Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, June 15, 1918, Image 1

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.................. I
jvrty, to one object— a mighty mill-
Unless we win this war the
'■lightest, most upsetting, most far
'•aching change this nation has ever
known Is upon us. Ws are lighting
!or liberty to continue In our accue-
omed line of progress.
No 42.
Reduced Prices
Hew tbe U-2S and Ite Daring Crew A T#*» and a Flippant Fling at ths
W ere Sent to the Bottom.
CritMe and His Theory.
Von Woddlgen, the hero o f tbe Ger-
Cornea now another to trouble us lu
mon submarine servVe. after sinking these days when Ibe wayfarer has al­
the British cruisers Abouklr, Hogue ready enough bothers to keep him from
and Creasy was promoted to a better lingering overlong In his bumble re­
This Is the eluth ef s series of ten ship end took command o f the U-29. pose. It Is a man who has discovered
irtlcies by Professor Adams.
In comparison with tbe L'-O • blgglsli that there am 25,000 English words
brute, • regular "peach," almost an un­ more or less commrnly mispronounced
dersea liner.
and who would show us how to rescue
■ xacutlva Head, History Deport­
A fter • hard day on the job, looking ourselves from the disgrace.
gfhy You Cannot Compare the Vessels fo r gam « In the upper North tea. the
By way o f illustration he challenges
L e l e n d Stanford Junior University
According to Tonnege.
C-20 went "to aleep," resting with a all comers to try to pronounce offhund
The different uses o f tonnage terms alight negative buoyancy on a shelving such words os actinism, archimandrite,
" T h e o b j e c t o f t h i s w a r la t o d e l i v e r
elwu n|K-akiMg of sbl|>e ere causes of sand bank. Outakle o f tbe watch officer i batman, bt-aufln, bourgeois, brevier,
t h e f r e e p e o p le # o f t h e w o r l d f r o m t h e
.-anfuslon to the lay mind, statea ('s p ­ and the regular standing watch, all * buoy, demy, fugleman, fusil, oboe, row-
m a n a ie a n d th e a c t u a l p o w e r ef a v a st
m ilit a r y
e e t a b lle h m e n t c o n t r o lle d b y o n
in In C. A. McAllister, engineer In chief. hands must have turned in. sleeping In lock, tassel, vase and vellelty. He In­
I r r e e p o n e ib l e g o v e r n m e n t , w h i c h , h a v i n g
Unite«] States c o a ii guard, in lb » popu­ their leather eults. It Is supposed that, timates tbat anybody who can give
e e c r e t ly p l a n n e d t o d o m i n a t e t h e w o r ld s
as the wsteh at the telerbonee beard them all correctly can qualify as a .300
p ro c e e d e d to t a r r y o u t th e p la n w it h o u t
lar Bclence Monthly.
For example,
re ga rd
't t h e r t o t h e e a c r e d o b l i g a t i o n .
steamship companies In order to im­ the nearing propeller beats of a Brit­ hitter In tbe pronunciation league, but
press upon the traveling public tbs ish destroyer screen, tbe alarm was still has a long way to go before be
■lse and ccOse«juent relit I t *, safety of sounded—'Tsu ch station I"-w ith every reaches perfection.
their craft will advertise the sailing of man flying to hie post.
But what o f It? An oboe sounds as
!> •
. . I t I t e u r b u e l n e t e t o s to e e t o
One might Imagine that Von Weddl- | sweet whether one calls It an ob-bow
s certain steamer o f 20,000 tons, mean­
p ito t t h e h i s t o r y o f t h e r e s t o f the
gen waited; that tbe microphone# v i­ or an ob-boy. I f tbe writer of this
ing. of couree, gross tons. The com
le n o l o n g e r le f t t o I t s h a n n d d l l l i n g . "
s o l d e n t W i l t o n , A u g u s t 17 , 1 (1 7
pany's agent. In entering her at the brated the slow chugs o f big ship pro­ article told bis printer to set It In boor-
custom bouse, will take great precau­ pellers. which told him that tbe Brit­ sbwah type the printer probably would
18 W A R 18 ONK OP1 S E L F
Blowing , call a meeting o f tbe chapel and insist
tion to certify that she Is o f only T.340 ish fleet was approaching.
tons when paying tonnage taxes. He bis adjusting tank to a submerged , on a strike vote. Tou can call It a vase
'Here," ooye Kveryman, "woo S
tlieu Is referring to her net tonnage, trim, he came to lighting position His 1 or vawze. but It takca a dime to get It
Kolonrdom siwkltiK world domination
and. In fact, that standard la used only periscope tipped the surface.
Ailed, where It used to cost only 5
— ood perllouoly n.-sr encompassing
He was lucky enough to come be­ | cents. As to demy and vellelty, most
when paying dues or taxes.
It unleeo the world unfted to rapel
tween tbe two columne o f tbe British 1 of ua have got along very well for a
Displacement tonnage Is almost ex
him " Thuo the rodlrol loud reformer
duslrely applied to warships, as they grand fleet, steaming in line o f squad­ good many years without writing or
•«•no the looue. Is there ony one still
do not carry cargoes. Ktrange to eiy. rons, with the Iron Duka leading tbe speaking either o f them and hope to
blind to It?
the tounage o f a battleship varies al­ right column, flying JelUcoe's flag. Tbe
Hut were we In Amerlro directly most hourly, as coal or other weighty periscope o f tbe U-20 showed up h alf­ struggle along tbe same way at least
until we hare a little rest from worry
We were, and toe are objects are used or taken on board
way between I be squadrons, six cables over the high coat o f potatoes.
threatened. A German book published The tonnage o f warships Is, however, apart. She got off her torpedo, which
The hardest thing about It la to de
In the United Htoteo In 1911, and fixed
They are referred to In terms passed under the Iron Duke. Immedi­ 1 termlne which of several schools of
rolled Truth About Germany." nought o f the flxed tonnage.
ately she fired So. 2, which also miss­ ! pronunciation Is most desirable—the
to Inflame uo against England and
ed, going astern. Because o f danger o f London, tbe Melbourne, tbe Canadian,
A statement that s 10,000 ton battle
Kran-e, and to persuade us that Amer­ ship sank s 10.000 ton merchant ship smashing their own ships none o f tbe
the Texas, tbe Massachusetts, tbe Ala
ica and Oermony had common Ideals, does not mean tbat the ships were of British gun crews dared to tire at the
bama. tbe Georgia or tbe Missouri.
characteristics. and methods.
(M ay equal size The merchant ship would German submarine.
Moreover. If 25,000 words are mispro­
God save u s!)
It argued smoothly: be much the larger owing to the d if­
BUKafter tbe second torpedo some­ nounced most o f us are democratic
"T w o notions united by eucb common ferent monologs o f the term "to o " as thing went wrong with the U 20. Ei­
onougb to let tbe majority rule and be
Inclinations and Ideals, boldness of en­ applied to tbe two types o f vessels. It ther tbe valves failed to work, which,
willing to make it unanimous. — 8t
terprise, farsightedness, quickness of Is absolutely Impossible to g tv « rules by taking water Into compensating
Louis Post-Dispatch.
decision, admiration for Intellectual for the relations o f tbese terms, as tbs tanks, were to equalize tbe weight o f
achievements, can not help being ex­ conditions vary too greatly. Generally tbe discharged torpedoes, or at the In­
ceedingly congenial to each other." shaking, the gross tonnage o f s ship stant the diving rudder man failed In
Pleasant words— but a lying tongue. la from 50 to 100 per cent «renter than giving enough "down rudder.” At any
Would Germany, once master of Eu­ the net tonnage. Tons displacement rate, tbe nose o f tbe submarine shot The Casa e f Pippklns W ill Do to Illus­
trate the Point.
rope. remember our "congeniality." aro always In excess o f tons gross. up above tbe water.
a ' | be a pood neighbor In the Arner- Deadweight tonnage Is on an average
She started Immediately to begin to
"M y neighbor, Pippklns, baa changed
lla t S ?
from 30 to 50 per cent greater than dive, but tbe dreadnaught. third In his manner of vacation." declares Ed
The Oermans when writing for hosts gross tonnags.
ths left column, swung out of line and ward Uungerford In Everybody’s. "In
went full speed for tbe U best. Tbe other years bis annual outing was a
consumption hold a different language
about world relations and "neighbors."
big ship caught her on tbe ram, spear­ rather portentous affair. Tb e family
ing her like a whale, and raised her begin to plan It some months In ad­
"Form erly German thought was shut
along the cutwater until tbe subma­ vance.
There were railroad and • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • B — — • • • • • M tiBBBBBBB— B
up In her German corner, but now
the world shall have Its coat cut ac- Though Still ths Bsst Ssllsr, It Is Not rine was half out o f water—a flash, steamboat and hotel booklets on the
Road as It Used to Bs.
a grinding smash, tbe U-20 balancing library table.
When tbe time came
cordjmy to Oerman measure, and as
Although the RIMe still leads all oth­ first one way, then the other, end final­ Mrs. Pippklns and tbe girls went to a
far Si our swords flash and German
bloods flows, the circle of the earth er l»est sellers, few read It. People ly dropping, tbe lettered bow foreineet! huge wooden hotel on tbe edge of a
• hall come under the tutelage of Ger­ still present Bibles to brides and Tbe dreadnaught swung back Into col­ lake. They dressed three times a day
I f you do not do your business through this bank W E are
man activity."
"A sturdy German grooms. People still present Bibles to umn. Without a signal being made, When Pippklns ran down on one Fri­
Colporteurs rtlll roam the without a shot fired, tbe grand fleet day o f each fortnight he boarded a
egoism must characterise all political children
losing some money. By WE, we mean you and us. W e can
hot, dusty, overcrowded train and rode
action. . . . The first principle of country handing out Bibles among the proceeded
make some money off you. And you can make some money
This is the true story o f how Von for five uncomfortable hours. They
Associations of devout en­
our policy, both at home and abroad, villagers
Insisted that he don a Tuxedo each
must be that In everything that hap­ thusiasts still put Bibles lu hotels. But
pens the Germans should come off tbe Bible is seldom read aloud tn the man who saw it with his own eyes.— evening for dinner. H e used to won­
Money is our stock in trade. W e deal in little else. And
beat, and the others should have a home. And the type o f American who Henry Reuterdnhl In Saturday Even­ der If the game was quite worth the
do not have YO U R money our efforts are impeded just
bad time of It.”
A nice, congenial dally rends bis Bible tn secret from s ing Tost.
. We try to furnish the funds for every enter­
sense o f duty ts becoming more and
Automobile Radiators.
Pippklns’ mind. He has a ca r-so have
Hut Germany, when honest, directly ' more rare.
prise in the community when needed and it is certainly to the
T o assure the efficient operation and four-fifths o f the families In our quiet
Quite apart from Us moral and re
avows her purimsc, ultimately, against
best interests o f all to see that our enterprises thrive. Do
America. We must "wake up," or we 1 ilglous bearings, tbe neglect o f the Bl- long Ufe o f your automobile It is es­ street Pippklns caught the fever ear
bit by doing all your business through the bank and we
will be the easy “ nest step" In her ; tile Involves a cultural handicap worth
He talks
all benefit.
ambitions. "Germany . . . may In noting It Involves a cramping o f the Every radiator has been designed for and hardened motorist.
less than two centuries succeed tn popular vocabulary, as no other liter­ tbe purpose o f dissipating some o f the earnestly and learnedly o f gears aud
dominating the whole globe . . .
If ary masterpiece Is such s well o f Eug- beat from the engine to prevent It from of transmission, and he is superlative
only It can In time strike out a 'new ltsh pure and uudeflled. It Involves s overheating. The radiator can only ly critical o f every car except his own.
course,’ and definitely break with An dulling o f literary perceptions, as lite r accomplish this, advises the Popular I might write a story upon how that
glo-Amerlcan methods of government, ature abounds In Biblical allusions Science Monthly, when the radiator car and its predecessors in the Flpp-
and with the state-destroying Ideals which every reader of the Bible In­ cells are cleared o f mud. so that tbe klns family nave changed their very
of the Revolution." 8he Is trying out stantly understands, but which only comparatively cool air can circulate soul, but this Is not the time nor place
Tet many are the cars Sufficient la It to say that Plppkins Is
her “ new course" now. "One thing readers o f the Bible ever can. Finally through I t
alone can profit the German people: } It Involves s failure to respond to which are allowed to clog up with mud now a motor expert, and Dr. King
the acquisition of new territory, . . many a good Joke, as an astonishing and dirt until it almost takes a ham­ down at our corner says that Plppkins
that alone ran really promote the percentage of tbe best quips are noth­ mer to knock them out. A good antidote has gTown ten years younger:
Is a powerful stream of water from a
diffusion, the growth, and the deep­ ing more or In s than Biblical allusions
ening o f Oermanlsm." "Before seek­
It Is mainly useless, we realize, to hose, or where this may not be con­ but forgotten when they have been on
ing to found a Greater Germany tn pro|>oee • course o f self enforced Bible venient a stiff brush or a broom will a railroad train In summer. They Uve
other continents, we must seek to reading for adults. W e Insist, how­ assist In solving the cleaning problem. In the fam ily car.
"Multiply Plppkins all the way
create a Greater Germany In Central ever. tbat parents who want their chil­
across the face o f the land, and you
"W e must . . . see to dren to get the most enjoyment out of
Th* Night Table.
begin to have a definite perception of
It that the outcome of our next suc­ life may well see to It that their chil­
Tbe night table la not as well known
cessful war must be the acquisition dren develop an acquaintance with tbe In bedroom lore as It might be, I think. America awheel.”
of colonies." "W e must make room Bible. It Is tbe basis of keen speech. It Is such a comfort to be able after
A Pie Without Flour or Lard.
for an empire of Germanic race which It Is tbe basis o f Intelligent rending
going to bed to read by tbe light on
T w o and one-half cupfuls cold boiled
shall number 100,000.000 Inhabitants, It Is the basis o f culture. And by cul­ tbe night table and to be able to
In order that we may hold our own ture we mean a capacity for enjoying stretch out a hand at midnight and rice, one-half cupful sugar, one-balf
against masses such as those of Russia tbe fine and beautiful things o f this •witch this same light on. On the | cupful milk, one egg. one teaspoonful
butter, a pinch o f salt, grated nutmeg
and the United States.”
world and tbe capacity for producing eight table may be kert any o f the lit­
or flavoring to taste, fruit. Brush m
Still further. It Is no longer a secret some.—Chicago Tribune.
tle things which might In any possi­
pie plate with butter and spread the
that Germany, while we were still
bility be needed during the night—a
rice even on the plate. Beat half the
unprepared— were neutral— and while
llglit, a clock, a carafe o f drinking wa­
Fright and the Hair.
sugar, the egg. milk, salt and flavoring
Germany still ostensibly sought our
The hair does stand on end under
together and pour over the rice. Cover
friendship, secretly planned, when vie
certain conditions, because there is —Washington Star.
top with halves o f canned peaches or
torlous In Europe, to pick a quarrel
a little muscle down at the root o f
stewed dried peaches and sprinkle the
with us and wring from us part of the
each hair tbat will make each hair
B 00BB—
Fog* A r* Valuabl*.
rest o f sugar over the fruit. Put In H—
costs of her Europ. in war.
stand up straight when this muscle
It baa been discovered that fogs, moderate oven and bake thirty-live
I f the American "easy chair” Is
pulls a certain way. It la difficult to especially ocean fog*, are valuable. minutes.
too comfortable
serious say Just how these muscle* are caused
Foga are the principal fertUlzers of
Any fruit can be used, either fresh,
thought of what Germany means to to act In this way when we are fright
the great bean fields o f California. canned or dried stewed fruit.—Mrs.
do to us, then America deserves the ened. W e know that when thoroughly
The fields are dry farmed. Rain means Anna B. Scott In Philadelphia North
fate tn store for her. This Is the frightened our hair will sometimes
ruin. Tet moisture Is a necessity. This ! American.
material side of our peril, but there stand straight up, and we know that
la furnished In Just the right degree
C. J. BRUCE, Proprietor.
is another and deeper side.
It la this muscle at the root o f each by fogs.—Detroit Free Press.
This war Is our war. to secure our hair tbat makes It possible, says th*
Evory Man to His Job!
purposes In national and In interna­ Book o f Wonders, but why It Is that
He Told Her.
The man who has education, but who
tional development. I f Germany should a big scare will make this muscle act
It was the first ball game sbe bad
lacks the moral courage to do battle
u>ir, her principles must triumph and thta way we do not as yet know.
ever attended.
rigorously, who w ill not go to the mat
force alone must rule the world, with
"W h y do they call that thing the at the drop o f the handkerchief when
the strong exploiting the earth. I !
Platinum Retorts.
plate?" was her forty-seventh question.
ever a matter o f principle Is Involved
the war ends In a drawn battle, with
Platinum Is used directly In tbe mak­
"W h y—er— because that's where the
Germany unchanged In Ideals and pur­ ing o f munition* o f war and Indirectly drops from the pitcher are caught," he regardless o f the size o f his opponent,
poses. all that la left of ths world In all aorta o f operations that are In­ replied, hie reason cracking under the and who w ill not fight doggedly—em­
ploying every resource which the ethics
will be compelled to engage In the cidental to warlike operations.
Will buy your Beeves, Veals, Hog» and Chiekant.
•train.—Boston Transcript.
of tbe business game allow, keeping at
race of military preparedness, and ths
To cite but one example. In tbe man­
tbe same time a cool head and a clear
world will be forced to adopt Ger­ ufacture of cordite perfectly pure eul-
This Life.
judgment— had better be content with
many's methods— now so hateful to us. pburlc acid baa to be used, and sul­
There it only one way to get reedy
A Germany undefeated would force phuric acid can only be perfectly for Immortality, and that la to lore those qntet paths which may be trav­
us to destroy the very basis of our purified In platinum retort*, each of this Ufe and live It as bravely and ersed with perfect safety In starched
collar and white cuffs.—Industrial Man
tovernment, our policy, our social and
which, by the way, represent* a value cheerfully and faithfully as we can.-
industrial life— to devote ourselves, o f »50,000 to »75,000.
Van Dyke.
capital and labor, persons and prop
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Reduced Prices
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