Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, April 06, 1918, Image 3

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    New Houston Hotel
It Cost the Average Family
Less Than 10c Per Week
(or Packer’s Profit in 1917.
The Meat Bill is one of the
large items in the family
less than 10 cents per w eel; of it
goes to the packer in profits.
In converting live stock into
ireat and getting it into the hands of
the retail dealer, the packer perforn'^s
a complex and essential service with
the m axim um of efficiency.
’l i
The ubove statement is based on
Swift & Company's 1917 figures
and Federal Census data :
Matti ami K n n tt M a. Portland. Ore.
Putir bloeka front Union Lteeot Twe bleeki
fritta Nuw l'usbifflee.
Mudnrn and flrepreud
Ovav 1(10 utitatti« reuma. kataa Ita te M.00.
(.MAH C. IIOMKINS. Manager
Hotel Rowland
An- made from your 01.0 CAR­
PETS. Hag Ruga woven nil »ilea.
Mail order» receive prompt and care­
Mark Twaln’a Childhood.
ful attention. Mend for booklet.
Mark Twain uaed to tell the pathe­
tic atory of bl» childhood. It eeema,
E. 8th and Taylor Sta.
Portland. Or. according to the atory, that Mark waa
born twlna. He and hla twin looked
»o much alike that no one, not even
their mother, could tell them apart
Hia*n<ls o f trained young people »
he- Welker If urines« Col leve. Portland.
One day, while the nurse was bathing
thaas, one of them slipped In the bath­
tub and w m drowned. No one ever
knew which twin It was that waa
VfcsTKRN 'IhucK A t t a c h m e n t drowned—and therein, enya Mark, waa
tba tragedy. "Everyone thought I waa
the one that lived,” he aald. “ but I
wasn't It waa my brother who lived.
I waa the one that waa drowned."—
Washington and Oregon.
The most vital point of a truck attach­
ment is the bearings. The Western 1»
the only truck attachment made with *
Two-inch Timber» Bearing. Other spe­
cifications in portion.
Why Buy an Inferior make?
A . J. LORMOR, Fsdsry Diilrialsr.
SH JJ Ufa h a .
Pertlead. O i h
the ? *
fÇ ift & Company’s total output
(Mrai and by product») „ 5,570,000,000 Pounds
Swift & Company’s total Profit
........................... $34,650,000.00
Profit per pound
1918 year book o f interesting and
instructive facts sent on rsquesL
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois
Swift & Company
If Mixed with Sulphur it Dark
ens so Naturally Nobody
can Tell.
Grandmother kept her hair beastf
fully darkened, glossy and attractive
with a brew of Sage Tea and 8ulphar
Whenever her balr took on that doll
faded or streaked appearance, this
■tuple mixture was applied with woo
derful effect. By asking at any drug
store for "Wyeth's Sage and 8u!phur
One on the General.
The Goethals-Denman shipbuilding
board was Intact when this happened
A contractor seeking business was
queried by the general; "How many
steel ships have p in built?" "Not
any.” "That's Just like you business
men; yet you have the yerve to aak
for a contract for steel ships from the
government." "General, let me ask
you tills: How many canals did you
build before you tackled the Panama?"
Collector— I've called three times
for this bill already. I can't keep
coming around here.
Debtor—I'm gratified to hear It.
Comfort Baby
Natural 8»l«ctlon.
"W e are all ready to talk about the
duty of otbera.”
"Yes.” commented M l»» Cayenne.
"Duty 1» something like the Darwinian
theory. It seems perfectly all light
for a lot of people we know, but none
of ua like to bring it home to our
"Ethel," said her mother, "have you
been at my preserves again?"
Ethel at once became very buay ar­
ranging her doll’s hair. “ Mother," she
replied, “ when you were a little girl
didn’t grandma teach you, same as you
have me, not to be 'qulsltive?”
m ind as th e longest-
(astine con fectio n you
can b u y . Send It to
th e boys at th e fr o n t.
War Time Economy
In Sweetmeats—
a 5-cent package o f W R (C L £ Y *S
w ill g ive yo u several days* enjoy­
m e n t: it's an investm ent In be n e fit
as w ell as p le a su re , fo r It helps
te e th , b re a th , a p p e tite , d ig e stio n .
U. S. Meat Consumption
170 pounds per person per year
170 pounds at $.0062 = $1.05 per person per year
Th e average family 4Vi persons
= $4.72 per family per year
Th » K ilw r 'i Busy Day.
• a. m.-0 a. m. Morning bata (prl-
9 a. m. 10 a. in Morning bat« (lull
10 a. m i l a. m. Think» about Oraat
(Jarman »word.
11 a. m 12 m Congratulatory tala-
gram to tba sergeant-at arm» of the
Landtag of Macklanburg Scbwerln.
12 m T p. m. Lunch.
1 p. m. 2 p. m. Lata heart bleed for
2 p. in. 3 p. m Haa 00 great momenta
reverently admiring Ood'a band In bla-
3 p. m. 4 p. m. Experience» horror at
entente depravity.
i p. in. 6 p. m. Trie» not to think of
the German navy.
I p. rn. 0 p. m. Wonder» when the
war will end.— New York Evening
s. A .
Compound," you will get a large hot
tie of this old time recipe. Improved
by the addition of other Ingredients
all ready to use, for about 10 cents
This simple mixture can be depended
upon to restore natural color and
beauty to the hair.
A well-known downtown druggist
says everybody uses Wyeth’s Sag.
and Sulphur Compound now because
It darkens so naturally and evenly
that nobody can tell it haa been ap
plied—It’s so easy to use, too. You
simply dampen a comb or soft bruab
asd draT !t i*»roneb your hair, taking
one strand at a time. By morning
the gray hair disappears; after an
other application or two. It la restored
to Its natural color and looks glossy
soft and beautiful. This preparation
Is a delightful toilet requisite. It tr
not Intended for the cure, mitigation
or prevention of disease.— Adv.
Horrid Man.
She— What Is the correct transla­
tion of the motto of that lovely ring
you gave me?
lie — Faithful to the last.
She— The last! How horrid! And
you've always told me before that I
was the very first!— Minneapolis Trib­
Too Literal.
The Junior Sub (conjuring at the
men’s smoker)— Now, »are you quite
sure the haversack's empty?
Ills Assistant— Absolutely, sir. The
rabbit wot you put in It's got away,
sir.— London Sketch.
A Money Saver!
A Time Saver!
A Labor Saver!
For ru ttin g cordwood. clonring land or
"ftwinir to* i. Our m»ohlne naturally flu
itR«lf to th*» different positions while saw­
ing without any adjustment.
Flavor Lasts!
Heroic Suggestion.
As an expert In heroics we offer the
suggestion that the man who triumphs
over John Barleycorn may be entitled
to honorable mention, but triumphing
over the Flve-Cent Cigar habit entitles
one to all the ribbons and crosses of
war. the rank of colonel and fried
chicken four times a week.—Houston
"Why don’t you call on that fashion­
able girl? You claim to know her."
“ I make no clalma. The acquaintance
was slight. I was merely engaged to
her at a summer resort"— Louisville
"Aren’t you sometimes a little
afraid of your wife?"
“ Certainly sot,” replied Mr. Meek-
t o n . ^ do exactly as Henrietta says
In every particular. Therefore, what
reaaon have I to fear her?”— Washing­
ton Star.
Call » t 20* Aider street or mail «ample».
W e buy »II the time and pay the hiuhmt
market price. Don't fall to r e t in touch
with ur before aeUinir. W f STS t h #
O n l y E x c l u s i v e B e a n D e a l e r s In
O teg o n .
W e want more agenta at
country pointa.
Cleaner, and dealer,
y la u e w rit, fur our agent«' term..
S. C. D A L T O N CO.,
MS Ahter SC.
la the reeult o f n .in g Peta­
luma Incubator, and Brood­
ers. That's the kind you
W rite for our big
Free Catalog No. «0.
Petaluma. California
You reckless men and women who
are pestered w'th corns and who have
at least once s week Invited an awful
death from lockjaw or blood poison
are now told by a Cincinnati authority
to use a drug called freexone, which
the moment a few drops are applied
to any corn or callout the soreness Is
relieved and soon the entire corn or
callous, root and all. lifts off with the
Freexone dries the moment It Is ap­
plied, and simply shrivels the corn or
callous without inflaming or even ir­
ritating the surrounding tissue or
skin. A small bottle of freesone will
cost very little at any of the drug
stores, but will positively rid one’s
feet of every hard or soft corn or Elat less meat if Kidneys feel like
lead or Bladder
hardened callous.
If your druggist
hasn’t any freexone he can get It at
any wholesale drug house for you.—
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get sluggish and clog­
ged and need a flushing occasionally,
Spring Chumps.
else we have backache and dull misery
The man who rocks the boat
The fellow who didn’t know It was In the kidney region, severe headaches,
rheumatic twinges, torpid liver, acid
The susceptible gink who went stomach, sleeplessness and all aorta
flower hunting with a girl and got of bladder disorders.
You simply must keep your kidneys
The man who thought he was im­ active and clean, and the moment you
feel an ache or pain In the kidney
mune from poison Ivy.
region, get about four ounces of Jsd
The picnicker who sat on the ground Malts from any good drug store here,
before it was warm and was looked at take a tablespoonful In a glass of wa­
sympathetically by his widow’s rela­ ter before breakfast for a few days
tives.— Richmond Tlmes-Dispatch.
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
Dr. Pierce’s Pellets are best for liver, arid of grapes and lemon Juice, com­
bowels and stomach. One little Pellet bined with llthla, and la harmless to
for a laxative—three for a cathartic.
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to normal activity. It also neu­
The Object.
tralises the acids In the urine so it no
"W hy do we have these meatless longer Irritates, thus ending bladder
and wheatless days?” asked the sel­ disorders.
fish person.
Jad Salta is harmless; inexpensive;
"In order,” replied Miss Cayenne, makes a delightful effervescent llthla
"that we may have a defeatless army.” water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid­
neys clean, thus avoiding serious com­
A well-known local druggist says he
sells lots of Jad Salta to folks who be­
lieve In overcoming kidney trouble
while It Is only trouble.— Adv.
}f N E Granulated Eyelids,
Sore Eves. Eyes Inflamed by
P j ^ S g A , Oust and Wind quickly
■ a J B * " relieved by Murine. Try tt in
E » » £ y w u r Eyes and in Baby's Eyes.
“I tell you,” said Pat, “ the ould
fr’ind is the best, after all, and, what’s
more, I can prove I t ”
“ How are you goin’ to prove It?"
“ Where will you find a new fr’ind
that has shtud by ye as long as th*
ould ones have?"—Last Word.
8kln Troubles That Itch
Burn and disfigure quickly soothed
and healed by hot baths with Cutl-
curs Soap and gentle anointings of Cu­
tl cura Ointment. For free samples,
address. “Cutlcura, Dept. X. Boston.”
Sold by druggists and by malL Soap
23, Ointment V <nd 50.—Adv.
Where Most of Them Go.
“ Scribbs has a facetious name for
his waste basket”
“ What does he call It?”
“ The grave of hla dreams."— Brook­
lyn Citizen.
A llen '. Foot-Ease, the an ti^ p tic powder, tt
pre-rent, tightness and blistering. Relieve. Corns.
Bunions, and Swollen. Sweating. Aching Feet.
Give, real and comfort. Accept no aubetituta.
Sample FREE.
Addnaa. Allan a. Otmatad. La
Roy. N . Y .
“ Where have you been?”
“ I’ve been to see ‘Jack and the
Beans Talk’ ”
“ Well, what in heaven's name d id
they say?”— Portland Press.
Hides, Pelts, CK £ E “ Wool & Mohaii
Makes a Man Mad.
Remember This.
" I’m glad Billy had the sense to
It always makes a man mad to re­
flect tfcat hla great-grandfather could marry an old maid,” said grandma at
Portland. Of*.. Seattle. Wn.. Bellingham, Wn. A WOMAN'S BURDENS
are lightened when she turns to the have sought the postofflee block for the wedding.
right medicine. If her existence Is 31.50 and didn't do I t — Neodesha
"Why, grandma?” asked the son.
made gloomy by the chronic weak­ (Kan.) Reporter.
“ Well, gala la hlghty-tighty, and wld-
■Nf | f n
Veal, Pork, Beef,
la kinder overrulin' and upsettln’,
S i - 1 I Y * Poultry, Butter, Egg»
painful disorders that afflict her sex,
"You charge extra for an egg done but old maids is thankful and willin’ to
Kmj Farm Produce,
she will find relief and emancipation on both sides?”
to th . Old Reliable Everding hoiwe with a
from her troubles In Dr. Pierce's Fav­
record o f 46 year, o f Square Dealing», and
"Gotto,” replied the waiter. “ Re­
And There It Ended.
b . awured o f T O P M A R K E T PRICES.
orite Preacription. If she's overwork­ quires that much more fuel to cook
ed. nervous, or "run-down,” she find*
Policyholder— I nearly had my skull
new life and strength. It's & power­
»- «7 r r i il Strw.t,
Portland, Oregon
fractured on the Ice sidewalk yester­
ful, invigorating tonic and nervine
It Is said they tried to form a chap­ day. Don’t I get something for that?
which was discovered and used by an ter of the Daughters of the Revolution
Adjuster—If you can produce a doc­
eminent physician for many years, in in Russia the other day, but couldn't tor’s certificate we may nearly giva
all cases of ‘‘female complaints” and decide which revolution.
you something.— Boston Transcript
weaknesses. For young girls just en­
tering womanhood; for women at the
critical "change of life ;" in bearing-
W ; | tfia^rantee you top market price* at all time* down sensations, periodical pains, ul-
for your Veai. Hogs. Poultry. Egg*. Butter. Hides.
itlon, Inflammation, and every ktn-
Etc. I f you hare not shipped to ua, try ua.
' ailment, the "Favorlt- Prescrtp-
1X3 F ron t,
P O R T L A N D , OF.
will benefit or cure.
■Id or tablets. Tablets 60c.—
Cuts logs in thi woods, and by using
our Circular Sawing Attachment will
cut cord wood into stove lengths.
She Knew Him.
Will drive Pumps, Churns, Feed Cut­
Mab— I hear that you are going to
ters, Grindstone», Fanning Mill», Lathes,
marry Jack Swift? Congratulation»!
Ethel—But I'm not going to marry
Air Compressors and any other work
within a 4-h. p. capacity.
Mab— Oh, then my alncere congratu­
By buying direct from ue ftt w hole**)« prices
lations.— Boston Transcript.
•nd rave the plumber*« profits. W rite us to­
V» wad
TN km.
WHO te Price, mi 9 i a t Tata
T H E H. r . N O R T O N COM P A N T ,
The New All-Steel
Thomas Portable
Gasoline Drag Saw
Crosshead or Sawholder
day your need*. W e will give you our rock-
bottom “ direct-to-you" price* f. o. b. rail or
boat. W e actually rave you from 10 to t t per
cent. A ll good* guaranteed.
Northwest headquarters fai L u â e W t t e
System» s i m ) Fuller a Johnsen Ensinee.
2 » Third Street.
Portland. O r . rea
V A U G H A N M O T O R W O R K S , Inc.
461 E ast M a in S t., P o rtla n d , O r.
P. N. U.
14 , 1010
.—take » prompt and effective rrmedy-one
that »cts quickly end contain» no opiates.
Yea esn set each a remedy by »»k in » (ter
Will positively last longer than any other Portablr Power
Sawing Machine on the market. Write for particulars.
The Thom as Engineering W orks
Builders of High Grade Logging and Farm Machinery