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Roast Turkey.
The First Mariners' Beacon to Be
To truss the fowl draw the thighs
ami w in «« t’ loaa asslnat th* l « » l ) mill
Kindled In America.
fastsn securely with skcwera or tin
with string
Huh the entlr«* surface
with salt, brush with soft butter ami
ilrrdg* with fliuir. I ’lae* H i a lint oven TWICE BURNED AND REBUILT.
ami when well browned reduce tho
boat. Iluata with tho fat In |iau and
tw o cupfuls o f boiling water, continue Then It W at Destroyed by the British
Naval Forces and
hasting every twruty minute* until
Again Rebuilt Through tho Effort* of
meat la done, whirb will require about
Qevornor John Hancock.
three hours for an eight or ten pound
turkey. I f roaated In a covered roast­
The first lighthouse of whh b there
er It Is not necessary to haste very
ofteu, as the strum keeps the roast is any record wus built by Ptolemy II.
moist, hut It should have the fat and on the Island o f Pharoa, at (he eu
the broth dipped over It now and then. | trance to tbe harbor o f Alexandria.
Turn tho turkey occasionally, so that Egypt.
It may brown evenly
Pmtiahly the most famous lighthouse
I o f modern times Is the Kddyntuue
Turkey S t u f f i n g .
i light, which wus one o f the t)r*t built
Pour cupfuls uf stale breadcrumbs, In Britain aud which has been famous
a quarter cupful o f melted butter, salt
because o f Its dangerous situation and
and pepper. Add sage or flue herbs If
o f Its having becu four times destroy­
Moisten very slightly with
warm water or stock. This amount Is ed by the angry waters of the Kugllsh
for an eight ixtund turkey. !)o not ! channel.
Mluuta Ledge light, at the entrance
crowd either rrop or body or tho stuff­
ing will be heavy. The giblets, stew ­ to Boston harbor, Is a m o n g ihc most
ed und chopped flue, may tie added to uutewurtliy of Atncri' an lighthouses
the gravy or they may be previously aud sharea with Old Boston light the
tuterest uf every voyuger who enters
prepared and added to the stuffing.
the tortuous chauuel to the city of
Mashed Turnips.
Boston light Is ruinous lit its way.
Pare and quarter turulps and boll
It was the first lighthouse built in
steadily In uusalted water until ten­
America. It Is one o f the most Impor­
der, drain, mash mol season with but­ tant lighthouse ststlous on the north
ter, pepper and a little salt
Atlantic coast. Every sallormuu and
svugoer kuows Boston light.
Thanksgiving Apple Cake.
school boy ami girl has read the uiuuy
Roald a cupful o f milk aud one third tules o f shipwreck hi which Boston
cupful of butter, one third cupful of light figures. It was captured and re­
sugar and oue-thlrd tcas|>oonful o f salt, captured several (lines lu the eurly
When lukewarm add a yeast cake, two daya o f the devolution.
eggs aud three aud a half cupfuls of
On tbe evening of Friday, Kept. 14,
bread flour Cover, let rise, beat well
1710, the light was first “ kUrdled,” to
and let risa again. Turn Into buttered use the expression o f the chronicler
drl|>plng pan. let rise, hruab over with o f the day.
melted butter, cover with sections of
For aouie years the shipowner* and
apples, brush over with butter, sprin­ merchants o f Boston agitated (he pifly
kle with cinnamon, sugar and currants. ect o f eatabliahlug a lighthouse at (he
Rake In a moderate oven and cover entrance to the harbor. The general
with whlpjied cream.
court took the matter up on petition of
John George and others. Tho town
Cranberry Frappe.
offlctala o f Boston also coiialdeiVd the
Four cupfuls of cranberries boiled In proposition and urged the colonial au
three cupfuls o f water strained through
tborlties tc make an appropriation to
flanuct. 'Taka three cupfuls o f sugar erect a suitable light.
At last fa
and three cupfuls o f cranberry Juice vorable action was taken by the au
and the Juice o f one half lemon and tborlties, and the building o f the light
m il all together aud freeze. Delicious on tho outer Brewster began.
to serTe with roast fowl.
Wheu the light wus ready to put Into
commission George Worthyluke was
Thanksgiving Nut Bread.
atqsdnted keo|»or. ll m u i a bis w ife
Five cupfuls of flour, Ore teaspoon­ and daughter were drowned tw o years
fuls o f (taking powder, a cupful o f nuts later.
chopped flue, a cupful o f sugar, a Itcat-
Benjamin Franklin wrote a ballad
en egg. tw o cupfuls o f milk, one half on the drowning o f the family. The
tens|ioonful salt. This makes two salary o f tbe Oral keepers o f the light
was #250 a year.
On the death o f Worthy lake Captain
Chicken Pie.
John Hayes, a shipmaster, was ap
Dress, clean and cut up tw o fowla or (minted.
chickens, says the Country Gentleman
The early ltghtkee|«r had mauy oth­
Tut In a stew pan with half an onion, a er duties to perform besides lookin';
aprlg o f parsley and a bit o f bay leaf; after the light. H e had to act as idiot
cover with boiling water and coolc fur vessels and discharge the duties of
slowly until tender. When the chicken health officer o f the |H>rt. In the cose
la half cooked add half a tablespoon
o f a vessel la-lug in distress It was
ful o f salt and one-eighth of a tea- his duty to go to Its rescue.
spoonful o f pepper. Iteinove chicken,
In 1720 the lighthouse was hurued
strain stock, skim off fat, then cook sud rebuilt. Again In 1751 Ihc light
until reduced to four cupfuls, thicken house and other building* were burned
with one-third of a cupful o f flour di­ ami were acaln rebuilt.
luted with enough cold water to pour
easily. Place a small cup In the cen­
ter o f a baking dish, arrange round
It pieces o f chicken, removing some of
the larger bones, pour gravy and cool
Cover with piecrust In which several
incisions buve been made for the es
calm o f steam. Wet the edge o f the
crust and put round a rim. having the
rim come close to the edge. Bake In a
moderate oven until the crust Is well
raised and bmwued. I f puff |>aste Is
used It la heat to bake the top sepa
Turkey Was Well Done
General von Kneussl,
German Commander
Kollert Bail, the keeper who succeed
ed Cuplaln Hu yes, remained until the
British licet sailed from Boston to Hal­
ifax during the Itevolutlonary war. Ac­
cording to the storlea at that time. Bull
Accordlug to dispatches from tbe )
aulled away with the fleet and never
front, the lighting between the Ger­
man troops under General von Falken-
The British wantonly destroyed the
hayu and the Itoumanlan forcea In the
harbor pro|ierty, Including the light,
Transylvania Alps has been greatly
before they sailed away when they
| j hampered by snow and cold weather.
evacuuled Boston. Thus It Is that
The enow tilled defile* o f tbe moun-
Smart Fur Trimmed Suit
Hie lalaud on w hich Boston light stands
Is the last soll lu Massachusetts occu­
pied by lirlltah armed forces.
Thu destruction o f the light was a
This fur trimmed suit o f wool velours
great loas tu uiurluera amt the mer­ Is featured lu taupe, green, brown,
chants, aud shipping Interests Induced burgundy or plum color.
Model de­
Governor John Hancock to acrid a spe­ signed by Franklin Klmou & Co., New
cial message lo (he Massachusetts leg
York. Tbe coat la rut In etralgbt lines.
Islulure recommending an appropria­
tion for the rebuilding of the light
With commeiiduble promptitude the
legislature compiled with the request
of Governor Hancock, and plum« were
made for one of the flnest and largest
lights on the cousf. This was In 1780.
Tho uew structure wus of stone. Oil
lumps furnished the light. Then tbe
government t<s>k over the lighthouses
and assigned their care and mulnte
nance to tho treasury department, an­
tler whose Jurisdiction they still re
uiulu. The Island and the light were
formally ceded to the L'ulted States
| government lu 171)0.
The treusury department has always
given Boston light s great deal o f at­
tention la-cause o f Its Inqs-rtauee aud
because It ta the most widely known
landmark to tbe entrance to the sec
ond port In America.
It has been Improved and enlarged
from time to time, and the accommo­
dations for the kee;>ers and their fam ­
U X C T I X i l T G E N E R A L VON K KE U O B U
ilies are all that could he desired. De
spile Its age tbe light station la. for
tains have reudered military operations
all pnnllrul purposes, essentially mod
alike difficult for both armies. Among
f fii and up to dale. It displays uu
the officers under General von Fal-
Incandescent oil va|>or light, giving a
kenbayn is IJeuteuant General vod
white flush o f 100,000 caudle |«rwer e v ­
Kneussl, who heads the Bavarian divi­
ery thirty seconds, visible slxt«-eu mile-
sions. Yon Kneussl distinguished him-
lu clear weather, und aa au auxiliary
self in tbe siege aud capture o f I’rxe
aid lu foggy weather sounds u power­
myal In June, 11)15, when that Austrian
ful first class siren, with u double blast
city was recaptured from tbe Russians,
of live seconds each every minute.-
who had won it only twenty days be­
Boston Globe.
— What —
Wish to Know
professional Cart*
F. M . H E L L W A R T H
Office one door east of P. 0.
fslls <’Uy
Phone 3C8
DR. W. L. Holloway
will be at r.iu City Hotel
Alteranon. ol Each W«*k.
B u s in e s s C a rò s
JFallô Cít\í 1í3o tc l
S am p le Ream a
Bast A ece m m ed a tl.n l
F. O r e s e * . Proprietor
Bohle’s Barber Shops
F a lle City, O r e g o n
Where yea caa {el • Skive, lair Cm. Bath
*r ‘Shlse*
A teal fer Dallai Steaa Landry
u n ie , fo r a r . oleo 1 ueaUay erenlng
G . L. H A W K I N S
D a lla s, O r t g o n
Bonn Exception.
" I t must he hard to see people
acratuhlu for a meal.”
"Yes. unless It's eggs."—Baltimore
Roup In Poultry
Overcrowding In tbe beubouse is one
o f the direct causes of colds and roup,
accord Lug to Rosa M. Sherwood, spe­
Accept nothing that Is unreasonable;
cialist in poultry husbandry in tbe
discard nothing as unreasonable with­
Kansas State Agricultural college.
out proper examination.- Buddha.
E gg production is lowered as a result
o f disease and uncomfortable condi­
tions Induced by overcrowding. Every
tbe fullness falling from sides to back.
Labor Bureans Help Many.
The collar, cuffs and border o f tbe coat fow l In tbe henhouse should have nine
Hail Francisco, Nov. 19.— Since are banded with seal fur. The skirt Is inches o f lineal space on the roosts and
three or four square feet o f floor space.
the state has established its free o f tbe latest model, with shirred back I f such housing Ig not provided the
and detachable belt.
employment bureaus in Han Fran­
bens w ill not have room fo r scratching,
liens should be fed In loose straw ao
cisco, Los Angeles, Oakland and
that they will be forced to exercise In
Treatment of Common
Sacramento work has been found
order to get feed. Colds are caused by
Ailment* of the Ear lack o f ventilation. Roup often devel­
for 38,550 men and women, at the
ops as tbe result o f a cold.
rale of 1071 a week, according to
Lat>or Commissioner John F. Mc­
Earache In children la best treated
Laughlin. The saving in fees has by using hot water. This not only
gives the moat prompt relief from pain,
l>een $77,000.
but Is also one o f the best remedies
employed to stop Inflammation and pre­
An ad in the News w ill b rie f vent a running ear. Fill the ear with
water ns hot as It can he borne, using
a common medicine dropper. Next re­
Get your butter wrappers p rin t­ move a dropperful o f water and re­
place It with a dropperful o f hot w a­
ed at tbe News office.
ter, pressing Ibe bulb between tbe
thumb and Unger three or four limes
to mix thoroughly. Keep this up for
twenty minutes and repeat every two
to four hours us needed to control tbe
(lain. In ease the pain continues after
two or three treatments a physician
should he consulted. Boils in the ear
are treated in tbe same manner.
Keren)a o f the external (wrtion o f tbe
ear ig usually relieved by the applica­
tion o f xlnc oxide ointment, keeping the
surface covered continuously.
can be procured under this name from
any druggist. Children with sensitive
ears should protect them by wearing a
little plug o f cotfon in tbe ear when
out o f doors In cold or wlmly weather,
especially If driving In an oi>en vehicle.
Frozen or frosted ears should flrst be
thawed out by very cold water or snow
and then covered by olive oil or vase­
line. In case an Insect gets into the
ear drop a few drops o f sweet oil (olive
oil) In the canal and then wash out
gently with warm water, using a medi­
cine dropi»er. The Insect will us>>ally
float out. A foreign body sbooid be
treated In the same way. hut If It doe%
not come out easily a physician should
he seeu at once. Under no circum­
stances should the removal he attempt­
ed by means o f forceps or other Instru­
ments, as the foreign body Is very apt
to be pushed down so far in tbe canal
that It w ill be very difficult to remove.
Must be Watchful
For great efforts are being made in
this vicinity to sell baking powders of
inferior class, made from alum acids
and lime phosphates, both undesir­
able to those w ho require high-grade
cream of tartar baking powder to
make clean and healthful food.
The official Government
tests have shown Royal
Baking Powder to be a
pure, h ea lth fu l, grape
cream o f ta rta r bak in g
p o w d e r, o f highest
strength, and care should
be taken to prevent the
substitution o f any
other brand in its place.
R oya l Baking P ow d er costs only a
fair price per pound, and is cheaper
and better at its price than any
other baking pow der in the world.
Household Hints
To prevent pie crust puffing up in the
middle when hiked, prick In several
places with a fork liefore putting In
♦he oven.
A basin of cold water placed In an
oven w ill soon lower the temperature.
T o clean enameled bathtubs rub with
salt moistened with lemon Juice. Then
wash with hot water and soapsuds.
Sprinkle carpets la-fore sweeping
with salt. It keep« the dust down e f­
fectively, and the carpets will look
fresher. Salt also prevents moths at­
tacking carpets.
Oil stains can be removed from linen
aud cotton goods by rubbing the mate­
rial on both aides with talcum powder.
The powder should I * left on for a few
hours and then bruabed off.
To clean wicker chairs wash with
salt and water, then rub as dry as pos­
sible and place In the open air to finish
Holes In kid gloves can be mended by
flrst buttonholing around the bole and
then Oiling In with buttonhole stitch
R . L. C H A P M A N
We attsnd lo all work promptly.
Dallas and Falls City, Ora.
J. O .
Dealer in
Falls City, Oregon.
•10 Mill Street. Pallai. Ore, am.
JOHN R. SIBLEY. M »noter.
Mother's Doll Story
Our abatract plant If poated dally (row
Pulk County Kecordo.
Molly Visits Gobble Gobble
Once upon a time a nice wax doll by
tbe name o f Molly went to the country
with her mamma.
They were visiting a lovely big farm.
S> one morning Molly got up very ear­
ly and went out in tbe barnyard to see
a great big turkey by the name o f
Gobble Gobble.
Now, Gobble Gobble was getting the
best o f care, for be was the bird that
had been picked ont for tbe Thanks­
giving dinner. O f course to help eat
this good dinner was why Molly and
her mamma bad gone to tbe farm.
"H ello. Gobble, Gobble,” said Molly,
going straight up to the big turkey.
"Good morning. W ax Doll," Gobble
Gobble answered, spreading bis broad
wings and making his neck red.
Then he did the strangest thing. He
scratched bis wings along In the dirt
and made a quick circle right around
Molly, for she wore a beautiful red
dress, you see. and turkeys do not like
anything red. They seem to want
Lotbing around as red as their own
When he kept coming nearer and
uearer Molly got quite frightened, but
when Gobble Gobble came right at her
she turned and ran like anything. Gob-
tie Gobble chased her till at last she
Hid to run right up on to a big wood
pile. Here she sat. throwing sticks o f
wood at Gobble Gobble till her mamma
came and cuased him away and took
Uolly safely into the house.
Garments For Children.
When making garments for growing
.Tbildren which you Intend to let dowfi
stitch tbe hem with eighty or ninety
thread on the machine. This Is easily
ripped out aud does not leave a heavy
line o f boles. Another way Is to make
a wide hem and take up a large tuck
on tbe uuderslde. This can be taken
out when tbe garment needs to be
Th# Fairy 8hip.
T here's a strange ship in th * bay.
So they say;
She has come from Fairyland,
W h ere the mermaids, hand In hand
Sing upon a coral strand
A ll th * day.
A ll her manta are m ad* o f gold.
So I'm told.
And ahe flies pure silken sails.
And her flags nr* peacocks' tails,
And she has the weirdest bales
In the hold.
T h ere are fairies not e few
In her crew.
And tom orrow she'll be far
Out across the southern bar.
W h ere th * flyin g Ashes are
In th* blue.
—at. Nicholas)
Notice to News Subscribers
A mark here indicates that
your subscription is delinquent.
Please call and Fix it.
M r. H e m s S e e k e r—
C O M E T O F A L L S C IT Y , O R E G O N
and B u y Orchard Land
Passenger Train Schedule
Effective Oct. 4,1914
O i C fl ■ * •* 0 e-
Good Things For
Thanksgiving Dinner
S A T U R D A Y , NOV. 25, 1910.
i* i
am. am.
Salem . . . 7:00 9.45
Dallas. . . 8.15 1 1 . 0 2
Fai is C ity . 8.50 11.35
Bl’ kRock.
K A l T B O l 'N D
Bl’k Rock
Falls City. 9.30 1.25
Dallas. . . 1 0 . 1 0 2 . 0 0
Salem . . . 11.01 3.15
6 .1 0
A . C. P o w e r s . A s i n t
I f reports from the Pacific Const
are to lie believed, Mae Murray's
pet monkey Oswald, caused a riot
at ttie Hollywood Hotel where the
1 a-kv star is staying
Murray was
W hile Miss
the studio,
monkey was suddenly a* ixed with
a desire to lie elsewhere, than in
the spat tment. He broke up a few
small ornaments
smashed a window through which
he escaped, entering the bedroom
of an elderly spinster. Her shrieks
brought the entire mobile fores o f
the hotel to her door on the run
while four policemen surrounded
the building in order to prevent
the murderer’s escape. Miss Mur­
ray says the monkey was misun­
derstood and that it was perfectly
horrid of the old lady to scare him