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4 H. P. Now $145; Sept IS will be $155
1 ho» I .I k
» ml Htrunvwit I> r «( Haw mad* <’*n
l<a Oparatoai by Ona Man and Carriad by Tw o Man.
V a u gh a n
M o to r
W orks,
ncrease » our profits
-< u
s t o r m . P o o l K a lla a n d C a n d y 1 ■ • ■ ■ ■ ■
O a a la r a , a a k lo r P io p o a lt lo n O.
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
w f c i
Famous Group of Airmen, Recenty Transferred From Service Un­
der the Frenoh Flag to the Stars and
You corn-pestered men and woman
naad softer no longer. W ear the shoe#
I that nearly killed you before, says
this Cincinnati authority, because a
I few drops of freezone applied directly
on a tender, aching corn or callus,
stops soreness at once and soon the
corn or hardened callus loosens ro It
can be lifted out, root and all, with­
out pain.
A small bottle o f freezone coats
very little at any drug store, but will
positively take o ff every bard or soft
corn or callus. This should be tried,
as It la Inexpensive and la said not
to Irritate the surrounding skin.
I f your druggist hasn’t any freesone
tell him to get a small bottle for yon
from hla wholesale drug house. It ts
fine stuff and acta like a charm every
Stripes, Renders
Invaluable Aid to the Allies on the Western
Front— Deeds Will Live Long.
r J
! . P u CIALTY 8 A lE S S H
llm lrra In Salva Hllinulabwa
Naar Both
100 Balk.
i l a t e s t a t t r a c t io n
flrapraal I •Its
Hotel Hoyt
Of Ono of the Oldaet Qrsvaysrda
Known, Dating From the Pleisto­
cene Period— Deathtrap
for Animals.
Cornar Stalls and Muyl Si».. Portland. Ora.
No other city In tha United Htates
ran equal I » « Angeles, Cal., In Its
unique typo o f public park, mude pos­
LOU H lVIKM. Manaaar.
sible by the deeding recently by U. A l­
I A L Waah or Munth
lan lluucock of a tract o f 32 acrea of
laud at the city's western edge In the
famous La Urea a«phnlt bed». The
thing which mukcs tbla tract, hereafter
to he knowu as Hancock park, unique,
la the fact that It la probably one of
Ibe oldest gruveyards o f wlilrli any­
thing la known, for It dutea back to
(he Pleistocene period. The tract, lo­
P L ir . D N K * IM’ lt.D IN O
cated close to some of the best oil wells
T a n n i a m » \V utMiMttrttM, P umti ^ n p , Ona«ioM
In the Houthweal, has been the sources
j, Jiitiv II I .<»w*t A 1’ AMtswraoMu J i n r C onnum
of both oil uud asphaltum. and It was
\ ..'..air .lui I >«-|IU( til »»Silt |*l Ili. 11 NiL
A «iimM y
0|d*n «lay ami rvrntni all tha In pits from which the latter was
tvuilniit« a-lutili»'.t at any lima.
Hook* taken that bones o f prehistoric mon­
I kirputtf I turiti liuti» wiIlls'll wnrk, atartly aa prac- sters were found.
|lim i tu I miriimnm Slitutliuml un<| ( >| n < m tiling by
At first these bones were not deenmd
r«|irtts S| nm '||«| jiutiructiort for civil m > i viro o&aiiii- I
of any great value, those finding them
itnlum* M h I* i r ! o tuition. Imikt »1 »mail nisi. I
I ’.«it»on a« «s in tut coin|M’ti»nt. InvmtigaU»- it «rill huvlng an Idea thut they were o f ani­
( ’ail, u»l«iilumu IliuaUway I» I, < writ«. mals o f recent years. It was not until
someone o f a scientific turn of inlnd
noticed that they were too lufao to be­
long to any modern aulmul, that the
more bones gradually
Ross City P â li, Port Is mi, Oregon.
Plione Tabor I OHI.
rrnwdcd the production of nsphult to
the side, until, today, there have been
made u hundred excavations within
I B o y a U n d e r 10 A d m i t t e d . !
I r Offers
o»l ml vantali« ». Limited mini Ihe tract, iiiuny of which have yielded
l»er o f tiuiiil». Indlvklual rare
Thuttmifh moral, rich tlnds of well-preserved bones.
mentisi. i>hy«tcal4 trainine.
Modern InuruagM.
M uri «-. Art.
From the hones and teeth which
have been found, scientists have re­
stored the skeletons of uiuuy varieties
GATE C u t t i n g
of animals, great sud small, which
row » i m w * am.*, o n » n o
lived many thousands o f years ago.
MOUNT « ou » m u t i in A MXiO
t o «•«(> »M t cuv ggno a n
II Is believed that thta Is the only place
llMOia AN« A4)» vg
und only Instance where the fauna
of one period and one region have been
preserved and handed down Intact
If all the Pleistocene remains In all,
Ihe museums o f the world were to he
T R A V E L A N D P R O IT T .
brought together, the qunntlty would
You nir tnm » iv l «ra m m w ith bti.tnwM tm inluir have to be multiplied by 50 In order to
Ami Lmsitlun. f v w y w h w .
(Jo t " N o r t h w « .» '»
U . « ~ i H u a i « . t o ll« * * H K IIN K K W A I.K K K . approximate the amount already taken
I'artlan 'l. Ora. A II
l ‘ .valUun« ifUAnuiteevl.
from the l.a Brea beds, and the end Is
W rite fur from lllu .tra in i r a U k « .
seemingly far off. Scientists who have
E G - O • I.K.NE Tha hnI.-^■ n r . » hrm ut'i .uh- siudled the pits and the composition of
l :.
- . t i t ut... lily >uil..
Marnala h alf their surroundings advance the theory
liutai. « Hit dutAÜe. 10»\ Kifo t o . Somerville. N. J.
thut the tnr beds were In reality death­
traps for the birds and annuals which
l ark» in the Office.
wandered through the section. Even
liof.it — 1 want to speak to you, Mr. today the visitor will see small pools
Ix>vuro, about your attention« to M i»« of liquid asphalt which have o o z e d
Sweet durinit office hour«. 1 engaged ' from the earth, and often will see
you hh billing clerk only; no cooing ( ground squirrels, rabbits, hens and
mentioned. That will be all for th e , birds o f various kinds which have been
pre«ent. ■
— Tid-Bita.
cuught by foot or wing In the sticky
tar. dying where caught, nnd gradually
sinking deeper Into the nsphnltum each
Veterinary Need».
" W e mult do something about blind day as the sun warms the pools.
In the wonderful museum In Exposi­
tiger». ”
" I nay so, too,” declared innocent tion park In lx>s Angeles have been as­
Mr«. Squab. "Th ose unfortunate ani­ sembled types o f the animals which
mal« should have the servieea o f a good once roamed the region, whose bones
have been taken from the La Brea pita,
veterinarian at.once.
and these Include mastodons, Imperial
elephants, saber-toothed tigers, care
SKIN IMPROVE hears, giant sloths, horses, lions and
mammoth birds Hint lived and died
When You Uae Cuticura— The Soap to 150,000 to '-*00,000 years ago. Besides
the mounted specimens, the store rooms
Purify and Ointment to Heal.
of the museum contain somo 3,000
On rising and retiring gently smear boxes o f unassorted bones, which will
the face with Cuticura Ointment Inter find their places In the restored
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
w ith Cuticura Soap and hot water.
It Is planned by the county authori­
Continue this treatment for ten days
and note the change In your skin. No ties, to whom the tract has been deed­
better toilet preparations exist.
ed, to have set up uhout the park
Kreo «ample each by mall with gigantic groups of statuary depleting
Address postcard. Cuticura,
the animals o f the Pleistocene era.
Dept. L, Boston.
Sold everywhere.
The asphaltum has served to preserve
— Adv.
the bones In a wonderfully perfect
state, making their study n matter o f
Hopeless Case.
The lenp-yeur maid hnd Just pro­ greater ease. It Is probable that It will
posed, hut had been handed the frosty take a year or more to develop the
park as planned, hut the supervisors
“ I never thought,” she sighed, “ that | hnve voted $25,000 as an Initial appro­
you would have the heart to turn ine priation for the work. Hancock park
will, when fully developed, become one
"X haven’t,” he replied. "Sty heart of the most Interesting places In the
belongs to another at the present writ­ already Interesting Southwest
Riches In Tennessee Caves.
The development o f two historic
caves, known ns Arch cave and Bone
cave In Van Buren county, Tennessee,
Veal, Pork, Beef,
ts now under way. The enves are esti­
Poultry, Butter, Egg*
and Farm Produce
mated to contain from 50,000 to 75,-
to ike OKI KelUMe Keenline houaa with a
000 tons of hat guano, which Is rich
teoord o f 4» ream of Hquare Deollne*. and
In potash nnd ammonia, bealdes other
he emu red of T O P M A R K E T PRICES.
elements of plant food. The under­
ground area Is nbout six miles. M il­
4S47 Front -«tree»
Portland. Oreeon
lions o f hats Inhabited these caves for
centuries prior to the Civil war, when
HI0E8t, PELTS. CA8CARA BARK, they were driven out by the manufac­
turer* o f powder. It Is told that when
• i m l ill |H hm Writ* fir pricii ini ihioptsi lagt Oen. John II. Morgnn'a detachment
which raided Nashville during the
T he H. F. N orton C o .
on ;.sutin. m
Civil war becamo separated and was
hard pressed by superior federal forces
they concealed themselvea In the Arch
cave for several days.
Thoroughly Renovated & Decorated
By btiylne dlreet from as at whobmtl* p rim
and a n tha plumbar'a proflta. Writ* oa to­
day your need» W * will ,w „ y « ,
„ k.
bottom dtrrrt-to-you" prime. f. o. b. rail or
boat. W * actually »a »« you from 10 ts u par
rent. All rood, aiiaranteed.
Northweat headquarter. fn leader Water
Syateme and Fuller a J oh neon Knstnse.
* 1 * Third Street.
P. N.TU.
Portland. O r• atm
No. 35, 1917.
A La Laundry.
A colored Baptist was exhorting,
"N o w , breddern and aistern, come up
! to de altar and have you’ sins washed
A ll came but one man.
"W h y , Brudder Jones, don’ t yo*
| want yo’ sins washed away?”
" I done had my sins washed sw ay.”
" Y o 1 has? Where yo ’ had y o ’ sins
washed aWay?”
“ Ober at de Methodist church.”
"A h , Brudder Jones, yo ’ aint’ been
washed; y o 'je a been dry cleaned.” —
Haiti more’ Trolley^News.
when I was sura ths Fokker was don*
fo r I looked around for them."
Thaw Is Wounded.
Thaw’s fallow-airmen weren't there,
but two airplanes of the enemy were.
"My qulok-flrer had stock and as I had
no other arms I got a little out o f the
enemy’s way preparatory to arrang­
ing tho gun. Unfortunately, I did not
get far enough and when I was reach­
ing for the quick-firer I got a bullet
through my arm. I turned toward our
lines and the bullets hit my little
Nleuport In several places. When one
o f the missiles struck my gasoline
tank, tearing the bottom open, I shut
off the motor and dived for the French
Thaw's flrst “ big league” experience,
so to speak, la cited simply as an In­
dication o f what the Americans forced
themselves to do from the very first.
They shirked no responsibility nor
danger and battled their way to the
thickest o f the clashea between the
Gorman and French air forces, which
became more and more frequent as
the Importance o f aerial warfare In­
8lde by side with Thaw was Kaonl
Lufbery, who was the first American
mentioned for bringing down five hos­
tile planes. Hla case was rather
unique. In that his parents died when
very young and he was brought up by
a family at Do urges. At thirteen he
ran away from home, his tours finally
bringing him in contact with the avia­
tor. Msro Ponrpe, who trained him to
be his assistant.
Lufbery was o f French nationality,
but when be desired to enlist tn the
French army at the start o f the war
On May IT. 1910, the American flo­ be was turned down because it was
tilla o f the atr took part In an ex­ discovered he wae so American. A f­
pedition over the Oertnan lines for tba ter many appeals be was allowed to
first time as a unit. Bullets were spat­ go with Pourpe as his mechanic.
tered at them by the thousand from
Lufbery Sweara Vengeance.
the German anti-aircraft guna, strik­
Pourpe was killed soon afterward
ing the tall piece and propeller of and Lufbery swore to avenge him. He
Lieutenant Thaw ’s machine. Corporal Importuned hla superiors to allow him
Victor Chapman's plane was also hit, to train as a pilot, and his request was
bnt both managed to return behind the finally granted and shortly after he re­
French lines In safety.
ceived his pilot’s certificate he was
The second expedition took plaea transferred to the American flying
two weeks later and while the Ameri­ corps.
can squadron was reeonnoltering five
The fact that he was not talking
o f the American machines attacked 14 Idly when he swore to avenge hla
German nlreraft, hoping to drive them friend's death Is shown by the fact
behind the German lines. The Ger­ that he la the premier “ ace” o f the
mans opened fire with marhtne guns Lafayette Bacadrllle. Now “ winging”
and the Americans responded. The a machine behind the German lines
explosive bullets used by the Germans means nothing, or rather not as much
did grent damage and soon two Ameri­ as bringing them down behind the
can machines were forced to tha French lines, because the latter Is a
ground, one with s ripped gasoline much more difficult feat. T o bring
tank and the other with a broken gun. down five German planes in back o f
Then two German machines were the French lines la the necessary re­
forced down by the fire o f remaining quisite to be termed an “ ace.” Luf­
American pilots. Corporal McConnell, bery, who cornea from New Haven,
who hnd two machine gnns on his was the drat American aviator to turn
swift machine, did great execution the trick.
with them, hut Anally after nine bul­
So month by month ns the Escm-
lets had struck his machine he was drille grew, with more and more Amer­
forced to descend.
icans attracted to It by Us exploits,
Such was the baptism o f fire en­ the number o f German planes destroy­
countered by those Americans who ed by the American airmen grew In
risked expatriation because o f their number. Very few weeks passed but
desire to flght. ‘‘Expatriation*’ Is cor­ what the Lafayette Escndrllle wns
rect. Inasmuch ns when Thaw desired mentioned In the official French com­
to visit his folks after a year at the muniques, and there are so many or­
front he traveled home on a French dinary feats of bravery performed ev­
passport. The status o f these men Is ery day on the firing line that It re­
quires something above the ordinary
as yet undecided. Incidentally.
to break Into official reports.
Exploits Attract Attention.
Thaw and then I.ufbery were given
It wns not long ufter the formation
o f the Escndrllle that Its members medals of honor and several times
started to battle their way to a niche cited for bravery. Others followed,
o f recognition. One after another, the last being Sergeant Andrew Camp­
they lived up to the Ideals o f America bell, to whom official recognition came
and “ winged" Hoche airmen nnd con­ but last week, nnd who could safely
ducted successful expeditions back of be called a superman from his deeds
o f the past month or two.
the German trenches.
Death Toll Heavy.
Nor was It long before the exploits
Naturally, the death toll was com­
of the American airmen attracted such
nttontlon that readers of American paratively heavy. Among those who
papers became accustomed to know were rated ns good fighters and who
what the name meant In the headlines pn-.-p their life fo r France were Victor,
nnd begntt to realize that, whatever Chapman, Norman Prince, James Mc­
the home authorities might be doing, Connell. Renald Heskler, Kenneth
some Americans were flghtlng along­ Rockwell nnd Edward Genet. Others,
side the French nnd British In n however, took their places, It betng
manner that brought naught but credit only a month or so ago that eight
young Americans o f prominent fam­
to the United Stntes.
Thaw wns the flrst to gain wide­ ilies left for the front for service.
spread attention. During the flrst of They were selected from one huiidred
the raids o f the Escndrllle he wns applicants for the service.
Such Is the brief record o f the La­
wounded In the arm, whBe attacking
three German planes near Verdun fayette Escadrllle. an organization that
He had been out with the squadron has fought as Americans should. Its
for several hours and wns waiting to record will not be sunk tn Its trans­
learn by telephone that Germans hnd fer to General Pershing's forces, for
been signaled ns coming toward sentiment on the part o f both Ameri­
France when the telephone operator can and French army chiefs favor the
got a report that three machines of j retention o f the distinctive name.
At present plans call fo r the com­
the enemy were In sight.
Immediately four American nlrtnen missioning of Lieutenant Thaw as a
hurried to their machines with Thaw major, with present members o f the
the flrst oft. His plane quickly out­ squudron betng named as captains nnd
distanced the others and soon after lieutenants, to take charge o f Ameri­
he sighted n Fokker hcntlpd his way can aviators who will shortly Join Per­
and not very far behind It two Ger­ shing's troops In France.
man machines. He was over German
territory when he climbed up to at­ 78
tack, thinking It Impossible for the
enemy to aim at him without going Wisconsin Village Furnishes Largest
Into a steep dive. This advantage
Quota In Accordance With Its
worked out to such purpose that he
was able to get close to the German.
Cumberland, WIs.— In accordance to
" I was so close,” said Thaw at the
time, “ that I felt like calling to hint population this village probably will
to get out o f the way before I pulled furnish the largest quota fo r the new
the trigger o f the tyulck-flrer. The national army o f any single community
fact that the gun Jammed after a few In the state. If not the nation. Out of
shots did not prevent enough bullets a total population o f 2,000, 120 were
from hitting him to send him below. registered, o f which 78 were among the
I was so much Interested In my com­ first to be drawn In the great human
bat that I forgot my comrades, but lottery
New York.— The transfer of the La­
fayette Eacadrille from service under
the French flag to the Htere and Mtlpes
recalls the record of the famous group
of American airmen on the western
From an bumble beginning the Ke-
cadrttle has fought Its way up to a
point where It Is recognised as ren­
dering Invaluable assistance to the
efforts of the allies to defeat Germany.
It started, to all purposes, shortly af­
ter the outbreak o f war, when William
Thaw n o f Pittsburgh was In France
for aviation purposes.
Thaw Immediately volunteered his
services to the French government
and ts a private In the Infantry wal­
lowed In the mud of the trenches for
six months until the French authori­
ties, realising the Importance o f avia­
tion as a war move, called for vol­
Thaw applied. He had already had
considerable experience In aviation,
having amazed society at Palm Beach
and Newport with his mastery over
airplanes, and his servieea were there­
fore accepted.
His lead was followed by others, un­
til quite a number of American men of
courage wero enrolled In the French
aviation section. The formation of the
Iuafayette Karadrilie followed shortly
lite r.
Young Thaw, for he had but reached
his majority when the war broke out
was commlaRlooed a lieutenant and
with his comrades quickly made the
Escadrtlle a thing to be feared by the
Hun airmen.
Qeta Baptism of Firs.
He May in 1960.
“ Why do you look at the baby in
that peculiar manner?”
“ I was wondering i f he w ill ever
tell hit children about the happy days
o f 1917 when prices were so reason­
able.” — Louisville Courier-Journal.
His Trouble.
Visitor — My poor man, when you
get out o f this place, do not yield too
The urmy and navy field comfort hastily to temptation. Take time to
committee has begun an active cam­ think; take time.
paign to supply every American sol­
Convict— That's wot I ’ m in fer. I
dier, at home and abroad, with a field took too many watches.
comfort box. Headquarters have been
opened In the Hotel McAlpln. New
York, and subscriptions of one dollar
for each box are being taken. Soma
o f the boxes are being {»cited at the
“ I can't have any fun! I am such
a sight with tbla eczema that people
Each box contains 40 cigarettes, one
avoid me wherever I go. And the
briar pipe, one can o f tobacco, a pack­ itching torments me so that I don't
age o f pipe cleaners, a bag o f ciga­ get any peace, anyhow.”
rette tobacco, a pack of cigarette pa­
Don’t be discouraged! Even In se­
pers, a pair o f shoe laces, a cake of vere, well-established cases of eczema,
sweat chocolate, a package of chewing or similar skin-troubles, Reelnol Oint­
gum, a high grade tooth brush, one ment, aided by Reslnol Soap, usually
tube o f tooth paste, one lead pencil, relieves the Itching at once and quick­
a quantity of stationery, a box o f safe­ ly clears the eruption away. A ll drug­
gists sell Reslnol Ointment and Resln­
ty matches, metallic buttons, etc.
ol Soap. T ry them.
The picture shows Miss Natalia Van
Honton packing the flrst comfort box
for the Sammies.
Granulated Eyelids,
Don’t Let Skin Trouble
Spoil Your Good Time
Red Cross Men In Charge of Supplies
at Base Hospital# Serve
Without Pay.
Chicago.— The American Red Cross
Is placing men with United Stntes
army commissions In charge o f Red
Cross supplies at every base hospital,
and at every training camp, canton­
ment, mobilisation camp and other
place where soldiers or sailors are as­
These men are chosen from volun­
teers who are more than thirty-one
years o f age— the draft limit— and
much more mature men are given the
preference so that no one may be put
at civilian work who might better serve
with the army. They draw no pay.
bnt are given quarters and subsistence
In accord with their rank.
At each such station there will be at
least two Red Cross representatives,
one o f whom w ill be commissioned
captain, and the others lieutenants.
They will have charge of all ship­
ments o f Red Cross supplies to such
military station, and will be the con­
necting link between the people and
their flghtlng men. Some, if not all,
these officers will be given the oppor­
tunity to follow the soldiers to Eu­
rope, though no one In the volunteer­
ing Is required to pledge himself to
go abroad.
In calling for volunteers to serve
In this capacity without pay, CoL
J. II. Kean, U. S. A. Medical corps,
“The Red Cross realizes that men
o f the desired caliber cannot be hired,
but must be attracted to the service
by entirely unselfish motives, and a
desire to help their country In this
time o f national emergency.”
Health Commissioner of Milwaukee
Rules It May Be Sold Under
Proper Restrictions.
V i s ■. wT *
i Sore Eyes, Eyes Inflamed by
Sun, Du at hnd Wind quickly
relieved by Murine. Try it In
C your Eye*and In Baby'S Eyes.
T O U R t l L O No Smart mr Jn.t Eye Co-fort
Marine Eye Remedy
Ey* Salve, tn Tube« 25c. For Book o f tko Eyo — Wr— m
Ask M a rin e E y e R e m e d y C o., C k k s s s 4
Bog Spavin or Thoronghpln
but you can clean them oft promptly with
a b s o r b IN E
and you work the hone same time.
D oes not blister or remove the
hair. $2.00 per bottle, delivered.
W ill tell you more if you write.
B ook 4 M free. ABSORBING, JR,
the antiseptic liniment for mankind,
reduces Varicose Veins, Ruptured
Muscles or L ifim cou . EnlerzeS Gland». W ee*.
C m
A lla n pan* quickly. Price t l and S I
akocxle af SnicKim or delivered. Made la the U. &. A. by
*. F. T0UN6, P.D.F., 401 Tsofls St, Srr1»gfi*l4, Mast.
An O.d Trait.
Uncle Eben— “ I Just had a letter
from my English cousin. He was In
the trenches. He says one day his
company was ordered to charge, and
the first thing be knew he ran Into a
lot o f barbed wire, several mines and
a hundred German batteries.”
Nancy— “ Just like George— never looks
where he’s going."— Life.
Disconcerting Candor.
Surgeon (to patient be ts about ta
operate on )— Well, old chap, If I don’t
see you again, here’s luck!— Puck.
Diplomacy Is the art of being disa­
greeable In a polite manner.— Boston
Milwaukee.— "Hortense. pass your Woman Thought She
plate for a drumstick of old Dobbin,
Die. Cured by Lydia E.
or, would you prefer white meat?”
Pinkham’s Vegetable
Horse meat will soon he on sale In
George C. Ruhland has received In­
quiry from a number of butchers, who.
Ogdensburg, W is.— " I suffered from
under proper restrictions, will be per­
female troubles which caused piercing
mitted to market horse meat.
pains like a knife
All such meat, the commissioner
through my back
said, must be conspicuously designated
and side. I finally
as such and must bear the stamp of
lost all my strength
the health department.
so I had to go to
bed. The d o c t o r
advised an oper­
’V V W W W W V
ation but I would
not listen to it. I
thought o f what I
had read about Lydia
E. Pinkham’s Vege­
Miss. — The
table Compound and
paign conducted In the South
tried it. The first
bottle brought great
Inst spring for food and feed
relief and six bottles have entirely
crops has been successful. The
cured me. All women who have female
corn yield o f Mississippi will
trouble o f any kind should try Lydia E.
be the grentest ever known. In
Pinkham's VegetaDle Compound.” —
some sections, 100 bushelk will
Mrs. E t t a D o rion , Ogdensburg, Wia.
be gathered to the acre. Ala­
Physicians undoubtedly did their best,
bama, Oeorgta nnd Tennessee
battled with this rase steadily and could
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