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    Œltr ]Fallö (£itir N wib WORLD’S DOINGS
II » «
Act « ( CVnyrraa of March S. 1ST«.
News Offic«. 8J.
Subacriptioo KaUa: On.yoor, 1100; a il moath«,
10 canta; thraa month«. 16 canto; nin«W copr. 6 cto.
Adrarttalnt H a t «: Duplay. 16 cantanu Inch!
Butin eaa Notices. 1 cant« A lin o ; For Sola. Rent.
Exchange. Want and Pay Kntartainmant So-
tlcoa 6 eta. a li ne. Card o< Thanka 60 CM; Logo
Notice», legal rotes.
Copy for new ada. amlctaangeashould be sent
to The New« not later than Wednesday
I s s u e d E v e r y S a t u r d a y M o r n in g
Brief Resume of General News
From Ail Around the Earth.
Live News Items of All Nations and
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
H. J. Grimn, Mayor.
R. M. Wonderly. Councilman-at-Large
Q. W. Brentner.
tieonse C. March,
C. J. Bradley.
I. G. Singleton,
C. L Hopkins.
N. Selig.
C. K. McFherren. Auditor and Polic* J « # f«
Walter L. Tooie Jr., City Attorney.
Pat Murphy. Marshal and W ater Supt.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health Officer.
TheCouncii meets in regular session on the first
Monday night of each month, at 7 » o’clock, in
the office of the Falls City News.
Office one door east of P. O.
Office and r>i
« <}/;*}
RekMence I 0 0 0 6 «500
A cherry tree at W hite Salmon,
Wash., yields 1071 pounds o f fruit.
The sudden onrush o f Russians on
the East front amazes the Germans.
The French take H ill 97, which dom­
inates the Somme, a point o f vantage.
The winter wheat crop o f for the
Northwest is estimated at 23.000,000
bushels less than in 1915.
The funeral o f Lieutenant Adair,
killed in the Carrizal battle in Mexico,
was held in Portland Wednesday with
military honors.
Major U. G. McAlexander, of O. A.
C., has been promoted by Preaident
Wilson to the rank o f lieutenant-
colonel o f the Oregon troop« on the
professional CarOs
Falls City,
Ißusincss Carte
S a m p l e R o om s
Bast A c c o m m o d a tio n s
F . O r o e g e , P r o p r ie t o r
Bohle’s B arber Shops
Fa lls C i t y , O re g o n
Whtrt y»u can get a Shave, Hair Cat, Bath
or ‘Shins'
Agent for Dallas Sttam Laundry
Bundles forwarded Tuesday evening
G . L. H A W K I N S
D a lla s , O re gon
The Union Pacific decides to cut the
This photograph shows Associate Justice Louis D. Brandcis (or the first time in his
lumber freigh t to Eastern points 5
cents, making the tariff 45 cents per robes of office.
hundred pounds, instead o f 50 cents.
The change is due September 1.
One o f Captain K oenig’s first acta
after he moved his ship up the harbor
General Smuts, in command o f the
from quarantine early Monday was to
British forces in German East Africa,
announce that the Deutschland was
has occupied Tanga, according to a
only one o f a fleet o f mammoth aub-
statement issued by the war office.
mersibles built or building for a regu­
The Germans offered only slight resist­
Batlimore— The daring German sea­ lar trans-Atlantic freight and mail
men who brought the submarine mer­ service. He said the next to come
No trace o f J. F. Gillies, the em­ chantman Deutschland across the A t­ would be the Bremen, and that she
bezzler o f Washington state funds,
lantic slept quietly aboard their vessel might be looked for at aome port along
who escaped from the Thurston county
the coast within eight weeks.
jail Sunday, has been found. He is which lay moored to a carefully screen­
The German catpain submitted his
thought to be eluding the law in fem i­ ed pier guarded by a strong squad of
craft to a thorough inspection by the
nine apparel.
Baltimore police. Captain Paul Koe­ surveyor o f the port and an agent of
Captain Koenig, of the submarine nig, the skipper, had delivered bis pa­ the department o f Justice.
which successfully ran the British pers to the North German Lloyd office, officers agreed that there was on sign
blockade and landed in Baltimore Sun­ entered his vessel at the custom-house of armament o f any description on
day, declares many more such craft are as a commerce carrier, and had pre­ board, and that there waa no doubt in
being built and w ill be put into the sented to a German embassy official a their minds about the boat's being en­
packet o f correspondence for
von titled to the status o f an ordinary mer­
service o f carrying commerce.
An Amsterdam dispatch says that
Now the submarine is ready to dis­
The captain asserted that hia voyage
Dr. Frederick W. K. von Ilberg died
charge her million-dollar cargo of dye­ had established the fact that a subma­
in Berlin Sunday. Dr. von Ilberg had
stuffs and take on board for the return rine o f the type o f the Deutschland
the special case of the throat affection
trip to Germany metal and rubber could travel anywhere that the ordi­
from which the German emperor has
needed by the emperor’a armies and nary vessel could go, 13000 miles, if
suffered for many years and was one
necessary. He had no fears, he said,
o f the emperor’s most intimate friends.
The return merchandise is waiting o f his ability to elude enemies that
The Dagens Nyheder, at Copenha­ on the dock, and the time for leaving might be waiting for him off the V ir­
gen, announces that a sea battle is port will depend largely on plans for ■ ginia Capes when he starts his return
believed to have occurred in the Baltic eluding vigilant enemy cruisers expect­ trip.
outside o f H sefringe on Sunday night. ed to be waiting outside the entrance
“ I w ill be able to submerge within
Violent cannonading was heard from of Chesapeake Bay for the reappear­ the three-mile limit, and they cannot
several points on the coast and it is ance o f the vessel.
catch me a fter that,” he said.
presumed that the German and Russian
patrolling squadrons clashed.
According to the London morning
papers it probably w ill be well into the
year 1917 before the new Irish parlia­
ment is set up. L ittle can be done
other than the introduction of the bill
before Parliament rises early in Au­
gust for a recess o f some six to eight
weeks, so that the passage o f the bill
is not likely before late in October.
German casualties from the begin­
ning o f the war to the end of June, as
computed from official German lists,
are given as 3,012,637. These figures
include all German nationalities. They
do not include naval casualties or cas­
ualties of colonial troops. They are
not an estimate made by the British
authorities, but merely casualties an­
nounced in German official lists.
Russsian army in Turkey retires 80
miles in Bagdad region to await cooler
The new Swiss war loan o f 100,000,-
000 francs at 4 per cent, issued at 97,
has been oversubscribed by 51,000,000
Notice to News
A mark here indicates that
your subscription is delinquent.
Please call and fix it.
Admiral Jeilicoe, o f the British
navy, reporting on the North Sea
naval battle, estimates the Germans
lost 21 ships.
A new project for saving life at the
time o f naval engagements is reported
from Copenhagen. It is ssid several
prominent Danes intend to organize a
fleet of several hundred motor boats
along the west coast o f Jutland. These
boats, flying the Red Cross flag, will
be sent out to pick up the wounded
after each sea battle.
f ------------- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - \
Passenger Train Schedule
Effective Oct. 4,1914
Salem . . .
D a lla s . . .
F a llsC ity .
B l’kRock.
am . am.
7;00 9.45
8.15 11.02
8.50 11.35
B l’k R ock
9.30 1.25
Falls City.
D a lla s . . . 10.10 2.00
Salem . . . 11.01 3.15
A. C. P ower «, A oent
Newest Photo o f Republican Chairman
HOUSE, INCREASING INCOME TAX f — — . . . . . . . ■ ■»
Washintgon, D. C.— The administra­
tion omnibus revenue bill, creating a
tariff commission, imposing a protec­
tive tariff on dyestuffs, repealing pres­
ent stamp taxes and providing for new
taxes on incomes, inheritances and war
munitions profits, passed the house
late Monday by a vote o f 240 to 140.
During the closing hours o f debate
several amendments,
providing for
elimination o f the bankers’ tax and
modifying the tariff commission sec­
tion, were adopted over the opposition
o f Democratic leaders.
The amendments cut the salaries of
members o f the tariff commission from
$10,000 to (7500 annually; struck out
the provision under which no member
or former member o f congress could
serve on the commission, and provided
a single appropriation o f (300,000 to
pay expenses o f the commission the
first year, instead o f the b ill’s stipula­
tion o f a continuing annual appropria­
tion o f that amount. The entire sec­
tion levying a tax o f (1 for each (1000
of capital,
surplus and undivided
profits held by bankers was stricken
Many amendments proposed by the
ways and means committee b I bo w e re
adopted, including one under w h ich
cigarette manufacturers must pay a
special tax of 3 cents for every 10,000
W U //1 M
ThiB is the latest photograph o f W il­
liam R. Wilcox, new chairman o f the
Republican National committee, who
w ill manage the campaign for the
election o f Charles E. Hughes.
Washington, D. C.- -The Oregon &
California Railway company Wednes­
day served notice on the legislative
and executive branches of the govern­
ment that it intends to go into court
and question the constitutionality ot
the land-grant law recently passed by
Incidentally, the railroad company
asserst that the law, proposing to re­
vest title to grant lands in the govern­
ment, is unconstitutional.
I f the government under that law
undertakes to pay back taxes to the
Oregon counties the railroad serves
notice that it must do ao at its own
risk and subject to future court decis­
How the railroad company is going
to proceed in the courts to teat the
constitutionality o f the law is not
known by the railroad attorneys here.
They merely had instructions to serve
the company’s notice on the President,
on congress. Secretaries Lane and
Houston, the attorney general and
Treasurer Burk.
Germ an U -lin er To Be Classed
As Peaceful Merchant Ship
Munitions of War for Twelve Months
Predominating Factor - Steel
and Iron Take Big Jump.
Washington, D. C.— The country’s
foreign trade during the fiscal year
ending with last month reached a total
of (0.626,000,000, exceeding by many
milliuna all previous records, according
ligurea announced
Thursday by the Commerce depart­
ment. Exports were valued at (4 ,-
346,000,000 and importa at $2,180,-
000 , 000 .
The figures are based on complete
returns for the first 11 months o f the
year and estimates for June.
The war munitions trade waa the
predominating factor in eslabiahing
the new ex|H>rta record.
Iron and
steel ex|>urU jumped from (226,000,000
In the previous flsrall year to (618,-
000,000, and explosives from $41,000,-
000 to (473,000.000.
In 1914 the ex­
plosives exporta amounted to only $6,-
Raw cotton exported during the fis­
cal year was valued at (370,000,000,
compared to (376,000,000 the year
previous; wheat and flour, (314,000,-
000, compared to (428,000,000; meats,
(270.1KI0.000. compared to (206,000,-
000; copper manufactures, (170,000,-
000 compared to (109,000,000; miner­
al oils, (166,000,000,
compared to
braae and manufac­
tures, (126,000,000, compared to (21,-
000,000; automobiles and parts, (123,-
000,000, compared to
chemicals, (123,000,000, compared to
cotton manufactures,
$112,000,000, compared to $72,000.-
Principal imports w ere;
(206,000,00(1, compared to (174,000,-
000 in the fiscal year 1916; rubber and
ita substitutes, (169,000,000, compared
to (87,000,000; hides and skins, (167,-
000,000, compared to (104,000,000;
raw wool, (146,000,000, compared to
(68,000,000; raw ailk, $122,000,000,
compared to
$117,000,000, compared to (107,000,-
000, and chemicals and drugs, (108,-
000,000 compared to (84,000,000.
Infantile Paralysis Germ May Be
Isolated, Méditai Men Declare
Impeachment Proceedings Tabled.
Washington, D. C.— President W il­
son Thursday agreed to accept the res­
ignation of Major General Goethala as
governor of the Panama canal at an
early date, to be fixed by the general.
General Goethals called at the W hite
House and again urged his desire to
resign the governorship and retire
from the active list o f the army, now
that his work o f building the canal had
been finished.
Colonel Chester Hard­
ing, now engineer o f maintenance in
the canal zone, probably w ill lie ap­
pointed governor.
Cost o f Living Recedes.
Washington, I). C— The coet o f liv ­
ing, after rising steadily since 1907,
except in 1911, took a downward trend
during 1915.
A report by the bureau
o f Labor, issued Thursday, analyzing
retail prices o f 29 articles o f food,
shows that relative retail prices during
1916 averaged one point lower than in
1914. Meats, lard and eggs averaged
from 1 to 9 per cent lower, while po­
tatoes were 22 per cent lower. Wheat,
flour, corn meal and granulated sugar
were higher than in 1914, flour being
20 per cent and sugar 11 per cent.
Germans Hold Canadians.
Ottawa, Ont.— Canadian prisoners
In Germany were sentenced to a year
in jail by the Germans for refusing to
make war munitions, according to a
letter received here from Corporal
Daniel A. Simmons, form erly a prison­
er in Germany and now transferred to
the internment camp in Switzerland.
Corporal Harry Hogarth is one o f
those who refused to make munition«
o f war.
Banks' Opinions Differ.
Theodore Tobiaaon, owner o f a mil­
New York— A wide divergence of
linery store in Spokane, was shot and
opinion among the banks o f the coun­
killed in his store by Alphonse Pan-
try as to Whether the Federal reserve
siera. Pansier«, according to the po­
act has been successful a fter a year’s
lice, said Tobiaaon owed him (6000.
operation is shown in a report issued
It is understood that the report that Tuesday by a N ew York trust com­
Sir Edward Grey, the English foreign pany, which has completed a nation­
secretary, it to be raised to the peer­ wide survey o f the attitude o f banks
age, is correct, and that in fact he al­ toward the act. More than 6000 re­
ready has accepted such an offer. A plies were received to the queries sent
baronetcy o f the United Kingdom out, 1760 o f them being favorable, 1773
unfavorable, and 1811 noncommittal.
probably w ill be conferred upon him.
King o f Annam Deposed,
Paris — Duy-Tan, the 16-year-old
king o f the French protectorate o f An­
nam, on the China sea, has been de­
throned as a result of a revolt o f An-
namites at Quang-Ngai, which he has
been accused o f having fomented. The
governor general o f French Indo-China
reports that the outbreak was sup­
pressed quickly and the king arrested
near Hue. He is succeeded by Prince
Bun-Dao, who has just been crowned
king in his stead.
T w o Colonels Dropped.
Camp Whitman, Green Haven, N. Y.
— Colonel Louis D. Conley and Lieu­
tenant Colonel John D. Phelan, o f the
69th New York regiment, were order­
ed mustered out o f the Federal service
Wednesday just as the regiment was
entraining here'for Texas. The order
came from Major General Leonard
Wood. The cause was given as “ phys­
ical disability.” The news caused con­
sternation in camp. A report was prev­
alent that the regiment would mutiny.
Vienna admits defeat o f the Aus­
trians, when they were driven back
nearly five miles from their positions.
Washington, D. C.— Impeachment
proceedings against H. Snowden Mar­
shall, United States attorney at New
York, were tabled Wednesday by the
house judiciary committee, which by a
divided vote ad poled a resolution rec­
ommending to tho house that no fur­
ther proceedings be taken against him.
The action of the committee in such
cases usually is sustfaned by the house,
and the vote, therefore is expected to
close the whole proceeding, which or­
iginated with Representative Buchan­
an, o f Illinois, who was indicted in
connection with an investigation of
Labor's Peace Council at New York at
the instance o f Mr. Marshall.
Washington, D. C.— Final decision
by the State department that the Ger­
man submarine
Deutschland is a
merchant ship entitled to all privileges
accorded under International law to a
belligerent-owned freigh ter waa fore­
cast Wednesday night on receipt o f
preliminary reports on an inspection of
the underwater liner at Baltimore by
naval officers and treasury officials.
Collector Ryan, o f Baltimore, tele­
graphed the Treasury department that
a thorough examination o f the boat by
himself and Captain C. F. Hughes, ap­
pointed by the Navy deparmtent to as­
sist, he adhered to hia previous opinion
that the vessel is an unarmed merchant­
man, incapable o f conversion for war­
like purposes,
"w ith ou t extensive
structural changes.”
Fishermen Lost in Gulf.
Mobile, A la .— The wreck of the fish­
ing smack Philip Keyes probably has
added eight to the death list o f the
Gulf hurricane. Two survivors o f the
crew were picked up at Dauphin Island.
Petitions carrying 75,000 names in
support o f initiative No. 24, which au­
thorizes the operation o f breweries and
sale of beer direct to consumers, were
filed with the secretary o f state of
Washington. It is estimated that 60,-
000 o f the petitioners w ill be found
qualified to sign, while the law needs
only 32,000 signatures to place on the
Export Trade Twice That o f Im ports
During Sam e Period.
New York— While Health Commis­
sioner Emerson declined Thursday to
diseusa the report that a New York
physician haa succeeded in isolating
the germ o f infantile paralysis, great
importance was attached by medical
men to the meeting of phyaiciana to be
held at once, which w ill be devoted to
a diacuusaion o f the disease which has
cost more than 260 lives in this city
since the epidemic began.
Among the speakers w ill lie Dr.
Simon Flexner, o f Rockefeller Found­
ation, who is devoting his energies to
a study of infantile paralyaia. It was
semi-offirially admitted that scientists
have progressed so far that they are
testing a culture in which they believe
they w ill find traces o f tho germ and
ultimately isolate it.
There was s feeling of optimism in
the health department, not only be­
cause there were few er cases reported,
but because all agencies combating the
epidemic are in complete co-operation.
Depositors Back Lorim er.
Chicago--W m . I-orimer, ex-United
States senator, Wednesday found him­
self with s full-fledged organization of
more than 4000 depositors o f the de­
funct La Salle-street Trust & Savings
Bank, who had lost their money in the
crash o f that institution, pledged to aid
him in his plana to reimburse them for
“ every dollar they had lost.”
At a
mass meeting the depositors, some o f
them women, whose entire savings had
gone in the bank failure, organized
themselves into a club to aid in the re­
habilitation o f his various enterprises.
while he ate his dinner neighboring
growers inveigled hiB employes away
by offering the bait o f higher pay.
The larger growers have suffered ir­
reparable loss, and their fruit is spoil
ing on the plants because o f the labor
That is the reason they are
resorting to outlawry to harvest their
000, 000.
Railroad Company Takes Land
Grant Issue Into Courts
Growers Steal Berry Pickers.
Tacoma, Wash. — Wholesale brigand­
age exists in the Puyallup valley.
Berry pickers worth their weight in
gold are the booty; respectable citi­
zens and fellow-members o f co-oper­
ative associations are the brigands.
The human spoil, with all its goods and
chattels, children and dogs, sport shirts
and scalloped skirts, is carried away in
automobiles to berry
patches, where the pickers are watched
like prisoners o f war.
H. Shepherd, o f Alderton, was one
of the heaviest sufferers Tuesday, for
M r . H om e S e e k e r -
C IT Y , O R E G O N
and Buy
O rc h a rd Land
The capture o f the whole
of the Germans’ llret system o f defense
on a front o f 14,000 yards (nearly
sight miles) after 10 days and nighta
o f continuous fighting, waa announced
WttdneiHtay in the official report from
Hritlah headquarters in France. The
number o f prieonere taken exceede
“ A fte r 10 daya and nighta o f contin­
uous fighting our troop« have complet­
ed methodical capture o f the whole of
the enemy's first system o f defense on
a front o f 14,000 yards," says the re­
port. “ The system o f defense consist­
ed o f numerous and continuous lines of
lire trenches, support trenches and re­
serve trenches, extending for various
depths from 2000 to 4000 yards.
included five strongly fortified villages,
mimeroua heavily wired and entrench­
ed woods and a large number o f im­
mensely strong redoubts.
“ The capture o f each o f these
trenches represented an operation of
some importance, and the whole of
them are now in our hands.
“ The German auccea in the recap­
ture o f Tronee W o o d , a fter costly cas­
ualties, waa o f short duration.
day we recaptured nearly the whole
o f this wood. All but the northern­
most end is again in our hands.
“ A|>art from the number o f guns
hidden in houses and buried in the de­
bris, etc., we have in the couree of
these operations brought in 26 field
gun«, one naval gun, one anti-aircraft
gun, and one heavy howitzer, while
the number o f German prisoners cap­
tured exceeds 7600."
lh f a «.t.ftlr a
a t ra lla City. IN>U CooaUr. O r a «««.
Tele phone
K n t.rm l • • »•.•ond <■».«•
New Supreme Court Member and Wife.
Goethals Allowed to Go.