Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, May 19, 1917, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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    T 'A G I I
S A T U R D A Y . M A Y 10, 1017
F A L L S C IT Y N E W 8
Œtyr J F a ll» d itti N ru u f
J a p a n e se
Farm e rs
P ro d u c e
Se v e r a.
C r o p s In S m a ll S p e cs.
• U'
tecte Are # A d u c«d .
M oney-Saving Subscription Bargain
Japan m ight w ell be called the laud
A great mam electric sign* are of
c f luftnlta detail. Perhaps nowhere on | the moving type.
In any lug city
L. WOOD ft 8 ON,
earth m ay one see detail car lied to after dark one may see a great num
Both 1 Vaar
T h e F alls C i t y N e w s ,
1 y e a r $1.00 )
such extrem es as In that laud, w hen
j her o f illuminated sign* of novel
every availab le sciuare foot o f sol
tn iM *« •• **coeS eia« well ai **• p e a ta «'«
N o r t h w e s t F armstead , 1 year $1.00 J-
and interesting design.
Here a
at ralla Pity Pc!» Cavata. Or»s«e. «**a » «*•
must be made to yield e v ery pc>esihb
Art Jf O c a r « « at Marcb >. MT«.
To On* Addro*«
$2.00 j
Totul vitine,
return. Farm s o f one or tw o uvrea I long red and blue snake seem* to
prod uctng alx. eight, ten or a dcaeu be wiggling from the street to the
Triesti»»» - Pkt« S fflf»
On the other
differen t crops are common sights, the ! top of a building.
•ubacrlption R at«: Oe« year I I . « : ai* month*
soil being fertilized and handled m I side a w heel is rapidly revolving.
M avuta: three month* * avala: alacia ever. I «ta.
such a m anner as to bring results In below it a yellow smoke is ¡»suing
every mouth o f tho year.
We tulli «vory mie »»I our »ul»« rlhfr* It» Tli« N«wa li«» Iiron (ortiiu«t«< In making
Ad r.'rttalcf Raw* : Dtijklay IS canta an lach
I m clouds front a huge brown cigar.
N t i H ii t fo m o i il ii
with lh« NORTH* KM I
U k« I m im« 11 nit* mlVRitlM«' o l!h li| r«il»u b
O nepeasaut who obtained some over­ I There it also a large theater sign
Rua: n e « Notice*, i canta a lina Por Sale, Rant,
KAKMMTKAI» wt»«r«by both »»»•* I"* "tforo.l
m it|»iioii Intriditi. U util l»t* you*! tor but »
txcr-.nf*. Was» and Pay intartalnmenl Ko- flowed land turned wbat In this coun­
which suddenly flashes into view,
»hott 11 it;** fto it'll«! your now or m iow*l (or « «bori Him* «lonly MkoiiU «o ra limn Urn
Heat. » ota. a lina. Card of Thaaka SO eta'.1 *«*
try would be waste ground to profit.
i. itttUr t»r!o« of our |i«t»«»r. t om» In rh »1
only to disappear after an interval
mit»«rrt|ill« ii hi oitoo It you uro now r «ut»
Kattcea. U|»l ra t«.
C onverting the marshy overflow iuto
of r It »or to oithor. cretti will l»o oxicmlc«! pty uji your iubM!flptlon tor auvChar >i«r
long enough to read it.
Cony tot n.w ada. aadchan(Mahcnld be acni
oil« > Hr.
It is quite puzzling to the ordi­
turtles, which in Japau are considered
Io Tb« Kawa not later than Wednnaday.
as much o f a delicacy as diaiuoud back
O ffic iv i H « « * * * per * f the CM» * f T elia Ott»
terrapin here. T h e farm now produces derful light HTeet*. It is apparent
tens o f thousands o f the snapping tur­ that the light is obtained from elee-
I s s u e d E v e r y S a t u r d a y M o r n in g
next month. Th at’* what this offer ia worth to you, but you must act
tles annually, these being; shipped to i tricity, Ingt this is about all that is
Th# o li rei l«M « M lttr tlW M l r AUSI
T ok yo and Yokohama markets by the | understood. In such signs as where
M K A l » w lll b» b lg g t r «itti b v lt rr Ih a u « ve r at once.
Conte T O D A Y !
thl» cornili* » or st»u llR «tlllOrt wlll «lcvotv
a snake seem s to lie w iggling along,
tb t'ir bent » fiort* tu m H k liig ib i» t»«i>«t th»
Japan has also a pearl oyster farm
a cat chases a rat, words that spell
ho»! tn th«'country. fcUoh uock you*tt ir
In the bay o f A rgo there has been es
I W l Y « « t'tOHU, W « U » v l l t « v l lnatio Oli b a t t e r
tablished a plantation from which a themselves letter by letter and in
(«multi*. umrketlnic. prue», (irottu, tHlutii
all other similar signs tho effect is
harvest is obtained
liuti ctttaciinhii». homo ami socUl Ilio. Ho
In M ay or June stones weighing produced by a mechanical device
Physical Suffering a Blessing In from six to eight pound* are sunk in called a “ flasher,” which lights the
Kutar |»rico alvino. $1 00 i « r yoar.
shallow water, and in August the tiny
tiny electric sign lani|>s in the order
Disguise For Mankind.
shells begin to appear on them The
reipiired to produce the effect. This
stones rem ain for tw o mouths, but flasher is driven by a tinv motor.
. :
• '
A DANGER WARNING TO HEAD. since tho young oyster* inuuot endure
The flasher is made up o f a num­
cold in N ovem b er all rocks in loss than
ber o f tiugera, aud each linger drop»-
five feet o f w a ter are m oved farther
its turn upon a metal plate that
It T a ils L'a T h a t H e a lth , M a y h a p , la
out, where the tem perature ts more
is electrically connected with a cer­
oven. A t the end o f three years, when
M an aced , an d It E n a b la a M a n to
the shells are about tw o inches across, tain letter or series o f letters, or.
M a in t a in H la P r o u d P o s itio n a t tho
they are takeu from the w ater, uuolei in the ease o f the snake or rat
H ig h e s t P in n a c le o f C re atio n .
fo r pearls Inserted In them aud re­
lusers, with certain bulbs. The
O f all organized beings man |>ossesses placed in the water, thirty o f them to flasher is driven rapidly, aud lrythis
the greatest capacity fo r suffering pain. every six square feet o f lx Horn
way the snake can be speeded
Th is ia the price he pays for the supe­
T h e re they are le ft fo r fou r years.
riority o f organisation that makes him Then, beiug seveu aud a h a lf years around its course very swiftly.
Where the only effect desired is a
the king o f nature. Dr. Law ren ce Ir ­ old, they are rem oved and searched
eigu in which one letter is illumi
w ell w rites on “ The M eaning and I's e
fo r pearls.—W ashington Star.
o f P a in " and bids us regard all this
nated at a time the flasher becomes
susceptibility to suffering and even the
a much simpler device, but in all
suffering Its elf as a blessing In dis­
ca»es the underlying principle is the
guise. I t i* pain, he assures us, that
same.— New Y ork Tribune
enables ua to maintain our proud posi­ S o m e A d v is e on B u ild in g a n d F it t in g
tion at the top o f creation.
U p a P r a c tic a l G a ra g e .
A M a n W it h an A p p etite .
Pain keeps us alive, signals the ap­
“ T h e size o f the garage depends upon
Nicholas Wood was a Kentish
proach o f countless dangers, thus ena­ the size o f the car it is to bo used fo r."
bling us to avoid them, and is a “ spur says C.” n . Claudy lu the W oman's gentleman who gormandized his
to w ise action in the process o f human
H om e Compantou
“ A convenient size way to fame in the seventeenth j
adjustm ent." helping to endow- us w ith
fo r m ost cars is 14 by 18 feet. This century.
This worthy “ would eat
courage, devotion, sym pathy and count-
w ill usually g ive plenty o f room to a whole hog at a sitting and follow
less other virtues. I t is kindness In a w ork around the car. Sh elf room Is
it up next day with thirty dozen
mask, and its abolition m ight mean the essential and should tie all along one
W ood’s was un appetite ,
loss not only o f that suffering which side, seven fe e t high aud one foot pigeons.”
at, and so when j
has e ver been the nursery o f rlrtue.
wide. On the other side have plenty o f
but even o f life Itself. Dr. ir w e ll says: □alis fo r hanging things ou.
A t'th e | solne fligh t was put upon it bv T a y - !
“ I f the touch o f a redhot body did rear end, above the door, have a shelf 1°‘ - the water poet, Wood c h a .le n g -
not cause Instant pein any one might wlde enough to hold spare outer tires
ed the poet to a bout at "eating as
be fa ta lly burned before he was aw are A t each rear corner have a three cor
much black pudding as w ould reach
o f the danger. I f hunger produced no
nered closet fo r old clothing, etc. A t a ross the Thames at any place t i l ­
pain one m ight not care to eat. I f it
th « fro n t corners have several three ej bv Tavlor himself between Lon-
w ere not painful to look d irectly at cornered shelves set In.
don and Richmond.” The Thane's
the sun at noon blindness would afflict
" A workbench is au essential fea
at London bridge is about 300 yards
those who examined it w ith the naked
ture. This should be built near a win
across, aud black pudding is com­
eye at that time.
dow, so that there w ill be abundance
"S ervin g as it does the s e lf conserva­ o f light. M ake the workbench o f tw o pounded in links (he same as saus­
tion o f the organism, pain la a most
i not known, but it is supposed
Inch boards and have it as large as
A t to H um jr.
PANAMA ONCE UNDER WATER. have been somewhere near the
useful danger signal the outcry o f in­ space w ill permit.
Do not have the gross tonnage.
“ Yes,” said the lecturer, “ humor
jured and life threatened organic ele­ supports, or legs, com e dow n straight
isthmus o f Tehuantepec.— United
ment which has no language apart to the floor, as they w ill be lu the way.
is a difficult thing to detine. 1 re­ T h a n N a t u r a B u ilt a B r id g * B a tw a e n
W h is t le r 's W h ite Feather.
Geological Survey.
from that cry. That m ay be the rea­ but slant them back to the w all. Make
One o f Mr. Whistler’s many pe­ member appearing in Boston once
son why pain has a short and bail d raw ers to slide under the bench for
R o m a n Sana«*.
culiarities was a lock of white hair with a humorous lecture, uud I lu
memory. I t indicates disorganization.
holding nails, tools, etc. A tool chest
bored for two hours with that audi­ the Atlantic und I’unfic oceans
Tho Roman senate wus a judicial
Imminent or actual, while conscious o f com mon and useful tools under the gleaming from among the black
were oneo directly connected by wa­
mem ory Implies functioning organiza­
tresses on his forehead.
A t one ence, and not one of them cracked
and legislative body and for several
bench is a good friend
H a v e tw o
ter that extended across the present
tio n —definitely organized associations,
centurie» numbered 300 men, care­
electric ligh t extensions; also a hand house to which he had been invited
whose dissociations are dismember­ electric search ligh t
fully selected from the patricians.
to dinner the butler came into tho to leave the platform 1 tripped on a
Th e conti­
rug and fell flat on my face, and, in Central America.
ments and therefore not rememberable
The majority of votes decided a
“ A life saving equipment is a length drawing room and whispered:
“ N o one has ever recalled a pain as
c f garden bese that w ill fit over the
“ There's a gent downstairs say* would you believe it, the house was
question, and the order in which tho
he actually fe lt It. H e can, o f course,
the eocene and oligocene epochs—
exhaust pipe o f your engine.
senators spoke and voted was deter­
’as come to dinner wot’s forgot convulsed Y’
recollect that he suffered It, thst it
“ Yes,” said Dobson, with a grin,
the engine is running, w ith doors and j ’is necktie and stuck a fe w e r in nis
mined by their rank.
Their de­
was excruciating a t the tim e and all
reckon time. A t the end o f oligo-
w indows shut, fit one eud o f the hose
“ humor is a very funny thing.”
cisions, called senatus consulta,
circumstances o f his suffering, but to over the exhaust pipe and put the other ! ’air.”
cene time, however, the surface of
For at this period Whistler never
were the supremo law o f the repub­
remember it as it was in feelin g would
end outside through a hole previously
W h ic h W e * W h ic h ?
the earth in the region about the
be to revive It 60 vivid ly as to refeel it
from which, o f course, there
made fo r that purpose. Th is m ay pre­
Jim m y’s mother had told him to site o f Panama was raised by earth
— to have it »gain . Being disorganized,
wus no appeal. A fter tho establish­
vent you from being asphyxiated, as dress.
stay near the window und wutch for movements, which closed the mid-
there is nothing with which it Is con­
The white lock bewildered others.
ment o f the empire tho character of
the gas from the exhaust is very p oi­
the bride and groom und come and American passage und established
nected w ith organized associations, and
sonous and has been known to cause On one occasion when in a box at
the senate was greatly lowered, and
th erefore when It has passed Its pang
continuous land connection between
j ihe opera the attendant leaned over j
at last it became simply the tool of
is lost to m emory."
A fter waiting for some time his pa- North and South Americu— connec­
the emperor, to do his bidding v«
I f the function o f pain is self con­
I tience was rewarded, but he forgot tion which until recently was be­
C o lo m b ia — th e H e b re w R e p u b lic .
j there’s a white feather in your hair,
gurdlctt o f the consequences.
servation by givin g w arning o f menace
jto run and tell his mother. When lieved to have remuined unbroken
Colombia Is the runaway daughter just on top.”
to life, Dr. Irw e ll asks, w hy does it not
j they were quite uear lie suddenly until the skill and indomitable per­
C o r p s * R in g s .
cease its function when the w arning Is i
j remembered aud called out lustilv, tinacity o f United States army en­
mother— and many times as promising.
M r s . W a s h in g t o n ’s G ow ns.
Tho sailor o f the old fashionea,
fu tile? Death takes many forms, and
And it may surprise you to learn that
| “ Mamma, here comes the bribe anl gineers cut the bond at Panama.
alm ost a ll o f them are painful. W hy
shellback class always wears a
General Washington wore at his
The separation of the oceans caus­ corpse r - '
m ight not m atters have been so benevo­ the most progressive element in Co­ inauguration a full suit of fine | the gloom.” — Christian Herald.
This is a plain band
'd profound changes in their in­ of silve. op Ud. inscribed within
len tly ordained that when the Inevit­ lombia is not the Spanish population or cloth, the handiwork of his own
able end began the unavailing pain a l­
habitants, who had been able to with tho #eilor*s name and port.
T h e O w l V a lu a b le to tho Farm.
Antioquians, who have Old Testam ent household. A t a ball given in New
w ays ended? T h e w rite r replies:
Do you know a monkey face ow l Wander unimpeded from ocean to
Corps« rings aro worn for the pur­
names, raise fam ilies o f from tw elve
“ The obvious answer Is th at bg that
when you see one? Perhaps you know
ocean, but now found themselves pose o f identification in rase of
to th irty children aud are fast becom­ ton she wore a “ simple russet
method the function o f pain would
it as the barn owl. Anyhow, if you
icstrictcd in their range. Many spe­ death by drowning through »hip-
ing the dom inant power in the land, gown ”
ahd white handkerchief see one hanging around don't kill it
have been annulled. I t signals danger
marooned in unfavorable en­ wreck, etc. Tho shellback sailor can
and destruction, and w hat greater dan­
I t ’s worth six or eight cats to yon on
lombla Is the great Jewish republic o f ghe g a v e th e best
rQ o{ o f h<1[. ^
vironment, soon succumbed in the never swim, and he looks forward
ger and destruction to an organism
the farm or suburban place, according
Thus in calmly to dying suddenly beneath
future. Dan W ard In W orld cegg jn d om egtic m a n u fa c tu re s by to the state biologist o f W ashington.— struggle for existence.
can there be than Its decay and death?
T h at the organism no longer does any­
miocene time (the next epoch) the the sea. Indeed, ho usually prefers
the exhibition of two o f her dresses, Chicago Tribune.
thing to preserve its existence when
inhabitants o f the Atlantic and Pa­ ■uivh a death to a lingering one in
A 3tump Jump Plow.
w h ich w ere c om p osed o f c o tto n ,
warned is not the m onitor's a ffa ir; its
H ow shall I be able to rule over oth­ cific oceans gradually became differ­ hospital.
^ o r k is done when It has given the
ers that have not full power uud com­ ent, and they have now become so
T h e silk s trip e s in the fa b -
warning, which Is a w arning to pre­ clal type o f plow called the “ stump m ade.
mand over m yself ?—liabelais
A n c ia n t M u sse ls.
distinct that scarcely a single spe­
pare to go out o f existence. Th e warn­ Jump,” on account o f the fact that uear- ric w e re w o v e n fr o m th e r a v e lin g s
There aro gigantic mussels whose
cies is common to the seas on the
of brown silk stockings and
ing becomes In most Instances less urg­ ly a ll the areas susceptible o f cultiva
age is assumed to be compnrublo
A Sardonio Opinion.
two sides o f the isthmus.
ent, duller, more faint as gradually In­ tion in that region are heavily wooded, crimson chair covers.
"C harley, dear," said young Mrs. T or
and the land cannot be cleared o f
Th e mid-American land harrier is only with tliut o f tho Cape Vcrd^.
creasing decay feels neither desire nor
kins, “ what ts u diplom at?"
stumps and roots because o f the dearth
baobab tree and the big tree»
power to attend to its call.
generally thought to have remained
M a r r ia g e .
“ W hy do you want to know ?"
and high cost o f labor. The stump
“ Considering wbat pain has done as o
intact from miocene time down to California, which live for r),00'J^P
" I want to understand what's going
jump plow, which is the invention o f
spur to wise action in the process o f
the present day, but this belief is years. Indeed, there appears no par­
an Australian, is so made that it w ill ati and the ancient Chinese litera­ on when I read about It.”
human adjustm ent to surrounding men
erroneous. T . Wayland Vaughan, a ticular reason why mussels should
roil over stumps aud other obstruc­
and things, how It has helped to in
Th e speaker was the Chinese con­ a rule, Is In business to prevent you geologist o f the United States gco- die, though it is also true that, con­
tions ly in g on the ground.
g ra ft courage, patience, s e lf sacrifice,
lical survey, department o f the in­ sidering the sort o f life a mussel
sul general in San Francisco. H e from doing.” — Washington Star.
devotion, sym pathy and charity upon
9 6 £
Only $1.50
50 Cents for Every Subscriber ¡ ¡ K K r i S ' S
Every Farm er, Business or
Professional Man Should
Use Printed Stationery. . .
Letter Heads, Bili Heads, Statements, Envelopes,
Hand Bills, Posters, Pam phlets, Notes, Receipts,
Checks, Business Cards, Visiting Cards, Butter
W rappers, Etc.
human nature, its seeming cruelty be­
in g In reslity masked kindness. It U
im possible to assert that its abolition
would be a benefit and that men could
be strong and thrive w ithout it. Sor­
row s and sufferings b a le been the nurs­
eries c f virtu e-a fflictio n s good teach-
ers—minds have been chastened, dis­
ciplined, purified and more or less per­
fected by trials and pains."—Literary
D igest.
The way to keep up the interest In
gardening is not to do the sume thing
year a fte r year. T h at is monotonous.
T ry the new fruits, vegetables and
flowers. H old to the old, tried aud true
for mainstays, i f desired, until the new
prove that they are what is wanted
to entirely displace older varieties.—
N ew Y ork Sun. ”
T h e P o lit ic a l C abin e t.
G eorge I. Is said to have been respon­
sib le fo r the word "cab in et." When he
w as king o f England he could not take
p art In the deliberation * o f hla own
p riv y council because be knew no E n g­
lish and the RriM-h
did not
•p eak German, sc the m lnlatera used
to m eet in the king’s ow n p riv a te room,
o r cabinet, w h ile he was a b s e n t A f t ­
e rw a rd they inform ed him o f the re­
sult o f th eir discussions.
“ I wish a ton o f coal, please."
“ Yes. madam. W hat size?”
“ Dear me, 1 didn't know coal came
in sizes. I wear a No. 3 slice and a No.
8 g lo v e ."—Lou isville Courier-Journal.
“ Our ancient Chinese literature is
wise. Take, for example, one o f its
epigrams on marriage. Could any-
G a rd e n in g.
th in g be w is e r th a n th is
M arriage is like a besieged city
— those without all want to get in,
and those within all want to get
out.’ ”
M u s ic a l Note.
A n In s ta n c e o f W o m a n 's S u p e rio rity .
N o man ever dared tell the truth
about wom en: only a woman can do it
—E. W . H o w e s Monthly.
“ What’s the matter over there in
I the horn part?” asked Dr. Strauss
i at a rehearsal.
“ I ’ m sorry, Dr. Strauss,” replied
' the horn player, “ but I cannot play
this passage on the horn. I t may be
all right on the piano, but” —
“ Don’t worry yourself,” answered
the composer - conductor.
“ I t ,ia
equally impossible on the piano.”
terior, on critically studying the fos­
sil corals collected on Carrizo crock,
Yeast— Did you say ho had wonder­ in Imperial county, Cal., discovered
ful control o f his voice? Crlmaonbeak that these corals resemble those of
—N o; I said bis w ife had wonderful the Atlantic ocean— that they are
control o f her vote«.—Yonkers States­
closely related to pliocene and post­
pliocene forms that inhabited the
waters about Florida and the West
T r a d e W in d s.
"T ra d e ” winds have nothing to do Indies.
This fact seems to mean that a ft­
with “ trade.” T h e y are really “ tread"
winds, because they uniform ly follow
er tho Atlantic had been separated
a certain tread or track.
from the Pacific in miocene time
the two oceans were again united in
A iring our grievances does not ai- the late miocene or pliocene time,
w ay* make their odor any sweeter.
tho interoceanic connection permit­
ting the Atlantic forms to reach
W alter L. Tooze, Jr., Law yer, points at the head o f the gu lf of
Dallas, Oregon.
California, while conditions not yet
understood excluded.the Pacific fau­
Good four room house for rent. na from that area. Th e place at
which the oceans were connected is
Apply at the News office.
W h y H e W a s Quiet.
leads, there seems no particular
reason why it should ever havo
lived.— London Express.
Su c h a C hange.
Old Neighbor — Going to New
Zealand with your husband, are you,
my dear? T h a t’s one o f those coun­
tries where they havo day when wo
have night and night when wo have
&frs. Youngbride— Yes, I supposn
I shall find it awfully strange at
I f » » . — Boston Transcript.
A M a t te r o f Size s.
“ I wish a ton o f coal, please.”
“ Yes, madam. What size?”
“ Dear me, I didn’t know c o a A w
came in sizes. I wear a No. 3 shoo
and a No. 6 glove.” — Kansas City