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    P A C K 4.
held prisoner« In the palace The lest
men in Itnssla are »niching and waif
ing to form a new government.“
T h e y E x is te d In Cttts* so d T ribes
While Miklmllof had been talking
T h e r e In A n t i s o t Tim»*.
Marya had been listening intently, at
['he republican idea is peitJtgr
the same time thinking of her lover, new nor modern in Ruatia, and the
who on the inofto» would take part
in this great movement, anxious noth elective monarchy was one of it*
earliest governmental institution«.
♦ for him and her father
Novgorod, prior to A. P. 1100
Stephan Mikhail»! staggered upstair«
The Thrilling Melodrama
* A » In cid en t o! the R us- * to his room and without removing his and for many year« Thereafter,
clothes threw himself on the bed and maintained a sort of repo ¡die. The
waa asleep the moment he touched It.
aian R e e rlu tie n
people were warlike ana compelled
A few minutes later there »up a neighboring citie* to pity tribute
summons at the street door and Cap
tain Ivanovltch entered 'th e house and rtivited princes to act as ♦ be­
head of their government and mili
By r . A. M IT C B tL
Marya Joined him immediately
“Have you seen your father?“ the tary forces. When any prince dis­
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ captain asked anxiously.
pleased the majority of the peoplt
“Tag." replied Marya iu a vote* that ne was invited to abdicate.
“She could impose conditions on
Stephan MlkSallof left tbe dum*, trembled. “He has refused his con­
Jack Willis,
H arry Taylor
him whom she chose to reign over
where be bed been working bard for sent."
her,” says the historian Rambtud,
flats to bring about a change iu the
government which bad endured with­ told her as to that which was expected i speaking of the semi republic of
George Flim Flam
Neal Christy
out break for many centuries Calling j to occur the next day. When she | Novgorod. ‘‘If discontented with
Ikey Rloomingall
....... Dr. G. E. Prim e
a drosky, ha entered it, telling the i had finished she asked Iter lover his management she .expelled the
Joe Hudson
coachman to drive him to bis home,
prince and his band According to
and throwing himself back on the cush­ I the troops would tire on the people.
Loyd Miller
"That ts a matter of uncertainty. the accustomed formula, ‘site made
ion behind him. closed his eyes and re­
Silas Sticknev .....
malned in a position denoting exhaus
. .
Clem .
tion till the vehicle drew up before his | ^ d e j h e y will b*
*° ah<£* wav’ to leave Novgorod. Sometimes
bouse on t breed avenue lining the down Some of the officers are revolu- to hinder hts evil designs she kept
Emerson Murphy
ner aucl it WM lcft to hts
Neva. Descending from the drosky. he donists. and some are loyal to (be c a r
M osby..........
paid tha driver his fare and entered believe It is true of the others unless » « lesso r to set him . t liberty. Of-
Louise Taylor
Mabel Shelby
his home
it may b* some of the more arlsto- ! ten a revolution was accompanied
He was met In the hall by his daugh­
ter Marya. a girl not long turned sev­ cratic commanders, where the officers
Susie Sparks
. ........... Velma Prim e
enteen. Marya was a typical Russian.
“The power of a prince of Nov­
Becky Shelbv
Her eyes were a pale blue, her com­ or failure depeuds upon whether the
plexion soft white with a faint tinge of people or the bureaucracy can win over gorod rested not only on hia drou-
jina, which alwaya followed his for­
roae. her hair so light that had It not the trOcps to their side."
tunes, and on his family relations
been for her youthful face it might
The next morning there was n feel­ with this or th at powerful princi­
have almost been mistaken for the
ing in Petrograd that momentous pality, but also on a party formed |
whiteness of age.
“Oh. father." she said. “I am so glad events were to l>e enacted. For n long for him in .the heart of the repub- I
ACT, 1. Col Shelby's Home.
Halbeck dem ands that
that you have come. Sergius Ivano- while speculators had tied up food or lie. I t was when the opposing party |
Mabel m arry him. Flim Flam sta rts »show . Louise arrives.
Titch is to Petrograd. his regiment the railroads had been overburdened gTew too strong that he was de­
The N ight Riders visit Shelby "Give him the lash and to rc h ."
having arrived last night. He has been transporting munitions of « ar. or the
to see me and begs me to Intercede bureaucracy, which must receive its throned and popular vengeance ex­
ACT II.—In the mountains. The duel. Mabel captured.
with yon to gsln your consent to our sop from the sale of everything the ercised on his adherents. Novgorod
Edgar attem pts to poison Louise. The veiled bride. The
people needed, had been working its being above all a great commercia
exchange. The fight. The N ight Riders escape.
"Why do you trouble me about this game. At any rate, w hile Russia w as city, her divisions were frequently
matter." replied the father augtlly, -at surfeiting iu provisions there was u caused by diverging economic in-1
ACT HI. The m oonshiners' hut. Flim Flam in disguise.
anch a time? Do you not know that dearth of eatables In Petrograd. Crowds t terests.”
Jack captive of the N ight Riders. "H an g them b o th ." Ma­
we are on the eve of a consummation began to collect in the streets, and | It was Novgorod which brought ;
bel buys her fa th e r’s life. The U. S. officers arrive. The
of efforts that have been working for such places as were intended Mr the the Varangians, Hurik, Oleg and |
half a century to throw off the des­ sale of food were surrounded. It
potism which sucks the lifeblood of seemed that every one living In the
our people? Besides, it is Impossible j capital was interested in what was to the men who were to found au­
that you, the descendant of a long line going on. Then regiments of soldiers tocracy and crush the crude repub­
of nobles, should unite with n com were marched through the thorough­ licanism of the cities and tribes.
fares to positions to which they had From oligarchy grew autocracy.
moner ”
“But. papa, are you not working for been assigned. A* they passed tbe Wars weakened the little republics. I
____ __
crowds they were cheered, and they Gradually they were consolidated,
tha . cause
of __
the _ i__
Tes. but that is no reason why I answered the salutes good naturedly and the power of the people rx-
■hould take one of the people into my Put their commanders remained rigid.
The troops of the -th regiment, of tinguishea.—Exchange
“Sergius is an offi er. the youngest which Sergius Ivanovich was a cap-
S p a re d tbe Culprit.
| tain, were ordered to attack a number
cap*a!n in his regiment."
Alfonso, king of Aragon, attend­
“He »St a common soldier In tbe cf laborers who had revolted. Their
colonel, having drawn them up In line, ed bv Several of his courtiers, called
ranks ’
“And was promoted on account of gave the order to aim and was about on a jeweler to inspect some of his
h!» having more influence over his com­ to follow it with the word “Fire!” «ares. No sooner had he left th»
rades than a!! the other officers of the wheu Captain Ivanovich stepped out shop than the proprietor came run­
before the soldiers and raid:
regiment together.”
“Soldiers. If you fire on these men. ning after him and complained th a t!
“Enough. I have neither time nor
inclination to argue with you on this who are simply demanding bread that lie had been robbed of a diamond of |
point while engaged in the great work ' is denied them by the bureaucracy, great value. The l ing returned to j
the shop and ordered a large vessel I
o f p u llin g d o w n tiro to tte rin g O'jreittj- 1 .r o u ebatl firs t k ill me.
There were sounds of the dropping of filled with bran to be brought and ■
cracr. You know that the czar, aware
of our efforts to free Russia, dissolved the butts of rifles along tbe line, first a placed on tbe counter. He then |
the representative assembly which w e few, then au increase, followed by commanded each of his courtiers to
wrung from b'm in the last revolution. liandreds together. Then the work­ insert his hand closed ard then
You know that we refused to be dis­ men advanced and shook hands with withdraw it open He was the first
An lbs*n Theory.
solved. This from the government's the soldiers, and tbe crisis had passed.
The events of that memorable day to begin, and after all had hsd their
In one of the published*letters of
point cf view is revolution, treason.
llth Annual
Had the czar th& power his predeces­ followed in rapid succession, and the turn he asked the jeweler to empty Ibsen he says that while he was
sors had every member cf the dnma next day It was announced that the the vessel on the counter By this writing one of his plays he had on
would either be sent to Siberia or exe­ long line of Russian rulers. Including means the diamond was recovered his desk an empty ale glass with .»
cuted E^en as it i(f remember that so many despots—Ivan the Terrible. and nobody was disgraced.
scorpion in it. Now and then tha
your father is in Jeopardy, if we suc­ Catherine, whose immoral character |
reptile would grow sick, and the au­
ceed we will free our country; if we had so stained the imperial ermine-
Paanuts as Food.
thor would throw a piece of soft
fail we will be proscribed. Our chains had for the first time been broken if
The peanut is a mine of riches,
mes, fruit to it, whereupon the scorpion
will be so riveted that the sledge of ^ not ended.
more protein, or lean w<mU fa!, upo„ the f ,
Titan cannot break them.“
Stephan Mikhallof, who went to containing
than any other nut
tv its poison into it and then
“But surely you will win.“
sleep at his home the night before the
«I§ it not „
d 1
“Not If the czar continues to pour revolution, did not awaken till tbe next | known an an immense store of fat, | t weU
* ith us poets?’? Ib­
troops into the capital. All autocratic- afternoon. He was aroused by shouts so that as a food it is a rich t n u - ! §çal llke
governments are supported by bayo- t and cheers without. Going to a win­ ure, but it should be recognized and sen continues. “Nature’s laws ap-
nets. The officers are usually chosen dow, he saw a large concourse of peo­ used as a solid food and not as a ply in the domain of the spirit
from the aristocratic classes, and tbe ple standing In the street looking up at between meal tidbit, for it is any­
officers control the men. When tbe his house. Raising the sash, he bent thing but a delicate or light food, also.”
war began the bureaucracy controlled forward and looking down, saw that Xhig however, may be said of all
How W a B re ath e.
for* nf tha rirAa-H'a attpaotiAn I
the appointment of officers and took tha
tbe ran
of tbe crowd's attraction |
care to appoint those upon whom they was an officer In uniform standing on nuts, and one should avoid over­
Men and women do not breathe
could rely to support the throne. Many tbe landing of the steps leading up to loading the system with them, for alike. In a woman the breathing
of these officers have gone down In the tbe front door. While the crowd waved by this is indigestion formed and is from the thorax or cheat, « hile
struggle with the central powers, and bats and handkerchiefs the officer was undeserved reproach to nuts as in a man it is mainly from the
their places have been filled by men bowing his acknowledgments.
This annual event will be one of the greatest patriotic
diaphragm, which is lower down.
from tbe people.
Mikhallof, having been clothed, was
This peculiar difference is so
celebrations ever held in the Pacific Northwest.
“It is to be supposed that the czar sufficiently presentable to go down­
F u r B earing.
has concentrated such regiments in stairs to learn what all this meant.
“Alaska is noted for its fur bear­ marked that it is possible to rec­
Gome, and join in snd return home
Petrograd as are officered by a super- ! He was met by his daughter.
ing animals, such a3 seals and Eski­ ognize by it a woman disguised ns
a happier and truer Amerio*n
a man, although the disguise may
flulty of men upon whom he can rely.
" W h o Is th e officer w ith o u t? ” he mos.”
We are secretly arranging for a coup asked.
This u as the answer given at an be faultless in other respects. Most
d'etat. Tomorrow morning the people
“Sergius Ivanovltch.
physiologists say this difference is
will turn out in the streets and demand
And why ls the crowd cheering 1 examination held in Columbus for not due to sex, but owing to arti­
n 0»»
n n l i o f l n t s for
f o r teachers’
t e a r - h e r e ’ li
food. Their clamor wil! Increase till him?”
| a applicants
ficial conditions, such as the wear­
the troops are called upon to quell the
"Because, papa, while you have been The examination was conducted by
On Sale June 12, 13. 14, 15,
disturbance That will be the critical : asleep there has been «, revolution, the county school superintendent, ing of corsets.
moment. The revolution will com The turning point came when Sergius' and he vouches for the truth of the
Return Limit June 18th
mence, and Its success depends upon i regiment was ordered to fire on some story. The question was to discuss
A n Extrem ist.
whether the troops can be relied upon workmen.
They were discussing love and
Ask your local agent for information ’
" U was at an alm- read-r Alaska and to tell somo of the
to «boot down the revolutionists. Now, to
mow down the rebels, wheu Sergius
the extraordinary things which that
M. Scott, General Passenger Agent
my child, I must get some rest. I have stood between the regiment and the
powerful emotion compels otherwise
not slept for two nights. Do not men workmen and told the soldiers that if noted. Fur dealers are somewhat sensible people to do. Mr. Simp­
Portland, Ore.
tion again the name of Captain Ivano ihey fired on men who were simply de­ surpriied at the answer.—Exchange.
kins was mentioned as an instance.
witch I wil! never consent to a union manding bread denied them by the bu
“An extreme case, his is,” said
between you and any man wbn is not reaucracy they must first kill him
G a rg lo For a Sor« Throat.
your equal in social rank."
That turned the scale. The workmen
The discomfort and pain of a 6ore Robfyns “ Hs is so much in love
The father was about to turn away and the soldiers fraternized, and from throat are greatly relieved by using that he has become a postman so
Have you bought your Liberty Bonds?
when the daughter stopped him.
that moment regiment after leglment a gargle. One of the most effica­ he can get the girl’s letters an hour
"But. papa.” she said anxiously, “Is took the part of the people.”
, cious
___ remedies for the purpose is or two earlier.”—Chicago Herald.
not this s too dangerous move in which
Marya's last words were drowned by j k*or;I ac;d
you are engaged?- What course will a prolonged cheer without. Captain i "*"* ,, ' It ... disinfects
.. the throat
our generals at the front take? Will Ivanovltch turned and entered th» ' ” wel1 ?8 oaxtjgates the distress, The Rev, Irl R, Hloks 1 91 7 Almanao
they not protect the czarina and her house. The crowd dispersed
lh e garg le should be a solution pre-
children with their lives?"
Ivanovitch, seeing Mikhallof, paused pared from the powdered boric acid
The Rev. Irl R. Hicks Almanac
The cxarlns"’ cried Mikhallof angrl
"He came to see me, papa,” said —using four heaping teaspoonful« for 1917 comes out bright and bet­
!y. “It Is this German woman who Marya, “and the crowd followed him to a pint of boiling water. When
has brought about this grave Wrists. here."
the m ixture has cooled it ia ready ter than ever. His splendid por­
Bhe ha» been furnishing our enemies
“It appears," jaid Mikhallof to the I
trait in four color work, taken
with Information of onr movements captain, “thaT while I hare been sleep I for use. Use the gargle every three
from life in May, 1916, proves that
and onr necessities. Through her In­ tog the revolution has taken place and {
this old friend of the millions is
fluence trains laden with our «tore« you have performed no small part of *
W holesale Coupling.
hare bees sent from west to east In­ It."
very far from being "a dead
P R I N T E D AT T H I S O F F I C E .
is a clergyman in an Ohio
stead of from east to west. In league
“He stepped in at the crisis,” «aid
with the detestable Rasputin she has Marya, “and brought tbe soldiers to city who is very proud of his record man.” Every home, office and
hailed the efforts of those very gen espouse the cause of the people.''
as a marrying parson.
business in America owe it to this
ffils at the front who yon are think
“You mean I turned m r reeiment to
“Why, sir,” tiid he to a Cincin­
teg m ar protect her.
the cause of the people," said Sergiu« nati man who was visiting him, “I faithful, old friend of the people + + + + + + -H "W "H '+ -H “H -+ + -W -+ + -I-H - H
“It Is they who hat e called upon us modestly.
marry about fifty couples a week, to send for his Almanac and Mag­
here to bring about this revolution
Mikhallof advanced to I\ anovitcb right here in this parsonage.”
They hare arranged that the czar shall and, putting both arms about him,
azine for 1917. This Almanac is year. Send to WORO ANO WORK 8 .Correspondents wanted in every
“Parsonage!” returned the Cin­
be arrested and forced to abdicate for kissed him, accordin'* to the Russian
himself and for his son. The mem custom, first on one cheelr( then on the cinnati man, “I should call it tha 35c by mail. His monthly Mag­ PUBI ISHINO COMPANY, 3401 frank­ neighborhood in this section of ine
afnion Depot.”—New York times. azine with Almanac, one dollar a lin Avenue, St. Louis, Me.
bers of the imperial family are to be other.
: How the Scale;
♦ Was Turned ♦
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June 13, 14, 15. 1917
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