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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Bventa o f Noted People, Government*
and Pacific Northwest and Other
Things W orth Knowing.
A tornado swept over the southern
section o f Baltimore Tuesday night,
wrecking about a dozen dwellings and
rendering others more or leaa uninhab­
The Zeitung Mittag, o f Berlin, says
the German chancellorship has been
offered to the Bavarian premier, Count
von Hertling, who has asked for time
to consider the matter,
American batteries are continuing to
shell German lines at regular inter­
val*. the enemy following similar tac­
tics. No further official communique
has been issued, but there has been no
special activity.
Russian soldiers who fratem alized
with Germans were fired on by Rus­
sian artillery Wednesday, says the
official communication. On all fronts
the situation is unchanged, the an­
nouncement says.
King Alfonso held conferences with
various political leaders, but the solu­
tion o f the cabinet crisis promises to
consume several days.
It is not ex­
pected the new cabinet w ill be an­
nounced immediately.
The first German prisoner o f war
taken by the American expeditionary
force died Wednesday in an American
field hospital. He was shot when he
encountered an American patrol in No
Man’s Land in front o f the American
Count von Luckner, commander o f
the German raider Seeadler, was cap­
tured September 21 off the Fijian
Islands by Fijian constabulary, accord­
ing to word brought by a steamer ar­
rivin g at a Pacific Port Wednesday
from a trans-Pacific port.
Chancellor State* Position
Food Controller Says
Alsace-Lorraine and
Belgium —
Annexation Not Desired.
Munich, Bavaria — The views of
Count von Hertling, the Bavarian pre­
mier, regarding some o f Germany's
peace aims, were outlined by the pre­
mier in a speech delivered recently be­
fore the main committee o f the Bavar­
ian Chamber o f Deputies. Regarding
Bavaria’s separate reply to Pope Bene­
dict’s peace note, he denied it meant
Bavaria was pursuing an independent
policy, declaring that the contrary was
the case, the separate reply being sent
to indicate Bavaria’s full support of
the policy of the German empire.
“ In Belgium, we purpose to proceed
with moderation and in full considera­
tion o f the wishes o f the Belgian peo­
ple,” said Count von Hartling, in dis­
cussing peace conditions.
“ The surrender o f Alsace-Lorraine,'’
he continued, “ is under no circum­
stances to be thought of, and the ma­
jority o f the population o f the two
provinces would not welcome such ac­
tion. A decision in the matter o f the
form o f government to be given Alsace-
Lorraine cannot be arrived at in a
hurry. A federated state cannot be
created in a moment, like a shot fired
from a gun. ’ ’
Count von H ertling closed his speech
with a promise o f certain internal re­
forms for Bavaria.” 1 am planning,”
he said, “ for a more intimate co­
operation between the government and
the Chamber o f Deputies, and I am
prepared to receive suggestions to this
In the Bavarian reply to the Pope
which has been referred to in the Ger­
man newspapers as having caused
"som e uneasiness, ” the assertion was
made that:
“ Nothing could lie further from the
peace-loving German nation and the
government than the thought o f an at­
tack on other nations and the effort to
extend its territory by violence. For
no victory and no gain o f territory
could in its eyes, even in the most dis­
tant degree, counterbalance the fearful
horrors o f a war and the annihilation
o f ethical and economical values nec­
essarily connected with it.
“ The policy o f the German emperor
and o f the imperial government, which
always had in view the preservation
and assurance o f peace, often to the
very lim it o f what was compatible
with German interest, therefore meets
always with the fullest approval o f the
German nation and its chosen repre­
* The new restrictions on the fur­
loughs for German soldiers, necessi­
tated by the growing problem o f trans­
portation, cut down by one-half the W AR ON A U S T R IA NOW U R G E D
number for men in the field and elim-
nated furloughs for troops garrisoning Defense Society Asks Wilson to Call
the occupied regions except for urgent
Special Session o f Congress.
personal reasons or when leave is
N ew York — Immediate declaration
granted for pressing farm work.
o f war by the United States against
Telegraphing from Petrograd, the
Austria-Hungary, the use o f Austrian
correspondent o f the London Exchange
ships for the transport o f American
Telegraph quotes General Verkhovski,
troopa to Italy and the givin g o f all
minister o f war, as rebuking “ those
possible aid to Italy in the present
who have talked o f the disappearance
war, are demanded in resolutions
o f the Russian arm y.”
The war min­
adopted here Thursday at a meeting o f
ister declared these persons had fo r­
the American Defense Society.
gotten that the Russians hold on their
The resolutions, which were sent to
front no less than 130 German divis­
President Wilson, governors
o f all
states and senators and representa­
Profiteering by retail dealers in tives in congress, urge that the Presi­
foodstuffs w ill be made impossible dent call a special session o f congress
after November 1, the food adminis­ to take the measures necessary to ren­
tration announced Wednesday, under a der assistance to laity.
plan to cut off supplies to those not
The sending o f an "overw h elm in g”
reasonable margins. force to France, because, the resolu­
Manufacturers, wholesalers and other tion says, "th e more men we send, the
handlers o f foods, whose business w ill few er w ill be slain,” it ia counseled in
go under license, w ill not be permtted the minute, which declares that, con­
to sell to distributors who seek undue sidering the great numbers o f the men
poured into the war in the last three
years by England and France, the
Andrew Bonar Law, Chancellor o f sending o f as many as 10,000,000 from
the Exchequer, in the house o f com­ its population o f over
mons Wednesday informed a ques­
would be no more than this country’s
that the approaching inter­
proportionate share.
allied conference at Paris had been
The minute urges that congress at
summoned not to consider war aims, its session be asked to declare that a
but the conduct o f the war. The ques­
state o f war exists also between the
tion arose out o f a report that the United States and Bulgaria and Tur­
Russian Workmen's and Soldiers’ dele­
gates were sending a representative to
The resolution further urges the
the conference to discuss war aims.
transportation to Italy o f a contingent
The law making the National capital o f American troops and war material,
dry November 1 was held constitu­ using all ships possible,
tional in the local Supreme court seized Austrian ships, for the purpose.
Thursday. The ruling dismissed attacks It sets forth that “ the complete defeat
o f Ita ly ’s armies w ill endanger her na­
o f liquor dealers.
tional existence and imperil the is­
Richard McColloch, president o f the sue o f the war fo r democracy’ ’ and
United Railways company o f St. Louis, that “ to preserve Ita ly ’s existence and
denied the request o f the local Red to maintain her efficiency as a fighting
Cross that soldiers and sailors be al­ force immediate moral and material
lowed to ride free on streetcars.
aid from her friends is im perative.”
Co-operation o f Pacific Coast candy
Submarine Toll Lessens.
manufacturers with the food adminis­
London— Fourteen British merchant­
pledged in a telegram received by the men over 1600 tons were sunk by mine
food administration from W. B. Ayer, or submarine in the last week, accord­
Federal food administrator for Oregon. ing to the admiralty report Thursday
President Menocal, o f Cuba, issued
Four vessels under 1600 tons were
a proclamation Thursday night warn­
ing all foreigners who instigate or en­ also sunk, but no fishing craft.
Teutonic Designs on Southern
Brazil of Wide Scope.
Diplomatic Plot Against Argentins and
Brazil in Time o f Peace Bared by
Secretary o f State Lansing.
Washington, D. C.— Two more of
the notorious Count von I.uxburg's
messages to the German foreign office
from Buenos Aires were made public
Wednesday night by Secretary Lan­
sing. They provide official confirma­
tion o f Germany’s plan to control
Southern Brazil, shed additional light
upon Teutonic intrigue in South Amer­
ica generally and reveal that Luxburg
appealed vainly for a squadron o f sub­
marines with which to awe some Lat-
in-Americans and to flatter others.
These dispatches, like others that
have gone before, were _ given out by
Secretary Lansing without discussion
o f their contents. The only comment
was in this statement attached to the
“ In view o f the fact that’ the sub­
stance o f certain telegrams addressed
by Count Luxburg to the German for­
eign office has been published, the Sec
retary o f State makes public the ac­
tual text o f the telegram s.”
The messages follow :
“ No. 63, July 7, 1917: Our atti­
tude towards Brazil has created the
impression here that our easy-going
good nature can be counted on. This
is dangerous in South America, where
the people, under thin veneen, are In­
A submarine squadron with
full power to me might probably still
save the situation. I request instruc­
tions as to whether, a fter a rupture of
relations, legation is to start for home
or to remove to Paraguay, or possibly
Chile. The naval attache w ill doubt
less go to Santiago de Chile.
" L U X B U R G .”
" N o . 89, August 4, 1917: I am con­
vinced that we shall be able to carry
through our principal political aims in
South America, the maintenance o f
open market in Argentina and the re­
organization o f South Brazil equally
well, whether with or against Argen
tins. Please cultivate friendship with
Chile. The announcement o f a visit
o f a submarine squadron to salute the
President would even now exercise de­
cisive influence on the situation in
South America.
Prospect excellent
for wheat harvest in December.
“ L U X B U R G .”
A fte r the State department made
public the “ sink-without-a-trace” mes­
sages, which caused Argentina to hand
Von Luxburg his passports, the Argen­
tine government sent to Washington a
number o f the former German minis­
te r’s
fo r
Whether the two now published were
among them or were obtained by the
United States at the same time it
came into possession of other tele­
grams forwarded to Berlin through the
Swedish legation at Buenos Airea is
not disclosed.
Several days ago press reports from
Buenos Aires said a sensation had been
created there by the publication o f a
dispatch from Rio Janeiro saying the
Brazilian foreign ¡minister had made
known that translation o f the Luxburg
messsages revealed a German plot to
invade Southern Brazil.
The Argen­
tine newspapers demanded that their
government either publish the dis­
patches or “ authorize their publica­
tion by a foreign governm ent."
“ The reorganization” o f South Bra
zil, referred to by Von Luxburg, is as­
sumed here to refer to the activities o f
the Hamburg Colonization company, in
connection with the large German ele­
ment already located in that section.
Sevreal months before this dispatch
was written there were reports o f
plans for a German insurrection.
The break between Argentina and
Gremany which Von Luxburg appar­
ently was expecting in July, has not
yet come and latest advices from
Buenos Aires do not indicate an inten­
tion on the part o f Argentina to join
Brazil and other South American na­
tions op the side o f the allies.
courage strikes in the sugar-producing
The British losses o f merchantmen
region that they w ill be considered
pernicious foreigners and expelled for the current week ahow a consider­
able decrease as compared with the
from Cuba.
previous week, when 17 vessels over
The Danish foreign office reports 1600 tons and eight under that tonnage
that the Danish steamers Angio-Dane, were sunk.
Washington, D. C., Dry.
Washington, D. C. — Washington
climbed on the front seat o f the water
wagon Thursday, November 1.
that date the act passed last year by
congress making the District o f Co­
lumbia dry territory became effective.
The N ation’s capital w ill take rank
as the largest dry city in the country.
John Barleycorn is not givin g up the
battle without a final struggle. A case
is pending in court testing the consti­
tutionality o f the act. But the possi­
b ility o f court intervention is not con­
sidered a betting proposition.
808 tons, and Flynderbourg, 1400 tons,
Camouflage Skill Shown.
bound from England for Denmark,
Washington, D. C .— Camouflage skill
have been blown up by mines in the
North Sea.
One man on board the o f the Arm y Engineer Corps
viewed Friday by President Wilson
Anglo-Dane was killed.
snd Secretary Baker at a training
The Seattle committee of the United camp near Washington. A camouflage
States food administration voted to company put on a special exhibition,
send a telegram to H. C. Hoover, na­ showing how
tional food administrator, calling the streams, and even troop movementa are
le tte r's attention to threatened scar­ concealed. Many secreta o f the game
city o f hogs in the Northwest, due, the developed by the American forces were
com m ittee said, to the high cost of demonstrated for the guests, including
several higher officers o f the Army.
Spirit Away Noted Preacher.
Cincinnati, Ohio— Herbert B. B ige­
low, head o f the People’s church and
prominent as a member and leader o f
the people’s council, whose pacifist ut­
terances brought about the raid on his
office by federal authtorities recently,
was seized Wednesday night in front
o f the Odd Fellows hall in Newport,
K y., across the river from
shoved into a waiting automobile,
Fight Against
Submarine W ill Be Won i f U. 8.
Speeds Up on Production.
Weekly War
Brief Stories 1’repareil Under the
Waahington, l>. C. In n statement
Direction o f the Committee on
Public Information nnd the State
Saturday night reviewing the world
Council o f Defense.
food situation
Hoover said the fight against the sub­
Herbert Hoover Requests Greater Pork
marine would be won if the United
States and Canada could stimulate
" I f we discontinue export*, we will
production and effect economies so as
move the German line from France to
ta feed the allies from this continent the Atlantic seaboard."
without lending a ship farther afield
Herbert Hoover makea this state­
than the American Atlantic seaboard. ment in a recent article showing the
Ships, wheat and hogs are the great immediate necessity o f increasing the
production o f (Mirk and economising in
needs Mr. Hoover emphasised.
the use o f it.
said deepest concern had been caused
"P o rk product* have an Influence in
by the fact that in spite o f high prices this present world situation wider than
this country’s pork consumption had in­ one would ordinarily attribute to them.
creased during the war until produc­ The human body must hav# a certain
tion had been outstripped, a situation amount o f daily
Whether this fat is by mean* of dairy
that must be changed.
“ I f we discontinue exports," Mr. products, by vegetable oils, or by pork
Hoover added, " w e will move the Ger­ products becomes a secondary cimaider-
man line from France to the Atlantic ation in time o f complete national
seaboard. Pork products have an in­ stresa, because pork products to some
fluence in this world situation wider degree w ill substitute for other fats.
than one would attribute to them. The
"T h e situation is one that can be
human body must have a certain partly aolved by our suburban popula­
amount o f fata; we must increase pro­ tion. I f every suburbanite took to hia
duction o f hogs if we are to answer care a pig and fed it on the house gar­
the world's craving.
bage, he would increase our fat supply
"E v e r y pound o f fat is as sure o f and do so without call upon our gen­
service as every bullet, and every hog eral feeding stuffs. In Germany 4,-
is o f greater value to the winning of 000.000 hog* are supported by these
this great war than a shell."
means. We need a ’ keep-a-pig’ move­
The administrator said the allies’ ment in thia country and a properly
deficiency o f wheat production is 196,- cared for pig ia no more insanitary
000,000 bushels, with imports o f 577,- than a dog. Such a movement would
700,000 bushels required to maintain neceasarily require some change In vil­
normal consumption.
He estimated lage and urban ordinance«; but the na­
the aggregate American, Canadian, tional w elfare would lie warrant ample
Australian, Indian and Argentine ex­ for such a course o f action. ’ ’
port surplus at 770,000,000 bushels,
but pointed out lack o f shipping made Adequate Supply o f Coal for Winter
it necessary for this country and Can­
la Promised.
ada to bear the burden o f the Mllies’
Fear o f a scarcity o f coal become*
“ The problem is simply one of more pronounced as winter approaches.
ships,” he said. " I f ample shipping The language used by Dr. Garfield, na­
existed there would be no need for tional fuel administrator, to the strik­
saving or increased production o f ing miners and their employers, ad­
wheat on the part o f the American mits o f but one interpretation—that
But if we can produce such an adequate coal supply w ill be main­
economies and stimulate production in tained. Dr. Garfield saya:
“ American citizens engaged in the
the United States and Canada as will
enable us to feed the allies absolutely mining o f coal, whether operators or
from this continent and thus enable miners, are for the most part, mindful
them to live without sending a ship o f the fact that our country is at war
farther afield than our Atlantic sea­ and that the burden rests upon them to
board, we can resist the submarine in­ produce coal needed without interrup­
tion. But there are evidently some
who fa il to understand the gravity of
300.000 S H IP M EN S O U G H T the situation and who do not hesitate
to advocate strikes at the present time
as a means o f forcing the government
This Number Needl'd by Government to to at once decide whether the wage in­
Complete New Craft.
crease agreed to at the meetings re­
held in Washington should
Washington, D. C. — An organized
justly be covered by an advance in the
effort has been launched by the Ship­ prices fixed by the President
ping Board to draw sufficient labor to
“ I am g ivin g close atteentlon to the
shipyards o f the country to place all question and hope to reach a decision
plants on a three-shifts-a-day basis to at an early date.
“ I f either the operators or the min­
carry out the government’s shipping
ers attempt to bring pressure upon me
Estimating that there are now ap­ to reach a decision, 1 shall postpone it
proximately 100,000 or more employes and use whatever powers are necessary
in yards engaged on government work, to compel the production o f coal to
the board believes 400,000 men are meet the country’s needs."
needed to insure at least between five
and six millions o f additional tonnage Rules for Mailing Christmas Packages
off the ways by the end o f 1918.
to Soldiers and Sailors.
The board has shipyards and mater­
Mail to reach soldiers and sailors in
ial, but so far larks adequate labor. It
Europe must be posted not later than
hopes to fill that deficiency by holding
out allurements that will attract labor November 15.
Every package must bear conspicu­
that ordinarily would not d rift to the
yards. Schools for training men al­ ously the words, "Christmas m a il,"
the complete address o f the person for
ready are in operation.
In the efficeincy table formulated by whom it is intended and, in the upper
the board it ia estimated that each left-hand corner, the name and address
man should turn out an average o f one o f the sender.
Every parcel must be so packed and
dead-weight ton o f
shipping per
month, which should insure the carry­ wrapped as to admit o f easy inspection
ing out o f the shipping program with by the postmaster. No parrel w ill be
dispatched to Europe that has not had
the additional 300,000 employes.
Several shipyards already are work­ the postmaster’s certificate that it
contains no prohibited articles.
ing three eight-hour shifts.
A ll mail fo r men serving on board
vessels o f the Atlantic fleet or in Eu­
Bread Prices to be Fixed.
ropean waters should be addressed to
Washington, D. C. — Bread standard­ the U. S . ----- , care Postmaster, New
ization w ill soon be announced by the York, N. Y . All mail for men serving
food administration, resulting from in­ in the Pacific and Asiatic fleets should
vestigation o f ingredienta’ costa, labor be addressed to the U. S. S. ----- , via
and other factors by Benjamin Jacobs San Fancisco, Cal.
o f the department o f Agriculture’s bu­
reau o f chemistry. A standard loaf at
Enormous Quantities o f Supplies.
a fixed price, with bakers all licensed,
Nearly 13,000,000 articles o f wear-
is the plan.
A proclamation by the
ir g apparel and sleeping equipment
President for the licensing will Be re­
quired. The system w ill not be com­ have been shipped to the 16 canton­
pleted by November 1, when the li­ ments since their recent construction
censing feature o f the food law w ill tion and the assignment o f men.
The manufacturing industry o f the
be extended to some industries.
country has made a remarkable mobil­
ization and deliveries have been made
Champ Clark “ Called.”
that seemed impossible a few weeks
N ew York— An assertion by Champ ago.
Clark, Speaker of the House o f Repre­
Among the articles are 1,402,390
sentatives, that a “ rin g” o f New York blankets; 436,749 cotton breeches;
financiers was hampering the govern­ 607,374 hats; 1,023,093 woolen under­
ment in its liberty loan campaign met shirts; 937,734 shoes.
with vigorous denial in financial circles
here Friday.
Trend o f Prices Now Downward, Food
Speaker Clark’s charge was made
Administrator Says.
during an address Wednesday at Okla­
turn in the high
homa City. Telegrams have been sent
the Speaker asking if he was correctly prices o f food commodities announced
by the food administration applies to
wholesalers and jobbers only.
W hile scarcely perceptible at this
Food Pledge Arouses Ire.
Waterloo, la. — Because she refused time, it is freely predicted that by
to sign a food pledge card and said the first o f next January the effects o f
that she had a shotgun to protect her the downward trend w ill be material.
supplies in event the government want­ It is up to the retailers to keep in line
ed any o f them, Mrs. August Borger, with any drop in prices, the food ad­
Cedar Falls, was jailed by the order o f ministration says.
United States Commissioner Dempster.
Cold Wave Spreads South.
She was released when her husband ap­
D. C.— The cold wave
peared on the scene and bought (2000
Wednesday overspread the eastern
worth o f Liberty bonds.
half o f the 'country.
Frost extended
Emperor W illiam has returned to to the Gulf Coast, Texas and Central
Berlin from visits to Constantinople Florida and snow fell as far south ss
and Sofia and is now engaged in an at­ Asheville, N. C,
Lowest October
tempt to straighten out the muddled temperatures o f record at various
political situation in Germany. It is points in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkan­
stated that Chancellor Michaelia al­ sas, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Missis­
ready has tendered his resignation to sippi and Louisans were reported by
the emperor.
the weather bureau.
Americans Welcomed by French
With Great Enthusiasm.
Sector Is One o f Quiet«*#! Along Front
Where Final Training In Actual
Warfare W ill be Received.
W illi I In' American Army in Franc*
AaMrtna trcoM tn la Iha M Itaw
trenches on the French front. The ar­
tillery fired the first shot o f the war at
6 o'clock on the morning o f a recent
day at a German working
There has been intermittent artillery
fighting since.
A helmet oil infantry marched In
without the knowledge o f the enemy
on the same night through rain and
The French soldier* in the
trenches welcomed them enthusiasti­
cally. The nearest enemy trench is
several hundred yard* away. The sec­
tor is one o f the quietest on the front.
It has not been taken over, being un­
der the control o f troo|i* under the di­
rection o f the French.
The Americans have shelled German
poaltlnna anti troops, the enemy send­
ing shell for IM ll, The first shell
case w ill be sent to President Wilson.
The case is now in the (sissession of^
General l l b l f t .
The shot was fired bj^
n red haired gunner m lus comrades i]
the ranks M
the assemble«I o ffic e r * ''
cheered, loiter a luncheon in the field
by American and
French artillerists in celebration of
the first Ameircan contact with the
The gun used in firing the first shot
was one o f the famous French 75a. On
the second day the French shelled a
German battery |>o*ition, whi- la* was
' located by sound, and the enemy re-
| plied vigorously, projectiles falling
close to tiie Americans who joi> "
the artillery duels.
A ll the troops will be relieved afte
a certain period by others. Thus the
American expeditionary forces are
getting the Iteneflt o f actual w:
n *-
100.000 IT A L IA N S A R E T A K E N
Austro-Grrmans Pierce Northern Ita ly
and Play Great Havoc.
Berlin, via I,ondon—The rapture o f
100.000 Italians and more than 700
guns is reported in the official com­
munication from general headquarter*
Sunday night, which derlnrea that the
Italian second and thinl armies are in
retreat. Thu statement reads;
“ The Italian second and third armies
arc in retreat towards the west. Our
pursuit ia advancing rapidly from the
mountains as far as the sea.
Up to
the present 100,000 prisoners and 700
guns have been enumerated."
Berlin, via I.ondon— The Austrian*
and Germans have forced their way
through the mountains to t h fl^ ^ k s o f
Northern Italy, capturing t h ^ ^ ^ n o f
Cividale, the W ar office announces.
Amsterdam— The occupAion o f Go-
rizia Sunday morning hy Austro-Ger-
man forces is announced in an o ^ 'ria l
dispatch from Vienna.
The Italian s!
Hre said to have retired acro^AU}®.
Rome — Units o f the Italian second
army surrendered or retreated without
fighting, permitting the Austro-Ger-
man forces to break the Italian left
wing on the Julian front and invade
Italy, Bays Sunday's official report.
The Italians now are retreating in
accordance with the plan prepared.
Parking Plants Taken.
Chicago — Official announcement ia
made that every packing plant in the
country is under control o f the govern­
ment and that after November 1 the
control will be absolute, operations o f
the plants then being under license.
The announcement w h s coincident with
the grand jury drive against high-
priced milk and was made by Joseph
P. Cotton, chief o f the meat division
o f the food administration, and by
personal representative o f Food A d ^ P
ministrator Hoover after weeks of in­
vestigation o f Chicago packing plants.
Italy Needs Medicines.
San Diego, Cal.— An appropriation
o f $3,000,000 for the immediate re lie f
o f the paucity o f drugs, medicines and
medical supplies vitally needed in Ita ly
was authorized by telegraph by Henry
P. Davidaon, chairman o f the A m eri­
can National Red Cross, according to a
statement at a Union church obser­
vance o f national prayer day. An ad­
ditional appropriation also w ill be au-
thoirzed to estahlaih an American am­
bulance on the Italian front.
Naval Battle is Brief.
l/>ndon— A German torpedoboat de­
stroyer was hit twice by shells from
British and French destroyers during
an engagement Saturday afternoon be­
tween six entente allied and three Gar- .
man vessels and 17 German a ir p la r £ ^ ^
off the Belgian coast, according to j J V
admiralty statement issued Sunday.
The three Germans were forced to
seek safety under the land batteries.