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mies F0"E,Ml sum
W ilxon Tell* IVm ocr»l> o f
llo u w He Earnestly Desires Fa­
vorable Vote on Meaaure.
Washington, D. C. — President W il­
son Wednesday night threw his sup­
Resume Most Important port to the Federal amendment for
woman suffrage.
Daily News Items.
On the eve o f a vote on suffrage in
the house 12 Democratic members
called at the W hite House with word
that many o f their colleagues wanted
advice from the head o f their party as
to the position they should take.
was a conference o f 40 minutes,
Brenta o f Noted People, Government*
| the results o f which was described in
and Pacific Nortkweat and Other
i this statement, dictated by the Presi-
I dent himself and made public by the
Things W orth Knowing.
I delegation:
"T h e
committee found that the
President had not felt at liberty to
British patrol* have again crossed volunteer his advice to members o f
the Piave river, on the Italian front. congress in this important matter, but
They forced a passage at various when we sought his advice he very
points causing alarm in the enemy ■ frankly and earnestly advised us to
! vote for the amendment as an act of
| right and justice to the women o f the
John Stark, o f Athol, Mass., an
country and to the world.”
American student at a French flying
In these few lines sutTrage cham­
school, was killed on Saturday when
pions saw certain victory where a few
his machine suddenly plunged to the
days ago most o f them privately were
ground while he was flying at a height
conceding defeat.
A large majority
o f 200 yards.
i o f the Republicans in the house have
An official report received from < been counted upon to support the
Aden, a British port on the Southern amendment and enough Democrats are
coast of Arabia, says that the British committed to assure a close vote.
destroyed the defenses o f Hatum, Sat­ With the weight o f the President's in­
Severe casualties were inflic­ fluence to swing doubtful Democrats,
; Representative Parker, chairman of
ted on the enemy.
the suffrage committee, jubilantly pre­
A British torpedo-boat destroyer has dicted that the necessary two-thirds
been torpedoed and sunk in the Medi- 1 would be exceeded by 15 or 20 votes,
terranean Sea according to an admiral­
ty announcement issued Tuesday. All
the officers of the destoryer were H O S P I T A L SHI P T O R P E D O E D
saved, but ten members o f the crew
were lost.
Missile Goes Through Red Cross Sick
and Wounded Saved.
Senator McNary is assured by the
W ar department that there is no
foundation for rumors, current in Ore­
gon, that a transport bearing some of
the Oregon troops had been sunk. A ll
the Oregon troops, he was told, had
landed safely.
Bristol. England— The hospital ship
Rewa was torpedoed in the British
channel without warning, an hour be­
fore midnight, January 4, and sank
within an hour.
According to custom,
Heavy artillery fire took place dur­ the vessel was lighted up after dark
ing Tuesday night near Bezonvaux and Friday evening, so that there could be
Chambrettes, Northeast o f Verdun, the no possibility o f submarines mistaking
Paris war office announces. A German her identity.
raid on French trenches north o f Hill
The torpedo struck the vessel with
304 and the opposite bank o f the
a terrific crash and was so effective
Meuse was repulsed.
that there was no chance o f saving
Senator Smith, o f South Carolina, her. There were 550 persons on board,
has been chosen by the senate steering including 30 bed-ridden and a number
committee to be chairman o f the in­ o f soldiers suffering from malaria, on
terstate commerce committee, succeed­ their way home from Gibraltar.
The lights on the hospital ship were
ing the late Senator Newlands. He
will have charge of the administration put out by the force o f the explosion
and the wounded and sick had to grope
railroad legislation in the senate.
about in the dark for their clothing.
A t a meeting o f the official board of Many of them were unsuccessful in
the parish school o f the Trinity Ger- | their quest and had to leave the ship
man Lutheran church called Tuesday without clothing. W hile in the boats
at Sterling, Colo., to consider abolish­ and on rafts they had little or no pro­
ing the teaching o f German, it was de­ tection from the piercing cold wind.
cided to go a step further and suspend A ll the patients, the ship’s staff and
school for the duration o f the war.
the members o f the crew, with the
exception o f three Lascars who were
Butter is selling in Berlin at $2.25
killed by the explosion, were safely
per pound, sugar at 56 cents a pound,
rescued from the boats and rafts. They
ham and bacon at $2.11 per pound, and
had hardly le ft the Rewa, which was
American soap at five bars for $1.12. sinking on even keel, when the steam­
This information, received by the food
er suddenly plunged forward and dis­
administration, comes through a reli­ appeared. The rescued men were two
able source. The prices are from four hours adrift before they were picked
to five times as high as those prevail­
ing in the United States.
million ripe bananas were
offered by the United States Fruit
company o f Boston, Wednesday, to the
Food administration o f Maryland for
distribution among the poor.
to the fact that the vessel carrying the
fru it was held up a week by ice in
Chesepeake Bay, the bananas had be­
come unsaleable through regular chan­
Reorganization o f the W ar depart­
ment, begun with the creation last
month o f the war council o f high gen­
eral officers, advanced a step further
Tuesday with the appointment by Sec­
retary Baker o f Major General George
Goethals, acting quartermaster
general to serve also as director o f
W ar department transportation and
Premier Clemenceau, a dispatch
from France says, has sent this mes­
sage to Prem ier Lloyd George: " W it h
my most hearty congratulations, I
hasten to send you those o f the French
nation, those at the front and in the
interior, for the admirable speech in
which you so happily stated the truth
that one must never become weary of
opposing the Germans.”
BUY 30 P E R C E N T O F F L O U R
Food Administration to Purchase from
Every M ill in Country.
Washington, D. C.— To supply the
needs o f the army and navy and the
nations associated with the United
States in the war against Germany,
the Food administration w ill purchase
from every flour mill in the country
not to exceed 30 per cent o f its output.
Out o f the flour purchased, it was
the Food administration
w ill retain at all times a reserve stock
and w ill ship flour to any point where
the local supply m ight be short.
‘ ‘ This measure is not taken with a
view o f diminishing supplies to the
m arket,” said an administration an­
nouncement, but is fundamentally to
further adequate handling o f trans­
portation in respect to army, navy and
export requirments and a regular sup­
ply o f flour for the associates in the
war o f the United States at favorable
loading points and more regular flow
o f the commodity and to prevent con­
gestion and inequalities in stocks of
flour owing to transport difficulties.”
The central powers, within 10 days,
Conscience Money Bogus.
w ill make new declarations regarding
Washington, D. C. — Secretary Mc-
Germany’s peace conditions, a dispatch
from Geneva to the London Daily E x­ Adoo Wednesday received an anony­
press quotes the Munich Nachrichten. mous letter containing $108 in bills.
" I am deeply repentant,” wrote the
A heavy demand in London for cop­ sender, ‘ ‘ for having defrauded the
ies o f the American blacklist has de­ government out o f this sum, and now
veloped the fact thnt the names o f a return it .”
number o f representatives o f British
The money was sent to the treasury
firms in South America are on the list. cashier for deposit in the conscious
Hence the American Consul General
and other American officials have been • Thursday it was discovered the bills
asked fo r details.
were counterfeit. Now Chief Moran,
The probability o f the Germans now o f the secret service, is looking for
the man with a counterfeit conscience.
taking a vigorous offensive attitude on
the western front was pointed out by !
Chicago Still Blanketed.
Major General F. B. Maurice, chief
Chicago— The efforts o f all Chicago
director o f m ilitary operations at the
to clear away the blanket o f snow
London W ar office, in his weekly talk
which for four days has menaced the
to the press.
city with famine and conflagration,
The Japanese freigh ter Shinyo Maru,
No. 2, o f 5909 tons. Captain Matsomo-
to, which le ft an Am erican Pacific
port December 22 fo r an Oriental port,
was reported Thursday night to have
sent out a distress call from some­
where on the Pacific, saying the ship
wa* on fire.
Thursday still le ft 90 per cent o f the
streets blocked to vehicle traffic. M il­
lionaires and laborers, in answer to the
call o f the mayor, worked side by side
in the streets to clear away the drifts
and permit deliveries o f food snd fuel.
Efforts were also made to uncover Are
hydrants to avoid the danger o f Are.
“ We Stand Together" President
Says in Great Address.
Foundation for Genuine Peace i* Free­
dom o f Sea*. Kvacuation o f In­
vaded Land* and Reparation.
| legation who, when Ambassador Klkus
1 returned to America, heenmo nllaebes
j of neutral legations (hat they might
j carry on the work which they knew
I must be done to save these children.
All sums of money are being dls
patched to the workers with the least
possible delay. The funds go direct
to Switzerland, from whence the bank­
ers transmit the sums to the Armenian
committee on thn ground. Supplies
are purchased In the markets there.
The committee wherever possible e* Witness Says Profiteers Scented
tabllsbe* the homeless and dependent
In such - way that they may earn the
Wealth in Shoddy.
few cents necessary for exlatence and
Huge Fund Needed to Check help other* In the muno labor. They
woik on relief supplies and hospital
Sufferings of Women and materials so that the work can bo ex-
tended through their own labors.
Children who Have Been The campaign la a moat worthy one
and one which will demand doubled
because It* horror* are uot
Driven From Their Homes. support
quite na well knowu to overyono a*
are the sail atorle* of Belgium and Fal Contracts Said to Have llung on
lands u few thousand miles nearer our
I’rrntiaaion to Use Inferior Cloth
ow n shores. The committee Is helped
In a few days overy man and wo by the American Rial Cross, which
In Making Army Uniforms.
man in Oregon will be approached by gives $300,000 per month to tho work,
a member of the Armenian Relief | but must rely on the spirit of every
That worker probably man, woman and child In this and
will have much ground to cover and other states to k««p hundreds of thou
Washington, D. O.— Kee|>onalblllty
may not tell you the whole story of sands of children alive tills winter.
Armenia. If he told you all that ha* Those who will not be personally soli­ for ahoowia o f army clothing wa*
been said of condttloni. there, the mind cited can send funds to thn Oregon placed upon th* tm-osii«* committee o f
could not picture It. The most hor- j headquarters, 613 Stock Exchange. the Council o f National
rlble storlea of Herman atrocity In Portland, to J. J. Ilandsaker, •••ire Colonel Elmer LimUluy, quai terms*-
te r '» agent at I'hilaitslphia, testifying
Belgium, the ravagea of Poland, Ser tary, or Ben Selling, treasurer.
at the senate comimlees’ war inquiry.
bla. all the torrlble history of devas
Another w itn ««», W illiam Blanchl, a
tat oil Kurope has been outdone by
Germany's ally and pupil, Turkey. H U N G E R
I M P E R I L S A L L I E S Nwe York dealer, who haa purchased
The pupil has passed the master so
colth for foreign armies, charged that
far In the horrors brought to the
an unnecessary wool ahortage "s c a re ”
peaceful Armenians that history Itself
wa* created to increaae the Use of
will shudder at the tusk of making
and Italy Reported Grave.
wool shoddy ordered for army gar­
Washington, I). C. Tho food situa­ ments by the supplies committee.
Turkey, commanded by Prussian of
Colonel Lindsluy contradicted the re­
fleers, drove off the farmer, merchant tion in the allied countries o f Kurope
and peaceful Artneuian. Men of mill . is graver than it has been at any time cent testimony o f Vice Chairman
Washington, D. C.— Am erica's pro­
gram o f war and peace, with definite
terms upon which the nationa, great
and small, fighting together againat
German world domination, are ready
to lay down their arms, was given to
the world by President Wilson Tuesday
through an address to congress in joint
For this program, based upon the
righting o f wrongs and the safety of
peace-loving peoples desiring to live
their own lives, the President commit­
ted the United States to fight and con­
tinue to fight until it is achieved.
Thus he pledged the country to the al­
lied policy o f no separate
“ W e cannot be separated in interest
or divided in purpose,” he said. “ We
stand together to the »n d. ”
The speech, heard by congress,
was delivered as a direct response to
the German charge in the negotiations
with the Russians at Brest-Litovsk.
It followed closey and approved the
address of the British premier, but
was far more specific in statement of
terms, robbing o f force in advance any
German peace drive designed to con­
fuse the entente and American gov­
ernments and their people.
Fourteen concrete
proposals laid
down by the President began with the
declaration that the days o f private in­
ternational understandings are gone
and that covenants o f peace must )>e
reached in the open. Briefly summar­
ized, they are as follows:
First — Open covenants o f peace
without private international under­
Second— Absolute freedom o f the
seas in peace or war except as they
may be closed by international action.
Third— Removal o f all economic bar­
riers and establishment o f equality of
trade conditions among nations con­
senting to peace and associating them­
selves for its maintenance.
Fourth— Guarantees fo r the reduc­
tion o f national armaments to the low­
est point consistent with domestic
F ifth — Impartial adjustment of all
colonial claims based upon the prin­
ciple that the peoples concerned have
equal weight with the interest o f the
Sixth— Evacuation o f all Russian
territory and opportunity for Russia's
political development.
Seventh — Evacuation o f Belgium
without any attempt to lim it her sover­
Eighth— A ll French territory to be
freed and restored and reparation for
the taking o f Alsace-Lorraine.
Ninth — Readjustment o f Ita ly ’s
frontiers along clearly recognizable
lines o f nationality.
Tenth— Greatest opportunity for au­
tonomous development o f the peoples
o f Austria-Hungary.
Eleventh— Evacuation o f Roumania,
Serbia and Montenegro, with access to
the sea for Serbia and international
guarantees o f economic and political
independence and territorial integrity
o f the Balkan States.
Tw elfth — Secure sovereignty for
Turkey’s portion o f the Ottoman em­
pire, but with other nationalities under
Turkish rule assured security o f life
and opportunity for autonomous devel­
opment, with the Dardanelles perma­
nently opened to all nations.
Thirteenth— Establishment o f and
independent Polish state, including ter-
eritories inhabited by indisputably Pol­
ish populations, with free access to
the sea and political and economic in­
dependence and territorial integrity
guaranteed by international covenant.
Fourteenth— General association of
nations under specfiic covenants for
mutual guarantees o f political inde­
pendence and territorial integrity to
large and small states alike.
tary ago were slaughtered by thou­
sands. Women who were beautiful
threw themselves into rivers by the
thousands and thoao who were too old
or too young died along the roads to
the North untltl their bleaching bones
are more numerous than the remains
of the buffalo on our Western plains
ever were. We of America who even
look at the requests of the Food Ad­
ministration with a second glance, be
cause we know not even the slightest
want, can hardly picture men and
women—human beings formed as we
are, with affections and feelings as we
have them—eating grass and the flesh
of dead animals that they may find
along the roads. And yet they con­
sider themselves more fortunate than
those who are still under tho clawed
hand of tho Turk where atrocity fol­
lows atrocity under the now historic
excuse of the German director, name­
ly: “ Military necessity.” Since war
was declared a t laamt 2,000.000 at
these people have been slaughtered
or have starved—merely because they
were Christians, because they believed
In the broader mankind and chose our
faith Instead of that of the Turk.
They prospered and made It possible
for the Turk to live In his own land.
But, when war came. It brought the
orders from the German master of
horror and his men who do what the
beast of the wilds would never do,
began driving the Armenian from the
land of the Turk.
The order commanded them to leave
before night of the same day. aban­
doning all that their lives had built.
The men of robust age were taken to
the Turkish army and thence to the
deserts, where they dug their own
graves. Turkish soldiers bragged that
they had used axe* to murder them
with, as It saved the valuable abot.
In this land of desolation the cim-
mittee for the relief of Armenia la
now working, doing the noble things
that will save at least the children
and babes of those who have been
massacred or burned. The workers
are former attaches of the American
Irondon— A dispatch received here
“ Deutschland Uber Alliea” Written from the Russian wireless service say*
that 25,000 German soldiers In the re­
Arrosa la w y e r's Questionnaire.
gion east of Kovno have revolted.
German deserters stated In conse­
New Haven, Conn.— Maximilian von
Hoegen, a young lawyer o f thin city, quence o f the government’s drafting
who has attracted notice by German all soldiers below the age 'o f 35 for
utterances, returned hts draft |ues- dispatch to the western front, the
tionnaire to the draft hoard here, it aforementioned number o f men re­
was learned Monday, with “ Deutsch­ belled and marched out o f the battle
land uber alles” written aero** it, and line.
They then entrenched themselves
stating that he has “ an overwhelming
with rifles anil machine guns against
desire to see Germany victorious
the w ar.”
A t one time he claimed to the o f other German units. The Ger­
be an agent o f the German govern­ man military authorities have been
ment and a representative o f the form­ powerless [against the revolters
er German ambassador to Washington, are trying to cut off their food ■
Count von Bemstorff.
$36,000,00« Court Award.
Denver — A judgment for $36,516,-
038 to enforce a judgment for a simi­
lar amount awarded in United States
court for the Southern district o f New
York w u returned in Federal District
court here Tuesday against the Denver
& Rio Grande Railroad company in
favor o f the Equitable Truat company,
o f New York.
It was the largest judgment ever
returned in the local court. It took
less than 45 minutea to empanel a
jury, present evidence and obtain a
Disloyal Act Stirs Men.
North Bend, Or. — Because E. T.
Mettler, a joiner at the Kruse & Banks
shipyard here, would not sign the
membership roll o f the Ix>yal legio n
of lo g g e rs and Lumbermen, the rest
o f the joiners employed at the yard
struck Monday and refused to resume
work until action had been taken. As
Mettler persisted in his refusal to sign
the roll he was discharged, together
with his son. The men than resumed
Mettler had been employed in the
yard for more than tw o years.
Banker is Rued by Girl.
Indianapolis, Ind.— Alen Gray, pres­
ident o f the Citizens’ bank at Evans-
villle, was sued for $260,000 damages
and his brother, Wm. Gray, was sued
for $100,000 in the United States Dis­
trict court here Saturday by Miss Amy
O ’Conner, o f N ew York City. Miss
O ’Conner alleges
Wm. Gray
caused his brother to break his prom­
ise to marry her. She asks the $250,-
000 for alleged breach o f promise to
marry and the $100,000 for the alleged
interference by Wm. Gray in her love
Mutton Not Restricted.
Salt Lake City, Utah— An official
bulletin, Issued by the United States
department o f agriculture, which was
received by S. W. McClure, secretary
o f the National Wool Growers’ associ-
ation, makes an emphatic announce­
ment that the United StateH Food Ad­
ministration is not restricting the use
o f mutton or lamb In any way save on
the designated meatless day of each
Consumption o f mutton and
Is to be one o f the subjects dis­
cussed at the coming convention o f the
National Wool Growers’ association.
Farmer Offers Services.
Omaha, Neb. — Arnold Martin, o f
Du Bois, Neb., nominated by the Unit­
ed States department o f Agriculture as
the world’s premier intensive farmer,
Tuesday offered his services to the na­
tional government through Governor
N eville, o f Nebraska, to go to France
to teach intensive farming this spring.
Martin says he can teach French farm­
ers so to handle their land that France
w ill be self-supporting and will not
call on America for foodstuffs.
Earl Reading Acceptable.
London— The Sunday Observer says,
in regard to the appointment o f a B rit­
ish ambassador to the United States:
“ It is assumed that Earl Reading,
Lord Chief Justice o f England, accept­
ing the office in the public interest
and at considerable sacrifice, will be
the new ambassador to the United
States. It is known that his appoint­
ment w ill he particularly acceptable to
President Wilson and the American
Trading Rules to Stand.
Chicago— Board o f Trade directors
decided Monday to make no change in
trading conditions in corn for future
This action was taken, it
was intimated, at the suggestion o f
the National
The present legal maximum prices o f
com for future delivery is $1.28, al­
though cash sales touched $1.50. Far­
mers are said to have protested that
present conditions discriminate against
them in favor o f consumers.
Italy Increases Armv,
Washington, D. C.— Italy has adopt­
ed a drastic new policy to increase her
fighting forces.
Physical require­
ments have been modified, and all men
between tho ages o f 18 and 44 years
previously exempted fo r defect* are
to present themselves for
further examination.
Those accepted w ill be mustered
into the army January 15. It is esti­
mated the decree will bring more than
Ann nnn m a n t o t hn color«.
Eiaenman, o f the supplies committee,
that the committee had secured an
abundance o f cloth for army needs.
Hu said there ¡a now a shortage o f 1,-
000,000 yards o f cloth and that the
supplies committee system was re-
sponsible fur both delay* and friction,
Garment manufacturers, the witness
declared,, are withuut sufficient cloth
to keep their factories working to ca­
pacity and in that connection he said
that "h a g g lin g ” by the committee
with the American Woolen company
last summer over price* had caused a
loss to the government o f 3,000,000
yards of cloth, msuy Naims laving idle
for two or three nun ilia.
Strikes o f
garment makers also have caused some
delay, he said.
Hianchi said the wool shortage
"s c a re ,” as he termed It, wa* in the
interest o f mnnufncturera o f shoddy
American cloth
makers, he testified, do not have .Xac-.
tories equipped to make all-wool gar­
ments, and therefore could not have
shared in the war contracts if shoddy
had not been approved for army eolth-
ing. European armies, he assarted,
are better clothed than American aol-
diers and he severely criticised t!
use o f shoddy, declaring it wholly a
since the beginning o f the war and is
givin g American government officials
deep concern. Official rc|>ortB picture
extreme food shortages in England,
France and Italy.
The fact that conditions in Germany
and Austria are far worse offer* the
only grounds for optimism in viewing
the situation.
In England and France the situation
is described as critical in a cablegram
to the food administration Monday
from Ix>rd Rhondda, the British foot!
controller, which concluded with these
words :
" I view the situation with grave
In Italy condition* are not a* good
perhaps as
in either England or
Compulsory rationing w ill be *tarted
in England immediately with meats
the first com mini ( l y
Iw |>ut under
Diatrbution o f butter and
margarine w ill be taken in hand next
and other fowls will be added as they
become scarcer. A ll o f the principal
foodstuffs w ill be rationed by April.
American Land and Sea Fighters Huy
$3,000.UOO,OOO W orth .
Washington, I) . C .- More than $3,-
000,000,OIK) worth o f government in­
surance has been bought by American
soldiers and sailors. Secretary McAdoo
announced in s statement urging upon
the men necessity for filing applica­
tions for policies before the expiration
o f the time lim it set by law.
who joined the colors before last Octo­
ber 15 must apply for insurance before
February 12, 1918, and those joining
after October 15 must make applica­
tion for insurance within 120 days a f­
ter entering the service.
Soldiers and sailors who are depend­
ing on the automatic m*ur»nce provid­
ed by the government until February
12, 1918, are warned that this I* onl
partial and limited protection.
25.0(8) Unwilling to lie Drawn to Big
Battle on Western Front.