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SATURDAY. MAY 28. 1017
Mrs. Chas. Trimble returned
last Saturday from Oregon City.
Local Nous Hons
FOR SALE Rubber tire buggy
good as new. Dr. F. M. Ilcllwarth
Tim beat allow ut Hut (¡0111 tonight
Mm. W. M. Mark
Du H uh Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Graham and
visit*«! at family spent Saturday and Sun­
day in 0/cgon City.
Mrs. L. M. Holx-rlson
Salem Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Singleton
I*-ft Tuesday afternoon for Port­
land where the will r«*sido. This
estimable couple have lived in this
city about ten years and will be
greatly missed in social gatherings.
e « se e a sa eeeess«u M »sM »w ,u S| ■ w h ich
A Choice
O f Sides
The G oad That Came Be­
tween the Lovers.
Mr. Units Cook and Clinton Har­
lan left Falls City the ldth to enlist
Rev. McConnell o f Dallas will
in the Marine Corps. Italph Har- preach at the Christian Church
Gulf for sale, one month old.
lun expects to leave Monday to en­ Sunday afternoon at 8:00 o’clock.
Apply at this office.
list in the same branch.
His subject will be "M others."
Special music from D u II uh .
Mrs. Robert Wonderly went to
As Sunday May 27th is the
Every tody invited.
Corvallis Thursday.
Sunday before Decoration Day,
M isH I j i II u C o u r i e r c a m e h o m e there will be an appropriate mes­
sage and music at the 11 o.clock
T h u r s d a y f o r a s h o r t v is it .
service. Members of the G. A. R.,
Mrs. Richard Paul and Mrs. H. W. R. C., Red Cross and Honor
" A Liberty I/>an Bond is the
Guards are especially invited.
Griffin were in Dallas Tuesday.
solemn promise o f the United
•States to pay at maturity the
Miss Ldith Montgomery return­
amount o f the bond to the holder
ed Thursday from a short visit at
Rev. A. F. Hanson o f Whitetail, thereof, and to pay interest semi­
Mont., has been appointed pastor annually each year at the rate of
of the Methodist Church e f this 3|
per annum, payable semi­
Mrs. J. M. Parry o f Moro, Ore.
city. He expects to be present to annually the fifteenth day o f De
is visiting her mother, Mrs. E.
preach on Sunday June 3. Rev. camber and June of each year.
Hanson comes well re<>ommended
There are two kinds of bonds.
Robert Wahn who has been at and we are sure, that not only Bearer Bonds are to be issued in
Spaulding's camp has returned to the members and congregation of denominations of $50, $100. $500,
the Methodist Church, but the
and $1,000. These Bearer Bonds
citizens, will give him and his
which are made payable to bearer
Mrs. Sears and daughter, Mrs. family a cordial welcome.
have interest coupons attached
Eylar, o f Sheridan were visiting
which are detached by the holder
Mrs. Wm. Ford, this week.
when the interest installments
Fresh Bread, Cakes,Cookies,Pies
There will be a Mothers’ Meet­ whieh they represent are due and
and other bakery goods, every ing under the direction of the W. can be cashed at any bank the
sam e as alJnited States Treasury
day, at the Falls City Bakery.
C. T. U. at the Christian Church,
Tuesday afternnon, May 29th. It
Mrs. Emma Hinshaw went to
Registered bonds are to be issu­
is the intention to make the meet­
Corvallis Thursday to attend the
which are registered as to both
ing practical and mutually helpful.
convention o f the Pythian Sisters.
and interest, in denomi­
All ladies interested are invited to
$100, $500, $1,000, $5,-
Floyd Seymour, who works at come and bring some practical
$50,000. and $100,000;
camp, fell from a tree in attempt­ suggestion to help the high coat of
amount of interest
ing to fasten a block, and cracked living. A short program has been
due will be mailed out .semi-annu­
a few ribs.
ally to the holders of these regis­
tered bonds.
Now that Walter L. Toozc. Jr.
has rendered an 'opinion' on the
These bonds are non-taxable.
$6,000,001 road bonds, we may
According to the Dallas Obser­
Blank forms o f application for
safely proceed.
ver our townsman. F. K. Hubbard the purchase of these bonds can
is recovering from a long seige of be had obtained from the Treas­
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace T. Brown
sickness. This will be "n e w s " to ury Department, any Federal Re­
motored to Hoskins Monday to
Frank and he will doubtless ¡shake serve Bank. National, State or
visit Mr. Brown’s mother. They
hands with himself when he learns private bak, express office, or
returned home Wednesday.
of his miraculous recovery. Some (Hist office in the United States.
A Greek named Johns was killed three waeks ago he ."sprained his
last Saturday at Spauldings camp. ankle that rendered him hors de
He was employed as a choker combat, but outside o f that he is TOWNS CONTRIBUTING TO ARMY
hale and hearty, eating three
and was caught by a lug.
Y. M. C. A. WORK
meals a day calculated to cause a
Miss Loleta West
returned food shortage. His many friends
Thursday from near Clatskanie, join with the Observer in con­
Oregon where she has been teach­ gratulating him on his recovery.
ing during the rast winter.
Rev. Harrington and wife of
Portland who have been visiting
On Friday night, May 18, W al­
relatives here during the past
week returned to their home Tues­ ter Anderson after receiving the
Soda Springs
Master Mason’s degree invited
the members present to the resi­
G. E.Mast, piano tuner. Salem,
dence o f Mrs. Emma Hinshaw
Oregon. Cleaning, repairing and
where they were banqueted right
regulating. All work guaranteed.
royally. The 'bashful' ones de­
Phone your orders to Falls City
clared they were not hungry, but
Hotel. Prices reasonable.
Polk County is expected to con­
their actions be-lied their words,
tribute $1,300 during the remain­
Herr Hoover. Government Food and the inroads made on the good-
der o f this year. Committees are
Dictator may be alright at re­ things would cause the food con­
being organized in each town and
straining the other fellows appe­ troller to speed up. All agreed
a weekly bulletin will be published
tite, his looks do not impress one that for "good eats ’ it discounted
showing the progress made thru-
anything ever attempted in the
that he practiced it on himself.
out the County.
city and wish there was another
The placing o f a Y. M. C.A. in
There will be a five cent social degree or two to confer.
each encampment is next in im­
given at the Christian Church on
portance to sending the army
Saturday May 26th from 2K>0 to
itself It sustains a victory win­
4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. It BIG SHOW HERE NEXT MONDAY
ning morale, provides an element
will be given by the "N o Cross
The theatre patrons of the city
home life for the soldier, is the
No Crown" class.
are to be accorded a rare treat
only Church following the troops,
The country editor will take Monday next when the famous
and supplies educational advan­
some comfort in the proposed in­ production. "Civilivation" comes
tages and innocent diversion for
crease in postal rates on news­ to the Gem Theatre. This is the
all the soldier’s spare time.
papers. Many have been looking first time in the history of the city
Mr. Eugene Hayter o f the Dal­
for a plausable excuse to quit ang that a production of this magni­
National Bank has been ap­
tude has been offered and no
this will afford one.
Treasurer and all contri­
doubt will be appreciated by the
Miss Mildred Chapin o f this city patrons. "Civilization’ has play­ butions not paid direct to the com­
and Theodore Berg o f Dallas were ed to over sixty thousand people mittee may be sent to him.
married at Portland at 12 o’clock in Portland and has been playing
Morton G. Ellis,
Saturday night. Mr. Berg is a continuously in the Pacific North­
Secy, for Polk County
member o f C a L stationed at Van­ west for nine months. It is pro­
Army Y. M. C. A. Work.
couver. He returned to the bar- nounced by the press, public and
rax and Mrs. Berg to Falls City.
pulpit the country over as greatest
w uh
The patriotic American finds
himself in a dilemma. The ad­
ministration it urging economy
bordering on peruiriousness, and
other factions urge that such a
course would paralyze business
and do great harm. I f you don’t
eat you will starve and if you do
will soon run out o f grub and
starve anyway. So you might as
w d ! "eat, drink and be merry
for tomorrow you may die.”
cinema spectacle o f modern times,
it took over a year in the making
anti cost a million dollars. Special
reduced prices will prevail and a
matinee for school children will
be given after school when child­
ren will be admitted for 10 cents,
and it is advisable to have child­
ren attend in the afternoon as the
theatre will be taxed to its limit
at the evening performances,
There la more Catarrh In thl* aectlon of
the country IhnlWaU other disease* put
together, and until the last fow years
was supposed to be Incurable. For a area»
many years doctors pronounced It a local
disease and prescribed local remedied and
by constantly falling to cure with local
treatment, pronounced It Incurable Sci­
ence has proven Catarrh to be a consti­
tutional disease, and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F J Cheney A
Co.. Toledo. Ohio, la the only Constitu­
tional cure on the market. It Is taken In­
ternally In doses from 10 drops to a tea-
spoonful It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case It
falls to cure. Send for circulars and tes­
Address: » . J CHENEY A CO, Toledo, O.
bold by Drusststa, TBe.
Taka Uall's FeaU/ nils for constipation.
kO t
they would take,
men In both armies, men who
became the prtndpal leaders, who had
a hard atruggle to deride on which aide
they would tight. Tbe regular army
waa full o f such < aaea. In one Instance
a young offirer who felt that Ills duty
lay In one direction, while his sympa
Miles lay In the other, lie urn<• tem p»
rsrlly Insane.
The bulk o f these persons who were
In doubt were southern horn men who
had been educated at West Point or
Annapolis, fs vea like that o f Harry
Sheffield, a southern man with nothing
that could he Interpreted aa an obliga­
tion either way, we/e more rare. But
Harry had an additional reason for
fighting against bla own people, in bla
He felt that bis duty
•ailed upon him to fight with the north,
hut be muat r.ot only fight against hi*
own people, but his doing *o would
separate him from the southern girl he
lov ed.
Harry Sheffield'« atate, Tennesaee.
waa divided. East Tennessee was all |
for tbe Union, while middle and west |
Tennessee sympathized with tbe Con­
federacy. Tbe Bbeffleld plantation was
la middle Tennessee, not far from
Naabvllle. When tbe atruggle between
the north and the aouth came Harry
walked tbe floor all one night strug
gllng with himself to do what he eon
sldcred his duty. Ills heart was for
the south, but ha believed that bla duty
lay with tbe north. When morning
tame without submitting himself to en
dure a good by with those he loved he
started for east Tennessee and enlisted
in a federal regiment organizing ai
HomHhlug mure than half a century
ago there occurred In America a great
convulsion pertaining to human lib
Up to that time It tvas the moat atu
pendons o f its kind tbst ever bad or
In that great clash father
was set against son. brother against
brother, friend against friend
Northern men lu the south and south,
ern men in the north found themselves
called upon to make decisions o f vital
No one, e irc p t aged person*, has
seen the palmy antebellum day* In
the août hern atatea. when the patri-
arrhal system was In vogue, when
the planter was considered a sort of
sovereign, when his fsm lly were ele
ruled to virtue and restrained from
vice by a sense o f noblesse Oblige
All this has given place to wbat we
call progress. But progress Is liable
to take a step backward In putting on
new appar~\ and the south today has
new rigor In her veins.
Colonel Joseph Archibald was a typl
One morning In the spring o f 18*55
cal southern planter. In 1850 he had Major Sheffield, having been mustered
Uved half a century and had not kept out o f tbe United States service, mount­
pace with the times. Ha wore a ruf­ ed his horse In Nashville and took a
fled shirt, brass buttons on his coat road leading southward. Beaching a
and a hat o f real beaver—tbst Is. In rise In tbe ground, be shaded his eyes
winter. In summer be wore au ex­ with bis band and peered down upon
pensive panama straw. The colonel the place where he had been born and
had no real right to bis title. Any raised.
southern man o f prominence In those
The homestead was there, but It
days was likely to 1« dubbed general,
waa a sorry looking structure. The
colonel or major, to dlatlngulab him
row o f negro huts were still standing,
from the commoner or the man who
and here and there a negro was seen
did not own many acres and many
moving about In tbe general niina
By tbe proclamation of emancipation
Colonel Archibald’s family consisted
Issued during the war they were all
o f his wife, his oldest child, a son—
free, but evidently some o f them clung
when this story begins a man o f twen
to their old home. The owner had
ty-th^ee—a daughter o f twenty and
been killed commanding a regiment of
four other children, boys and girls, all
Confederate troops during the war, and
under sixteen years o f age. Not one
Harry Sheffield was now tbe owner of
o f these young persons but bad been
what was left o f a fine estate. His
trained never to do anything unbecom
mother had gone north to her people,
tng to bis or her station. The planter
taking with her tbe younger children
o f that period was misjudged because
"Thank heaven." muttered Sheffield,
there were persons In the south who
"my Interests are In no better condi­
were too ready to talk about their
tion than those o f my neighbors."
honor and too hot in tts defense. But
Riding on, he pulled up between two
the real southern gentleman o f the mid­
posts that had supported tbe gate to
nineteenth ceDtury was an Inheritance
tbe plantation and surveyed tbe scene
o f those splendid men who brought
at closer view. An old negro came
about tbe blrtb o f a nation
tottering toward him.
Not far from the Archibald planta­
"Hello. Ben!" said Sheffield.
tion dwelt another planter uamed
T h e man looked at him scrutlninx-
Sheffield. H e bad married a northern
Ingly, then exclaimed:
woman, and her children were taught
"F o ’ de Lawd, it's Mars H arry!"
by her that tbe system o f making
The major asked what had become
slaves o f human beings was totally
o f Colonel Archibald and was told that
he had been one o f the first to suc­
Her doctrine made no difference In
the plantation over which she presided cumb to tbe storm that bad swept
as mistress unless It tended to bring over the south. His oldest son had
His w ife and
about i better treatment o f the ne­ died o f camp fever.
groes. Be that as It may. those on Alma and tbe children bad gone $putb
the Sheffield plantation were happy and to Louisiana to ber people, who lived
quite content with their lot, there be there.
“ I suppose. Ben." said Sheffield, “ the
tng no runaways among them
Harry Sheffield was the only son and Archibald plantation Is In as bad shape
heir to this estate. He was educated as this. Isn't It?”
"W o ’se. Mars Harry, wo'se. Yo' see.
at a New England university, where
his mother's prejudice agnlnst the labor dere was flgbtln' over dar, and de
system then In vogue In the south was plantation house war riddled."
Sheffield cast hts eyes about him,
stimulated. He was used to defend It
to bis fellow students on the ground taking In the forlorn nppearnnee of
that it had been planted In the south, his once happy home, then turned his
not by the southern people; that they horse's head and started toward the
bad inherited It and w ele not respon­ Archibald plantation.
When be reached It he saw a woman
sible for It, The only thing they could
do In tbe premises was to make it as on the veranda giving instructions to
some negroes who were carrying bag­
wholesome as possible.
Young Sheffield returned from col­ gage into the house. It was Alma, who
lege to his plantation home a couple of with her mother had returned to their
years before the outbreak of tbe war mined home. Harry rode up to the
which was destined to effect so marked veranda, dismounted and stood face to
a change In the labor system o f the face with the girl he had left without
southern states. He and Alma Archi­ even a goodby four years befoie. She
bald were o f an age to mate, and It looked at him for some time without a
was not long before Harry went to word, then, influenced by what had oc­
Colonel Archibald and asked for bis curred since tbeir last meeting, put
daughters band. Before the colonel her bands to her face and w ept
Tears had checked reproaches. Shef­
would consent be told Harry that be
had heard that his views upon tbe field moved toward her, put his arms
question that was agitating the coun­ about ber. and her head sank upon fils
try were singular and he would like breast.
This scene was typical of thousands
to know what they were. Harry was
too conscientious to wtu tbe girl he of others. The struggle was over, and
loTed by a false statement and told the system that had caused It, a sys­
tem that no person living had been re­
the truth.
‘‘I honor you. sir,” said the colonel, sponsible for, had died a violent death.
Sheffield resolved that bis first task
“ for your frankness In acknowledging
what will make you unpopular among should be to bind up tbe wounds of
the people o f the south, but In view of this stricken family before he attended
the Importance of your opinions I do j to bis own affairs. A college chum
aot think It best either for you or for j wrote him offering pecuniary assist­
m 1 daughter that you should wed. W e ' ance. which he accepted for himself
are on tbb eve o f a great Issue in tbe and used for the necessities o f the
south, and a house divided against it­ Archibald family. As soon ns be could
self will surely fall. With your views j get workmen be sen? them to patch up
actfd upon conscientiously, your place the holes left by cannon balls In the
Is or soon w ill be In the north instead homestead and rebuilt fences with his
own hands. Not till he had got the
o f the south.”
While Harry Sheffield was obliged to | property Into fair shape did he begin
admit tbe truth o f the argument, be work on h1s own premises
Sheffield mandril Alma Archibald
was not willing to subscribe to It, for
true love subscribes to no argument and took her to his plantation, the
that separates lovers. But he did no! other property being loft to Mrs. Archi­
consider It honorable for him to take bald and those of her family who had
survived the struggle. The major was
Alma surreptitiously under the d r
cumsttnces. He was much troubled one o f the first to adapt himself to the
• bout tile Impending crisis and the now labor systems and in time got his
part he- should ,tnke when the storm property In working order. He was
broke, fearing greatly that If forced to also one o f the first men sent to tbe
^ake sides he could not conscientiously federal congress al ter the reicn o f car­
enter upon the defense o f a system pet bag law had ceased. Though he
that be condemned. Under the circum­ had fought on the side of the north, he
stances he bade adieu to Alma, the lov­ was one o f the most trusted o f south­
ers agreeing to wait for the approach­ ern men Since then there Is uo ques­
ing gale to blow Itself out. after which tions asked as to which a man sup­
rerhaps her father might reconsider ported in that unfortunate snuggle.
the matter.
When he died, there being no ceme­
One o f the great strains o f the war tery for Union soldiers In which to
between the states at its opening was place his body, it was laid to rest be­
the decision of s « many persons as to side Confederates.
p r o f e s io n a l C a r t *
p h y s ic ia n
O D ic e o n e d o o r east o f I*. O .
* n «1
p p
«.«mielite Phone 363
Fall* uitjr,
A T T O R N E Y - A T - L A VV
M» Hill Mrjst
»U9U1CÔ9 Cart*
Sam ala Reams
Beat A c c o m m o d a tio n s
t . D r o o g o . P r o p r ie t o r
Bohle’s Barber Shops
Falla C ity, O r e g o n
Nktrt yes cas ¿ct a Shm, lair Cat, lath
or ‘Shisf
Aitai Ur Ballst Sita* Laaidry
RoiiHlef Iorwar^«<l iueaday evening
G .
L. H A W K I N S
D a lla s , O r a t a *
R. L. C H A P M A N
W e a lte n d le all w o rk pro m p tly.
Dallas and Falla C ity , O ra .
J. O. M I C K A L S O N
Dealer in
F -S T A T E
Falls City, Oregon.
B R 0 W N -S I8 1 E Y A B S T R A C T
6)0 Mill Street. Dalle«. Oregon.
JOUS F SfBMEY. Menacer.
Onr abstract plant is posted d a ü j îrom
Polk County Recorda.
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your subscription is delinquent.
Please call and fix it.
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Office hours: D a ily, except Sun­
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Salem 9.00 a.iu., 6:15 p.iu.
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E ffective March 11, 1917.
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