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    Jan* Sattlad Him.
"Jana." »»Id har mistress, “ you raal
ly will hava tu put a atop to tha visits
of your follower."
"Yaa, I mini, ma'am.” n<pllnd Jana
"Ilut you'vo »aid that beforo,” ex
postulated her mistress, "and tbnrv
It‘a anded."
"I'm aura I've don« my boat, tna'atn,”
«»Id Jane; "It lan't easy. Hut I'll try
and *«ltlu him ou my nuxt Tliuraday
H it next Thuraday out cam« ivnt
want. Mur follower alao came and
want (with Jane), and June eventual
ly returned In a radiant mood.
“ I've aettled him thla time, ma’am l”
aha exclaimed. breatlileaaly.
liur mlatreaa wan delighted. Hut In
the hour» of victory ona ahould be
■eneroua to the fallen foea, ao ahe
expressed hope that Jane had not
been loo hard on the young man.
"Hard on him !” cried Jane. "No
ma'am, that I waan't. I've Juat ruar-
| rled him and I leave at the end of the
I m on th !"— Pittsburgh Chronicle-Tele-
Ladies’ Shoes
L $2.50 H
AU !Rrl.a
All SI>M
148 Fourth St.,
Near Morris««.
Manufacturas Clamor for Rolling Stock
to Save Business.
W tom of all »hoes at the factory. Th* vain» is guaranteed and
the wearer protected again« high pne* for inferior thorn. The
Association May File Suit Against S.
P. to Retrieve Loss— No Relief
in Sight in Near Future.
Thcr« Is a M
emm I p <» allIon opportunity In-
i irssrtl . pay
h yin i i mtm ready I el us hcl|
. w
Dr. Pierce'« Pellet« are beat for liver,
C h e c k w ita l y o u w a n t t o 1
bowel» and stomach. One little Pellet
We»tern Oregon lumber manufac­
a .r
for a laxative three for a cathartic.
turer*, dependent upon the Southern
Pacific for their car*, are growing dea-
Forest Notes.
«mar un «
twin MOMTAflV
The annual value of tha farm wood- perate.
On* mill already haa been forced to
■I Tifiti
lot products of the United State« Is
cloae anti other» soon will be confront­
over f 11)5,000,000.
ed with a aimilar necesaity unleaa the
More people are »pending their va aituatfon ia relieved.
rations on national foreats this sum
And no immediate relief i* in aight.
■tier than have ever done ao before, The Southern Pacific has an order for
many person» traveling long distance» 3000 new cars due from Eastern manu­
by automobile In order to camp In facturers ‘ within the next 80 days,
| these public playground».
anti as aoon a they start to arrive a
P h i U m I. On.
At a recent meeting of the Coneon measure o f relief may he forthcoming.
Hut many mills cannot wait 30 daya.
| nutty Stock Asaoelatlon, at which
there were twenty member» present, In fact some o f them cannot wait 10
i It was decided not to allow any bulla days. They must have car» at once or
I on the range after 1916 except those they will he forced to quit business,
of beef grades and having registered temporarily at least.
! paper*.
A temporary shutdown, it ia feared,
Tourists' registers are In u*e on will cause permanent damage.
many of the national foreata. Ity reg mill* will he forced to turn their busi­
ness over to their competitors in the
Bjr hurta» dirai foia» ill at whole»»!» price« ! laterlng their names and destination,
wul h u Oi» plumber'a pruflta. Writ» ua la­ ; peraotia going Into the mountains can state o f Washington end in those parts
arrange to have telegrams and other o f Oregon that are able to get car*.
d e »our n»*da W» will «I»» »ou ou» ruek-
bottom "diteci-to-you" «rico». I o. b. rail or
Important messages forwarded by the
Business once so diverted is likely to
boat. W» aclu»ll» »uv» »on from 10 to XX per
forest rangers.
remain diverted, they say. A custom­
cmL All anuda luemUal,
er likes to do business where he can
Northw e»I headquarter» for Lcodor W otor
Kxpertmonta at the Forest Products depend on service.
System» »ml Kullor A Johnson t o » mee.
When once the
Laboratory at Madison, Wisconsin,
have resulted In the discovery of a word goes out that a mill cannot give
I l l Third Street.
Pert leed. Oreeoa
method whereby the yields of alcohol dependable cut service, it is feared,
and acetate of lime from the destruc­ the resulting damage through loss of
tive distillation of hardwoods have buaines* will be irreparable.
been Increased fifteen per cen t
Frank A. Miller, chairman of the
Oregon Public Service commission,
Many Lika Him.
was in Portland Thursday and dis­
Hewitt—He’s a pessimist all right. cussed informally the suggested pro­
Jewett I should nay so; he could posal o f conducting a public hearing on
see the dark side of a blonde!—Chi the subject. It is probable, though,
csgo Herald.
HEK VICE il* th» (•••nsntomth.ne made by
that the hearing cannot take place for
Dairymen when malt Ins »biptn»nl»—that'»
10 days, and by that time some of the
why HAZELWOOD U seteewd
He—This light, my dear, Is 50-candle milla will be past the stage where a
Try us and see.
hearing will do them any good.
She— Well, what's the use of It If
Meanwhile, the Willamette Valley
H a z e lw o o d Co., Portland we've
got to put all those candles In Lumber Manufacturers' association is
It?— llaltlmore American.
proceeding with its plana to bring civil
action against the Southern Pacific for
A Summer Requirement.
The Other Side.
damages. They will seek to recover
"I can respect good motives, but—"
for the losses sustained through failure
"They loafed around his store amic­
"Y es?"
to get cars.
"There's Mrs. Flubdub. She coti
This suit, if it is brought, will be
alders It her duty to come over and
filed in the Federal court.
But, even
brighten my life a bit every day, and an electric fan."— Kansas City Journal.
should it prove successful, it would
she's getting to be such a bore."—
offer little compensation for the in­
No Advantage.
trinsic damage.
"You say ymy husband Is deaf?”
Something Appropriate.
What the lumbermen want is cars.
“ Yes, but he can read lip language.
"Profesror, 1 have made somo money
and I want to do aomethlng for my I can't call him mean things Just They are not seeking revenge, they
old college. I don't remember what have to think them, the same as any say, and have no spiteful purpose of
other wife."— Kansas City Journal.
studies I excelled In. If any."
punishing the railroad.
They are
“ In my classes you slept most of
hopeful only that their action will
the time."
bring the desired result— cars.
"llm . Well. I’ll endow a dormitory."
"Mama, 1s papa goln' to die an' go
It is apparent that the Southern Pa­
to heaven?”
"W hy. Hobby, what put such an cific officials in Portland and other
absurd Idea Into your bead?”—Lon­ places along the line are doing their
utmost to relieve the situation.
don Saturday Journal.
are trying to distribute their meager
supply o f cars among their numerous
Granulated Eyelids, clamoring customers, but their efforts
Four Block» ft*»m Union Station. Under new
monam-ment. All room» newly d»corat»d.
Eye, inflamed by cyno­
sure to S ub , Dast and » lad are woefully deficient, simply because
Rain 50c. 75c. SI. *1 .5 0 I*« Day.
ickly relieved by Marina they haven’t near enough cars to go
No Smarting, around.
just Eye Comfort.
Oc per Bottl
Bottle. Murlse Eya
Your Druggist's 50c
Salve inTubes 25c. For Bank *1 Ike E yef reeask
Druggists or Murlae Eye Remedy C*., Chicago
^«WYuAÖ ivlta r
B U Y D I R E C T £(,
New Houston Hotel
S o re
E y e s '« '^
S p ra y -a -C o w
Fumtcihtwl on »hört nntic«.
W rit« for
H cm U* o f Fricoa.
I'ortUnd Electrotype &
Keeps off flies or money back. $1
a gallon from your dealer, or order
Third and Madison, Portland, Or.
Court Room, Single, 75c; Double, $1.
Outside Room, Single, $1; Double, $1.50
(Beth privilrir* inrlutlotl)
tn tiit* Old IU B«M « B m d i n * b o w * with «
record o f 46 years o f Square Dealing*, and
be assured o f T O P M A R K E T PRICES.
Room« with Private Bath, Single,
$1.50; Double, $2.00.
(When you lUffiatrr Auk th« Clerk- for
Summer HaU<«.)
Auto-Hu« Mrrta Train«.
All Cam from Union Depot Piw* Our Doom.
45-47 Front Str»»t
Cor. Washington A Fifth Sts., PORTLAND. ORE
P. N. U.
T ]| -V Veal, Pork, Beef,
Poultry, Butter, Eggs
and Farm Produce
Portland, Oregon
Oregon Hernia Institute
Ruptura treated mechanically.
fitting rooms
Highest testimoniala. Re­
sults «ruaran tt«*d. Call or writ«.
No. 37. 1918
JO H N S O N & U M R A R G E R
WHEN writing to adwtisera, pie
" lion this paper.
411*412 AUsky Building, Portland, Oregon
It w ill b e m o n e y s a v e d t o p r o t e c t th e lu m b e r a g a in s t w in te r
w e a th e r .
G e t C o l o r C a r d s fr o m y o u r lo c a l d e a le r .
N ew Classes W ill Be Started Then.
M any Students Already Enrolled.
A sk For Catalogue.
Enroll Now.
A . T. LINK, Principal.
P h o n e M e in 6083
T tlfo rd B u ild in g
Tenth and Morrison Sts., Portland, Ore.
Santa Fe Will Not Obey 8-Hour
Law Until forced to by Courts
Topeka, Kan.— E. P. Ripley, presi­
dent o f the Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Fe railroad, declared Wednesday in a
formal statement that the Santa Fe
does not intend to comply with the Ad­
amson eight-hour law, recently en­
acted by congress to avert a threat­
ened railroad strike, until ordered to
do so by the United States Supreme
Mr. Ripley’s statement follows:
“ Congress, hastily acting under a
threat o f four leaders o f labor organi­
zations. enacted a so-called eight-hour
law, which is nothing more or less
than an advance o f 20 to 25 per cent in
the wages of the best-paid men in rail­
way service. It is only fair to the
public and to our employes to say that
the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail­
way company does not intend to com­
ply with the law until ordered to do so
by the court o f last resort."
Imported Monkeys Dying.
San Francisco— Out o f 100 monkeys
which arrived here Friday from the
Orient for government laboratories, 40
have died and many o f the survivors
are reported dying. The monkeys were
to have been used for experiments with
infantile paralysis serum. The mon­
keys, according to the officials in
charge of them, were in good health
until they reached the temperate zone,
where tne cool breezes proved too
.’or their sensitive
Death in nearly every case was the
result of pulmonary trouble.
Foes Trade Diplomats.
Berlin — An arrangement between
Roumania and Bulgaria is being effect­
ed for the mutual return o f diplomatic
representatives o f the belligerent na­
tions. It is planned to send the mem­
bers o f the legations of Bulgaria, Ger­
many, Austria and Turkey in Rouman­
ia and other subjects o f these countries
in a Roumanian ship to some deignated
port on the Black sea, where they will
be exchanged for the Roumanian rep­
resentatives in Bulgaria and Turkey.
Portland— Wheat— Bluestem, $1.30;
forty-fold, I1.2H; Hub, $1.27; red fife,
$1.28; red Russian, $1.26.
Flour — Patents, $6.20; straight*,
$5.60 ((0 6 ; exports, $5.60;
$5.HO; whole wheat, $6.40; graham,
$ 6 . 20 .
Millfeed— Spot prices: Bran, $23.50
per ton; shorts, $25.50; rolled barley,
Corn— Whole, $42 per ¡ton; cracked,
Hay— Producers' prices: Timothy,
Eastern Oregon $16.60@18 per ton;
timothy, valley, $16 @ 16; alfalfa,
$14.60; wheat hay, $ 12.50@13.60; oat
and vetch, $ 12 @ 12.60; cheat, $ 1 1 ;
clover, $ 10 .
Butter — Exchange prices: Cubes,
extras, no bid, 30c asked. Jobbing
prices: Prints, extras, 32@84c; but-
terfat. No. 1, 81c; No. 2. 29c, Port­
EggaJ— Oregon ranch, exchange
prices, current receipts, 27c dozen.
Jobbing prices; Oregon ranch, candled,
28@30c; selects, 32c.
Poultry— Hens, 18«@14«c per pound;
broilers, 16@17c; turkeys, live, lS(a,
22c; ducks, ll@ 1 4 « c ; geese, 9 @ ll c .
Veal— Fancy, 12«@18c per pound.
Pork— Fancy, 12 «0(18c per pound.
Vegetables— Artichokes, 7607 * 4 $ 1 per
dozen; tomatoes, 30@50c per crate;
cabbage, $1.76 per hundred; peppers,
4445 c per pound; eggplant, 6@ 7c; let­
tuce, 200426 c per dozen; cucumbers,
260450 c per b ox; beans, 3c per pound;
celery, 76@86c per dozen; corn, 1004
Potatoes— New, 90c@ $l. 15 per hun­
dred; sweets, 8«@ 4c.
Onions— California, $1.60 per sack;
Walls Walla, $1.60 per sack.
Green ,Fruita— Apples, new, 75c @
$1.85 per box; cantaloupes, 60c@$1.60
|<er crate; peaches, 40@75c per box;
watermelons, l« c per pound; plums,
76c@$l per box; pears, $1.250(1.50;
grapes, $1.10001.76; casabas, l j c per
Sack Vegetables — Turips, $1.25;
carrots, $1.26 00 1.35; beets. $1.26 @
Hops — 1915 crop, nominal; 1916
contracts, 9c, nominal.
Wool— Eastern Oregon, fine, 230026c
per pound; coarse, 300032c; valley, 30
Casara Bark—Old and new, 4 {c per
Cattle — Steera,*prime.‘ $6.50@ 6.76;
good, $60(6.60; common to fair, $5@
5.60; cows, choice, $50(6.50; medium
to good, $4.600(6; ordinary to fair,
$40(4.50; heifers, $4 @ 5 .7 6 ; bulls, $3
004.25; calves, $30(6.
Hogs— Prime, $9.550(9.65; good to
prime mixed, $9.50 @ 9 .6 0 ;
heavy, $8.750(9.26; pigs and skips,
Sheep— Lambs, $5.50 @ 8 .2 5 ; year­
ling wethers, $5.7S@6.60; old wethers,
$5.50@6; ewes, $3.50@6.50.
No Slump in Produce Market.
Tacoma— There was no slump in the
produce market as a result of jobbers
loading up with the expectation o f a
railroad strike and high prices when it
opened Tuesday after being closed two
daya. None of the Tacoma jobbers
overloaded, although all had good stocks
on hand when they opened. The ar­
rivals were heavy, especially in canta­
loupes and peaches, including several
cars o f Elbertas. Ebert«» are now 76
cents a box and dealers are advising
housewives to make their preserving
peace purchases now, as the price will
likely not drop any lower. The short­
age o f the crop and heavy Eastern de­
mand is responsible for the high price
this year.
Although beef prices dropped half a
cent a pound on the opening o f the
market, pork and mutton advanced
from half a cent to 2 cents a pound.
Dressed hogs advanced from 12« to 14«
cents a pound, and Diamond T. C.
lambs from 14 to 16 cents a pound.
Hog products in the East have ad­
vanced heavily during the past month
and the result is being fe lt here.
Heavy export trade is thought to be
responsible, as there is no shortage in
the hog crop in the Middle W est. Mut­
ton, because of high prices last spring,
esused hesvy selling of the parent
stock, with the result that there were
fewer 1916 lambs than there other­
wise would have been.
Egg and butter prices opened un­
changed. Cheese shows s strong ten­
dency to advance and the price may be
a cent higher all around by the end of
the week.
9 3 .0 0
$ 3 .5 0
9 4 .0 0
9 4 .5 0
9 5 .0 0
.« W
S 1«
S a v e M o n e y b y W e a r in g W . L- D o u g la s
s h o e s . F o r » a le b y o v e r 9 0 0 0 s h o e d e a le r s .
T h e B e a t K n o w n S h o e s In t h e W o r l d .
L. Douglas name and the retail pne* is tumped on th* bot­
retail price« are th* .am* everywhere. They cow no more in San
Francaco than they do in New York. They arc alwaye worth the
price paid foe them.
’T'he quality of W. L. Douglas product i< guaranteed by more
1 then 40 yean experience in making fin* »hoe». The «mart
tty lea are the leaden in the Fashion Centre» of America.
They are made in a well-equipped factory at Brockton, Mass.,
by the highest paid, dulled inoemaken, under the direction and
•upervision of eiperienced men, all working with an hone«
detertninuion to make th* be« shoe» for the price that money
can buy.
A » k y o u r »Hoe d e a le r fo r W . I - D o u g la s » h o es. I f h e r » o -
t a tip o ly y o u w ith t h e k in d y o n w e n t, t a k e n o o th e r
ike. W r ite fo r I n t e r n t l » * b o o k le t e i p l n l n l n e h o w to
. h o e . o f th«
th » hl(hr$t
h ig h e s t s
r«t 1 whoAwof
I ta n d a r d o f q u a l i t y f o r th o p r ic e .
hj return mall. | hi *U|« from.
LOOK FOR W. L Douglas
aame and tha retail price
stamped on fha bottom.
1 Boy.' Shoo.
Beat 1» Ika World
P r e s id e n t O
7 /
*3.00 *2 50 *
W . I.. O o ll f t l a « » h o e < 0 ., H r o e k t i .il . M » » »
W IN C H E S T m
□miimiiiiiDiimiiiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiiiimiiiiqiiiiinHiiii!) iiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiia
H unting
R ifles
W h e n y o u 'l o o k o v e r
the sights o f y o u r rifle
and see an a n im a l
like this silhouetted
a g a in s t th e b a c k -
g rou n d , y o u like to
feel certain that y o u r
e q u ip m e n t is equ a l
to the o c c a s io n . T h e
m a jo r ity o f s u c c e s s -
ful hun ters u se W i n -
Chester Riñes, which shows
They are made in various
how they are esteemed. =
styles and calibers and =3
SB no -.5 5
" Ja i * f • s 3 s W “ M
îS S i;*
fitidüE ,
To Cleanse
Rusty Nail
A l way» Got
It to th «
llu iû
„ ¿ « fr *
« — -
1 «*—
Ignorance I* Bliss.
Said a person to a small boy who
had told a big lie:
"Little boy, do you know where you
will go if you tell lies?”
"Yes.” replied the urchin, "father’s
“ No. no, little boy.
worse than that.”
“ Worse than that? You don’t know
how hard he hits."—London Saturday
H A N F O R D 'S
of Myrrh
A L I N I M N NT _______
For G all*, W ire
Cuts, Lameness»
Strains, B u n c h e s »
Thrush, O ld Sores,
N ail W ounds, Foot R< .
Fistula, Bleeding, Etc., Etc.
M a d e S in c e 1 8 4 6 .
Erie* 25c, 50c and $1.00
O B W R IT ®
Yeast and Bread.
6. C. Hanford Mfg. C s.
S Y R A C U S E . M. Y.
Little Tommy (to stout old lady,
who was hauling herself into the tram
with difficulty)— If they’d given yer
more yeast, missis, when yer was
young, you’d been able to rise better.
Stout old lady— An' if they’d given
you more yeast, my boy, you'd been
when you can easily find quick relief
better bred!— Pearson's Weekly.
from this cruel disease in any stage.
Anti-Uric, made from Roots and Ber­
Yoe C»» Get Allen'* .‘ oot-Faae Httf.
Write A lie n s. Olmsted, 1^ Roy, N. Y .,fo r * ries, gradually soothes away the poi­
tree sample of Alten'» Foot-Ease. I t cure» son from the system, no matter how
tweatine. hot swollen, aching feet. It makes severe or long standing the case may
new or tight shoes easy. A certain cure for
corns, ingrowing nails and bunions. A ll drug­ be. Send $1.50 today for a treatment
gists »e!l It. 25c. Don't accent any subatltute. prepaid to your
guaranteed or money refunded, or sent
Accidents of Etiquette.
C. O. D. by Parcel Post Write for
"Circumstances that in themselves circulars and letters from those bene-
Simnly send
seem trivial,’' remarked the philoso­ fitted. Don’ t put it off.
pher, "may mold the destinies of all today. Address ANTI-URIC CO., 102
Sherwood Building, San Francisco.
"Yes.” replied the precise person;
“ I shudder to think of what we might
be enduring if some British king had
by CUTTER'S 11*0X118 PIUS
inadvertently set the fashion of eating
L o w -p r ic e d ,
tresh. —
with his knife.”—Washington Star.
p r e fe r r e d by '
All Dealers
A Question.
"I don't see why Mrs. Flubdub in-
vfted me to her party. We're not
“ Maybe she wants you.”
"Maybe she does. But what for?”
— Kansas City Journal.
men, because they!
protect where o th f
(nee fail.
10-dose pkg. Blscklsg Pills, $1 00
50-4sse pk*. Blscklsg Pills. $4.00
Write lor booklet and testimonials.
Use * » r ifiiector. but Cutter’ t «tm p 'M t and stronytst.
T h * superiority o l Cutter products is due to ores IS
y ea r, o la p e c ia lia i» » 1» V M X I R O M O M H U O T
ON I T . IN S IS T O N C U T T O a ’ S. I I usobtaiuabte.
” »« Cuttsr Isberatery. »«rtutty. Csllfsrsl«
Heard at a Reception.
"Mrs. Blanks belongs to the cream
No Bids for Creamery Butter.
"W hy is your son swearing over hi*
Portland—There was not a s ingle of society, does she not?”
"Y es; but they say she is lacking
“ I guess It Is because,he failed in
bid for creamery butter or cheese at In the milk of human kindness.”—
his profane history.”— Baltimore A m ­
the sessionTof the produce exchi inge Boston Transcript.
Tuesday. Creamery extras were ol Ter-
ed at 30 cents, prime firsts at 29 « >nts
and firsts at'27« cents. A lot o f dt viry
butter was sold at 2 2 « cents.
Eggs were sold at 27 cents e tse
Hens were offered at 16 eet its
with 13 cents bid, and springs wt re
offered at 17 cents, with 16« cents b id.
There was a firm market on th e
street for country dressed meats, p « -k
and veal selling at 12«@13 cents.
For light,
w holesom e cakes,
biscuits and pastry, use
Cheap Peaches Are Not Expectecf.
Portland—The peach market hold!
firm, and, in the opinion o f Frcnt-
continue so
throughout the season, as there is not
likely to be any over-supply. The b ««t
yellow peaches are held at 66 and 75
cents a box. The market is about 20
cents over the level customary at t his
time of the year. Cantaloupes were- in
large supply and weak. Prices had. a
wide range o f $1 to $1.60 a crate, ac­
cording to quality.
Buyers gave the
preferance to California cantaloupe« at
the higher prices over Top pen ish stock.
Always safe and reliable. I f it
isn’t all we claim your grocer
will refund y ou r m oney.
JA Q U ES M F G . C O , C H IC A G O