Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, April 21, 1917, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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    S A T U R D A Y , A P R t L a t, tP l? .
«♦or lodge Makes
Bitter Attack on
Espionage Bill
N ew s o f Valuó to i K t Enem y
Should be Suppressed.
We carry most of the things
that you want, but if you w ant
anything that we do not carry,
we’ll get it for you as quick as
anybody else can. We haven't
a very large stock, but we try
to know the needs of the people
that we sell to. We succeed
pretty well in supplying them.
Now and then, however, there
is a demand for something that
we do not carry.
We want you to bring your
special needs to us, and we will
get the goods. “ If we haven't
got it, we will get it for you.”
That's our motto, and we suc­
ceed pretty well in carrying it
Washington, April 18.—Declar-I
ing “ it arms the administration
with dangerous powers to sup­
press the freedom of the press,“ I
Senator Lodge, in senate debate |
today bitterly attacked the pend- j
ing espionage bill particularly
the newspaper censorship provis­
Lodge defended “ free com­
ment and just criticism,” and
said only news “of value to the
enemy” should be suppressed.
The bureau of public informa-!
tion—newly created to dissemi-i
nate government news—a l s o
came in for opposition by Lodge,
who said it w as dangerous “ to
place in the hands of the most
likely to receive criticism the
power to suppress it.”
Hiram Johnson, concurring,
“ We should pause, lest in our
anxiety for democracy abroad,
we forget our democracy at
“ 1 think attempts to deny the
press all legitimate criticism,
either of congress or of the ex­
ecutive. is going very dangerous­
ly fa r ,” said Lodge. “ If we are
to pass a bill like this 1 think it,
would not do to deny the right of Headquarters for Candy and Cigars
legitimate criticism.
“ I have not the least desire to ,
interfere with the punishment of
those who use the freedom of
the press for the injury of the
United States, but it is going a
beyond that when you put power
in the hands of the executive to
punish with the heaviest penal­
ties any legitimate criticism
which conveys no intormation of j
Willis Frink has purchased a
The man who imagines that llic
Frank Heydon is sporting a war with Germany will only be a
new Ford.
breakfast spell is likely to wait
L)r. Turner of Portland was in long for his breakfast. The tier-
town Friday.
mans, it is said, have been forty
J. C. March made a trip to] years planning and preparing for
this great conflict. The tierinuns
Salem Friday.
Wm. Kllis of Dallas was in the
“ » adversary to be regard-
city Thursday.
| ea lightly. They go to war with
as much unconcern us the Amer­
C. L Starr of Pbrtland was in
ican farmer goes to plow. It was
the city Wednesday.
.predicted in the winter of 1914
\\ H. Beard was in Portland that the «Spring Drive" that the
on business this week.
Allies were going to put on would
Trade—A phonograph for a effectually cook the German bolog
cow. M. L Thompson.
I na. but the Spring Drive of 1915
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd and 1916 have been pulled off and
the Germans are uncomfortably
Jones. April 16. a daughter.
Mrs. Z. Batourney was down active and will probably withstand
from Powell’s camp Friday.
the 1917 Drive.
The great trouble with Johnnie
Dr. G. E. Prime made a busi­
Bull is that he is always too cock­
ness trip to Salem Wednesday.
G. D. Treat was transacting sure. It is to be hoped that the
United States will not make this
business in Dallas Wednesday.
mistake. Better overestimate than
Parent-Teacher meeting next
underestimate the strength of an
Tuesday night. Mrs. 0 . L. Hop­
It is now too late to speak of
Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Singleton what might have been done; we
returned from Portland Friday are at war and the only thing to
do is to lay aside what Christian­
The Davis saw mill has been ity we are accused of having and
idle about ten days on account of *o in to win. Don’t insult the
a break-down.
Lord by asking his aid, go out and
Mrs. W. T. Grier and Mr. and wipe up Germany and then we
Mrs. Frank White of Salem spent can get down on our knees and
ask Him to forgive us. Of course
the week-end in Falls City.
Miss Grace Braden, bookkeeper it was forced on us and we are
for the Falls City Lumber Co., j onI>' acting in self-defense, accord-
spent the week-end in Salem.
to International law.
Fresh Bread, Cakes.Cookies.Pies! Teddv is quot*d a3
and other bakery goods, every day Germany had the most perfect
military system in the world and
at the Falls City Bakery.
it would require the combined
Mrs. Robert Wonderly and sons,
nations of the earth to subdue
Emerson and Donald, and Bert
them; and it looks as if he were
\ Wonderly motored to Salem Wed­
We are probably in for a long
l hester \\ ard, who has l*een and bloody war unless something
teaching school at Nortons ha.-> unforseen takes place. The allies
finished his term and returned i have, in a large measure, been
home this u eek.
depending on the United States
The home of Judge Teal caught for food. Now that we are in the
fire Monday night. The fire start- war we must first look out for our
ed from a defective flue and own household if we expect to
burned the roof nearly off.
keep the peace at home. The
'W B L g P
President Wilson will not need war w ill deplete the ranks of the
Bond Bids Rejected
Candies, Tobaccos and Cigars, at to restrict people to meat on cer­ producing class and with famine,
tain days—the high cost of living or even short rations at home the
Being All Below Par
people will not look kindly to cross­
has done that for him.
Will Advertise in East
The mill here resumed opera­ ing the seas to fight. Our duty to
tions Monday after a shut-down the allies is only secondary.
of a few’ days on account of break­
Three bids submitted for the
ing a main drive shaft.
*250,000 rural credits bond issu*
A ship building firm in Seattle
J. F. Smith, yard manager at
were opened this morning by the
have placed an order for five cars
the mill, returned Monday from
st$ie land board and rejected be­
of ship knees to be made here.
Portland where he went last week
cause they were below par. As
N. N. Christy has the contract.
on account of an injured hand.
a result, the board directed the
clerk. G. G. Brown, to wire to all
Rev. and Mrs. Bert Harrington,
land board attorneys throughout
who have been visiting relatives
The Dramatic Club of this city
the state to cease taking applica­
here for about two weeks wyent to are preparing another play to be
tions for loans
Portland last Saturday.
given the 19th of May. The title
None of the bids were from
There will be a great effort of the play will be “The Confeder-
Oregon firms. Two w ere from
made to remove restrictive clauses, ate Spy.”
Seattle and one from a Chicago
in the State Constitution pertain- J
banking house th rjUgh Henry
ing to taxation; claiming that it
Teal of Portland.
prevents development.
Dean Dilley and Miss Kerri I
State Treasurer Kay said that
The young man who has lost I-aughbaugh were married at
he would take ov'er th is issue of
faith in Wilson keeping us out of Vancouver, Wash., Wednesday.
Mr. Dilley is billing clerk at the
*250,000 at par out off the trust
| war and decides to marry will be
rudely awakened to find that even depot at this place and Mrs. Dilley
fund of the S tate Indu ¿trial acci­
matrimony will not keep him out is the daughter of Mr. Laugh-
dent commission. Th is will en­
baugh, one of the foremen at the
1 of war.
able the board to me et the ap­
mill yard.
Quite a number of men from
proved application
for loans,
T he best show at the Gem tonight 1 the Dallas mill went to Balderee’s
which amount to *207. <000. There
camp Sunday to work in the log
aie still on hand unap? proved ap­
Walter L. Tooze, Jr., Lawyer, woods. They were short of men J Last Monday while playing near
plications for $48,000 a lore.
in the woods, consequently short her home, Neva, the three-year
| Dallas, Oregon.
of logs at the mill.
Advertisements will he placed
old little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Margret Sammons made a trip
ifl eastern cities for a
bond issue
Some ot the pupils of Miss Ham­ Zuver was attacked by a cow and
of *500,U00 and no mor e applica- to Dallas Monday.
mond gave a recital at the home seriously injured. The cow tossed
Good four room house for rent. jof Mrs. Dave Grant Thursday the child up in the air bruising
tions for loans will he
evening. This being Little Jack ’s
until it is known wh* it results Apply at the News office.
recital, he gave several vocal sel­ her stomach and back. It is fear-
this will bring.
W. Welter of Newburg was in ections. There were 30 present.! ed that she is injured internally.
After the program a lunch w a s; The cow is said to be vicious and
the city on business Wednesday.
served by Mrs. Grant.
that she has attacked grown
Miss Hammond was in Dallas
Frank Heydon has disposed of people.
In this mo*- nentou3 hour Rear and Salem Monday and Tues day.
his ranch and stock in the Siletz
'■ i r a y s o n tr eads with
Basin to W. C. Frink of Falls City
An eastern exchange complain­
Arthur Vassal of Dallas. The
^urec* 4 step the hun ficane dedk
of the poor electric light ser­
transfer was made on Wednesday
f the v ,'hite House his scalpel and
says: “ Last Sunday night at
Piano for sale. Phone 328.
of last week. Mr. Heydon has
,ill bo x rattling a warr ling to the
not yet decided what he will en­ church the choir were obliged to
> n tr al Powers.
gage in. His wife will visit in the sing old familiar hymns as the
.■ mii Hi wmfimtm « «■* ■ i
B. F. Boughey of Salem was in east during the summer and he
lights were so poor that they could
Dtafoea* Cannot fce Ci -d town Saturday looking after his will remain in Falls City for sev­ not see to read.” Doubtless there
eral months.
appUcaUons, m
* : A::,-___ I -I.:'' *. property here.
was great rejoicing in heaven
diseased por<.ion
ia only one w ay to c>* o . - . u ,
the return to the old-time
t h a t I» b y c o n e titu lio n -i r m c t l i ,« ,
■ 7 7 . « I . f i i i e - l b y o n In fla m e d • -.di-
ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira
It is getting about the time of
" S s i t r u jrußss Mehrling Sunday.
the year that the Mayor and the
l i f t j— ® « l
Special mention should be made
n g . • ? d. h ! rh '
u a n d 'i n le r s tt ie 1 -
J . E. Beezley of Salem came up city council get busy and have
* " * • ‘• ¡ ” 1 £
t a ie n out a n i tini
the program given by the school
re s to r^
t ln
o Ita n o r m a l .
n l n r 3 .
Sunday to plant some filberts on Tin cans, dead cats and other ac­
morning and of the most
in « WH» * • •>c * 7 , 5,u“ d IjV i ' ltn rrn . his farm near town.
cumulations of the past busy year splendid music by the school
S,T.t Ä i . a
are gathered into barrels, boxes
o f th *
• a n e l i n o t i reti P o l la r * f o t any r a - o o f
Josh Talbott and wife and his and sacks and left in a convenient orchestra. Parents should en­
will «IT «O rt
t b a t e a n » .,• b o c a ro tib f
KÎ* 8 ^ f o r g i a r , tr
father of Portland came last Sat­ place for the city, “ undertaker” to courage both teachers and their
children by visiting the school.
urday and remained several days. carry to their last resting place.
¡L ïS & Ü irK »
• iv ild g o u d
u in tV ° N
•poof e q i o ) • • ( i i | * n b | n j ( | i | i a ) i n q M O B • P P *
' u d u l U 104 J p# A|j# p
U IO JJ * P * W
H lO M O d 9 NIHV 3
~ — - -• hum sti ’«a ■•»«-a •"if«
Ae m «*M
fai|vui ’•|ti«in«**u!
p o * l i l t Q| •S|iuouo 5 « « 43 |M*k ••*!>«' !• *®H®°*
o» - <• tt ><U I (*•*«
* UM™* tra» a>| * M
* • inutai
" ” *” w
- • *'
, .aM ultll M l
n i l « n i l f o in
n a a i iiu
i u a a d j J * m « t | <
i i n a * o • taM
| a » » fb
e iu ui
u| « f i l
| |*«
a « •tW
»toi J
U M q BAoq i |)
a in
s u «<U
« u t PD»
l 'I i u
H m - tiP
r » r M « « á d « » I m
’M a f a « n
P u «»
m au
PP " ‘io*
! « * ® » n * ' I 'I M
«•* r^o
■ ■ d a m n otui •iu«|pai*u| |i|I|* t u « * m 1 - 4
'* < "I*
* * * * ®
” * * -T
« L *J.
• **' '
• N O I1 3 I B K I
t t e i p » rr» 3 i » * » 3 i n u ji p o tn « u i p i * » « u
Mf«ej Iu|<(«ii laia« .uc»d*a»l |
jn o y i 4 iu B
||M urod B B Jk V
UOIttVUU|9 (|AOd«B»l I
»JU JinU UOOd«»«| I
anivo i m m
lati «
*U m ,V|* m »0 m *1
• u |*|» m i P»P
»M «»• I
» M d m >||
uM wq dn» I
‘»«a i a i m ’« m o o i
■pouiiuo SSa qoBa jo aanjd ut ’uoodswai w inoqi»
8 ui > iuh TVAOM J ° Amutmb piuomp
-p» un 8utsn Aq auoiu ao ji«q-auo paanpai aq
A bu j siiaa jo jaqiunu aqi sodiaaj jaipo A uhuj u j
aAisuadxa inoqjiM apaui aq ubd ajfBO atuœ aioqM
‘¿uiziiaddn u b Moq SMoqs odpoj 3uiMO||q| a q x
idling io
‘ on
the waffles on both sides.
with syrup.
Corn Bread
Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Treat. Mrs.
Paul and Mr. Atwood were school
visitors a week ago Friday.
The ground for the school gar­
den has been plowed, harrowed
and disked. The students will
plant it in beans and potatoes next
Sybil Wilson is substituting in
the fifth grade this week in the
absence of Miss Montgomery.
1 t salt
1 c corn meal
1 c flour
1J c sour milk
« c sugar
1 <’gg
2 T fat
1 t baking soda
Mix the dry ingredients thor­
oughly. Beat the eggs; add the
sour milk to the tieuten eggs.
Sift the dry ingredients into the
egg mixture melt the fat. add it to
the corn meal mixture. Mix
quickly and thoroughly. Turn at
once in an oiled pan and hake in a
hot oven, usually 25-30 minutes.
Brow n Bread
2 c sour milk.
2 t soda (heaping)
I c sugar
Add coarse Graham flour to
There was not a very large m“ ke a thick batter. Bake in a
crowd at the Institute held in the *lot 0VeM 4*5-60 minutes.
B oaton Brow n B roa d,
school house last Saturday. The
2 t baking soda
speakers were:
1 c corn meal. 2 1 cream of tartar
Mrs. Fulkerson of Salem.
1 c graham flour, 2 c sour milk
Mr. Dunton of Lebanon.
i t salt
} c molasses
Mr. Butler from Normal at
Mix the dry ingredients thor­
oughly. Turn the molasses and
sour milk into a mixing bowl. Add
Musical members by Mrs. Hazel the dry ingredients; mix well.
Courier, Miss Haslop and the Turn at once into oiled molds, and
Orchestra, and a reading by Mrs. steam at least I hours. Remove
W. H. Beard was much enjoyed. from the molds, and dry in the
oven for a few minutes.
The girls Honor guard gave a
Graham flour may he substitut­
tea at the home of Mrs. W. H. ed for the rye meal.
Beard last Saturday for the pur­
pose of raising mor.ey to lie spent
for bandages for the Red Cross
On Wednesday evening of last
work. 45 girls are enrolled in
week a class of twelve from Dal- «W]
this work, mast of whom are High
las was initiated into the Pythian ^p.1
School girls and teachers. Dr.
Sister lodge of this city.
Hellwarth is giving a series of
The officers and degree team of
First Aid lectures. The first was the Salem Temple came over and
given Monday evening at the Me­
put on the initiatory work in a
thodist church and was well at- very pleasing manner.
teneed. His subjects that even
A banquet was served at mid­
ing was disinfectants and surgical
night to the visiting Sisters and
Knights. Those on the Entertain- f
Vicie Benton has secured the ment Committee were; Reatha
Oakhurst school for the coming Selig. Maude Brown. Edith Brown,
Laura Walker, Wilda Van Den
Bosch and Emma Hinshaw.
Superintendent Crowley visited
school Thursday.
Peace has been declared be­
Last Friday was Bird Day. It tween the Polk and Marion County
was observed at school by a play­ Courts in the bridge controversy.
let given by the pupils of Miss Polk County shutting off Salem’s
Kennard's room and who are food supply forced them to capi­
members of the Luckiamute Lib­
erty Bell Bird Club. The play
was a plea for birds and showed
their helpfulness to man. Songs
Free M e th o d ist
by the school and the flag salute
Sunday School 10 a. m.
completed the program.
Preaching service 11a. m.
Margret Sammons spent last
Saturday and Sunday with Grace
Hastings at her home in Pee Dee.
Uaed in D. S D e p a rtm e n t.
1 pt. flour.
3 t. b. p.
k t. salt.
2 eggs beaten seperately.
H c milk.
Mix dry ingredients, add egg
yolk, milk and melted butter.
Fold in whites of egg last. Before
using the waffle irons, they should
be heated slowly on back sides
and oiled thoroughly. Pour the
batter quickly into the hot irons,
close the irons at once, and brown
Song and praise service 7:30
followed by preaching at 8:00,
Mid-week prayer meeting7:30 p.m
Everyone cordially invited to
attend these services.
Edgar N. Long, Pastor.
The famous ROOT and BERRY
remedy for RHEUMATISM. Con­
tains no chemicals or opiates, and
will not injure the most delicate V
stomach or digestion. Results ^
guaranteed or money refunded.
Price $1.50 per outfit. For sale by