
ritory for Wellmsnn A Peck and
2000 Sublime Princes of the Royal
seeing an opportunity of establish­
Secret gathered a* the banquet that torneys, was down lookiug up
ing himself in business where he
closed the three days’ celebration of
In the Thompson Photo Gallery could be more at home, he conclud­
tho golden anniversary of the O ri­
we will be pleased to have you call ed to locate here, accepting tbe
ental consistory last night. High Curry county, are guests at the
and inspect our pictures. Our dis­ agencies o f the Sperry Flour Co.
Mnsons from all parts o f the coun­
play is a sample o f the grade of and the Standard Oil Co. It was
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Leo are now
try and visitors from Englnnd, Scot*
work we do.
through him that the Standard Oil
land. Ireland and Turkey were pres­ visitors in our town.
We make a speciality in babv sit­ Co., established a local agency in
ent ns guests o f honor. The bau-
Mr. and Mrs. Byers, late of East-
tings and guarantee, satisfaction we this territory, which is found to be
quet was held in the new consistory I era Oregon, are now located in Riv.
will also be here the 3rd week of a great convenience by the entire
hall, Dearborn avenue nud Walton | erton.
Wo nro in hopes Mr. H
April, and in M yrtle Point the 2nd county. He has gradually enlarged j
! will start up a business here soon
and 4th week.
his business, taking the agency of
Easter services were held at the
I t h r . i i i i n f tr l >a l i l « 4 | i a t r h l ) I t , l i e , . <1
E. G arrett , Photographer,
i the O regon Coal A Nav. C o.’s steam- j
church last Sunday.
era and tbe management o f the
Hie excruciating pains character*
istic o f rheumatism and
^ and family o f Marsh-
Marshfield Dock A Warehouse Co., |
arc quickly relieved by applying | field, have moved to Larapa creek
Notice is hereby given that the u n -( which controls the largest and best
Cham berlain’-^ Pain Balm.
The j where Mr. Mills will be employed, designed, by order of the County , „h arv es on Coos bay, besides band-
great pain relieving power o f th
, ~
Mrs Sarah Martin is now visiting Court for C ook County, Oregon, has «.
linim ent lias been the surprise and
been duly appointed Administrator of *inK * large quantity o f Coos county
delight o f thousands of sufferers.
the estate of Jeremiah Peart, deceased, produce and transacting a general
The quick relief from pain which
To all persons interested in erect­ and that all persons having claims commission business,
it allonls is alone worth many times in g a telephone line between Co- against said estate are hereby required
In order to give his river trade a !
its oust. For sale hy R. S. K now l­
quillo nnd Riverton, you are hereby to present the same, duly verified, to more satisfactory service, he has c o n -;
the undersigned at the office of A. J.
requested to meet at J. Ferry's
eluded to establish this branch and ,
Sherwood in the City of Coquille, Coos
For Sale.
store, in the town o f Riverton on County, Oregon, within six months fhc people of that section are to be
Onert horse power steam engine; one Saturday next the 29th inst, at 1
congratulated for this new acquiai- j |
from the date of this notice.
600 gallon cheese vat; one sink; ™ t,,r,,l‘ .v next' *ni'
Dated this 3rd day of April, lDOfi.
cheese hoops ami pres* screws. All the o'clock p. in., to consider ways and
tion to their territory.
sla ve are about as good ns new. but moans and to transact such business
J ohn P i irt ,
M r. Dow leaves on the Plant
will lie sold very cheap.
Administrator of the
as will be necessary.
Tuesday for San Franciseo to pur­
Estate of Jeremiah
D oxa A sh a .
Coquille. Oregon.
chase tbe stock.— Coast Mail.
Peart, deceased.
First Week ii Mar!
Administrator's Notice.
FOR SALE.—At a bargain, the Co­
quille Furniture and Box Factory- A
good paving business. For terms and
information write or apply to J. G. Fish,
Coquiile, Oregon.
David Fulton, of this city, will take
orders lor head sloiics , monuments and
all kinds of cemetery work for the Coos
C mnty Marble and Granite Works, of
For Sale
A fine lot of shiugles— first-class
in quality, three tom of barley and
one of the best milch cows iu tbe
For particulars enquire a*
the H eklad office.
P hoto
Exclusive Styles SpHssfUsr
Ladies' Fine Tailor-made Suits, Shirt Waist
Suits, Crauenette Rain Coats, Jackets, Skirts, Waists,
and other wearing apparel.
1 extend a cordial invitation to the ladies to call and see the beautiful new
style« ol the season in Ladies’ Wearing apparel illustrated in the Faehion Books
of CH AS. A. STEVENS A BROS., the Great Style Store of Chicago, which are
now ready for your inspection, together with the materials from which the gar­
ments are made. The fashion plates and samples of materials represent a one-
million-dollar stock of ladies' fine wearing apparel, made-to-order and ready­
made, in the latest styles and at the lowest prices. The “ STEVENS" garments
are recognized everywhere as the standard of excellence.
The marvelous perfection of styles and the beautiful fit, workmanship and
finish attained in them have given these garments an individuality which no
others have to such a pleasing degree. A postal card will bring the samples to
your home.
M - z i. P I E R C E ,
____________________ Iz>cal Agent for CtlAH. A, STEVENS A BROS,
A private Hospital well equipped for the treat­
ment of surgical and medical diseases.
Trained Nurses in Attendance.
S tu d io
At Myrtle Point
Wm. Horsfall, M. D.,
F or Information Address
’Phone 631.
Does finest up-to-date work at low­
est prices. ‘ 'Courteous treat­
ment" to all. We sell plates,
films, cameras and all supplies.
Printing and finishing for amateurs
done promptly.
Marshfield, Oregon
> e»<
Coquille Tonsorial Parlors,
Boot & Shoe
Front Street.
Opposite Hotel Coquille,
All work done in up-to-date style
a n ! guaranteed first-class.
Ooqnille, Oregon.
Alfred Johnson,
| Flooring, Rustic and all kinds o f Finishings and Mouldings
Constantly on hand.
Deliveries made promptly by either water or rail.
W e have all Grades and Prices Accordingly.
C O Q U IL L E , O R E G O N
The Finest to be had in
Coos County at the lowest
B ill Heads.
Letter Heads,
Legal Blanks,
Enue lopes,
Wedding Stationery.
Up-to-date Work Delivered
with Neatness and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.