Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, October 20, 1917, Image 2

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On« killed and Five Wounded b> Tor­
Limps Into Tort Seriously
Details lacking.
Weekly War
CEB* * 1
Brief Stories Prepared Under the
Washington, D. C.— An American
War Department Propares Plans
Direction o f the Committee on
destroyer on patrol duty in the war
Public Information and the State
to Enforce the Most
Council o f Defense.
tone was torpedoed by an enemy sub­
Rigid Economy.
marine Wednesday.
One man was
German Food Experts Equal Their
killed and five wounded.
She man­
Diplomats in Mistakes.
aged to make port in spite o f severe
It is to avoid a condition such as has
V ice Adimiral Sims cabled a brief
report o f the incident to the Navy de­ been experienced by Germany that the i
partment. He gave few details, but department o f Agriculture has sug- j
Effect of New Plan Is to Turn Into
.... -
■ .
it is assumed there was no fight and gested “ save the s o w " as both a slo- j
Largo Profit What Hitherto Has
that the U-hoat made good her escape gan and a working plan for those who
Been a Vary Consldsrabl#
Brenta o f Noted People, Governments after launching a torpedo without
Sea and Air Fleets Card in Fighting
wish to prevent the threatened meat
■ «pan««.
and Pacific Northweat and Other
Gunner’s Mate Osmond K elley In­
Washington.— The war department
When the lack o f meats and fats be­
Thing* Worth Knowing.
Chat Leads to Petrograd.
gram was the man killed. He was
has taken elaborate and comprehen­
blown overboard by the explosion and came felt by the central powers, Ger­
sive precaution« to prevvnt wn«te In
his body was not recovered. K elley's man food economy experts advised
(he urmy cantonment«, which will «»on
mother. Mrs. Betty Ingram, lives at
that the hogs be killed, assuming the
Several Minneapolis flour mills w ill Pratt City, Ala.
Petrograd German battlcahipii air­ ' contain more than 2 . 000.000 men, nnd
decline further orders until those on
In accordance with the policy o f feed and labor required to raise swine planes and truo|>s are uniting in the In the embarkation eumps. In the !
hand have been filled. The action is secrecy concerning American naval could profitably be diverted to other j attack upon the outer defense« o f \ feeding o f the men »lis le will he mini- i
in accordance with a request from the operations, the department did not di­ uses. Only a short time elapsed be­ Petrograd, at the entrance to the Gulf | lulled through the fact that the food >
food administration.
j will be prepared under the direction
vulge the name o f the destroyer or the fore the meat and fat situation became j o f Riga.
worse than before, and the food ex­
Fighting for the possesaion o f Oesel | o f mesa cooks, who will be trained by
Mata-Hari. the Dutch dancer and ad­ exact place o f the encounter.
None o f the wounded was seriously perts were forced to make a complete ! Island continues. Arensburg, its cap­ special courses In urmy cooking
venturess. who two months ago was
They are:
Herman H. Pan- switch of policy and lay down strin- j ital city, has been occupied by the schools.
found guilty by a Paris courtmartial on hurt.
The ottlcera' training c tun pa huve not
the charge o f espionage, was shot at kratz, gunners’ mate, St. Louis; W il­ gent rules for the protection o f what I enemy.
Naval and air forces are energeti­ been under the control o f tho war de­
liam E. Merritt, seaman. New York hogs remained.
dawn Monday morning.
Hogs furnish meat more quickly and cally supporting the land operations partment so far us the food «upplle«
C ity; Frank W . Kruse, fireman, To­
The London taxicab drivers at a
ledo; Patrick Rutledge, oiler, New more cheaply than any other stock; a and are attacking the mirth and the are concerned, and the waste In thoae
meeting recently decided upon a strike
York City, and W illiam Seimer, fire­ shortage can therefore be met most south o f the island. The south squad­ camps has been due to the luck of
next Monday, owing to the refusal o f
readily by intensive swine production. ron o f enemy cruiser«, torpedo-boat« skilled management In the linmlMiiu
man, Dundas, Minn.
the Home secretary to sanction a 50
As breeding stocks are now being sml trawlers attempted to force the | o f food. A committee repre«eutlng the
This is the first time an American
per cent increase in fares.
warship has been hit by an enemy depleted throughout the United States | entrance to Irbe channel. Its further war departmeut ami the United States
Four banner carriers o f the woman's since the war began. Destroyers con and the situation w ill become very ser­ I movements into the Gulf o f R iga are food administration will ulso assist In,
party were arrested Tuesday in front voying troops and merchantmen have ious if the country continues to be | covered by Russian long-range artil­ dealing with problems o f eliminating
of the W hite House.
A ll four were engaged submarines and are believed drained o f its meats, the department lery from the island o f Oesel.
The northern group o f German war­
The food administration has re- j
in the group arrested 10 days ago and to have accounted for some o f them o f Agriculture is suggesting that
dismissed without sentence.
and the ships patrolling the European swine production be increased.
oelved from the secretary o f wnr an
lioats between the islands o f Oesel nnd
A «trlkliig «-zampi«« of tini valuti ol
According to a Copenhagen dispatch, shipping lanes undoubtedly have had Food Administration Plans Canvass o f Dago which pressed hark Russian pa­ announcement o f u thoroughgoing
plan for Conserving all the waste ran- woiiieu In bt-lplng America In thè gretti
Germany has offered to supply a cer­
was learned, but until Wednesday none
terlul o f the Nutlonul army cump«.
tain quantity o f potatoes to Denmark.
sund. Russian naval forces, reinforc­ which will result In salvaging many tight Is .Miss Antolucttc Funk, a mem-
had been touched by a hostile shot.
A house-to-house canvass o f the 22,-
ber of thè »om in i'« cominltti-e tif tIn
In exchange, however, Germany w ill
Naval gun crews or armed American 000,000 families in the United States ing the patrol boata, accepted battle thousands o f dollars.
coimctl o f tintinnai defense.
expect Denmark to supply her with ar­
merchantmen have not been so fortu­ and the enrollment o f every man and and the enemy retired.
Collecting the Waste.
Tini pbotegraph show« ber hard al
ticles of which she is in need.
A third group o f enemy warships,
Many o f them have had to woman in the nation in a mighty food
wurk In h«-r ottico lu tho treusury bulbi
Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, presi­ abandon their charges and take to the conservation army, w ill be conducted
lag » l o re «he K doliig womlerful Work
dent o f the National Woman Suffrage boats, usually after an unwarned tor­ by the food administration from Oc­ boats, approached the southwestern plaunlng this work has been the atinl-
coast o f the Island o f Oesel and bom- tary and hygienic problem. At each In tini Intere*!* of thè Liberty luna
party, w ill lead the woman's parade in pedo attack, and one officer and 13 tober 21 to 28.
liarded part o f the coast.
German cantonment the wastes will be collect­ She Is executive vb'e clinlrmnn o f Ih»
New York City, planned for October m?n have lost their lives, while four
“ On the success of this canvass,” submarines were
observed several ed and transported to a single "trans­ «o m e ii't Liberty Inali conimlttce, ot
27, under the auspices o f the New men are in German prison camps.
says Herbert Hoover, food admlnls -1 times at different place« in the Baltic. fer station" under the direction o f the whlch Slm. McAdno I* thè rimirimi«!
York state organization o f the party.
In all, the Navy has lost one officer trator, “ w ill largely depend the issue I
The exodus from Petrograd, which sanitary Inspector, 'through the use She w ii « a«k«-d tu tuko thè post hy Seo
An explosion in the nitro-starch dry- and 16 men— the only men o f Amer­ o f the war. ‘ Food will win the war,’ is ( has been noticeable since the fall o f o f the two-cau system, wastes will tie retary McAdoo bi-rnti«e «>ff Iter power«
the battle cry.
house at the Du Pont Powder Works
Riga, has greatly increased. Since tightly enclosed throughout their col­ of (»gleni appeal, her nhlltty ns t
“ Nearly 2,000,000 women
speuker nnd her untlrlng nctlvlty Is
at Gibbetown, N. J., resulted in the action.
Lieutenant Clarence C. Thomas, taken the pledge to furnish the food Saturday the ticket offices have been lection. Sterilized caus will lie sub­ any work ctilinrctod »Itti thè greal
instant death o f two workmen. A
third man is missing and probably commanding the gun crew o f the tank our allies and armies require.
premiums for tickets.
The situation kitchens, the nuisance of dUugreeuhUi muse for whlch America Is tlghtlng.
dead. Another man was seriously in­ steamer Vacuum, and four o f his men small amount each individual is asked is aggravated by rumors which are odora and danger from tiles being re­
to save through substitution and avoid­
tractcil. and the remainder ground and
In addition to the men lost on mer­ ance o f waste, when multiplied by mil­ branded officially as unfounded, that duced to a minimum. Every step In
used for fertlllx«-r or fi-eds.
Germany and Turkey have made an chantmen and Gunner’s Mate Ingram, lions, becomes an effective total.
By tho method o f toelnerntlnn fop
shortly, in view o f the expected evacu­ tion la carefully sufegourded nnd Is
agreement whereby Turkey is to issue two naval fliers have lost their lives
The foods that must be saved are ation by the government.
uuder the absolute direction o f n san­ tm-rly In use, not ouly would all the««
paper money o f the equivalent value at the French front.
wheat, beef, pork, dairy products and
valuable wnst«* materials huve beet)
o f £50,000,000, against which the
Naval officers do not doubt that the sugar; those that should be used gen- , No extensive evacuation is looked itary force, each contractor being
destroy«*«!, but It wtmlil have coat ap­
same amount o f German exchequer torpedoed destroyer was taken un­ erously are fish, poultry, fruit, vege­ for, as no immediate danger threatens placed under heavy bond«.
the capital. The new front ia still 300
At the tranafer atatlon. the wastes proximately $7no.0l*» for the Installa­
bonds is to be deposited in Turkish awares by the submarine and had no tables, and all cereals except wheat.
miles distant, and roads are impass- ■re turned over to u contractor, who tion o f Incinerator plants and an an-
banks, according to the Frankfurter chance to bring her guns into play.
m ini e h a ra e o f i*iiiiro x lim il«*ly $r«0fV.IWU
They think it probable that the U-boat, Place fo r Sm all In veetor in Second *U<L, I t is n o t Iw lw v a d a land i n « id wilt remove tbeui to u point «1 Ivnot
Finland w ill lie attempted, owing to three mile« distant from the reserva­ for Ihi-lr operation. When we add to
cruising in search o f merchant victims,
Liberty Loan.
the scarcity o f supplies there, anti to tion. There the wastes will be coin
this Having the amount annually re­
President Wilson saw American sol­
stumbled upon the patrolling destroyer
the fact that provisoning would be pletely sorted. Bottles will he ster­ ceived by the government from thes«
diers go through all the thrilling work
and was fortunate enough to get into
rendered difficult, with winter ap­ ilized and sold for commercial use. Tin wastes, the net Having the drat year
o f trench warfare, including “ going
position to launch a torpedo and dive considered in plans fo r the second Lib­
proaching, by the sea's freezing.
over the top,’ ’ cutting through wire
can« will lie baled and the solder, tin aimiunta to $1,707,840.
to safety without ever showing more erty Loan, subscriptions to which are
entanglements and using the bayonet
The central committee o f the fleet and Iron reclaimed. Paper, which Is
The effect of this new plan, there­
than her periscope. It is believed, now being received. The allotment is
has addressed to the sailors an appeal estinm t«! about five tons per day, will fore, Is not only to «-»iiserv* lurgt
in the “ enemy trench” Monday. The
too, that the destroyer must have been for $3,000,000,000, and may be in­
which has caused cessation of the be baled. Rimes will be kept separute quantities of valuable f» » d »listen, fer­
drill was carried out at the Washing­
steaming slowly over her beat, for at creased by one-half that amount in
meetings at Helsingfors. The semi­ and ground for fertilizer. The tildes tilizers. etc., but to turn Into n large
ton barracks by American engineers in
top speed these craft present an almost case o f over-subscription.
training there.
Both coupon and registered bonds as official news agency says the first o f dead animals will be removed and profit whut bus hitherto been a very
unhittable target to the submarine.
low as $50 will be issued.
Payment naval engagements in the Oesel waters the carcass«-« “ reduced" for grease ami considerable t-X|t«*n*e.
Two hundred and fifty lives were
may be made in full or in installments. have shown that an appeal to the fertilizer.
lost when the steamer Media was tor­ PRISONERS WOULD STARVE
Bankers and employes throughout the crews o f the fleet may he counted on
The chief Items of waste will he the STEAL MORE CHINESE SEALS
pedoed September 23 in the Western
country have arranged plans whereby with certainty.
garbage and the manure. It is esti­
Mediterranean, says a Reuter dispatch
U. S. Charities Furnish Food to Keep bonds may be purchased on easy pay­
mated that there are 1,200 animals at Prominent Official of the Republlo Dis­
from Paris. The explosion of the tor­
ment terms.
Particular« may be se­ CHICAGO WINS WORLD SERIES each cantonment, producing 12<i tons
Germany’ s Prisoners Alive.
pedo detonated the munitions in the
appear* With the Presidential
cured by applying to banks.
o f manure per duy. At the date of
ship’s cargo. There were more than
Washintgon, D. C.— Minister Morris
Bonds o f $5000 and under are sub­ Americans Capture Sixth and Deciding the report the inutiure from 11 can­
500 passengers on board the steamer at Stockholm cables the State depart­
ject to no taxes so long as the owners
tonments hail been sold for $240,900
including soldiers and prisoners o f war. ment o f the arrival there o f W illot
Game at New York.
I’eklng.— Peking Is much agttated
live. They may be sold or placed as
over the dlsnpp«*nrnnce o f official sealn
New York— Like Lochlnvar o f old,
security on short notice.
They bear
Shipment o f 5000 bags o f flour for
Big Saving Through Garbage.
When President LI Yuan hung wal
Serbians in Austrian prison camps, the who escaped from a German intern­ interest at 4 per cent, and the owners the Chicago Americans came out of
The greatest element of suvlug Is forced to give tip the presidency, (l«*n-
first o f a series o f food purchases
T ln gK w a n , th«* keeper of the preal#
which the American Red Cross, in co­ that American prisoners in Germany bonds for those o f the succeeding issue baseball championship Monday, de­ through the garbage. This hus been
dentin! seals, took them to Shanghai
operation with the Serbian govern­ would starve but fo r food Bent them if the latter should allow a higher rate. feating the New York Nationals, 4 to 2, ■old for an annual price of $140,•
in the sixth and deciding game o f the 394.»7. The gurboge from 13 o f tin- Another prominent official has uuw dl*
ment, is making in this country for by the Red Cross and Y . M. C. A.
cantonments will be us««l for feeding appeared with the seals o f the hous*
“ The daily
food ration,”
says | War Information Booklets Printed in 1917 diamond classic.
re lie f o f prisoners was announced in
Whi-n the at­
For the first time in almost a decade ■wine. It Is estimate«! on the basis of of representatives.
Washington Tuesday.
The Serbian Smith, “ consists o f a chunk o f black, |
German Language.
the world’s championship banner will experiments conducted at the Chilli tempt at immnrchlnl restoration hnd
minister has deposited $500,000 to the sour bread and a drink o f cold coffee
Tw o of the booklets bearing on the flutter over the fans in the Middle cotlie cantonment, that the garbage been i|ef«*nt«*il and Premier Tuan Uhl-
credit o f the Red Cross for the pur­ for breakfast, and for dinner and sup- I
war issued by the committee on public West metropolis next spring when the waste from 10 to 15 men will feed one Jill d«><'lnred the republic had been re­
soup, apparently consisting o f w aterj information have been reprinted in the series pennant is raised at Comiskey hog and enable It to add to Its weight stored. there wss much ronsternntloo
German language: “ How the War park as evidence o f the superiority of one pound per day. At this rate, the because o f the disappearance o f th«
The American navy’s war construc­ and turnips.”
Smith was a horseman on the British | Came to Am erica,” and “ German Loy­ the White Sox in the great National garbage from these 13 cantomm-nts seals o f the republic, (ten. Ting Kivan
tion program consists o f 787 vessels,
including all types from superdread­ steamer Esmeralda, captured by the a lty .”
will produce 18,980.000 pounds o f pork was urre*to<l In Shanghai, nnd after a
Booklets in English now being dis­
noughts to submarine chasers.
German raider Moewe, and was car­
hard legal struggle wns brought buck
A fte r winning the firat two games per year.
ried into Germany just before the Uni­ tributed are “ How the War Came to on their home field and losing the next
When not used for ft-edlng, the gar to Peking, together with the missing
Germany’s military strength now ted States broke diplomatic relations. Am erica,” “ The W ar Message and
two at the Polo Grounds, the Chicago hage will be “ reduced," that Is, cooked presidential seals, and Is to have s
■hows a clear decrease or the first time
Facts Behind I t , ” “ The Nation in clan clinched the gonfalon with two at high temperature, the grease ex- hearing before a Chinese court.
since the war began, according to a re­
Arm s,” “ The Government o f Ger- straight victories, one at Comiskey
German Estate Aids Loan.
view based upon data o f the French
‘ The Great W ar” and” Am er­ Park and the other at the lair o f the
general staff made public by the
ican L oyalty.”
chose an inopportune time to die, his
French H igh Commission.
Any o f these publications may be
The New York club did not go down
estate w ill fight against Germany in­ secured free o f charge by application
to defeat Monday without desperate
The Paris army medical service has stead o f for it, as would have been the
to Committee on Public Information, resistance. The battle was surcharged
awarded 11 silver-gilt, 50 silver and case i f it could have been distributed
10 Jackson Place, Washington, D. C. j with sensational situations and thrill-
75 bronze medals to workers in the before the United States went to war
' ing plays, but the invading combina-
American hospital in Neuilly.
The with Germany.
Schinner’s executor !
Successful Candidates in Reserve
| tion with the edge of a one-game lead
recipients o f the medals are 37 men Friday reported to the county court
Camps Exceed Expectations.
was not denied.
and 99 women.
that it was impossible to transmit leg­
O f the 44,000 candidates attending
Ban Johnson, president of the Am er­
Austrians Fail to Keaist.
the first series o f officers’ reserve
ican League and a member o f the N a­ Germany, until after the war, and the
The Austrian minister
tional Baseball commission, admits court ordered the estate’s ready cash,
The first estimates o f defense, replying at Vienna to an
that he has volunteered for m ilitary $2000, invested in liberty bonds pend­
placed the successful proportion at 25 interpellation had disclosed that a
ing distribution after the war.
service in France.
per cent.
The London Daily Telegraph says it
The French government has desig­ ■mall detachment o f two regiments
First American Wounded.
a sufficient number o f experi­ o f the 19th Austrian infantry in the
learned the Sultan o f Egypt died at
W’ashington, D. C.— First Lieutenant
noon Tuesday.
Hussein Kemal was A. Graham, medical officers’ reserve enced officers to supply at least one fighting at Zboroff had failed to offer
chosen by Great Britain in 1914 to corps, attached to the British forces, for each o f the 16 cantonments camps the resistance expected o f th«;m.
succeed his uncle, Khedive Abbas Hil- has been severely wounded in the thigh and has already furnished specialists
In another reply he confirmed the
mi, as ruler o f Egypt simultaneously by gunshot. General Pershing so ad­ in aviation and artillery who are now resistance o f a Czech-Slav force fight­
with the proclamation o f a British vised the W ar department Friday doing instruction work at Washington, ing on the Russian side, com|«ised
D. C.
partly o f prisoners taken from the
without givin g details. I f Lieutenant
who had entered
By a vote o f 73 to 21, the Seattle
Hun Bankers Interned.
the Russian army.
front, as is assumed here, he was the
Municipal League voted to expel Rev.
New York— Fritz Kuhn, prior to the
first American o f the expeditionary
Sydney Strong, pastor o f Queen Anne forces to be wounded on the firing outbreak o f the war London represent­
Want Rabbit Fur for Hats.
Congregational Church, because o f al­ line.
ative o f the Deutache Bank o f Berlin,
Washington, D. C.— Five hundred
leged disloyal statements made by him
and George von Seebeck, also formerly thousand Oregon jarkrabtiits are doom -1
recently in Los Angeles at a meeting
connected with a German bank in Ixin- ed to slaughter, because the largest felt
Iowa Result in Balance.
o f the Christian Pacifists.
Des Moines, la. — So small is the don, were taken into custody here hat manufacturer in the United States
Pork dropped in Chicago again F ri­ margin by which the wets lead that it Wednesday by the intelligence bureau after conducting a long series o f exper­
day, making a total break o f $2.17 a is obvious the official count w ill be o f the N avy department and sent to iments covering a period o f more than
barrel in 24 hours.
Assertions that necessary to determine the result of Ellis Island for internment as danger­ a year, has found that selected Oregon
rabbit fur ia eminently adapte«! to his
the food administration would attempt Iowa’s vote on the constitutional pro­ ous enemy aliens.
Von Seebeck is believed to be the use. Representative Sinnott has been
to force hog prices down to $10 a hibitory amendment Monday.
All that was left ..f the residences of Uraonne after the ' “ l ! ! 1. "
hundred pounds, as against recent quo­ plete unofficial returns show a wet lead son o f General Baron von Seebeck, asked to procure and ship 500,000 jack-
tations o f nearly $20, were believed o f 887, the vote being 214,634 against commander of the German Tenth army rabbit skins. The order has been fo r­ of the bombardments to which that French town ha» M‘‘ *n s 1 0«
Germans und the allies who fought for Its possession.
warded to Mr. Sinnott at The Dalles.
corps at Liege.
and 213,747 for the amendment.
Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Oesel Island Capital Falls Into
Hands of Invaders.