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    Y o u C a n b e a Better T e a c h e r
T ra in in g
Y o u r s e lf
fessionally at the
Oregon Normal School, Monmouth, Or.
Domicile to Rear Brood.
State Fair Rules Out.
Salem- Secretary I-ea, of the State
acuity Fair board, has announced rules which
will govern the entries o f all exhibits
COURSES ProfcHHion&l, Supervisor, Rural and Primary.
for prsmiums at the fair ami declared
that these rules, which are as follows,
First Semester I W in s September 10, 1917.
shall be rigidly enforced:
« I mmi I your p ru fm liiu al (msai'iiilitiiHi. The 1V17 ratalugue tails. Thu R egUtrer h u on«
“ The fairgrounds will be open for
the reception o f all articles six days
before the commencement o f the fair,
ROMANCE SEEN FROM SADDLE and all sntries for premiums must be
made in person or by letter with the
Qalloplng Hoof* Conetltute an Eternal secretary, as follows:
Challenge to the Spirit
“ In the horse, cattle, sheep and
of Youth.
swine departments on or before Sep­
tember 16; in the poultry end indus­
Romance llkee to come on home- trial department, on or before Septem­
hack ; the Jingling epure nnd bridle ber 20, and in all other department be­
S E A T T L E 'S
L A R G E 8 T H O T E L Irtma chant a happy pean In hla earn, fore 6 o ’clock in the afternoon o f Sep­
OShr U rn a M orii, frolli |W.,..,I. .n.| Ikicka
U|>- and from the aaddle, aa from the
tember 23. The board reaerves the
Clln 11.11 l ’w li ami Court llu u v .
TUR riNRHT IMit.I.AK BOOM IN AMERICA throne, he looka out over the workaday right to accept entries in the livestock
world, any» a writer In Hcrlbuer'a department after the expiration of
W lth it .t a .t ia l l* t h . I | »ra in .
I l (IO I l i o
t u n u m ., fl.a u i l i »
September 15, but i f this is done a
Wlth privato batti. I i>.r«,i,.
ti uo U Ut »0 0
Itomauce always haa been linked penalty o f 26 per cent o f the premiums
■t p n a i. fa uu fa to Uno
“ W h e n In S ea tU a T r y t h è r r y s ” with riding; In the playroom mounted | earned by the entry will be exacted.
on u gallant rocking chair youth tides
’’ A ll goods, articles ami animals
Into a land o f golden deeda; later he must be in place on exhibition by 10
iwlnga in long gallop* on the faithful o'clock on the forenoon o f the opening
bohhyhorae Into aplcy and fugitive ad­ day o f the fair, and all horaea entered
venture. T o the page on a prancing for speed contests must be in stalls
palfrey and to the cavalryman In ami entered in accordance with the
khaki the lure o f romance la the «nine; rulea governing the racing progranf.”
the rhythm of gulloplng hoofa thud»
Fifteen hundred pounds of cherries
ulwaya In the Imagination, the Intly'a
from one Bing tree on the L. B. Hab-
favor on the lance and the quivering erly place, northeaat o f Salem, with a
M-arlet guidon flutter ellko a my»terl-1
value o f $90 for the product from the
oua and eternal challenge to the »plrtt one tree, is a record just reported.
W e Pay the Pcaetsae.
“T o horae* and away,” and The cherries sold for 6 cents a pound.
I f In nmal o f P u re I>rugs end C'hem ireta. A rch of youth.
Supports. S h ou lder UrersNi, 1HUH31.H. Kleatic all the world'« before one.
S tockin gs. A h d o m tn e l S u p p o rt*»«. S u ip en s orr
Eighteen were injured when the O.-
Ktevennon «Iw n y« wanted to write a
H sitiiaara fur M on. a m l ell oth er Kiibt*»!- fktuda
| p f ev e ry dee<-Ht>Uon. er>n<| U* the
•tory about a mao galloping up to an W. R. & N. crack Overland Limited
No. 17
Inn at night, and the very «uxge»tlou paaaenger and mail train
Trum a E x p e r t *
crashed head-on into a 2200-ton freight
T h ird an d Y a m h ill, P o r tla n d , Or.
at Hindman, 16 miles east o f Baker at
|ty on th» hlahwrr low and loud.
6:20 o ’clock Monday morning.
Hy at th. gallop goa a he.
ilo heard him In the alreplea» mid­ man may die from the effects o f his
night« of hi« chlltfliood; nod. Indeed, injuries.
A re matlo from your OLD CAR-
the sound o f thudding hoof« always
Fridays will be meatless days at the
m 'S
ling Hugs wovun all aises.
make« the heart beat faster. The so­ Arlington Club, Portland, in future in
Mail onlers receive prompt ami care­
ciable clattering of a single fooler on order to help along the cause of food
ful attention. Send for booklet.
asphalt, the crackling o f tw ig« and conservation.
Members of the club
E. Hth and Taylor Sit.
Portland, Or. leaves on the quiet autumn trails, the unanimously approved the plan by bal­
muffled rhythm of a canter on the turf. lot. Judge C. H. Carey, president of
Its resonance on a bridge— all these the club, suggested the idea as a patri­
make lnu»lc In tha ears and bring the otic step.
very smell o f adveuture. To him who
Citi Perk, Port le nd. O regon ,
Logging operations on the California
kone la b o r lOHl.
ride» there la always "something lo»t Barrel company’s tract of timber in
behind the ranges” —and his heart the Kiatakanie river district are to be
yearns for It.
B o y a U n d e r 10 A d m it te d .
commenced in the immediate future.
Will learn
what * ~ to - teach
ami how to » teach.
. You
---- ;........
...... ; •;—
« « • . The achool prepares
elementary work in city ami country schools. Kvery member o f the
has professional preparation.
? ou
Spokane, Wash. — Emily is a house­
w ife who believes in safety first.
Emily is a modern horns builder who
selected the fire escape of the Spokane
Chamber o f Commerce building as a
most desirable site for a fam ily domi­
cile. Probably it was the solidity o f
the iron platform which appealed to
her, or perhaps she fe lt safer in the
city than elsewhere.
Anyhow, the
fact that below her roars the traffic o f
s busy street and three feet sway a
noisy office force hammers typewriters
and slams desks and chairs around
m ale« no difference.
Emily is th rifty.
She believes in
conservation o f material.
Pieces o f
an old rope twisted around the fire es­
cape and a few stripe o f bunting ap­
pealed to her as valuable.
So she
worked them into the
weaving the loose ends o f the rope
through the bottom o f her summer
home and using the bunting in the
side walls.
Paying no attention to the interested
audience nearby, Emily collected rub­
bish and completed her nest. Then
she settled down to housekeeping and
Three beautiful
eggs soon appeared and three weeks
later Emily had a fam ily consisting
mostly o f yawning mouths.
youngsters are now about ready to fly.
The nest is located just outside a
window o f the Spokane Interstate Fair
offices. President Thomas S. Griffith,
o f the Fair association, sees in the
visit o f the bird a good omen for the
annual show to be held September 3-8.
" W e have had mascots before,” says
Mr. Griffith, “ but this is the first time
any mother became so interested in
our work that she made her home
where she could watch all o f our
vare|itioneI « I ventage«. Limited num*
Individual i irt
H pataffi — t i l
p h ilt e r ' training.
len gu agee.
Carl L. Koster, president o f the Hum­
boldt Cooperage company, will be in
A salary scheme Is being worked Astoria in about a month to establish
out In Italy, which promises to have the camps.
good result». Salaries will be paid by
A ll three o f the girls who escaped
employers to their employees, who are
on active service the continuation of from the State Industrial school for
SUth and Kvrtrtt Sia . PorlUnd. O r«.
which will be regulated according to girls Sunday night, and who were
I Pour block* from Union Depot. T w o biorka
from N ew PoatoAe*. Mod*rn enti fireproof.
the number of yearn o f previous serv­ chased through the brush and woods
near the school by bloodhounds at the
aOver KD outaide room*. H its «
to tU.OO.
ice. The first clause provides for the
orders o f Mrs. Minnie Darst, superin­
C H A S . C. H O P K IN S . Manager
reinstatement In their former posi­
tendent o f the school, were back at the
V ____ _____________
■ ■ ■■ ^
tions of all employees having served
institution Wednesday.
for at least ons year with the firm
In the Two-M ile school district, in
for which they were working at the
The Cooe county, where two buildings have
B o u illi, Sold. R .n lo d *o *l H o p ..ro d entrance o f Italy Into the war.
W A L K Kit E L E C T R IC W O R K S
clauses relating to snlartea during the burned down within the past year, the
llumalilo. fur. Ulta.
Portland. Ore.
war are ns follow s: All workingmen directors, at a recent meeting called
the colors who have been with a an election for the purpose o f voting
HI0E8, P E L T S , CA 8CA RA BARK, with
firm for ut least five years are en­ on the construction o f another building
titled to a third o f their usual sal­ to replace the new one which was de­
S« *ul ni N* Un. Unti tir priest Mf itippMl lift aries during the continuation o f the stroyed three weeks ago.
T n i H. F. M osto « C o . fwoei. or*. letiit, w* war. This applies to married men
De W itt Van Ostrand, owner of
with families. In all other cases the extensive timber interests in Douglas
S C IE N T IF IC A S T R O b O O IC A I. In .tn irtlon .
employers shall pay the men at the county, arrived in Roseburg recently
f g n c u l i . Rowltne. limit.. . I f . A cvn<-r.l fun*
m at for A year»» with *|>*ctal Indication« for 1 year; rate o f s quarter o f their former sal­
from Grants Pass, where he is devel­
or any t» ** a Jrular Queetion with advice, for 81.00,
Men with ten years' service to oping the Waldo copper mine. Mr.
a«n»t fu ll, rth data. A H T R O U X A IC A L S T U D IO . aries.
Portland. Oregon. I*. O. Ho* 82ft.
their credit will receive. If married, Van Ostrand says he has enlarged the
with fnmllles, one-half o f their sal­ stamp mill at the mine and its capac­
shorthand, to Wcnpkr.
BTUDY »-jkkoe
trrrmilted aries, nnd If not tnnrrfed a third. The ity is now six times greater than the
M )« .m .n .h i| * K n s !
K h on l. w r it ., or I'h im . Main 6S0 fo r ra to k ia o »; decree only applies to firms employing
original plant.
S r w lu .t r . r u ir a n t m l iMMittona. H a h n k .-W u k w
ut least three workmen.
CSwénM . Collose. 1*7 «th Street. n « i r Morrtoon
Grant county is again threatened
P o rtla n d . Oreson.
with a grasshopper plague.
In the
Beech Creek district the insects are
Grimly Classical.
Grandma— I wouldn’ t eat that hard reported to have started to damage the
“ Do you regard the study o f Iditin
crops. Reports from other parts of
apple in that way, W illie.
as an advantage?”
W illie I shouldn't think you would, the county indicate that the grasshop­
“ Not now,” replied Mr. Growcher.
I wouldn’ t either i f I did­ pers w ill work great damage and
" But sometimes I wish literature had
n’t have no more teeth than you’ ve efforts are being made to stop the
atuck to the old language. I can’t ;
plague, but so far without result.
got.— Pearson’s Weekly.
imagine anybody w riting best seller |
A ctin g on a report o f an expert ac­
stories or ragtim e songs in Latin .”
countant, the stockholders o f the Ump­
Just So.
Washington Star.
qua Valley Fruit union have decided to
“ What are these?”
“ Just some cakes I have been mak­ reorganize the affairs o f the associa­
Fears for the Sheepmen.
tion by the elimination o f F. H.
I f the Idaho farmers attempt to hold J ing. A few trifles. ”
“ I wouldn’t call them trifles, my Davies as bookkeeper and the election
fo r $20 hay this fall it w ill force the '
love. Trifles are said to be as high as o f A. L. Kitchin as secretary.
Kitchin has been manager for the
sheepment o f the state to reduce the a ir.” — Louisville Courier-Journal.
union. The stockholders also decided
size o f their flocks and have the effect
o f causing many to withdraw from the
to employ a field representative.
Getting Oil From Needles.
business, according to Hugh Sproat,
Sheridan’s cannery, built by the
Investigations o f the yield and the fruit growers to handle the fruit,
president o f the Idaho Wool Growers’
Sproat does not agree value o f cedar oil obtainable from some vegetable and berry market o f that
with Harvey Allred, director o f the o f our southern nnd western trees have district, began this week on its first
state farm markets bureau, that the been mode by the forest service partly regular run for the canning season,
farmers must get $20 a ton for their with a view to the possible utilisation and marks the initial venture o f any
alfalfa if they are to make the same of waste material left after lumber­ cannery in that district. The first twe
margin o f porflt on their invest­ ing In the nntlonnl forests.
or three weeks w ill be spent canning
In these Investigations, longlenf nnd the berries and the last o f the season
western yellow pine leaves produce the w ill be devoted to making juice.
Green G olfer (to caddie)— “ What most promising results, but the needlo
School Superintendent Churchill has
lls obtained from these pines did not issued a ruling affecting male teachers
are you looking there for?
I must
have driven it 50 yarda farther than mrpass the already firmly established o f the state who have enlisted, in
spruce and hemlock oils.
which he holds that any person who
Diplomatic Caddie— “ Yes, sir; but
The large quantities o f needles and has enlisted either in the army or
sometimes they hit a
stone and twigs on forest service timber Rale navy, and who is properly qualified,
bounce back h terrible distance, sir.” nrens are not only a sheer waste, bnt may have his certificate within one
— Transcript.
nlso form a special Are hazard. An In­ year from the date o f expiration o f his
creased market for leaf oil would mnke term o f service with the Federal gov­
possible tho utilization o f some of ernment.
Many teachers who have
this waste material.
enlisted are entitled to teachers’ cer­
tificates, either through examination
or from having completed a teachers’
Fits Men and Women for
Cats Fond of Needlea
a life o f useful and profit­
Cats seem to have o habit o f swal­ training course.
able work as
lowing needlea. When n cat Is brought
The Marion county court has finally
to a veterinary hospital suffering with
Druffletw Practitioners
up the contract for the con­
n cough, the doctor always looks for a
F. A . BR E W STE R , M. D., D E A N
needle. In one Instance Doctor Childs struction o f a new steel bridge across
712 State,
Salem, Oregon. of New York operated on a cat to re­ the W illam ette river between Marion
move what he thought was sn ordi­ and Polk counties at Salem.
nary needle. He found a hatpin nine bridge w ill coat $237,901.
n u m
Veal, Pork, Beef,
Inches long. Bat the cat's life was
Needham and
> | - f I K
P ou ltry. Butter. F.gg«
Varne returned to Salem from the San
and Farm Produce
R e w a rd in g Italian Soldiers.
New Houston Hotel
College of Neurology and
Electro-Therapeutics, Inc.,
to th« Old ftallahl« Evorriln* hoiiM with a
record of Aft year* of 8quar« Dealings, and
b« «Mured of TO P M ARKET PRICES.
F. M . C R O N K H IT E
4S-47 Front S t r ««t
P. N. U.
Portland. Oregon
No. 30, 1917
Selects Spokane Chamber o f
Commerce Building ae Modern
tiam country late Wednesday night
with Ray Graves and Mrs. Ruth Ab­
bott, charged with threatening the life
"Don’t the poor fisherman ever lose o f ex-Sheriff Tom Word, o f Portland,
money In this aelne Ashing?”
along with other persons who went
“ Oh, no. It la a business In which with Word to claim ownership to the
thera are bound to be net profits."
Black Eagle mine near Breitenbush.
Hot Weather
Is In the Bottle!
A Brew
that Stands
M ade by our patented process.
Ask your dealer.
in stock,
If he has’nt it
Brewing Co., Portland, Oregon.
Obviously Exempt.
One of the registrars in s V irgin ia
country district tells a story o f a negro
man, obviaoualy within the prescribed
ages and o f powerful physique, who
turned up on registration day.
registrar had a good deal o f difficulty
in making the applicant understand
the questions.
"D o you claim
exemption?” he
“ W hut’s dat, suh?”
“ Is there any reason why you should
not render m ilitary service— why you
should not fight your country’s bat­
“ Oh, yes, suh,” replied the appli­
cant, much enlightened.
“ Ise gun- i
shy.” — Richmond Times-Dispatch.
'oivt wait for time
to heal your skiiv-let
R e s in o !
“ So you love the old songs best?”
“ Y es” replied Mr. Cumrox.
“ W hy?”
“ Maybe it’ s because I haven’t much
o f an ear for music and I don’t want
to bother about learning any new
ones.” — Washnigton Star.
The egotist with mind alert
Is bound t o get his feelings hurt,
Assuming with suspicion grim
Each passing jest is aimed at him.
— Washington Star.
do it now
■ ••• o b . Ma
■xtal. can’t spill or tip
over; will not »oil or
Injare any thing.
XWZOLD t O H I l I . 14« D «Z *lk A n . . B m S ln . > . T.
Granulated Eyelids,
so re
sure to Sai. Desi and
iuickly relieved by
ye Kenedy. No Smarting,
£ye Comfort. A t
Your Druggitt’ « 50c per Bottle. Marine Ey#
Salve In Tube« 21c. ForBeokef fkeEycFrceuk
Druggii:i or Msriae Eye Remedy Ce.
_ a # __
than S m a llp o x , A rmf
Northwest Counties o f State o f Wash­
ington in Excellent Shape.
Olympia — Some cheering news in
regard to the food situation and forest
fires came to Olympia this week. M.
L. Dean o f the agricutlural depart­
ment reports that the northwest coun
ties were never in better shape. The
condition and some o f them w ill har­
vest as high as 150 bushels o f oats to
the acre.
The Whatcom and Skagit county
farmers are all doing a big business,
and putting up more vegetables and
fruit than ever before, in some in­
stances doubling the pack o f last year.
Fire Warden Papex received word
that the Skykomish, the forest fire re­
ported in green timber, was under con
trol as the result o f a heavy rain. The
fires in Pierce county that threatened
the town o f McKenna were brought
under control by back firing, and all
danger is past. The most serious loss
was that in Skamania county, where
the Wind R iver company lost $50,000
worth o f logs, machinery and equip­
ment, including five donkey engine?.
T h e D rin k T h a t
The Cooler f»r
Laugh When People
Step On Your Feet
the almost miraculous effi­
cacy, and harm lessee**, o f Antityphoid V see I nation.
Be vaccinated N O W by ym x physician, you and
fou r family. It Is mote vital than house loeuranc«.
Ask your physician, druggist, or scad foe Hay«
pen had Typhoid?” telling o f T y p h o id Vaccina,
resulU from ua , and danger from Typhoid Caniezs. |
T ry
t ic
thle youreelf then
It along to others.
It works)
a r m * lab o r ato ry , b o k o t y , c m .!
raoauciB« vaccines a »sauna uaoce u. *.
u c« a»X
Ouch I T I T 1 ! This kind of rough Instantly In Most Cases— W rite for a
talk will be heard lesa 1 ere In town If
Free Sample.
people troubled with corns V lll follow
the simple advice of this Cincinnati
Cutlcura Is wonderfully effective.
authority, who claims that a few drops Th0 Soap t0 cIeanae and purify, the
of a drug called freezone when applied Ointment to soothe and heal all forms
to a tender, aching corn or hardened of itching, burning skin and scalp af­
callous stops soreness at once, and fections. Besides these super-creamy
soon the corn or callous dries up and emollients If used daily prevent little
lifts right o ff without pain.
skin troubles becoming serious.
He says freezone dries Immediately
Free sample each by mail with
and never Inflames or even irritates Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura,
the surrounding skin. A small bottle Dept. L, Boston.
Sold everywhere.
of freezone w ill cost very little at any — Adv.
drug store, but w ill positively remove
every hard or aoft corn or callous j
from one's fe e t Millions o f American
Misleading Labels.
women w ill welcome this announce­
“ Women are said to be the spice of
ment since the Inauguration o f the
life .” “ You can’t depend on the la­
high heels. If your druggist doesn’t
I figured on gettin g
have freezone tell him to order a small bels, though.
cinnamon, but I got pepper.” — Louis­
bottle for you.
ville Courier-Journal.
Urges More Food Conservation.
Spokane — Care in investigation of
facts before interference with normal
channels o f distribution, lest sudden
readjustment might force prices even
higher, was urged by Carl Vrooman,
assistant secretary o f the department
of Agriculture, in addresses here W ed­
nesday. Mr. Vrooman also urged con­
servation o f the food supply. The U-
l>oat has been defeated, he declared,
basing his assertion upon the fact that
food is being transported in quantity
and with regularity. The fuel prob­
lem o f Italy is also being met, he said.
Portland— Wheat— Bluestem, $2:16
per bushel; fortyfold, $2.12; club,
$2.12; red Russian, $2.12.
M illfeed— Spot prices: Bran, $33.00
per ton; shorts, $36.00; middlings,
$43.00; rolled barley, $49.00; rolled
oats, $52.
Hay— Producers’ prices: Timothy,
Eastern Oregon, $26.00 per ton; alfal­
fa, $18.00; valley grain hay, $15.00.
Vegetables — Artichokes, 80c per
dozen; tomatoes, $1.50 @ 1.75 per
crate; cabbage, l® 2 c
per pound;
lettuce, 35c per dozen; cucumbers,
40®86c per dozen; peppers, 30®40c
per pound; peas, 5c; spinach, 6Jc;
Leans, 7 ® 8c.
Green Fruits — Cherries, 7®9c per
l>ound; apricots, $1.26® 1.60 per crate;
cantaloupes, $1.25®'3.50; peaches, 90c
® $ 1 .15 per box;
watermelons, 2&c
per pound; apples, $2®2.75; plums,
$1.50®2; currants, $1.25®1.50; rasp­
berries, $1.90®2.
Butter — Cubes, extras, 40c per
prime firsts, 39c.
prices: Prints, extras, 42c.
Eggs— Ranch, current receipts, 35c
per dozen; ranch, candled, 38c.
Poultry— Hens, 16® 17c per pound;
broilers, 19®21c; turkeys, 20c; ducks,
old, 15c; young, 18®20c; geese, 10®,
V eal— Fancy, 15®16$c per pound.
Pork— Fancy, 1 9 )® 20c per pound.
Cattle— Steers, prime, $8.00®9.00;
good, $7.50®8.00; medium, $6.75®
7.25; cows, choice, $6.25®6.50; me­
dium to good, $5.60®6.00; ordinary to
fair, $4.50®5.60; heifers, $4.00®6.75;
bulls, $5.00®7.00.
Hogs — L igh t and heavy packing,
$15.40®16.60; pigs and skips, $12.50
®13.60; stock hogs, $12.00® 13.00;
rough heavies, $14.00®14.50.
Sheep— Lambs, $6.00® 11.60; year­
lings, $6.60®9.00; wethers, $7.00®
8.00; ewes, $3.00@7.60.
The Grand Jury’ s Visitation.
The grand jury o f Laurens county
Crops Don’t “ Run Out,” Say Experta
recently reported:
at Ames— Fanning and Grading
“ That the county jail, from which
Are of Importance.
two negroes under life sentence have
The old Idea that farm crops “ run escaped recently, is in good condition,
out” may safely be looked upon as a except the doors and locks.” — Macon
humbug, say the farm crops men at Telegraph.
the Iowa experiment station at Am es;
that Is, If reasonable care Is given to
Son o r B roth er in cam p o r tra in in g fo r defense?
the selection of good seed and proper I f bo . m ail him a p ackage o f A lle n 's Foot Ease,
methods o f soil culture each year. the antiseptic P o w d er fo r Tired. Aching, Sw ol­
len Feet, snd p reven ts blisters and sore spots.
Under careless management, o f course, Makes w a lk in g easy. Sold eve ryw h ere . 28e.
crops will deteriorate the same as an­
Knew Her Botany.
imals or men.
If, due to careless handling, farm
“ What was the form er talking
crops do run down or “ run out,” the about?” asked the first: summer girl.
best thing to do is to run them out " A whiffle-tree,” said
the other.
Dispose o f the poor stuff and make a “ W ell, I ’ve studied botany, but I nev­
fresh start with good seed from the er heard o f a whiffle-tree.
farm o f a thrifty neighbor.
Then like his idea o f a jok e.” — Louisville
keep the seed good.
With tests of hundreds o f varie­
ties o f different classes o f crops at the
experiment station at Ontario, Can­
ada, Ames and other places, where
reasonable attention was given to fan­
ning nnd grading seed each year, cases
of "run out” are practically unknown.
Tills has nlso been the case on all well-
mnnnged farms, also.
With proper management and nor­
mal conditions the seed grown on the Mrs.
Ought to Help You Over
farm should always be the best seed
for that farm.
the Critical Period.
Tendency to Rush Product to Market
Before It Is Well Blanched— Loss
In Trimming.
The bracing fall weather will stimu­
late the demand for celery. At this
season when It Is selling readily at
good prices, there Is a tendency to
rush celery to market before It Is well
blanched. This Is a mistake, because
It necessitates severe trimming at the
market end, nnd the product goea to
the cheaper trade. To catch the best
grade, celery must be fully blanched,
clean and well trimmed.
"Handling” celery should be finished
promptly and the rows ridged as fast
us possible. I f the soil la allowed to
get Into the hearts o f the plants It
will cause r o t Celery Intended for
storage should not be ridged. In toms
quarters there is a prejudice against
blanching celery with boards. It Is
claimed that blanching with earth
makes It crisper and gives it a better
flavor. Just the same, much of tha
product grown In various parts af tha
country la blanched with boards^
it sella for top prices, too«
Lowell. Mass.— “ For the last three
years I nave been troubled with the
Change o f L ife and
the bad feelings
common at t h a t
I was in a
very nervous condi­
tion, with headaches
and pain a g o o d
deal o f the time so I
was unfit to do my
A friend
asked me to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's
V e g e t a b l e Com-
Ipound, which I did,
and it haa helped me in every wav. I
am not nearly so nervous, no headache
or pain. I must say that Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound is the
best remedy any sick woman can take. ’ 1
—Mrs. M a r g a r e t Q u i n n , Rear 259
Worthen S t , Lowell, Masa.
Other warning symptoma are a sense
o f suffocation, hot flashes, headaches,
backaches, dread o f impending evil,
timidity, sounds in the ears, nplpitation
of tha heart, sparks before the eyes,
irregularities, constipation, variable
appetite, weakness, inquietude, snd
t»If you need special advice, write to
the Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.
[confidential), Lynn, Maas.