Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, December 15, 1917, Image 2

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General Kaledin*« and Other leaders
to Make Short Shrift o f Radicals
Turks Surrender Holy Utty to British
Moslem Mtronghold for 1200 Years
Again Possessed bv Christians.
One hundred and eighty-seven acres
o f wheat land bought in August have
Umdon— Andrew Bonar l.aw, Chan­
just netted A. L. Douglas o f Pendle­
cellor o f the exchequer, announced in
ton a profit o f $16,000.
Troopers Pay PenaltyNtf F ° rt
Accounting Made to Congress
the house o f commons Monday that
Briet ¡Resume Most Important
Residents o f Mllwsukie have filed a Jerusalem, after being surrounded on
Sam Houston, Texas?
petition with the I’ublic Service com­ all sides by British troo|», had sur­
of Expenditures.
Daily News Items.
mission complaining as to the car serv­
ice given by the Portland A Oregon
The Chancellor aaid British, French
City road and asking for a hearing.
and Mohammedan representative ware
Albany high school may soon have on the way to Jerusalem to safeguard
to close its manual training depart­ the holy places.
General Allenby reported that on
ment for lack o f instructors. Some of
the instructors have enlisted and other Saturday he attacked the enemy'a po­
teachers in the school are expected to sitions south and west o f Jerusalem, Slaty-Three Men Tried by Courtmar-
Events o f Noted People, Governments
Stockholm, Tuesday— A proclama­ Millions Required for Work o f Food do so later.
the Chancellor said. Welsh and home
Hal. 41 o f Whom Are Sentenced
county troops advancing from the di­
and Fuel Administrations, Ship­
tion o f General Kaledines, the Cossack
nod Pacific Northwest and Other
Competing with several private pav­
for L ife Others Get It
leader, declaring that the Cossack gov­
ing and contracting firms, Clackamas
ping Board and Others.
Things Worth Knowing.
enemy and, passing Jerusalem on the
county won the contract for the com­
ernment has taken over power in the
east, established themselves on the
pletion o f the roadbed from Coalco to
Donetx region o f Southern Russia, is
Jerusalem-Jerieho road.
A t the same
Canemah by the State Highway com­
San Antonio, Tax. — Thirtaan na-
time London infantry and dismounted
published in the Yuxhny Krai, a news­
Washington, D. C .— An accounting mission Monday.
Thomas B. Love, o f Dallas. Tex.,
yoemanry attacked the strong enemy groes were hanged at Fort Sam Hous­
has been nominated to be assistant sec­ paper o f Kharkov, a copy o f which has to congress for the $100,000,000 war
Hannes Frits, o f Huttulla, ap|>eared positions west and northwest o f Jeru­ ton at 7:17 a. in. Tueaday for com­
retary o f the Treasury to fill one of reached Stockholm, having escaped the emergency fund placed in President before Deputy Collector o f Customs salem ami placed themaelvea astride plicity in the riot at Houston August
the new offices created for the war.
Bolsheviki censorship.
The 23. The announcement o f action on
W ilson’s hands last April shows that Haddix at Astoria Wednesday, and the Jerusalem-Sheehem
General Kaledines declares that the the President has allotted to 21 depart­ asked to have his Russian pasa|K>rt holy city, Iteing thus isolated, surren­ the court martial's verdict was made
Petrograd newspapers report that
vised so that he could return to Fin­ dered to General Allenby.
Cossacks have the means o f maintain­
at Southern department headquarters
Chinese troops have arrived at Harbin,
ments, bureaus and newly created war land. The request was denied.
The chancellor said General Allenby at 9 o'clock by the chief o f staff, who
Manchuria, to protect Chinese inter­ ing order and intend to use their whole
bodies $31,597,000, o f which $21,661.-
ests, according to the
Berlingske power to oppose the Bolsheviki.
H. A. Johnson, said to have been entered Jerusalem officially Tuesday, also gave out a formal statement in
The newspaper publishes sharply 000 has been spent. Congress now has
the oldest white child bom in Oregon, accompanied by the commamlera o f the which the names o f the men sentenced
worded protests against the Bolsheviki been asked to make the remaining
French ami Italian contingents and the to death were given.
Interruption o f interstate railway from seven different army corps. Tur­ $68,402,000 available up to the close died at his home in Salem Monday. He heads o f the French political miasion.
Only army officers and Sheriff John
service by labor disputes has been al­ kestan is reported to be mobilizing all o f the fiscal year next June, instead of
British political officers, together with Tobin, o f Baxter county, were preeent
most negligible since
the Federal men between the ages o f 16 and 45, only to December 31, and Thursday the
the British governor, were in the when the sentence was carried out by
Board o f Mediation and Conciliation who w ill be sent to Tashkent, capital house appropriation committee favor­ 28 years and for many years was Jus­ party that had gone ahead on. the safe­ aoldiera from the |K«t. No newspaper^
was organized four years ago, says a o f that government, to fight the Bol­ ably reported a bill for that purpoese.
the chancellor men or civilian spectators were a ”
report o f the board presented to the sheviki, who now control the city.
Chairmen and campaign managers stated.
F ive o f the President’s allotments
lowed, the time and place o f executioi.
we re* made under the head o f "execu ­ for the Red Cross drive in every town
The capture o f Jerusalem had been having been kept a secret.
O f the 63 men tried, by the aame
By unanimous consent the house H E A V I E R BURDEN S TO COME tiv e ,” for which no itemized disburse­ o f Um atilla county were announced at delayed to some degree, added the
ments were given.
They were $1,- a meeting held in Pendleton Wednes­ chancellor, In consequence o f the great court mart ml, 41 were sentenced to
agreed to consider on Monday the con­
350.000 for the committee on public day. Plans were laid for a Christmas care that had been taken to avoid dam­ dishonorable discharge from the army,
stitutional amendment for nation-wide
Congress is Urged to Concentrate on information, $340,000 for preliminary drive that w ill start next Monday and age to the sacred places in and around forfeiture o f all pay and allowanci
prohibition, which already has been
W ar I’roblems.
work o f the food administration, $26,- continue for a week. Umatilla county'a the city.
and to be confined at hard labor for 1
passed by the senate. The judiciary
000 forfprelim inary expeness o f the quota o f members is 7500.
The capture o f Jerusalem by the years. Three were sentenced to
reported the
Washington, D. C.— Warning that
fuel administration, $250,000 for the
from t h ^
That the Hammond Lumber com­ British forcea marks the end. with two dishonorably discharged
the United States must piepare to as­ War Trade board and $25,000 for ad­
ie to continue the construction o f brief interludes, o f more than 1200 army, fo rfeit all |>ay ami allowances
The marriage in Berlin Monday of sume further burdens to win the war ministration o f priority in transporta­
its logging railroad from Seaside, a years’ possession o f the seat o f the ami he confined at hard labor for two
Count Christian Gunther von bero-
was given Wednesday in the senate by tion. The total was $1,990,000 and distance o f six miles, almost directly Christian religion by the Mohammed­ years. Five were acquitted.
storff, son o f the former ambassador to
the disbursements $1,069,154.
Following the hanging of the 13 men
south, was the announcement made at ans. For 673 years the Holy City haa
the United States, and Mrs. Margarite Senator Reed vigorously opposing as
In addition to their preliminary the hearing before the Public Service been in undisputed ownership o f the the chief o f staff o f the Southern de­
V ivian Burton Thomason, o f Burl­ a trust scheme the Webb export com­ funds the food and fuel administrations
Turks, the last Christian ruler o f Jeru­ partment gave out a written state­
ington, N. J., is reported by the Ber­ bination bill which President Wilson were allotted $400,000 for buildings, commission ami the county court on salem being the German Km|>eror,
ment, at the same time refusing to
petitions to cross the road.
lin newspapers.
Frederick 11, whose ahort-lived domi­ answer any question.
in his recent address urged congress to o f which $240,000 has been disbursed,
The Spokane, Portland & Seattle nation lasted from 1229 to 1244.
and $2,000,000 for educational work,
Regulations regulating display ad­ enact.
Tha rioting in Houston occurred
Railroad, the Oregon Electric, the
o f which $460,000 has been spent.
Apart from ita connection with the while the third battalion o f the 24th
vertising have failed to conserve the
Declaring that conrgess should con­
Two temporary allotments or loans
campaign being waged against Turkey infantry was guarding new buildinr«
amount o f fuel hoped for by the fuel
administration and a plan is under con­ centrate upon great war problems and to the War department, aggregating have petitioned the Oregon Public by the British in Mvao|M>tamia, the being erected at ( ’amp lx»gan.
sideration to stop all outdoor lighting, defer consideration o f such legislation $65,000,000, were made, but the mon­ Service commission for an order to fail o f Jerusalem was the definite col­ ing the afternoon o f August 23 a ro-
save street lights, at least three as the export trade measures the Mis­ ey was returned when regular appro­ amend their demurrage traffic to pro­ lapse o f long-protracted efforts o f the port was circulated in the negro ramp
priations became available and the de­ vide fo r elimination o f the average Turka to capture the Suez canal and that Corporal Baltimore, f o f tha bat­
nights a week.
souri senator said that with Russia out
partment now has nothing charged agreement as to coal and to change invade Egypt. Almost the first move talion, had been shot ami killed by a
The Rev. Dr. E. P. Ryland, a dis­ o f the war and Roumania also “ gone,”
against it from the fund.
A tempo­ the free time allowance on all com­ made by Turkey after entrance into Houston police officer.
This war^
trict superintendent o f the Methodist the enemy, numerically, is now super­
rary allotment o f $500,000 also was modities from 48 to 24 hours.
the war was a campaign against Egypt to have been directly responsible toT"
Episcopal church at Los Angeles, w ill
No price fiixng on wool is being con­ acroHs the great deaert o f the Sinai the trouble.
be removed from his post next Monday ior in manpower.
In November, 1914, a
According to the testimony o f one o f
Although an opponent o f army con­ surance bureau and $100,000 o f it sidered or w ill be considered by the peninsula.
and assigned to some other duty be­
turned over, to be repaid when pre­ National Council o f Defense, according Turkish army variously estimated at the participants the negroes ohtainad
cause o f his unwillingness to support scription, Senator Reed predicted that
miums accumulate.
to a w ire received in Pendleton by a from 76,000 to 250,000 men mnrehed their rifles and a quantity *of ammuni­
the church’s patriotic attitude.
new draft levies probably would be
In the’ seven months up to December prominent Umatilla county sheepman. on the Suez canal and succeeded in tion after retreat the same evening,
Rome dispatches Tuesday, confirm­ necessary and urged m ilitary training 7, when* the report was compiled, the It is understood that this meets with reaching within striking distance of and after dark started toward HoQa-
ing earlier reports o f a lull a fter the for youths between 18 and 21 for coast government spent $1,679,000 from the their approval, though there seem­ the great artificial waterway at sev­ ton. There were about 126 o f these
fierce fighting in which the Teutons
defense work.
Invasion o f America, emergency fund for secret service ac­ ingly was a move, especially on the eral points. For several months bitter negroes, according to the statement,
fu.lIW i * tjMAlc tkrou^li the Italian
tivities and gaining information from part o f middlemen, to have a price fighting took place, the canal being and they opened fire on an automobile
beyond the realm
lines, says the Austro-German com­
o f possibilities should other allied abroad. The President granted $2,- fixed that they might handle the prod­ defemled by an Anglo-Egyptian army, In whjoh an American was riding. He
mander sacrificed hundreds of thou-
aided by Australians and New Zealand­ was said to have been the first one
uct on commission.
powers fall beside Russia, Roumania 203.000 for that purpose.
sanis o f his best men without improv
$18,500,000 went to the
ers and French and British forces.
and Serbia.
ing his position.
The Webb bill was denounced by Shipping Board to repair German and with uttering seditious statements,
W ith below zero weather prevailing, Senator Reed as destructive o f the Austrian vessels seized in American
was fined $100 and sentenced to 60 TO ASK FO R U N I F I E D ROADS
the coal shortage was so acute in Ohio Sherman anti-trust law at behest o f ports until the United States entered
O P E N S H O P " IS H E L D L E G A L
days in ja il in Police court Wednesday,
Tuesday that Governor James M. Cox trusts and monopolies and a proposed
telegraphed Dr. Harry Garfield, fed­ legalizing o f
combinations $1,358,000, all o f it has been turned
testified he meant no disloyalty, but
United State* Supreme Court Issue«
Better Railroad Service.
eral fuel administrator, at Washing­ which would encroach on consumers over to the board.
referred to Prenident Wilson as a
Important Labor Ruling.
ton, that unless Ohio people get imme­ abroad and increase domestic prices.
Washington, D. C,— President W il­
traitor in order to start an argument.
diate relief, they w ill “ lose confidence “ It repeals,” he said, “ every vestige
D. C .~D ecisions defin­
P E A C E NEGOTI ATIO NS BEGIN Witnesses testified that two o f his sons son will go to congress for special leg
in the government.”
o f that system o f anti-trust statutes
had enlisted and he promised to refrain islation to bring about unification o f ing in gen eral. terms the rights o f
both organized labor and the employer
A general inquiry into the opera­ built up during 28 years by the Federal Demobilization o f Russian Forces Also from future talk that might get him the railroads during the war.
tions o f the war department in arming government so far as the same apply
The fact that the President has de­ were rendered Tuesday by the Su­
into trouble.
and equipping the American forces to commerce with foreign powers. It
cided definitely on such a move be­ preme court. While the right o f work­
Sheriff Geer of Lincoln county has came known Tuesday night a fter he men to organize for lawful purposes
was decided upon Tuesday by the sen is intended directly to legalize the
Copenhagen— The semi-official Ger­
ate m ilitary affairs committee. Sec­ creation o f combinations and trusts to man agerifcy Thursday says demobiliza­ received word of the finding of no­ had gone over the whole transporta­ was re-affirmed, the court held that
retary Baker and other department control every foreign market in which tion o f the Russian force already has body o f Fred Hill, aged 14. on the high­ tion system with Senator Newlands, employers legally may operate their
way near Devils Ixike. A trail of blood
heads w ill t>e called to explain various the American citizen may seek to sell begun and that peace negotiations, re­ led to the brush about 60 feet away, chairman o f the senate interstate com plants as “ open sho|>s” and prevent
conspiracies to bring their non-union
features o f war activities.
stricted to the Russian front, have where a gun was found. It Is thought merce committee.
these same combinations to control the
employes into labor organizations.
J. A. McHugh a rancher o f Auburn, domestic markets, because a control o f
The opinions were rendered in th|
tion in an address to be delivered be­
The news agency’s dispatch says death Is being Investigated.
Wash., and his son, John E. McHugh, the priecs o f the surplus that goes
cases of the Hitrhman Coal A Co
fore the Christmas holidays.
convicted in the federal court o f con­ abroad to find a market controls the that General Oherbatchoff has been ap­
C. Manska, 45. was arrested on the
Indications are that the President company nnd the Eagle Glass Msnufa
pointed commander-in-chief, “ with the
spiracy to violate the selective draft price o f the home product.
waterfront at North Bend Friday and
assistance o f the allies,” (Teutonic?) taken before Deputy United States At­ had confided to none o f his aasociates luring company o f West Virginia,
law by making false affidavits sup­
“ This measure has the enthusiastic
porting the son’s claim for exemption, support o f the allied trusts o f the and that he has been authorized to torney McKnlght on a charge of hav­ his full intention, and officials were court deriding that both were entitU
ing contravened the federal law con­ doubtful as to just what he may ask. to operate their plants as “ ope^
were sentenced late Tuesday.
The United States, together with their ser open neogtiations with Germany.
cerning enemy aliens. He claims that Some were o f the opinion that he shops" nnd upholdng injunctions issue
father was given six months in the vants, agents, employes and sympath­
Jassy, Roumania— Official announce­ he Is fully naturalized, but could not might requeat action in line with the by Judge A. G. Dayton, restraining
county ja il and fined $500.
The son, izers. It w ill be supported by every
now at Camp Lewis cantonment, was newspaper that believes in the control ment was made Thursday o f the sign­ produce his papers. An Investigation suggestion o f the Interstate commerce union officials from attempting to or­
Lower court
ing o f an armistice in accordance with Is proceeding.
commisaion that anti-trust laws might ganize their employes.
fined $50.
o f big business which regards every which hostilities were suspended at
Others decrees holding that the United Mine
Parole O fficer Keller was designated be suspended during the war.
“ East A fric a has been completely effort to lim it or circumscribe the pow­
10:30 p. m. Wednesday unitl further by Oovernor Wlthycombe Friday to pointed out that the Interstate com Workers o f America, ami the A m eri­
cleared o f the enemy.” This announce­ er o f capital as undesirable and dan'
have charge o f the squad o f special merce commission’s report also carried can Flint Glass W orkers’ Union, were
ment was made by England Wednes­ gerous.”
agents stationed at Oregon City to pre­ the suggestion that additional legisla illegal organizations and that under
London— The central powers appear vent trouble between strikers and tion might be needed, were the goV' the Sherman law they were secret con­
Beet Sugar Price Lifted.
To prevent bootleggers from operat­
to be w illing to evacuate and restore strike breakers In the paper mills eminent to decide to take over G y ra ­ spiracies in restraint o f trade were ig ­
ing among the soldiers stationed at
Washington, D. C.— An increase o f Roumanian territory on condition that there. The parole officer Is Instructed tion o f the roads.
nored by the Supreme court opinion.
Houston, Texas, the city council has 10 cents a hundred pounds in the a new dynasty be established, the new to work In co-operation with the sher­
In the Hitchman case the majority
The President’s advisers are divided
iff and chief of police.
passed an ordinance putting out of
in their views an to what in necessary o f the court held that the officaila o f
wholesale price on beet sugar was au­ soverign to be a sympathizer with the
business about 225 beer saloons and
Tw o boys, giving their names as to be done. Most o f them, however, the miners' union “ deliberately and
thorized Wednesday by the food ad­ Hohenzollems and Hapsburgs, Bays a
between 50 and 60 saloons where whis­
George Davis, aged 11, and Wayne Fra­ have come out for government opera­ advisedly selected that method o f en­
The advance is to put dispatch to the Manchester Guardian
zier, who claims to be a year older
key and other liquors were sold.
tion, and some o f the strongest sup­ larging the union membership, which
beet sugar prices on a level with those from Petrograd.
new ordinance becomes effective Janu­
On the other hand, the message than his companion, were taken In porters o f this proposal declare that would inflllict in ju ry" upon the com­
now paid fo r Cuban cane sugar. It
charge by Chief of Police W illiam s of
ary 1 and applies to all places where
should not advance retail prices, the states, the Bolsheviki are carrying on Roseburg Thursday near the local rail the executive under the army appro­ pany and its loyal employes, and de­
intoxicating liquors are sold, except in
food administration declares. The new a republican agitation in the Rouman­ road yards.
The youngsters stated priation act has power to take over clared that the "conduct in so doing
the business district.
price is $7.35 at the basic sugar cen­ ian army.
they were enroute from Tacoma to the roads for operation under an ad was unlawful and malicious.”
Grants Pass.
Nearly 9,500,000 acres o f winter ters o f New York, San Francisco and
70-Year-Old in Service,
I<akesldc Inn is Raided.
A further slight in­
wheat was sown in Kansas this fall ac­ N ew Orleans.
Farmers of the northwest w ill be
North’ Bend, Or.— Because so many forced to handle grain In bulk because
Pacifists Sent to Jail.
Tacoma, Wash.— Swooping down on
cording to an estimate made public crease may be granted, it was said,
young men o f this city have*joined the of shortage and high cost of sacks, de­
Los Angeles, Cal.— Three so-called the Lakeside Inn, a resort on the moun­
Wednesday by the State Board o f A g ­ when Cuban freights are readjusted.
colors, Charles Marshall, a veteran o f clared O. B. Hegardt, engineer of the “ pacifists” convicted on three charges tain road famous for its chicken dinners
La Follette Quiz Put Off.
the C ivil War, over 70 years o f age, Port o f Portland, In addressing the o f disorderly conduct, were each sen­ and open “ all night’ ’ policy, police cap­
Vladim ir Schneur, one o f the repre­
Washington, D. C. — Another hitch decided it was about time that he did state convention of the Farmers’ Un­ tenced Tuesday in the police court to tains Falconer and Strickland, Deputy
sentatives o f the Bolsheviki in the
ion at Pendleton. He said Portland’s
peace negotiations at Brest-Li to vsk, developed Wednesday to further post­ his “ b it” in this war against Ger­ $3.000,000 grain elevator will be ready serve six months in ja il and fined Sheriff Sears and Lieutenant FolstOn,
to take care o f the emergency for the $1200 each.
of the military police, early Monday
was arrested at Petrograd a fortnight pone the senate elections committee’s
The men sentenced were the Rev. morning broke in upon a mixed crowd
before the revolution o f last March, as inquiry into Senator La Follette’s St. but was unsuccessful, and had been re­ next harvest. Mr. Hegardt says the
gretting his gray hairs, when he re­ government commandeered 50,000,000 Floyd Hardin, o f Atwater, Cal.; the of some 160 civilian men, women, army
a German spy, according to informa­
Paul speech. The committee discussed ceived notice Thursday that he had sacks to make trench fortifications.
Rev. Robert Whittaker, o f l x « Gatos, officers and soldiers in the main dining­
tion obtained by the Associated Press
whether further investigation would be been afforded an opportunity to con­ The farmers closed their three-day ses­ Cal., and Harold H. Story, o f W hit­ room, while upstairs, stretched out on
from a well-informed source.
made by the sub-committee, which will tribute to the National cause.
He has sion with a banquet.
tier, Cal., all leaders at a series of a bed they found Florence Webb, a do­
The working balance in the U. S. meet next week to decide the question been appointed “ boss” painter at the
Governor Wlthycombe Friday re­ meetings held here recently in subur­ mestic, half unconscious from drugged
treasury was raised Wednesday to a o f procedure, and deferred for the Bremerton navy yard.
ceived notification from Provost Mar­ ban homes after the police prevented liquor and in a delirium.
present the proposed examination of
shal Crowder that the nominees se­ open meetings in halls.
new high record o f $2,515,000,000 by ex-Secretary Bryan.
Bombs Dropped on Huns.
I’ hone Workers Get L ift.
receipts o f $685,000,000 from the la­
lected by him to serve both as mem­
London— Thursday’s admiralty state
Ten Women Are Carriers.
test issue o f certificates o f indebted­
York— General salary increaa««
Socialist Regime in Russia.
ment on aircraft operations follows:
ness due next June, and $42,000,000
N ew York— Ten women letter car­ to meet the Increased cost o f living
boards In the coming draft have been
During Monday night naval aircraft appointed for Oregon by President W il­ ries were Monday added to the list o f w ill he granted to ita employes by the
from Li berty Loan payments.
Reserve Corps commissions who failed carried out a bombing raid on Oostak- son.
women who entered various lines o f New York Telephone company, instead
German has been dropped from the through physicial disability or lack of er airdrome and the Bruges docks.
public service in New York City,
of the yearly Ismus which the company
Max Haake, of Marshfield, German
course o f study in 30 high schools of military knowledge to be recommend­ Many tons o f bombs were dropped up­
It is understood here that if the ex­ has heretofore given, it was announced
the state o f California, since the open­ ed by commanders at training camps on both objectives.
On the former, engineer on the gasoline schooner periment proves a success Washington Tuesday.
The increase in the aggre­
ing o f the present school year because are to be called into the m ilitary serv­ owing to poor visibility, the results Roamer, was arrested Friday when on
authorities w ill authorize the regular gate w ill amount virtually to double
pupils have discontinued studying the ice o f the Nation to officer the new were difficult to observe, but at the
States Marshal Frank Berry. Haake employment o f women in many divis­ the bonus granted last year, it was
language, W ill C. Wood, State Com­ National M ilitia soon to be organized latter a good showing was made and a had been warned away from the water ions o f the postal service so as to re­
stated, and will in no way affect ad­
missioner o f Secondary Schools, an- for guarding ports and government fire started.
A ll machines returned front several times, but returned and lease men for war service or other
vances awarded “ from time to time in
stayed aboard the Roamer.
lines o f employment
recognition_of efficiency.” ,
London— Russian officials in London,
who are establishing direct communi­
cation with General Kaledines and
other leaders o f [Democratic organisa­
tions in Russia, declared to the Asso­
ciated Press Wednesday that the move­
ment to overthrow the Bolsheviki was
suppported not only by the Cossacks,
but by almost all the leaders o f the
other parties. These leaders, it was
said, are confident they w ill be able to
make short shift o f the Bolsheviki.
a ffa ir