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and thoy will be a> good a* any otilar
maker In the country can gtra you."
They guv« him a contract for the
alx. An Inspector reported that hi*
factory was of sufficient capacity for
a trifling order o f that kind, and thara-
upon the 430-acre Whitehead company
began It* career.
On the strength o f hi* order for at*
government machima Mr. Whitehead
waa uhle to make such purchase* aa ha
needed for hi* small undertaking. He
also borrowed $33 to pay two mechan­
ics who hel|>ed him the first weak.
' From that the Industry grew. Ha ear-
mounted obstacle* that would have
awed almost anyone, and did thing*
which astonished the cloverest busi­
n e s s men of England.
But ha achiev­
ed results.
He finished hi* *1* ma­
chines In far less than the specified
time, and theu he got a contract for
a hundred.
The works g re w ; and the order*
grew also. He built a great airdrome
facing u Held o f hundred* o f term,
and. to the amasement of government
officials who thought his held was no
use as a training station because of
the fact that a river flowed through
It, he burled the river. Ha diverted
a stream so that It I* now not to be
seco, on his property.
T> e lunch which he gave the other
day marked the end of the second year
of s o ft y * full o p e ra tio n
T h e r a la no
telling where It will end.
Lookout man watching through the trench periscope for enemy movements
while his comrades are overhauling a machine gun.
in mines
of comr WEEK
Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Events o f Noted People, Governments
and Pacific Northwest and Other
Things Worth Knowing.
Duke Frederick II, ruler o f the Ger­
man duchy o f Anhalt, is dead at Bal­
lenstadt castle.
He was 61 years old.
W alter Guion, o f Naponleonville,
La., is named by Governor pleasant to
fill the unexpired term o f the laU> Sen­
ator Broussard.
The winter-sown oats a-reage this
year is 2,372,000 acres, compared with
2,424,000 acres last year, the depart­
ment o f Agriculture announces in pre­
liminary estimate*.
Electrically Charged Wires Hung From
The National Assembly at its aes-
Captive Balloon Menace
| sion Tuesday declared the Republic o f
Hoetile Flyers.
Guatemala to occupy the same position
toward the European belligerents aa
Amsterdam.— At Zeebrugge. the Ger­ does the United States.
man naval and aerial base on the Bel­
Bakers and dealers are ordered to
gian coast, the Germans hsve adopted
a new method o f catching hostile air­ discontinue the use o f prices in adver­
men. Toward evening, the frontier cor­ tising bread or roll*, in a statement
issued by Charles Hebberd. food ad­
respondent o f the Telegraaf reports,
the Germaus send up 12 captive bal­ ministrator for Washington.
loons without crews and attached to
electrified steel cables.
The electric bsrrier Is said to con­
stitute a menace to all airmen coming
Story of Meteoric Rise of Man From Poverty to Leading Builder of Into contact with It.
The Germans. It Is added, have also
Airplane* in England— Without a Penny, He Joins British
manufactured a new and Improved
type o f airplane.
It Is fitted with
Army and Deliberately Breaks Rules to Employ
three propellers, one being so arranged
Talents in More Effective Service.
that It can keep the airplane station­
ary above a certain point for a few
minutes, thus permitting the bomb-
London.— With all of Its cases The turning point In his career had thrower to aim with greater accuracy.
poverty come at Monte Carlo some years be­
and humbleness to wealth and suc­ fore. He received financial aid which
cess, the United States furnishes enabled him to ahlft his course In life
nothing more striking than that and take a torn for the better.
o f J. A. Whitehead, president of
As soon as war was declared, al­ ft
the Whitehead Aircraft company of though he had become an American
England, but it should be stated that citizen, he enlisted In a British regi­ J.
1‘ittsfleld. Mass.— There's a
Ur. Whitehead, though a Britisher ment and came to England. He was
service flag with five stars at
now. has American citizenship papers at the battle o f Antwerp, and there, a f­ 5« the home o f Paul A. Jone*. But
and got his business training In San ter watching the work of enemy air­
that's not enough, he thlnka. He
planes, reached the conclusion that air­ $ Is planning to add three more
Unknown two years ago, Mr. White- planes would decide the war sooner ►J stars.
head now is one o f the most promi­ or later.
Walter, the youngest, who will
nent men In Great Britain, and In Its
To get out o f the army was not au >♦« be eighteen soon, plans to enlist
and two more sons are In elaas
industrial life Is easily one o f the most easy task. He did it by Insubordina­
shining figures. He started his career tion, and when sentenced to be shot ►J A l o f the draft. Five are al-
two and a half years ago with no produced his American citizenship pa­ $ ready In various camps through-
asset in the world except credit with pers and said that he didn't think the ►$ out the country.
Five o f the boys have “ war
a small hotelkeeper in a London sub­ authorities would kill him.
They X
urb. Now he owns the biggest air­ didn't. They paid very little attention i brides.”
plane factory In Great Britain and has to his claim that he had committed a
under his ownership 450 acres o f fac­ breach o f discipline for the sole pur­
tory buildings and airdromes. His first pose of employing his talents In a more
pay roll was $35 a week, with borrow­ effective way to the service of his NEW STYLE OF PATRIOTISM
ed money. His pay roll now Is $60,- country. He was sent hack home with
000 a week. He recently obtained per­ a black mark against him. filled with Former Callor Offers to Clean, Press
mission from the treasury department chagrin, but glowing with confidence
and Repair Clothing for
Drafted Men.
o f England to increase his capitaliza­ that he could manufacture airplanes
tion by $5.000,000, and so complete was on a big scale and be a factor In the
the confidence o f English Investors In determination o f the world struggle.
Dewey. Okla.—Aaron Hanning, form­
his ability to “ make good” that the
He had not a cent. He had no er sailor, now owner o f a denning and
amount was subscribed before the friends who could help. His parents, pressing establishment, has offered to
bonds were Issued.
quite naturally, turned a deaf ear to clean, press, repair and send home tha
hls overtures for aid. His first step clothing of any drafted men o f thla
Airplane Yet in Infancy.
d ty and vldnlty. when they exchange
Mr. Whitehead Is a far seeing man. was to go to the war office and. as he
their dvlllnn clothing for the uniform
He says the airplane business, despite •
o f Uncle Sara. In case the men have
Its magical development during war
no home he will store their clothing
time, Is Just In Its Infancy; that when planes. When asked if he had a fac­ and keepsakes for them. All this 1a
the war Is over there w ill be flying tory he replied that he had. Then be without cost.
machine services for mall and pas­ went out to look for one, so that the
sengers and expresses all over the government authorities could verify
world, and that where thousands of hls statement.
Commandeers a Machine Shop.
machines are required now tens of
thousands will be needed after the
Out In a London suburb, where he
war. He predicts that the airplane In­ had a hotel man for an acquaintance,
dustry will see the same wonderful he found an old machine shop In which
transformation that the automobile In­ were a few lathes and some benches.
dustry experienced some twenty years 1 He Inspected it as well as he could
through the windows, borrowed a pot
Furthermore. Mr. Whitehead says o f paint and a brush nnd ladder and
that the day the war is over he will began to paint his name on the front
start machines on a flight to New o f the building. He had It fairly well
York, and he has no doubt that within done when a mun came along nnd sold:
a short time he will have established, | “ What are you doing there?”
in co-operatlon with others, a regular
“ I am painting my name on this
mall service between the metropolis o f 1 building.”
Europe and the metropolis o f the
“ And whnt are you doing that for?
western hemisphere.
That's my bnilding.”
It Is, o f course, not possible to go
“ Oh! Is that so? Then you are Just
Into details In describing the airplane the man 1 want to see.”
works which Mr. Whitehead has built.
Mr. Whitehead took the owner o f the
It Is one o f the wonder spots of Eng­ building to the aforementioned hotel
land, and the thousands o f employees nnd bought luncheon for him. He told
whom I saw at their work one day him o f hls alrplune dream, and
this week are turning out these “ eyes Vaughan Thompson— for that was the
of the army” at a rate which may well name o f the owner— was Impressed by
cause alarm to the Huns, who perhaps It. He said:
aa soon os anyone else realized that
“ It sounds very good to me. I f It
the great war would be won In the air. J will help win the war I am for I t I
Mr. Whitehead believes that the war am going to the front tomorrow, and
will be won In the air, and he says you can take the building and do what
there Is no question that the English you want to with It. And I have two
manufacturer, supplemented by his hundred pounds cash, and as I don't
American Industrial captain, will pro­ expect ever to come back you can take
vide the machines which will give the that, too. and use It the best way you
allies an overwhelming superiority.
can. it will be at your disposal In a
At a recent luncheon given at Mr. month.”
Whitehead's home, Baccleuch house,
Mr. Thompson went away. He was
on the Thames, he told privately the killed, as he predicted. Just a year
story of his marvelous career. Thla la from that day.
The royal palm trees o f Cuba »re
Contract for Six Flyer*.
Sentenced to Be Shot.
Mr. Whitehead, being a skilled me­ protected by the government.
At the outbreak o f the war Mr. chanic, pnt the old machinery In the may not be cut or Injured for oominer-
Expert climbers ar*
Whitehead, then on the sunny side o f Thompson property In the best condi­ d al purposes.
forty, was In San Francisco Just get­ tion be could, made a few purchases employed to remove the leaves and tha
ting on his feet after a rather adven­ on credit, and went to the air depart­ seeds from which high-grade oil la
turous experience which had taken him ment with this proposal: “ You may manufactured. The trees are over 20C
to all parts of the world nnd In a way send your Inspector to my machino feet high, and the manner of^scallnf
gave him the reputation, as he now shop any time you wish. 1 should them la Interesting. A close view of
Humorously snya, o f u “ black sheep.” like a contract to build six airplanes. bow the climbing la don
Fourteen hundred and ninety-three
men and boys are registered under the
alien enemy act in Montana, according
to an announcement at the office o f
United States Marshal Joseph Ash-
Moslem* and Bulgarian*. Too, Said lo
Be lawklng for Chance In Quit
Wilson Against War Move.
Washington, D. C. Definite opposi­
tion to a declaration o f war on Bul­
garia and Turkey at thia time was in­
dicated by President Wilson Wednes­
day at a conference with Senator
King, o f Utah, who recently intro­
duced a resolution calling for war with
both countries.
Consiiierations o f diplomacy
safety o f Americana In Bulgaria and
Turkey are umleratood to have prompt­
ed the President's decision.
There ia reason to hope, it was said,
that both Turkey and Bulgaria may
yet drop out as belligerents.
The administration was re|*>rted to
have information that if it were pos-
aible, Turkey as well as Bulgaria,
would he glad to
e advantage o f an
opportunity to l i f i k ad ay from the
central p»frer*.
Senator K ing sought the President's
views aa a result o f debate in the *<•»-
ate Wednesday on a resolution by Sen­
ator Brandegee. o f Conneetieut. asking
the senate foreign relations committee
for immediate action on the King res­
Senator King announced after the
conference that he would not press hit
resolution at this time.
The Brandegee resolution was laid
aside a fter the debate, although sev­
eral senators announced they were
w illing to vote for a war declaration.
Senator King declined to discuss the
President's views, but from other sen­
ator* it was learned that the !*re*ldent
was ready to present hls information
to the senate with hi* reasons for op­
posing present action. Arrangements
were made for members o f the senate
foreign relation* committee soon to
call upon the President.
So earnest was the Presulent re­
ported in hi* opposition to declarations
o f war that he was said to be ready to
give has reasons by (tersonal ap|s*ar-
ance either before the senate’ in execu­
tive session or the’ foreign relation*
Convicted on his own confession o f
using the mails to defraud in soliciting
funds for cripples, George W. Rider,
secretary o f the Cripples’ W elfare
soceity o f New York, was sentenced to
three years’ imprisonment at Atlanta. ; WAR
Seven Asiatic passengers on a Ja­
panese liner which arrived at a Pacific I Fire in Lima. O., Railroad Shop Does
port Tuesday from the Orient died on
Much Damage.
the voyage, and the vessel was held in
Lima. O.
Three fire* breaking out
quarantine while a thorough exam ina­
tion was made by the port medical offi­ simultaneously in the ta k e Erie A
Western shops here Wcndcsday night
hail practically wijicd out the $500,000
Berry Noyes, the negro who shot plant.
and killed Sheriff W. E. McBride near
W ater pressure has been cut at some
taxington, Tenn., last Saturday, was unknown point while Federal agents
hanged in the courthouse yard Monday report that hose was cut in two place*
by a mob. The sheriff sought to ar­ with a knife.
rest Noyes for violaitng the state pro­
One man in being held by the police.
hibition law.
One fireman is in the hospital uncon­
Corporal Wilbur L. Judd, o f the scious. a workman is seriously injured.
army censor board and member o f a Fire C hief John Mack is badly cut and
regiment stationed at the Presidio, sereval other* injured.
Three firemen who were missing for
San Francisco, was arrested by post-
office inspectors on a charge o f appro­ more than an hour a fter lieing trapped
priating $7086.20 from letters which in by falling walls dashed through the
surrounding flames and enca|>ed with
passed through his hands.
only slight burns.
Baron Richthofen, the famous Ger­
The railroad shop fire followed a
man aviator, was shot down and killed
blaze at the same place two hour*
Monday night back o f the British lines
earlier in the evening. ta ter, railroad
along the Somme front.
Details o f
officials say, flames were discovered at
his death are lacking.
three different places in the plant.
was buried with m ilitary honor* near
They spread rapidly.
the spot where he crashed.
Ten to 14 locomotives urgently need­
The days o f the male "cloth in g ed in war work, a new train o f troop
slacker” are numbered, according to coaches just completed in the shops,
Charles F. W etzel, president o f the and many other coaohes. as well as a
National Association o f the Merchant score or more o f boxcars, were de­
Tailors o f America, who sent out an stroyed.
appeal to the tailor* o f the country to
Ten thousand dollars’ worth o f lib­
eliminate all unnecessary embellish­ erty bond subscriptions were burned in
the office o f the shops.
ments on men'* clothing.
A special train bearing Englishmen
and Americans among whom were offi­
cial* o f the International Harvester
company and o f the National City
Bank o f New York, on "s a fe conduct”
from Moscow, was fired upon by Bol­
shevik soldier*,
according to John
Philip, an English engineer, who is in
San Francisco a fter a stay in Ruaaia.
The Peruvian cabinet haa resigned.
The State department was advised
Friday that Thomas Hitchcock, Jr., o f
N ew York, an American aviator who
has been missing for some time, ia a
prisoner at Saarbrücken, in Germany.
Nearly 4,000,000 pounds o f sugar,
said to be a record cargo, from Cuba,
arrived in the United States Thursday
in the hold o f an American steamship.
The vessel’s captain said great quanti­
ties o f sugar are at Cuban porta aw ait­
ing cargo space.
Ship Program o f U. 8. Gigantic.
Washington. D. C. — The Shipping
board has decided on a substantial in­
crease in its building program for 1919
over the tonnage planned for thb year,
and indications are that the increase
w ill be continued in 1920.
Plans for next year were discussed
Thursday at a luncheon attended by
Chairman Hurley and other member*
o f the Shipping hoard.
Especial attention was paid to the
question o f passenger ships and re frig ­
erator ships.
For m ilitary reasons the exact size
o f the future building program was
not made public. From previous state­
ments o f Chairman Hurley, however,
it has been estimated that the con­
struction in 1919 w ill be in excess o f
10,000,000 tons, the largest amount
ever built in any one year by any na­
F ritz E. Lundt & Co., the oldest
Exports to Spain Halted.
trading concern in Porto Rico, has
Washington, D. C.— Difficulties have
been taken over and reorganized by
M. R. Spellman, representative o f the again arisen in the operation o f the
economic agreement between the U nit­
custodian o f alien property.
ed States and Spain.
It is learned
Emigartion o f Greeks from
the here that, because o f delays in the li­
Black Sea to the Caucasus, according censing o f shipments from Spain to
to a diplomatic disptach from Greece, the American forces in France, steps
is assuming the character o f a general have been taken to restrict, tempo­
exodus. It is stated that acts o f sav­ rarily at least, the movement of A m er­
agery on the part o f the Turkish sol­ ican product* released for export to
diers and population are compelling the Spain. The recent change in the Span­
residents to abandon their country.
ish cabinet is believed responsible for
Prince von Hohenlohe, chief o f court the trouble, and officials hope to have
a satisfactory understanding soon.
to Emperor Charles o f Austria-Hun­
gary, has been discharged, according
U. 8. to Handle Wounded.
to an Exchange dispatch from Copen­
tandon - Preparations are being
Count Alexander Esterhazy,
made by the American Red Crosa to
brother-in-law o f Count Revertata, haa
handle American wounded from the
been appointed his successor.
troops brigaded with the British forces
The wounded
The New Zealand government, ac­ on the western front
cording to a Reuter dispatch from from these units will be brought to
Wellington, N ew Zealand, is raising England with the British wounded and
another £20,000,000 ($100,000,000) sorted out a fter they reach this side o f
war loan. Persons able to subscribe the English Channel. American Red
but who fa il to do so will be fined Cross officials »ay they expect to take
double the amount o f their income tax, over several hospital! to be used espe­
cially for this^work.
it is sated.
Zeebrugge and Ostend Harbors
Sealed to U-Boats.
Five Concrete-Filled Craft Are Run in
end Blown Up at Part Moutha —
Harbor Mole U Destroyed.
The German submarine
baees o f Os tend and Zeebrugge, on the
Belgian coast, were raided Tuesday by
the British naval forces, according to
an admiralty announcement.
The announcement o f the admiralty
said that five old eg taers, wtfleh had
been tided with concre*« for use in
blocking channels, were run aground
ar.d blown up. Their crew* abandoned
the ship* Just before the blasts were
set off. it was declared. French naval
forces assisted in the undertaking.
The admiralty re|K>rta t«at according
to information thus fat received, the
raid met with a reasonable measure o f
The admiralty statement «ays:
"T h e plan wo*, after m intense
bombardment o f Zeebrugge, by the
monitor*, the Vindictive, with auxili­
aries. was to run alongside the tnole
and attack it with gunfire a* they ap­
Storming and demolition
|>artie* were to lie landed.
" I n the meantime, three block ships,
assisted by motorboats, were to make
for the entrance o f the canal, run
agound ami be blown up. The old and
valueless submarine*, filled with explo­
sive*, were to ;un against the pile
work connecting the masonry with the
shore, in order to cut off the mole
from the shore.
" A t Os tend the operation was more
simple, hut tha difficulties were con­
siderably increased by mist, rain and
low visibility, and the complete ab­
sence o f aerial co-operation.
"T h e result* thus far known to
be that two block ships were run
ashore and blown up at Ostend. It is
too early to say definitely whether
they accomplished their object, but so
far as the officers could see in the
darkness they were slightly off their
" A t Zeebrugge two o f three block
ship* attained their objective, being
sunk or blown up at the entrance o f
the canal. The third grounded while
passing in.
" A certain amount o f damage, the
extent at present unknown, was done
by the gunfire and torpe<lo attack on
an enemy destroyers and other craft
lying at the mole, C-oastal motorboats
rejHtrted having torpedoed an enemy
destroyer which was trying to c*ca|>e
seaward. One o f the old submarines
gained its objective and destroyed the
piling approach to the mole.
"S to rm in g parties from the Vindic­
tive and the ferryboats attacked under
an extrem ely heavy fire and fought
with the greatest gallantry, maintain­
ing their issdtion alongside the mole
for an hour and causing, it is believed,
much damage to the enemy and inflict­
ing considerable losses.
“ The objective for the storming and
demolishing parties on the mole were
the enemy forces holding it and the
battery u|>on it, as well as the de­
stroyer and submarine depot* and the
large seaplane base upon it.
" A f t e r re-embarking their landing
parties, the a fig e s fid three vessel*
withdrew. This attack primarily was
intended to engage the attention o f
the garrison on the mole, thereby al­
lowing the block ships to enter.
"T h e casualties to the |iersonnel, as
we had expected in a hazardous adven­
ture o f the kind, were heavy in propor­
tion to the numiier o f men engaged.
" W e have sufficient information to
show that the entrance to the Bruges
canal probably was effectively blocked,
that material damage waa done and
that the greatest credit is due to all
ranks for their galla n try."
The object for the storming and
demolition parties on the mole were
the enemy forces holding it, the bat­
tery upon it and destroyer and submar­
ine depot* and a large seaplane base
upon the mole.
8tar Witness Vanishes.
Chicago George Bowen the govern­
ment’s chief witness in the Great
takes Navy food g ra ft expose, has
vanished, it was announced Tuesday.
From Ndvemher until Saturday night
he had been held in the training school
brig under close guard. , He w » i the
chief commissary steward during the
time o f the food grafting, which is al­
leged to have netted a gang o f thieves
no less than $25,000. An investiga­
tion o f hi* escape i* being made and in
the meantime the lockup keep o f the
brig is locked up In hi* place.
Fewer Auto* to Be Built.
Washington, D. C.— Leading repre­
sentatives o f the automobile industry
came here Tuesday to discuss with the
fuel administration and the war indus­
tries board a further curtailment in
the manufacture o f pleasure cars.
The curtailment, i f made effective,
would restrict the manufacture o f
pleasure oars to about 26 per cent o f
the normal productihn. A 30 per cent
reduction already has been made oper­