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The Scene In New York City Dur­
ing the Riots of 1863.
par P I « ( Day* «Ha Maba Oppaaad la
C a n a e r lp t le n
R a g s ii
T h ro u g h
th a
•tra a ta , a n d M o r a T h a n a T h o u a a n d
P a ro o n a W a r o K ill a d a r W o u n d a d .
During (be draft rlota In the war
days o f lHtCI New York city waa In the
grip o f a reign o f terror and hlood-
ahed for nearly a week Couacrlptloo
waa begun uu the morning of Tueaday,
July 18, In a four atory brick building
at Third avenue and Furty-alxtli «treat,
under the aupervlaion of I'rovoat Mur-
ahal Jenklna. Aaalatance aud protec­
tion had lieen promUed, but no oue
came to help him mid hla little force.
D rafting commenced at 0 o’clock, aud
a big crowd atood outalde. A atone
wua hurled through a window at 10.30
o'clock, aud eoou many more were bat­
tering agaluat the walla. Terrorized,
the polk-e and draft offlier* tied to the
«treat, where many of them were
roughly bundled
The rioter« ruahed Into the draft
office and threw the enrollment hooka
out o f the wludowa to the crowd,
which tore the record« to ahreda. The
draft wheel, chalra aud table* were
amaabed, piled hi the middle o f the
room, and a match waa applied. Thla
building waa oue o f the many burped,
the aggregate loaa by Incendiary Urea
being eatlmated at $2.000.000.
Kor negro«« In the city It waa a day
o f doom, the mob looking upon them
aa oue o f tbg chief euuaoe o f the draft-
Many o f them were killed aud wound­
ed. aome being allot, other« beaten to
death aud atlll other« hanged to tree«
aud lampposts. The Colored Orphan
aaylum waa burned. Near Kultou mar­
ket boys killed three negroes and left
their bodies on the pier near Fulton
ferry entrance.
So suddenly did the abock come that
the police and limited force o f uiJltla
In town could not resist I t There waa
u hurried conference between Major
t.eiiciul Wool. ox-Uovernor Morgan.
General Anthou aud brigadier General
llarvey Drown; but. owing to the ab­
sence o f Governor Horatio Seymour,
whose opinion was wauled, martini
law wua not declared. Hrlgadler Gen­
eral Drown, however, took commaud of
opa In the city aud summoned
turn uearby points all available sol­
Mayor George Opdyke Issued
an antl-rlot proclamation.
During the afternoon a mob swept
along Fifth uveuue, destroying pro|>er-
ty. They were ready to bum Mayor
Ottdykc's borne, but Judge llaruard
» • <1 It by telling the crowd tbo only
nay to lesist the draft was by brlng-
hig it before the court
He promised
r would Issue a writ o f habeas corpus
for uny drafted man for whom appli­
cation ihould lie made.
In all the
mobs were many Infuriated women,
' r> h tlo'is were often worse tban
• oi i he men.
lloiuce Greeley, who was a particu­
lar object o f aversion to the rioters,
I. ss usual, from his home In
i-ieciitb street to go on a Fourth
■ lie . ur to the Tribune office.
Fr ends told hint o f his danger, and he
speut the dny In Wtmlust's restaurant,
at Dark row and Ann street, and went
borne at night In a closed carriage
while mobs were deinnuding hla blood.
Governor Seymour Issued a procla­
mation the next day calling on all cltl-
seus to stand by the constituted au­
thorities and assist lu maintaining
Dinting, however, continued
throughout the dny aud night, the po­
lice. soldiers and inohs having many
fatal encounters.
Ou the third day the rioting contin­
ued. and many of the mob and the
city's defenders were killed or wound­
ed The federal authorities postponed
the draft, but trouble did not cense at
once, as many o f the rioters thought
the action was a governmental trick to
gain time. The fourth day brought
further disorders in New York and
Archbishop Hughes ad­
dressed a crowd In front of hla home,
urging them to keep the peace. Hla
plea had a aoothlng effect
On the fifth day fighting ceased and
order was partly restored
A heavy
storm also dampened the ardor o f the
tired rioters. General James B. Fry.
provost marshal general of the United
8tatea. Issued an order that drafting
Would be resumed Brigadier General
E. R. 8. Canby assumed command of
the Federal troops In the city, reliev­
ing General Brown.
A roundup of
ringleaders among the rioters followed,
and many were arrested. By July 30
order was completely restored.
More tban 1,000 person* were killed
or wounded during the rioting, among
them Colonel O'Brien o f the Eleventh
New York volunteers, then In the city
on recruiting duty. He veutured out
In uniform after having conspicuously
opposed the mob. He was seized,
beaten, dragged through the streets
eud dually flung into his own back
yard, where he died.—New York Sun.
The One That Started the Ball Rolling
In This Country.
The first o f the “ endless i bein''
schemes that have proved such au an­
noyance to postal officials In ull coun­
tries was launched on June 27. 18US,
by a young girl, Natalie BcbeucU, of
Babylon. N. Y. Her project was pur*
ly benevolent aud was auluinted by
a spirit o f patriotism
Desiring to
raise a fund for Ibe sld o f American
•uldlers tbVu Oghtlug Hpalu. she orig­
inated tbo endlesa chain Idea as an
adaptation o f a scheme that hud a
vogue lu England until It waa stopped
by act o f parliament.
The "chain" was started with four
letters written by Miss Scheuck to as
many girl frieuds. Each was asked
to contribute 10 ceuts and write four
similar letters to other frieuds. A few
days later the Babylon pout office be­
gan to get busy, aud as the days went
by the postal officials got busier and
busier until they were fairly buried un­
der the weight of mall which descend,
od upon them Uke au avalanche.
A hurry call weut to Washington for
extra help, and mall was delivered to
Mis* Bcbcuck by the truck load. Now
that young lady began to feel the e f­
fects o f the scheme. Her borne was
littered from cellar to garret with let­
ter*. letters and more letters, all con­
taining dimes. Before the thing died
out o f Its own accord «be bad received
more (ban a (juurter o f a million dimes.
Fakers all over the world beard o f It.
and, as fakers will, they Immediately
got imsy. Hundreds of thousands o f
people were swindled out o f money In
thla manner until the postal authori­
ties put an end to It. The famous
endless chain prayer, which threatens
endless punishment to any (sersou who
breaks It, has been one o f the hardiest
survivors o f all.—New York World.
Despotism aa a Government.
Unlimited power la the Ideal thing
when It Is In safe bauds. The despot­
ism o f heaven Is the one absolutely
perfect government. An earthly des­
potism would be the absolutely perfect
earthly government If the conditions
were the same—namely, the despot the
perfectest Individual o f the human
race und his lease of life perpetual.
But as u perishable perfect mau must
die und leave his despotism In the
bauds of an Imperfect successor au
earthly des|Mjtlam Is not merely a bad
form of government; It Is the worst
possible.—Mark Twain.
A Use For Old Rubber.
Old hot water bags make fine holders
to use when wringing cloths out o f hot
water, fur compresses, facial massage,
etc. Cut the bag all around the scum.
Cut the stiff top off and you have two
flat pieces of rubber. This Is a great
protection to the hands, and butter wa­
ter cun be used.—New York Tribune.
Repotting Plants.
Repotting plants becomes necessary
at Intervals from two considerations.
The plant uses up the available fertil­
ity In the toll and fills the pot with
roots. In repotting plants It Is well to
shake off whutever earth can be sep­
arated without breaking and Injuring
the roots. Then water and sbudu for a
few days.
Mr. Lamb, surveyor, and W. G.
Powell left Wednesday for the
Siletz to do some surveying.
Quite a number attended the
dancp at Falla City Saturday night
Representative Green o f Iowa
including Mr. and Mrs. Freer and
has introduced a bill to compel
Mr. and Mrs. Cox.
property owners to purchase
Mrs. R. L Hart and friend Liberty Bonds.
were up from Falls City, picnic-
ing Tuesday.
The Salem Capital Journal is
The bridge crew are new thru
greatly perturbed over the Ore­
with the pile driver.
gonian’ s recent “ discovery” that
Geo. Otte was notified to appear Senator Chamberlain was a great
before the local board, at Dallas. man. That there are men in the
on the 24th inst for physical ex­ Democratic party seeking the
true light and are being recog­
nized, strange as it may appear,
It is reported that we are to
as men who rise above party and
have new neighbors soon, Mr. and
work in the interest o f humanity,
Mrs. Wingo and family.
should be hailed as glad tidings
We do bless the trainmen heart­ o f better things.
ily when they bring the mail each
day, and also bless ’em if they
don't, only in a different language,
Apparently, the Democrats
anyway they do love pie and then
have just awakened to the fact
more pie.
that politics is being injected into
The hog family now numbers the handling o f the war. Not
that the Democrats, themselves,
26 and they are a fine lol too.
would be guilty o f playing poli­
Mrs. J. M. Cleveland received
tics iu this, the nation’ s hour o f
a letter several days ago from
peril; Oh. No! In fact in order
Clinton and Ralph Harlan and
that there may be no politics,
they expect to leave Camp Lewis
where ever possible. Republicans
for Butte, Montana Jan. 25.
are forced into a back seat—and
Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Vassall why not? “ To the victor belongs
! were overnight visitors in Falls the spoils,” even though they
City Taturday, returning Sunday. spoil the victory.
Everyone is enjoying the pretty
days of this week and here’s a
hope and a wish sincere there’s
more of ’em.
A letter lately received from
Mrs. Joe Thrasher, states that
they are near Bend, having left
here Jan. 2.
They went from
Portland by auto, having purch­
ased a Ford while there. They
drove part o f the way in a foot of
Bob Pomeroy, our genial com­
missary man is happy these davs,
having qualified for running the
speeder by adopting the superin­
tendents style o f hair-cut
The cooks certainly appreciate
the new bins for the flour, etc.
just put in.
Astoria, Ore. Jan. 23.
Editor Falls City News,
Falls City, Ore.
Dear Sir:
W e have moved to Astoria
where I am at work as Receiving
Teller in the Astoria Saving Bank.
I have a much better position
with better pay than I could ever
hope to get in Salem and I like the
town just fine. The population
has doubled in the last two years,
(now above 20,000) and I think
the place has a great future. I
expect to spend the balance o f my
days in Astoria.
Please send the News to Astoria,
Oregon, instead of the Salem ad­
dress, and oblige.
Yours truly,
J. E. Beezley.
Btata ot Ohio, city of Toledo,
Lucas County.
(“ •
Frank J. Chaney makes oath that he Is
senior partner of the Arm of F. J. Cheney
P j WA, doing bualncee In the City of To-
!*«»• County and State aforetald. end
the eum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each end ev­
ery cose of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the uee of H ALL'S CATARRH CURE.
Sworn to before me and eubeertbed In
my presence, thla 6th day of December.
A. D. 1SS6.
Notary Public.
H .I 1 -. catarrh Cura I*
to ‘ ‘ ^ i " n t ‘ . r n . H y
end acts directly up
coua surfaces of the system. Send for
teatlmonlals. free.
F. J. CHENET A CO.. Toledo. O.
Bold by all Drugglate, 75c.
Take Itali a Family n ils for coaoUpaUoa.
• An eigh-hour day proclamation
Mrs. Vassall and Mra. Cleveland for saw mills in Pacific North­
have had a Beige of the rheuma­ west is soon to be issued by Pres­
ident Wilson.
Joe Whetzling sprained his foot
badley Wednesday and returned
Fame la something which must be to his home in Falls City.
won: honor only something which must
not be lo s t—8cb<i|>euliuuer.
Two wheatless and two meat­
less days will soon be [the order.
“ Button, button, who’s got the
button,” or rather where is the
button nearly caused the gallant
young fireman a serious accident
Tuesday, on the Teal Creek Li. R.
A couple of ladies were aboard
and one lost a coat button it hav­
ing rolled thru the engine floor
and the engineer was unaware
that the aforesaid young man was
beneath the engine.
Mrs. N. F. Newhouse was a
Fa'ls City visitor Wednesday and
The annual Polk County Sun­
day School Convention will be
held at the M. E. church, in this
city, February 1, 2, 3. One of
the features o f the convention
will be a patriotic message by a
company o f tw elve people.
The program will be published
next week.
Robert N.
O f Stanfield
Umatilla County
Candidate for
United States
From Oregon.
------------ ---------
The man who believes
in the developemant of
Eat More Corn
The Food Administrator is making
Strenuous efforts to conserve the
wheat and the flour supply. . . .
Be Patriotic and substitute corn for
wheat products as much as possible.
Our customers are finding good
values during our January Sale.
SELIG’S. Cash Price Store,
“ Meeting and Beating Competition”.
There is a drawback to nearly everything. The
fragrant rose has its thorn, the busy bee has its
stinger, the useful mule has its kick, and so on down
the line.
There is seldom success without economy at the
start. It isn’ t always pleasant to pinch and scrimp
and save, but most o f us who start out with nothing,
have to travel that road. The savings thus attained i f
placed in a good bank like ours where they are safe,
will in time mean comfort, ease and satisfaction to you.
Samuel Gompers is advocating the County Agent, or a com­
a 7-hour day.
mitteeman from ’your local Farm­
ers organization, (Farm ers Union
Hoover is trying to establish a or Grange, etc.), at an early date
we can come in fo r our share o f
"Born Bread Aristocracy.”
Most all are fam iliar with N it­
The Falls City Electric Ligh t
o f Soda as a fertilizer. To
& Power Co. have made applica­
who may not I wish to say
tion to the Public Service Com­
is especially good fo r gar­
mission for permission to raise
truck crops. It will give
their rates.
results on any crop that we want
forcing o f stem and leaf growth.
It is very readily available to the
Office County Agent,
plant and may be applied in small
Dallas, Ore Jan, 22, 1918.
quantities at time o f planting or
Through the Secretary o f A g ri­ during the grow ing season. 250
culture, Houston, the United to 400 pounds per acre is suffi­
States department o f Agriculture cient for most intensive crops.
Don’ t delay i f interested in
is bringing into this country 100,-
000 tons o f Chilean nitrates for this proposition. Further infor­
fertilizer. This material will be mation gladly furnished by this
sold to the farmers at cost. It office.
J. E. Larson,
will be brought to Seaports at a
County Agricultural Agent.
cost o f aproximately 176 per ton.
This plus the freigh t to unload­
ing station will be the cost to the
This office has just received
notification that requests for this
A large Eastern Publishing
fertilizer must be made through house has opportuity for man or
woman that can be made very
committees appointed by the profitable. Can be handled in
■ Director o f the Extension Service spare time. N o investment, no
at Corvallis. The request must outfit to bny, everything furnish­
also be made before the 4th day ed free- W ar makes opportunity
o f February. The necessity for doubly valuable for women. Ad­
quick action is apparent. I f you dress, Manager, |Box 1159 Boston,
will make Your wants known to Mass.
If you have not received
a complete copy of my theofficeoftheCountyAge„tor
principles write me at
The Ladies Aid o f the Christian
Church will give a 10c tea in the r
basement o f the church Thursday S t a n f e l d .
| afternoon, Jan. 31. There will be
R. N. Stanfield.
a sale o f useful articles in connec­
tion with i t Everyone is invited
(P o litic a l A d v er.)
to attend.
No. 22.