Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, February 02, 1918, Image 1

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F ebruary 2. 1918
m u m 1, a.
Fills City, Origin
C imai « n m en t
d e le g a tea.
Devotional. Special music.
Word« of welcome. Claude Stephens.
Talk todelesate<by State Secretary. Mrs. M. A Danenhpwer.
Reporta and Roil Call.
"Our ReaponaibiHty." Rev Mr. Johnson.
7:80 Devotional. Special muaic. Pantomime.
7:46 Addreaa, "The World View.” Mra. Danenhower,
A » there seem to be a wrong impression
with regard to the proposed change in the light­
ing rates, we offer the following that all may
know just what it means:
About eight yean ago the rating on
lamps was changed from a candle-power rating
and since that time, as you well know, have
been rated by watts. Therefore we are asking
for a change of tariff from the candle power
rating and put on the watt rating.
On figuring this new rate there has been
added 11-100 of a cent per watt and then give
a 10 % discount if bills are paid on or before
the 17th of the month. If the discount of 10 %
Is taken it leaves our flat rate the same as it
formerly was.
We believe that the new rate will work
much better for all concerned than the o*d rate.
If any further information is desired we
would be glad to answer any questions our
customers desire to ask.
Yours for better service.
Falls City Light
9:80 Devotional. Special muaic.
9:46 "The New Teacher Training.” Mra. Danenhower
10;0U Sectional Conference.
1— Cradle Roll Work and Up to 'Teen Age.
Mra. Danenhower.
2— ’Teen Age. Rev. Mr. Hanaew.
Adults and Home. Mra. Leach.
11,00 Question Box
t Power Co.
t*ble. Line up with the "Corn SEIZURE OF HOUSEWIVES'
Bread Aristocracy.” It will cure
that stomach trouble, and help
win the war.
1;30 Devotional. Special muaic.
All the Sunday school children of the city will be entertained at
the Chriatian church from 2.30 to 3.00 with readings by Mrs. F. V.
Brown. The Smith Sisters will sing. Mrs. Short will apeak. Other
numbers being arranged.
1;45 Husinesa aesaion. Election of officera. Sectional Conference.
"The New Plan for Rural W ork,”
"Teacher of Boys.” Direction Itcv. MacKeiuie.
8—"Teacher of Girls." Direction Rev. MacKenzie.
3:00 Answering questions.
3;30 Address, "The School Equipped and at Work.”
Mra. Danenhower.
7;30 Devotional. Special muaic. Pantomime.
7;45 Addresa. "The Appeal of the 400,000." J. J. Handsaker.
8;15 Patriotic Pageant. "The New Flag,” Direction of Howard
McConnell. A wonderful story of Patriotism, Business
and Religion.
10;00 Sunday school as usual at regular place of worship.
11;00 Church service as usual,
2:’“; Address for Boys Only, at Christian church by Chaplain
1 at thews.
Udress for Girl» Only, at Methodist church,
ecial music.
evotional. Special muaic.
Addreaa by Chaplain Matthews, Sixty-fifth Artillery, Fort
The Spectator say9 that the
William A. Borah of Idaho is
administration it still keeping us being widely quoted by Demo­
n il of war.
cratic newspapers, as saying a
man must be divine to make no
mistakes. This is true, but it
The man honestly mistaken is does not signifv th a t mistakes
rpady to heed warnings and does should not be point'd out and
not fly into a passion on being corrected that they may not occur
again. To blihdly follow a lead­
er, right or wrong without pro­
test may be thé way of the Dem­
Along with swelling buds of ocrat but it is not the way to a
pussy willows are swelled heads World Democracy.”
of candidates.
This is strictly
Under Hoover’s new order you
are expected to observe eleven
Young men in first draft who wheatless meals each week ¡of a
failed to pass the physical exam­ possible twenty-one. This is
ination will b a gratified to learn bad. Many of the old
that they will be given another can remember whej
examination and treatm ent pro­ Sunday morniug.
vided to correct such disability
where it is deemd curable.
read graced the
T h e governm ent he» n ev er consid­
ered any plan o f seizing foodstuff!
ow ned by householders. N or Is th ere
nny policy o f th is kind suggested for
th e fu tu re.
In sp ite o f th is fact, the U nited
S ta te s food ad m in istratio n h a s been
obliged rep eg ted ly to Issue official de­
n ia l! of ru n to rs th a t th e governm ent
Intends com aien d eeiin g p reserv es and
canned good» p u t up In A m erican
T hese ru m o rs-w ere o riginated partly
by pro-U srroan p ro p ag an d ists an d p a rt­
ly by conscienceless g ra fte rs , who
songht to profit? through buying from
m isinform ed hoasew lves.
T h e y e a r 1918 will see hom e canning
a n d p re serv in g p racticed on g re a te r
scale th a n e v e r before In the n atio n 's
h isto ry , officials In W ashington believe
And they a re assu rin g all p a trio tic
housew ives th a t foods so saved a re
th eirs, an d th e irs alone.
As its best reply to the charges
that the administration has been
dilatory and inefficient in its war
work, and that because of that
delay and incompetency our
troops are not properly equipped
and many of our soldiers have
perished iu disease-breeding
camps, the Journal produces part
of the record of our shortcomings
in the Spanish-American war.
That record, made in 1898, was
had—black, indeed. But today
we do not blush with shame so
much for the blunders and futil­
ities the exhibt discloses, as for
the fact that with this record
open for its inspection, the ad­
ministration has neither been
guided bv its lessons nor been
warned by its faults.
It is useless to point out to the
Journal that there are points of
dissimilarity between the Span­
ish-American war of 1898 and
the conflict in which we are en­ On* New York h o ld h as arrmng*d
• thoroughly p a trio tic corn bread
gaged. To a newspaper that r*c!p*. It com bines cornm eal w ith
seeks to palliate the inefficiency rye (tour, both of which a re being con­
sum ed In g re a te r q u a n titie s th is y ear
of one administration by holding In
o rd e r to relenoe w heat flour fo r the
up to deserved scorn the incom- allied natlona. T ills recipe Oils a
petency of another, a suggestion larg* p an — 10 by ;!2 inches—nnd con­
in s th* follow ing In g red ien ts: One
of that sort would probably be ta
q n a rt m ilk, fo u r ounces h u tte r su b s ti­
unavailing. But the rest of us tute, ten ounces light sy ru p or honey,
know that we entered the war of th re e eggs, pinch salt. tw o pounds
cornm eal, one pound rye flour and two
1898 as a blind man falls into the ounces baking pow der. .
sea; while for this conflict we T he b u tte r and syrup a re th o ro u g h ­
had two and a half years to de­ ly mixed. T hen add th e eggs g ra d u a l­
ly, p o u r In th e milk, then ad d th e rye
vote to preparation for defense flour mixed w ith the cornm eal and
or letter-writing, as we ¡saw fit; baking pow der. B ake th a hot oven.
and we elected to write diplo­
matic correspondence. It may
A Cueleus Case.
Som e y ears ago a w oman In B russels
be said, too, that after we were Was
aroused "by church bells ringing In
in the Spanish-American war consequence of a Are. She bad beeu
and notwithstanding the serious asleep for nearly seventeen years.
W hen she aw oke she w as In perfect
errors that were committed, and health
and rem em bered In detail events
which the Journal would have us th a t bad ta k e n place before sh e fell
believe excuses the present ad­ off Into her long nap.
ministration for its unpardonable
L engthening th* Life of a Chain.
blunders,, it took us but a few By tw ist lug a hem p rope In and out
months to perform the work that of th e llnka o f a chain th a t ru n s over
a pulley not only la th e noise suppress­
we had set ourselves. At the ed.
but th* life of th e chain 1» length
nine months that have •ned 70 per c e n t
since we delared war on
any, we have hardly done I f a m an A sav C es ent a a cent
each d ay he
more than to get ready to begin will n o t need to risk th e loss o f a
active preparations.—Thé Spec­ friend a t th e end of the yggr by trv tp e
to hortoir a dollar.—JCsw York Glob*
No. 23.
Ladies' Patent Button Dress Shoes
former price $4 to »5. now $2.98 and $3.15
Ladies Dress Hats $3.40 to $5. now $2.15
Gingham Dust Caps 10c.
1 Lot Ladies' 35c Hose 22c
Ladies' Fancy Dust Caps 19c
Ladies’ Corset Covers 19c
Lawn White Tea Aprons 25c
Children’s Mitts 19c
3 Bars Toilet Soap in Boxes 15c
Many othar Bargains now to bo had at
SELIG’S, Cash Price Store,
“ Meeting and Beating Competition**.
Never Say “Enough*!
An Irishman who was getting the worst of it in a fight
was asked if he would say "enough?” He replied: "If I
had strength left to say that, I wouldn’t be licked.”
That's the proper spirit. Never give up. A quitter
never gets anywhere. If hard luck strikes you, brace up
and go on just as bravely as you can. However, a little
saviugs account a t the bank has carried many a man through
a tight place. S Better begin now, before hard luck strikes,
and open a little savings account with us. We will guard it
carefully for you,
v v
ave a loal
a week^
help win
the war