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0 . A. C. News Itim i.
Corvallis, Or. June 17.— (S p c ’ l
TO THE NEWS)— M it t Genevieve
S aa b and B row n Rot Undar Fa v ora ble
O R E G O N . S A T U R D A Y . J U N E 22, 1918
« « 0 0 OOO000000 8 M SS S S H S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S M M
M. Gunning, who taught in the
Falls City school last year is
Conditiona Naad Ona Laaa
■ /
attending the O. A. C. summer
school. She has registered in
Executive Haad, History Depart-
news writing and sends the fol­
Laland Stanford Junior Unlvcr.ity
lowing items o f interest to th$
0. A. C. Experiment Station, readerB o f the Falla City News:
Corvallis, June U0. —Because scab
. , L
"T h e objact of thl* war la ta Oellver
school, which
poopi.. of tho « » I . from tna
and brown rot have had but little
- - - - - -------
. opened
, IKa fre« .«o
,h. >Mu. r P.w.r * . v .*
iiitiM irtiin itv In
th ia y e a r J u n e 1 0 th , ia but O ne O f t h e war military .«t.bM .hm .nt controiiad by an
Opportunity W leveio l*? \nm y « » r
lrrp.pen.lbl. «ovornmont. whlen. hiving
on account of weather unfavora- activities that will make the cam* aacrotiy pi.nn.e «• dominate tn» *o n i
ble to these diseases, many gro w -. Poe hum this summer. On the reg«re aithor to ythVtMc**ep VbiiglYlen.
T rs have been able to omit the
half day 117 teachers regis t i d V«» iongtcharioh^*oir*n'eip’iaa S i* n .
regular 10-day spray for apples tered %hile a class o f 15 or 20 j3>wir'^*notett*# ‘¿¡¡rm sT'peopus. ‘ i*h!5
and |iears and the June spray for wom#n began a course o f training ft .
n * T i u r \ i s i n S : rZ ‘ m l , u
stone fruits.
The season ojiened to fit them to home demonatra- ¿ oho **» *«• longer* left u'lte^neneiing!*
with minimum infection and the Hon work *n ^°°d conservation
wiioon. Auguat z r. i»i7.
• »
dry weather has made it hard for ‘ A special course in canning will
WE ™ HT " > *
scab and brown rot to make head- be given by Mias Miriam Birds^
J T S i h 'a ^ r . S
eye- o f the U. 8. Depsrtmsnt Of of Peace ran be built up.” (James
" I t is well to apply hme julfur, Agriculture.
B ry o e .) Good faith between nations,
1-oU, with the 4-5 week s spray
Qn Tuesday Captain Walter L,
for contiol of codling moth on foo ze and staff arrived to inspect
«ro te , »m l ■ « • » . u »t.roc.ution- j the College f u i l l t i n tor military
ary measure,
says 1 roi. M. r. drj|| and mechanical training for
Baras, o f 0. A. C. “ Still if dry the 250 goldiers from California
. .
weather continues it will hardly who
will arrive tomorrow and be-
be necessary to spray for any gin training Saturday.
fungous disease unless present in
Girl and boy champions who
the orchard due to local conditions.
w,tbout it brute force, aheer m i g h t .
“ 1 " «
eurlty. even, for life itself. T o keep
word- when onc*
that '»
the evidence of the progress of civ-
uisation, and the fe »f of i t
Hence the case of Belgium becomes
the single greatest German offense
•«•*“ * civilisation in this war. At
won prizes o f free trips to the “ „Vid ' “ondmon“ wT“ d nm wethia
Slate College at county and State We do see it now; more and more we
fairs will invade the campus realise that until the crime against
Monday for two weeks o f Inton-! * ' ^ ! a ." a id ^ n o h^p#' o f ' a ° world
sive training in agriculture and at peace.
home making.
What the the facu?
By treaties
signed In ISIS, and again tn 1831, and
0 f atlll again In 1839. this last revision
l „
being In effect
In 1914, It was agreed
the College, has been called by ..B, lglum ih#ll form . perpetually
the Government to continue his neutral state. The five powers guar-
message on the critical food situ- * n,e* to It this perpetual neutrality,
_ ..
___ ,, ,
.. .
K err
__ 1 „ „
p r e g id e n t
i. »
hope for unmolested sell development.
In the sense of our own security nec­
essary to progress, we m ail not forget
Belgium, until her wrongs are righted
This Is ths seventh of a esrise of
ten articles by Professor Adam s
Directions For Canning
Green Peas and Beans
Here are directions given by the
United States department o f agricul­
ture to the members 0/ girls’ canning
clubs In the northern and western
Do not try to can peas or beans that
have been loug off the vines. The
fresher the vegetables the better the
Shell pea.
In case of beans string
and cut them as If for cooking.
Put the prepared vegetables tn a
cheesecloth bag or colander and blanch
In live steam from boiling water for
from five to ten minutes.
Next dip the blanched product quick­
ly In cold water and remove It almost
Pack the product immediately into
hot scalded glass ]ara or tin cans.
Fill the containers completely with
boiling hot water to which hat been
added a level tcaspoooful of salt per
quart. Place rubber rings on Jars and
screw tops almost but not completely
tight. The water Ln the boiler will not
enter these partially closed jars. Beal
tin cans completely.
Put the Jara or cans ln boiling water
In the wash boiler so that the tops sre
partly or wholly covered. Sterilize for
180 minutes ln the boiling water, count­
ing from the time the water l>egins to
boll again.
Remove Jars from boiler or sterilizer,
tighten covers, invert to cool and test
the Joints for leakage
Examine cans
for leaks. Even the slightest leak If
not closed completely at* once means
that the product in all probability will
not keep.
Do not place glass jars to cool In a
draft, which Is liable to cause them to
crack. W rap Jars In paper to prevent
blanching and store In a cool place.
Reduced Prices
L A D IE S ’ H A T S
Reduced Prices
L A D IE S ’ O X F O R D S
There seems to be no limit to the
soar of prices in nearly all lines
of merchandise..................................
When reduced prices are in effect
you will do well to avail yourself
of the opportunity.............................
SELIG’S. Cash Price Store,
Meeting and Beating Competition
Stainless Hands In the Kitchen.
A piece o f lemon kept on the sink
These five powers were Aus
tria, Prance, Great Britain, Russia, will Insure stainless Angers to sppear H — M 8 > t — 8 t M M H 8 8 M M 8 M > M M H 8 M 8 |
and Pruasla.
By such treaties the later over a spotless table cloth.
neutral state was pledged to defend
In arms the neutrality of Us terrl-
tory; and each of the great powers
pledged itself not only not to march
It Not Treachery, but Fear, That
. , , ¡ . „ , 1 l ' j ,
t roops into or through the neutral
Moves the Springe.
cational Education.
«u te . bllt alao t0 ald her
Handled intelligently, a mule U a
There is mu'-h complaint from
most willing worker, but there are a
Miss Ruth Simpson o f Airlie is D' T ' t T r ' u>” T*rV lol,ted „
the country over the nocturnal
The banks along the river are to keep the water in its
The world, thinking no nation so few unwritten laws that cannot be
base as to break its word, was corn-
course. It is a natural place for the water to run.
visits o f the town dog. It seems. attending
. .
. the
, 0 . , A . 0 . , , summer
transgressed with Impunity. A mule
that a number of dogs are in the 8C*1.00' and 13 reK'Stered tn Com- pletely taken by surprise by the at­ will seldom make more than tw o at­
The natural place for money is in the bank. The natural
tack on Belgium. But we know now. tempts to move a load. On tbe first
habit o f making nightly calls upon merce-
from German statements, that German strain he will throw his whole force
place for money to circulate is through the bank. Money
their country cousins, and their, Cathorn Hall on account o f its military plans had for years intended Into tbe collar, and a mule can pull 50
scattered promiscuously does nobody good, but like the river
in the desert becomes absorbed and dissipated. The banks
i'uccanalian orgies have disturbed manv conveniences makes a de- 1 {^ " a * \o ^his^conlistenti^^nd^lLd per cent more ln proportion to his
weight than a horse. Science Is dumb
the slumbers, likewise the temper 1 Ijghtful home for college women, up to the last day. On the morning at the question whence comes that
gather together the funds o f a community and loans it out
o f the dwellers of the hither-to! Mrs. Haight is the preceptress.
* before the German troops advanced, latent force which neither horse nor
where it will do the most good for all corcemed. Do your
the German minister assured Belgium aas possesses.
peaceful elysium. R e c e n t l y a,
part by directing your money into the proper channel.
she need feel no alarm, and In the
A fter a short rest the mule will make
large dog, in making his nightly
evening o f that same day he delivered a second attempt, but this Is seldom an
hit ultimatum.
round, boldly walked in and sat
sustained as tbe first If. tbe load still
The world has never seen so com- refuses to move, the team might as
down upon the porch where some
. . . . . .
. .
I plete a dental of the binding effect well be uuhltcbed. A t times tbe mules
Loyalty to the government does of thB pigged word. wty httB ^
parties were sleeping. A fte r di­
will not even exert enough force on a
vesting himself of a lot of fleas, not consist entirely o f shouting, j many so lost sight of the principle third attempt to move an empty w agon
Mules are charged with treachery
he treated his hearers to a solo "G e t the K a iser" or "Stand by ! of honor
nations? Her own
only by those who nave never given M H t 8 8 t H 8 t M M 8 M 8 M M H » M 8 8 8 I H 8|
that out-classed the classical how l; the President.
The way to get thi p!ea of m ig h t -The fate u,,, Bel. an Intensive study to tbelr habits
ot the modern opera singer, which the Kaiser is to go after him or glum has called down upon herself Mules defend themselves from that
help furnish the means of so <n0,< the hypocrisy of this) is hard. which they do not understand. They
is “ going some."
. .
■ n
1 hut not too hard, . . .
for the become accustomed to being harnessed
This is presented,by request, as doing. The Government asks
de.«inies ot the immortal great na and unharnessed while colts, and it
a subtle warning to dog-owners newspapers to give largely o f tlons stand so high that they can Is traditional that a mule never kicks
that they may induce their way­ their space to aid in giving pub- not but have the r,*hf- ln <*»* of w hile being saddled or harnessed. The
ir »•
i nee<l t0 stride over exlstenctes that beast knows what that means.
ward dogs to keep more seemely licity to war measures affecting „
not defend tbemae,ree.- (Pro. But it ia also traditional that a mule
hours and escape the wrath to the people; selling Liberty Bonds, feasor Onrken ) When the British sleep« with one eye open, lie is al­
come. A shot gun jn the hands War Stamps; and they are also M|nlster at Berlin notiAed the Ger­ ways alert to what is going on about
man Chancellor that Great Britain him. It la never safe to stoop down
o f a wild-eyed man just aroused asked to give publicity to Red was in honor bound to defend Bel­ suddenly to pick something up behind
from a dream o f eating “ white- Cross and Y. M. C- A. work, all gium's neutrality, the latter argued or at the aide of a mule. That Is to
flour” biscuits and honey, by a o f which has been done, without that this was "Terrible,” a w-ar “ Just him an unexplained action. He can­
for a word— ‘neutrality'—Just for a not fathom tbe Intent back of It, and
quartette of dogs and dogesses, is money and without price; but, scrap of paper.” The pitifu l— pe*. the be generally lets fly with one or both
an excellent “ eradicator.” So if that the newspapers may contin­ terrible— significance of such utter heels by way o f protest.
A person who has harnessed and un
you love your doggie, take heed, ue to give this much needed pub­ ances. is that Germans believe them
harnessed a mule for months may for­
“ For vengence is mine, and the licity, it is necessary that the
“ I f I am asked what we are fight- get himself and stoop for something
day o f reckoning is near at hand.” paper have an income. This, o f ; Ing for,” said Prime Minister As at the animal's heels. Then the mule,
course must come from the peo j
“ I can reply in two sentences docile for so many days, begins to kick.
I In the first place, to fulfill an oblign When the luckless driver regains his
pie, not as a g i f t , but for value , t|0B . . . not only of law, but
senses he imagines the mule bad been
received. Tne withholding such honor, which no self respecting man waiting craftily all those weeks just
support renders the paper less «ould poaaibly have repudiated; sec to get a good opportunity to kick him
Janie eat the cake,
—Los Angeles Times.
as between men. It the one and only
safeguard from a return to barbarism
“ I f it should turn off rainy in
orchards where the set o f fruit is
good and not already covered with
a protective coating o f fungicid
s u m m e r strength application
should be made before the rain or
as aoon after as possible. It is
too late for good control after a
period of rain. In regions where
fog and mist prevails it is best to
hold strictly to the recommended
, . , ,
schedule o f sprays for brown rot
~ e ______ ____ 1 ____ 1 __ ,,
o f prunes and peaches.'
N o . 43.
ation, and many members of the
faculty are away on war emerg-
ency missions.
The summer
sessions are in charge o f E. D.
Kessler, recently made dean o f
the newly created school for Vo-
a !!'
The River of Money
of Clothing
Ed. V. Price & Co’s
Are Guaranteed
Janie eat the jelly
Janie went to bed
With a pain in her—
Now don’t get excited,
Don't be misled,
The pain that Janie had
Was all in her head.
efficient .nd i. therefore unable
gfive tile Government the service crushed, In defiance o f International
A Curious Cass.
Some years ago a woman ln Brussels
it would otherwise.
Instead o f fi00*1
waa aroused by church bells ringing In
borrowing a paper o f your neigh- ||k. Qreat Brltaln of the neutrallty consequence o f a fire. She had been
bor, subscribe. Some, perhaps, of Belgium, though in various con- »sleep for nearly seventeen years.
are peeved at the editor and irn- venttons (o f which Germany also was When she awoke she was ln perfect
health and remembered la detail events
agine they can spite him by not •
. . . .
. . .
tenance of the world principle of good that bad taken plaie before she fell
subscribing or
the faith.” But every nation was attacked off Into her long nap.
paper. Banish the thought. The wb«n Germany broke faith. "The law|i
---------------------- -
average editor is im iroH tn such p r o «* * 1“ « Belgium which was vlo Lengthening the Life of a Chain,
average, eanor is inured to such ute<J WM our Uw #nd th<
By twisting « hemp rope in end out
little pleasantries and regards every other civilized country. . . It of the links o f a chain that runs over
you with pity. The editor may WM our Mfeguard against the neees « pulley not only Is the noise suppress-
you vet w h e n vm i s h u f ,fty of “ • ' “ ‘» ¡ “ Ins greet armaments ed, « but
life of the chain la length
not love
lo v e you, yet wnen you shut- Q u r ln t e r e ii fn h a v iH 0 i t
1« ] the
70 per ceet
Commencing Monday Oregon
was put on a wheatlesa diet. Polk
. County has been wheatless for
^ several weeks. The only kick is
^ the excessive price charged for ne Oil this mortal coil and depart ** the law of nation» wa» a »utstan
substitutes. The Food Adminis­ hence, he remembers only the ,ta* valuable, permanent interest:
trator says that prices should be good you have done and throws
I d
A Cent a Day.
If a man eaves a cent each day he
the hope of an enduring peace. In will not need to risk the less o f i
friend at the end o f the year by trytn? I
to borrow a dollar.—S ew York Globe.
C. J. BRUCE, Proprietor.
Owing to a decline in price of beef cattle we
are now selling beef at 10c te 22c par pound.
Will buy your Beeves, V eelt, Hogs end Chlokene.