Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, September 22, 1917, Image 1

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The shipyard strikes have a are poor and degenerate who
German odor to Washington offi­ have an “ 1. W. W .’ ’ »triin of
blood in their veins. About the
only difference is that the rich I
E . H. Woodlin Sand* Bullet Through
W. W. is better able to get by.
Russia has reorganized again
Brain Monday Morning. Daod
and will doubtless be in need o f
Committed at Wifa'a Homa
another generous loan.
The attack on an American
vessel off Nantucket reported a
not worth the game. E. H. Wood-
few flays ago proved to be a fake.
fin sent a bullet crashing through The wireless got their wires X.
his brain, Monday morning about
Relieving, perhapn, that life w gj
7:30 o’clock.
Tne eulogy paid to the memory
The deed was committed in the o f the late Senator Lane at the
woodshed at the Walker place on Sunday special session o f the sen­
Bridge street, where his wife, ate by those who had vilified him
Kosu Woodfin is living. She says and caused his death, must have
been a gruesome affair.
that she heard no shot and knew
rothing of the deed until going
There is much disapointment
after some firewood. The alarm
was given and he was found in a over the results o f “ woman's
pool of blood, a bullet hole through registration day.’ ’ Thep didn’t
his head and a 32-calibre revolver respond as did the men on June
by his side. He was yet alive and 5th. But there was no bayonet
They will do
was taken into the house placed prodding them.
on a bed and made as comfortable their share, however, without
as possible.
The Ginuty Court anv blowing o f horns. Will the
refused to take charge and it was men unfit for service do as much?
probably 2:00 o'cl-ick in the after­
noon before definite arrangements
Jurors at Astoria, Ore., have
were made to give him aid. Dr.
asked for mots pay. They say
Prime took charge taking him to
that everything has advanced in
the Dallas hospital where he re­
price and that $3 per day is not
moved the bloodclots and dressed
sufficient and ask for #1. The
the wound. He rallied, but the
Judge told them that the legisla­
clots had remained too long, and
ture fixed the compensation o f
he died at 10:30 o’clock, about
jurors and a refusal to serve
three hours after the o|>eration.
would be contempt o f court and
The Doctor is o f the opinion that
a term in the county jail.
could have he received proper
treatment immediately the chance
Remember that in war vital
o f his recovery would have been
good. The bullet entered the right results may depend upon small
aide of the head on a line with things. The old nursery story
the top o f the car and about one tells us that “ for the want o f a
and one-half inches in front, rang­ nail the shoe was lost, for the
ing back ar.d upward, making its want o f a shoe the horse was
exit about two inches above and was lost, for the want o f a horse
the rider was lost, for the want
back o f the left ear.
Mr. Woodfin came here Aug. 13 f the rider the battle was lost,
from Fossil, Oregon and caused and all for the want o f a horse­
the arrest o f J. A. Mote on charge shoe nail.’ ’ Don’ t withold any
o f living in adultery with his wife, nails, either literally or figura­
claiming that Mote had followed tively.
her to Black Rock and then to this
place where the arrest was made.
Some o f the great dailies can
In default of bail Mote is in the not understand why the working
County jail awaiting the action of man is never satisfied. They tell
the grand jury.
you that if he gets $5 per day he
Since coming here Mr. Woodfin will want $6. grant an 8-hour
has been boarding at the Falls day and he will want a 6-hour
City Hotel and working at the mill. day. Possibly this may all be
On the morning of the tragedy he true; but how about the other
ate a hearty breakfast, leaving fellow? Are the great corpora­
about 6:30. He had been in the tions satisfied with the profits of
habit of going to this house and a year ago, and do they resort to
getting wood and looking after more honorable methods to in­
the needs of his children before crease their profits than the
going to work.
worker to increase his pay and
Funeral services were held in
Chapman’s chapel at Dallas Wed­
nesday afternoon and interment
in the city cemetery.
shorten his hours of labor? When
you give the ’devil his due’ you
find but little difference—rthere
are rich and influential and there
1 0-DAY
20,0(X) Leagues Under
the Sea
A F T E R N O O N ; M a tin «* 10 and 20 Canta
N IG H T ;
N m
IS and 25 Canta
According to a postal received
by Rev. T. H Simpson o f Port­
land, from Ripon, Wis., Lieuten­
ant Swartzkepcny, who traveled
throughout Oregon last winter
lecturing in the various churches
claiming to have escaped from
Siberian prison, was shot in Eng­
land as a German spy. He said
he had been an attache o f the
Czar and was sent to Siberia for
refusing to fire on a crowd of
The great strikes at the various
shipyards has caused the govern­
ment to consider the necessity
o f taking charge and operating
under the supervision o f the
government. It is also urged by
certain interests, that workers
be drafted as soldiers are. This,
o f course, would mean enforced
service at terms which the offi­
cials might determine.
strike question is a serious one.
and especially at this time, but
will the “ iron hand o f the fed­
eral government’ ’ by such dras­
tic measures solve, or only ag­
gravate it? Much work must be
performed by skilled, and satis­
fied workers, and it is doubtful
if such methods will accomplish
the desired end.
K* Cuviom CovtPaag-
baaoWootftvrCirte'O« -
F l
u ii
@ JS H
“ The Lord’ s Day’ ’
The late J. P. Morgan once
testified before a Committee o f
Dear Editor: Noticing in your
Congress that he had frequently
o f the first inst. a question,
loaned a million dollars to a man
upon no further security than his "W hich day is the Lord’s Day,”
character. That seems to be the requesting scriptural proof, I
manner in which McAdoo has pleasure in refering you to several
loaned hundreds o f millions to i scriptures, each one o f which
the provisional government of answers the question.
Russia, taking the note of band
First, Ex. 20: 8-11. This states
o f the Russian representatives in that the “ Seventh Day” is the
this country, to whom no author­ Sabbath, or Rest Day spoken of
ity o f the Duma or other reposi­ in Gen.,2: 1-3.
tory o f real power has been voted.
Second, Mark 2: 28. Col. 1: 16.
The difference between Mr. Mc­ St. John 1: 3.
Adoo and Mr. Morgan is that the
Third; Isa. 58:13, and Rev. 1: 10.
latter loaned his own money,
while the former loans the money V Another offers the following:
o f the American people. In ad­
“ The 1st day o f the week is
dition, Mr. Morgan's judgement without doubt the great memorial
o f men was exceptional^ keen, day o f the Gospel. It seems that
whereas Mr. McAdoo is not so people in all ages since the resur-
noted in that regard. It is pos­ ection. have had to have a contro­
sible that some men in New York versy about which was the Lord's
who have known both Morgan ¡D ay.''
The following scriptural
and McAdoo, might find other quotations are offered:
points o f differentiation between Rom. 12: 13. 14: 1:6. 8; a 13: 8. Isa.
the two.
1: 13-17. Gal. 5: 14-22-23. John 1:
17. Matt. 2fl: 1-6. 2 Tim. 1:10.
Owinncngou -
Another offers the following:
Isa. 53; 13. Mark 2; 27-23. Ex.
Mrs. F. M. W olf of Falls City
8-11. Neh. 9; 13-14. Ezek. 46;
has contested the County Fair
Ex. 20:9-10.
award for produce grown from
seed purchased from the Portland
[Editors Note.] In asking the
Seed Company.
question, “ Which day o f the week
The prize o f $10 was given to is the Lord’s Day,” we had refer-
W. F. l^ee o f Falls City.
; ence to the day the Lord com­
Mrs. W olf in contesting, claims manded us to keep as the Sab­
that the produce exhibited by Mr. bath, with Scriptural reference.
Lee was not grown from seed ob­ We shall not undertake to publish
tained from the Portland Seed Co. any argument, as at best, it would
The Seed Company has been be only mall's opinion, and in ‘our
notified to this effect and request­ opinion’ people rely too much on
ed to aid in adjusting the matter. the opinions o f others in shaping
their religious beliefs instead of
searching the Scriptures. If, in
OUR FIRST DREADNAUGHTS. publishing the foregoing refer­
ences it shall have caused some
And Iha Paper Bettleehip the U. S S
one to brush the dust from their
One o f the most Interesting epieodes bible, or perchance borrow one to
In Vice Admiral Sims' career was his read the quotations, we will feel
championship In the year» 10O.T4 of
that we have not labored in vain.
the all hi* gun ahlps, the dreadnaughts.
This was two years before the British
brought out their first dreadnaught,
revolutionizing the naval construction
polljy o f the world. The progenitor of
the dreadnaught Idea In the American
navy was Lieutenant Homer C. Found-
Foundstone for months had
W h irt Iriined specialists with modern lab
treasured the Idea of all big gun ships, eratoriea and adequate equipment fire in-
hoping to win the support of the nary atruction leading to eollegiata degrees fa the
for such a construction change. Meet­ following schools:
A O R IC U LT U R E , villi IS dnpartmtntt;
ing discouragement, he sought out
COMMERCE with 4 <t«p»rtm»r.ti,
C'cmmander Sims.
He quickly won
ENQ 1NEER INO with ft dopartmrn««. In
Sims’ support.
aludinp Clail Electrical. Highway, Tndnatrial
Foundstone was a good draftsman, Arts, Irrigation, and Mechanics! Fngineering;
and be and Sims In 1003 and 10(4 made
FORESTRY, Including Logging Engineer
sketches and drew plans for a Mg gun >»t
ship. The navy heads vetoed the plan
R O M E EC O N O M IC». with « aaijer (Upnrl-
o f the tw o officers as often as they *nnM. including training In tha Practise
brought It up for consideration, but Rouaa:
M IN IN O . with ttiraa department«, inalud
81ms sever abandoned the Idea The
ship became a great Joke around the tng Chemical Engineering;
PH A R M A C Y .
navy department. It Is a striking co­
TH E SCHOOL OP M USIC, offera Inatrne
incidence that the name given by these
< Mon in tha principal department ot roeal
two officers to their rarer battleship and inetrumental music.
and the name by which the ship was
THE M IL IT A R Y D E PA R T M E N T , enrolled
known In the navy offlcea was the 10A5 cadeta in 191A 1?. and won recommen­
ü. 8. 8. Scared o-Nothing. T w o years dation for O. A. C. from tha Weetern Depart
afterward the British admiralty called : ment of tha U. S W ar Department aa one of
Its first all big gun ship Dreadnaught. | tha fifteen "dietinguiehed Inatituticna" ot
Commander 81ms convinced I’ resl- | higher learning. All radete will he fnrniehed
dent Roosevelt that the dreadnaught complete nniforme by tha tT 8. Ooeernment
was bound to come. As a result the and the Junior nnd eenior cadeta. enrolled in
plans for the battleships Mlchlgnn and the R. O. T. C„ will be gleen commutation for
eubtiatenee. at well aa all tranaportation and
South Carolina, which bad already
euheletenre at tha ala weehe' Rummer ramp
been authorized to be built In the old
way. were changed so that they slid I»1T.
Information nn raqnnat.
from the ways tho first American Registrar,
Carvallla, Oregon.
dreadnaughts —World's Work.
The Oregon
Agricultural College
a st s
io n
o l e
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will find cheap shoes dear at any price.
We aim, only to handle reliable footwear, and
we believe you will find it to your in te r« if to
obtain your footwear for fall and winfer from us
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“ Meeting and Beating Competition” .
t -
When tempted to put the results o f your savings,
which represents days, weeks, or even years o f
labor, into some questionable enterprise, remem­
ber this:
It is better to get four per cent, regularly with
the principal always yours, than to get perhaps
seven per cent, this year and probably no princi­
ple for the rest o f the time.
Four per cent, and Safe is the Safe Course to fol-
llow—unless you prefer speculation and the
chances involved.
B A N K O F F A L L S C IT Y .
2 4 -2 9
Agricultural E xhibi^, Grand Live
Stock Parade. Harness and Saddle
Horses,Running and Trottin g Races
Hogs. Cattle and Poultry, Farm
Machinery Exhibits. Portland Day,
Salem Day.
Scandinavian Day.
Reformation Day and many other
special events. Something o f inter­
est every minute.
on tale September 20th to 29th,
from oil points In Orogon.
return limit October 3rd.
Ask your local agent for particulars,
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent
Southern Pacific Lines