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    Saturday, Mnpton Iwr 2, 1010 ,
3 ,5 5 8 3 -4 Miles
Is the distance the balance
wheel of your watch travels year­
ly. Don’t you believe it needs
The best show at the Gem tonight
examination and oiling at least
Miss Mildred Grant is visiting in
once in that time? Then bring
it to us.
Ford is visiting in Eugene
PERSEY, T h e Jew eler, this Mrs.
Falls City, Oregon.
Mrs. A. E. Seymour was in Dal­
las Monday.
Walter L. Tooje, Jr., Lawyer,
® P » ch U f i*
Dallas, Oregon.
DR. W. L. H ollow ay
A. E. Meyers of Oretown came
A Portland subscriber to The
Sunday to visit relatives.
W ill be »1 Falls City H otel
o fut 11« Invasions o f Mexico ami
G. W. Brentner and family mo­ News writes to know the exact »lx m<i>nrat<* and d istin ct policies on
A fternoons of hack Week.
location of the city rock quarry, the question of p erm ittin g arm s and
tored to Silverton Sunday.
having had an argument in regard iim tuunltlon to bo s e n t Into th a t coun­
Born Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. to it, one party daiminig it was try a re Included In th e perform ance
th e W tlaon ad m in istratio n In Ita
N. Christy, a 7-pound gir1.
half mile from Falls City on the of
dealings w ith o u r so u th ern neighbors
Mis. Pat Murphy of Salem visit­ Black Rock road and the other In less th a n th re e years. It Is th is
ed in Falls City Wednesday.
that it was towards Dallas. Both c h a ra c te ristic In stab ility of the gov­
ernm ent th a t m akes people w an t s
Claud Ellison was transacting are wrong. The quarry is located change.
business in Salem Wednesday.
on the north side of the Luckia-
Miss Sylvia Phillips has gone to mute a short distance above the llry a n re ite ra te s th a t he Is out foi
W ilson. " H a rk from th e tom b a dole
falls, inside the city limits.
her school in eastern Oregon.
fut aound.’*—P hiladelphia Inquirer.
For Sale—Bartlet pears. Inquire
T he stopping of (Jovernor H ughes'
Mrs. Z. Batourney. Phone 276.
For every purpose; all sizes
auto by a C anadian soldier w ill not
Mrs. Novell of Salem visited
m atter. Inasm uch a s th e hand w agon's
and shapes; in all finishes
Rev. Warren and family this day party for her niece, Deborah progress Is n o t to be Interrupted.
solid backs; bristles that
Skirvin, on Wednesday the 23, it
won’t come out—and all at
D em ocrats w ho h arbored hope* th a t
being her 12th year.
0. J. Lucas of near Junction
the fairest price.
Josephus w ould catch th e rim e from
Games of different kinds were the B ryan a n d G arrison resignations
City is visiting his daughter, Mrs.
a re still n u rsin g th e ir disappointm ent.
A. H. Dodd.
Those present: Deborah and N othing rem ain s fo r them but to re ­
Miss Vern Wells who has been Margaret Skirvin, Gladys, Jessie, sign to a realization th a t Josephus will
in Salem for some time returned Richard and Byron Paul, Mable not resign.
home Monday.
and Marie Lee. Guylia Lewis, "In a d e q u a te " ap tly ch aracterizes th e
Mrs. Charlie Mann of Albany is Irene, Katie and Mildred Bow­ W ilson ad m in istratio n , b u t alm ost any
visiting her mother, Mrs. George man, Lota Bradley. Electa Arthur, synonym o f u n sa tisfacto ry will do.
Reese this week.
Nettie and Pearl Murray, Joe W hen C harles E. ITughes said: "T h e
T. W. Harris and family went Dennis of Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. dealings of th e a d m in istratio n w ith
Mexico co n stitu te a confused ch a p te r
to Newport last Sunday returning W. S. Dennis, L. B. Murray. Mrs. of
b lu n d ers,” he gav e an explicit ch a r­
during the night.
Mary Dennis, Mrs. Ella DeWitt, a c te rizatio n of th e W ilson a d m in istra ­
tio n 's policy in one sentence.
Silas Monteney of Castle Rock, Mrs. I. V. Lewis.
Wash., is visiting his uncle, Mr.
J u s t as it Is now o b stin ately s h u t­
which the guests departed wish­ ting
Henry Otte this week.
its eyes to th e need of In d u strial
Business Is Fair
For sale cheap, two good young ing Deborah many more happy p reparedness, fo r th re e y ears the W il­
son a d m in istra tio n refu sed to see the
cows, one giving good flow of milk birthdays.
need o f a d e q u a te m ilitary p re p a re d ­
now. J. 0. Mickalson.
ness. W ith w a r on o u r so u th ern bor­
But I want more. Mater­
der It wa9 co n ten t to rely on a reg u lar
Fresh Bread. Cakes,Cookies,Pies
arm y th a t could only m u ste r 40,000
ials have raised. I am will­
and other bakery goods, every day
Elder John Roberts Williams, the av ailab le m en a n d refu sed to continue
ing to
at the Falls City Bakery.
street preacher exhorted a hot th e e stab lish ed policy of building up
our navy. W hen th e tim e cam e fo r ac­
Split My Profits
N. Selig and wife and daughters red-pepper sermon to his audience tion th e co u n try had not sufficient
Helen and Geraldine went to Bell- on Main street Monday night. He troops to police th e border, and th is
on a cash basis Thanking
began his sermon with bereating force h as l>eeii supplem ented by a trifle
knapp Springs last Saturday.
you all for your past patron­
m ore th a n one-third th e w a r stre n g th
W. L. Frink and wife and son the churches and the preachers to of th e n atio n al guard. I f the n ational
Eldon, and Treval Powers went to the usual standard of curbstone a d m in istra tio n had h ad th o ab ility to
“ roasting.” Then he began har­ In te rp re t th e signs o f th e tim e m ilitary
Tillamook Wednesday morning.
prep ared n ess w ould hav e been w ell u n ­
A. 6. ATWOOD, Dentist
Miss Lavesta McCulloch who pooning those in the audience and der w ay In stead of barely begun.
Across from Selig’s store.
has been visiting in Roseburg for the town people in the good old
E. H ughes, the R epublican
two weeks returned home Sunday. fashioned way, with hints of the can C d harles
ate, recognizes a n Im p o rtan t
awful fire that they would scorch fa c t id
th a t W oodrow W ilson, th e Demo­
Alex Stevens and wife were in, when they received their re­
c ra tic p resid en t, a p p ears to hav e over­
down from Portland the first of ward. This being his last sermon looked—th a t th e U nited S ta te s Is big
the week visiting friends and re­ he put more ginger into it than he enough to hplp M exico o u t of th e con­
dition o f an a rc h y In w hich th a t coun­
did the previous nights. Among try Is plunged and, by secu rin g order
A card received by Frank Hub­ some of the things that he said, In Mexico, Insure peace on o u r border.
bard from Bert Webb in Califor­ was that there were only two
nia states that he will be at home Christians in the town. It was his T he in su p erab le h an d icap of th e
D em ocratic p a rty In th is cam paign Is
Sept. 2d.
boast in his sermon the night Its record.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Courter of before that he had been thrown at
Portland who have been visiting and the missiles never hit him, If th e D em ocratic n a tio n al ad m in is­
relatives in town returned home that he had been shot at and the tra tio n had le ft on th e s ta tu te hooks In
1S!>4 the fed eral co rru p t p ractices a c t
bullets never struck him because, placed th e re by th e R epublicans th ere
Mrs. Kidby of Lebanon return­ the spirit of God protected him. w ould be no occasion fo r th e p resen t
a d m in is tra tio n 's cam p aig n publicity
ed to her home Wednesday after When his sermon had reached its m easure, w hich a t b e st Is a very poor
Headquarters for Candy and Cigar a visit with Mrs. M. L. Thompson rankest height there came a s u b s titu te fo r th e law repealed.
shower of missies of light weight
which struck him, or came very P re s id e n t W ilson’s cam paign m an ­
Wm. Hinshaw came in from close
to him and he retreated from ag ers a re e n title d to all th e com fort
Baker Thursday, where has been his curbstone pulpit into the hotel they can g et o u t of callin g th e roll of
working the oast five months. building. Tuesday morning he P ro g ressiv es w ho a re going to v ote for
him. I t w ould be an endless ta sk to
put his bible under his arm and call
Plenty of work but men scarce.
th e roll o f P ro g ressiv es w ho a re
not going to vote fo r him .
Judge John Teal who has been
quite ill at his home is improving.
F or every reason th a t can be a d ­
He is feeling rather light footed
Orr passed through her“ vanced w hy P ro g ressiv es should vote
and says that he will run a foot
r W ilson ten can be adv an ced w hy
j Thursday evening with a man fo
should vote fo r H ughes, an d the
race soon.
named Johnson whom he had ar­ b they
e a u ty o f It Is th a t th ey know th e re a ­
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Russell, form­ rested in the south west part of sons w ith o u t h av in g to be told.
erly of this city, but now of near the County on charge of threaten­
Benge, Wash., are the proud ing ' to kill the entire England T h e W ilson a d m in istra tio n w e n t Into
family. It is said that Johnson
parents of an 8-pound boy born swooped down up >n the England M exico to punish Villa fo r his o u t­
rag e on A m erican soil. T h e only p u n ­
Candies, Tobaccos and¡_Cigars,'at
Thursday morning.
domicile, armed with a rifle, kick­ ish m en t Inflicted h a s been on A m erican
The many friends of C. W. Lee, ed in the door, broke out the win­ soldiers, w ho w ere sh o t dow n a t C ar­
editor of the News, but dows and otherwise disported rizal by o rd e r o f F ir s t C hief C arranza.
S tate of Ohio, city of Toledo, l „
himself in a hair-raising manner
Lucas County,
) '
now of the Sunnyside Gazette, much to the distress of the Eng­ “F ra n k lin R oosevelt, a s s is ta n t secre­
Frank J. Cheney m akes oath th a t he fa
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney Portland, will be glad to learn land’s, big and little. A warrant ta r y of th e n avy, sees a stro n g tren d
A Co., doing business In the City of To­
ledo. County and State aforesaid, and that he is reco*ering from a sev­ was procured from Justice F. K. fo r Wilson In M aine.’’—N ew s D ispatch.
th a t said firm will pay the sum of ONE
Hubbard of this city and his reign W ho can blam e a m an w ho fo r th re e
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev­ ere illness.
y ears h as been a s s is ta n t to Jo sep h u s
ery raae of C atarrh th a t cannot be cured
of terror cut short.
by the use of HALL’S CATARRH CURE.
D aniels fo r "seeing th in g s? ”
L. L. Brooks was here this week
8worn to before me and subacrlbed In from McCormick, Wash., looking
my presence, th is 6th day of December,
E ven W oodrow W ilson could not
A . D 1886.
after his property here. He is The dead body of John Loe was sav e th e Infam ous C larke a m en d m en t
N otary Public.
to th e P hilippines bill. H e lost th e
Hall’s C atarrh Cure Is taken Internally well pleased with his new home found last Sunday in an oat field
and acts directly upon th e blood and mu­ and if he can dispose of his prop­ on his farm near Rickreall. Knife ab lp st m em ber of his cab in et, Secre­
cous surfaces of the system . Send for
wounds about his neck indicated ta ry G arrison, because o f his advocacy
testimonials, free.
erty here will invest there.
th e policy o f scuttle, h u t even the
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
that it was a case of suicide. loe of
sacrifice of G arriso n could n o t sa v e It.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
had been missing since Monday
Take H all’s Family F ills for constipation.
Thursday by the S. P. officials to and searching parties had failed
receive no more shipments of in­ to find him. His brother accident-' W IL SO N ’S PO LIC IES BLOWN UP.
Oliver Baker was injured Thurs­ flamables or explosive freight. ally came across a trail leading C harles E v a n s n u g h e s did hav e ex ­
w ith him w hen his m otorcar
day at Black Rock while falling This is on account of the impend­ into an oat field and following it plosives
w as search ed by a C anadian soldier,
timber for Scott Bros. His leg ing strike. Explosives left over discovered the body. The two b u t th e y w ere u n d e r th e c a n d id a te’s
forty-eight hours are sent back to brothers were unmarried and h at. Mr. H u g h es w ill se t them off on
and foot were badly mashed but the shipper and if the road is tied lived
alone on their farm. Ill h!« w estern to u r, an d som e of Mr. W il­
no bones were broken, the ankle up by a strike it is a dangerous health is supposed to be the cause son’s
policies w ill be blow n up—New
baggage to have on hand.
bones were displaced.
York Sun.
of the act.
Sept. 10,1916
Frank Heydon, who lives in the
Sik'tz had the misfortune to lose a
valuable horse this week. The
horse had been turned into a field
to graze where there was an old
well. The well was covered with
Ixiards but the horse got over the
well and stomping flies broke
through and fell backwards into
the well. Mr. Heydon attempted
to dig the nurse out, hut it diet!
before he could do so.
' Í Í S ’P
; : f; ä íx-:
It is getting the time of year you will need
to irrigate your lawns and gardens. To do
this you will need a good hose. We have
them and will sell them at reasonable prices
J. C. T A L B O T T
; .■■jaer— im
K. K. W i l l ia m s , M. L. T h o m p s o n , W. F. N i c h o l s , R. (I, W h i t e ,
Cashier Assistant Cashier
Bank of Falls City
F a l l s C i t y , P o l k C o u n t y , O hkoon
Does a General Ranking Business. Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on ail points in the United States.
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
................ ............
The “ straw votes’’ taken at | jority who are taxeaters and non-
the various religious gatherings producers.
over the country is calculated to
In Portland a large building fill­
cause the ungodly to suspect
with offices is taken to hold the
that more energy is being devot­
ed to the winning of votes for forestry officials alone, and every
favorite candidates by some of town has a bunch of officials.
the clergv than the winning of
There are many hundreds of
souls for Christ.
these forestry officials, and in the
countries of Europe they would lie
“ A fatal weakness in the pros­ in the furests as common laborers.
perity arguments now being made | Here nearly all engaged in the
by the Democrats is that the sta­ conservation and reclamation de­
tistics show unquestionably that partments are soft-handed college
the increased sale of goods to graduates, educated at public ex­
foreign markets is due entirely to ! pense.
Most of this class are paid far
the war. Here, for instance, is a
than they could possibly earn
Democratic editor who says that
occupation they could poss­
under the free wool schedule of
at in private life.
the Underwood law, the exports
of woolen goods rase from $4,000,-
000 to $64.000,000. There isn't a
Oakdale Items.
school boy in the United States
out will know that such an in­
crease could not have been brought Threshing will soon lie over in
about by any other cause than the this neighborhood and some of the
European war. which called men grain is turning out well.
from the woolen mills of Europe S. S. has been changed from 2
and created an enormous demand P. M. to 10 A. M. and preaching
for clothes, blankets, etc., for the
soldiers on the battlefields. Ore­ every two weeks.
gon City Enterprise.
Grandma Graham who has been
seriously ill for some time is im­
proving. Her daughter from Iowa
TIONS EXPANDING has been visiting her this summer.
Mrs. McDonald’s father and
larg er part of the mail of news­ mother were visiting her last week
paper offices and of some business and will soon take a trip to Idaho
men now consists of franked mail to visit other relatives.
from government officials.
Ora Carey and family are
Most of this mail, in fact nearly
spending their vacation at the
ill, consists of publicity matter
coast like all farmers should.
for this department or that Ixiard
Emerson Murphy is working on
or commission of official.
road near Perrydale this
On top of this come many of the
state departments, boards, com­
Roy Graham has purchased a
missions and institutions with de-
Ford car.
nands for publicity or boosting.
With the rapid extension of gov­ Lester Barnhart, wife and
ernment functions and the rapid mother spent several days last
growth of officialism, the bulk of week visiting Walter Barnhart,
family and friends.
the business will soon be official.
Then a minority of the people,
Mr. Ollson was hurt a few days
who are still producers and tax­ ago by a horse pushing him off a
payers will be supporting the ma- bridge.
“ If G a a t f i M i ( m ? a ( b l ] I q
b q q q
Close attention to
work is the cause
of much Pain and
many Headaches.
Obtain relief by
taking one or two
”1 suffered untold agony
w ith neuralgia. I thought I
would go mad with pain. A
friend of mine advlaed me
to take Dr. Idlea' Anti Pain
Pine. I did eo and tha pain
•topped almost a t once.
Than I commenced using
Dr. HUeo* Nervine and be­
fore long I was ao that I did
not hava these pains any
561 B. P la its Aye.,
Colorado Springs, Goto.
Then tone up the Nervous
System by using
D r. Miles*
R estorative N ervine
BE R E F U N D E D .