Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, July 15, 1916, Image 1

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VOL. X ll
tions, however, relieves Germany
LIKE TO BE PRESIDENT? in the same measure and if the
The State Central Committee
met in Portland luat Saturday
and elected officers and transact­
ed other important business.
Judge Charles L. M cNary o f
Salem was chosen as state chair­
man and Edward I). Huldwin re­
elected secretary.
Polk County was represented
by W alter L. Tooze, Jr. o f Dal­
las, and J. C. Tallbott o f Falls
City and Mr. Johnson o f Airlie
were also in attendance.
The meeting was harmonious;
the Progressives joining in and
pledging their support to Hughes
and a re united Republican party.
J. C. Tallboott is County Chair­
man and is planning to do some
effective work.
The average “ sinner” strug­
gling along on a few hundred a
year has no idea o f the amount of
money that is squandered by the
President o f this glorious United
States. The following is a few of
the items that help him to worry
along in a manner befitting his
exalted station:
President's salary
Traveling exiienses
Contingent expenses, Exec­
utive Mansion
Refurnishing Executive Man
sion, purchase, maintenunci
of horses and vehicles
For improvement of Execu­
tive grounds
Care and maintenance of
Fuel for greenhouse and
Lighting greenhouse and
Repairs for greenhouse
Now that the Bull Moose and Private secretary for Presi­
dent, duties to look after
the Elephant are again working
the President's private
in a double team can they outpull
j explanation as one of the great-
eat o f international documents.
and the action which that govern-
Agent Powers is authority for ment has now taken must be a
the statement tnat Falls City will distinct shock to those who hope
soon be connected up with the | for advancement in civilization
outer world by telegraph. The toward that time when wars
telephone line will be re-wired shall be unknown.
The action has a meaning which
with copper wire and telgraph in­
struments installed at this place has not been announced. While
and also at Black Rock. This the Declaration o f London stood,
threat is to become effective very there were some things which
soon. The News as yet has not the entente allies dared not even
considered seriously the advisabil­ to subjugate their Teutonic en­
ity o f securing the service o f the emies. Something new in the
Associated Press and in all prob­ conduct o f the war may now be
abilities will continue to use the looked for.
What relieves England and
“ wireless” until the mill starts,
o f humanitarian obliga-
W ILL G t l
ItLtu K A rn
horrors o f submarine warfare are
greatly increased, the friends of
peace must realize that this ac­
tion has been taken for the sole
purpose o f the more quickly
crushing Germany and bringing
the war to a close. -Telegram .
The successful- voyage o f the
Germany to New York is a re­
markable achievement and what­
ever nation our sympathies may
be with, we must tip our hats to
German ingenuity and enterprise.
This opens a new phase in ocean
commerce and dethrones England
from her exalted position as ruler
o f the waves. It is claimed that
a submarine o f the type o f the
Deutschland can be provisioned
and carry fuel for a 7,000 mile
As an unarmed mer­
chantman seeking to avoid war-
vessels it may prove a formida­
ble instrument in the hands o f
the Germans in preventing the
starving out process attempted
by England O f course. England
will exhaust every means to in­
duce or coerce the United States
government to hold the Deutsch­
land as a war vessel, but the fact
that only a couple o f small pistols
and a target rifle used for firing
rockets were the only implements
of war found aboard precludes
the probabilities o f such a ver­
dict being rendered.
In spite o f the discouraging re­
ports given out earlier in the
season the prospect for crops are
guod. The wheat and oat crop
bids fair for a good yield and the
late rains put the hay crop beyond
all expectations. I nstead o f there
being a shortage there will be an
abundance and if properly cared
for there will be no scarcity o f
feed or exhorbitant prices as there
G. W. Brentner has a letter
that is 52 years old and was w rit­
ten during the Civil war. It was
written by the lBt Lieut, o f the
3d Iowa Battery to his mother
stating the death o f hi3 father,
Peyton Brentner. The senior
Brentner was sent out with a
scouting party in Arkansas and
was driven into the swamps by
the confederates where they re­
mained three days and nights
before they were rescued by
troops sent after them. A se­
vere case o f swamp fever was
contracted from which he died
and was buried at DeValls Bluff,
Ark. The letter is well perserv-
ed and sho« s little o f the wear
and tear o f time; the writing is
clear and legible. The contents
are as follows:
Friday evening July 7th Miss
Myrtle Ellis o f Bridgeport gave a
farewell party for her guest Miss
Almeda Cowles o f Sellwood, Ore.,
who has been visiting her the past
Musical entertainment w a s
given by the Misses Wilson, Cow-
and Millinery
We will now close out all ladies
Oxfords regardless of cost.
Come and get them now at just
half price.
Come early before your size is
Millinery now deeply cut for
quick clearance.
Selig’s Cash Price Store,
“ Meeting and Beating Competition".
Bulletin IN'o. 6
Suppose this was Your Business!
Mrs. Peyton Brentner
It becomes my duty to inform you
of the sad news of your husbands
death. He left the General Hospital
here on the 7th inst having received
a furlough of 30 days to go to Iowa.
Yesterday I received note from F. G.
Ensign General Field Agent U. S.
Christian Commission at Memphis
simply stating that "h e died on board
the Steamer Etta No. 2 on the 10th
day of October on the way from De-
vall's Bluff. Ark., to Memphis” I
perhaps will get further particulars
from the proper officers at Memphis.
He was quite weak and feeble when
he left here and we advised him to
wait until a little stronger before
starting but he thought he was able
to stand the journey. I paid him
Sixty-two ($62) dollars a day or two
before he started which he had en­
trusted to my care when he went to
the Hospital. Should I learn further
particulars of his death I will inform
you and will make out the necessary l
papers for a settlement of his ac­
counts and send to the Adjutant
General at Washington as soon as
the pro|>er data is received.
Sale Ladies Oxfords
Head Quarters 3d Iowa Battery
Little Rock. Ark., Oct. 18, 1864
1 am very respectfully
O. H. Lyon, 1st Lieut.
Commanding 3d Iowa
No. 47
6 ,0 0f) w a 8 ja 8 t y e a r .
the Donkey?
The above are amounts approp-
Although he landed in the
White House, the Donkey did not riated for the personal use o f the
carry many votes four years ago. President, as all official business
As a donkey driver Woodrow
is done by government clerks who
Wilson proved to be the poorest are otherwise provided for. No
with just one
exception in fifty wonder Bryan was anxious to land
years. Judge
Alton B. Parker the job. The
ordinary citizen
was the exception.
drawing a salarly equal to.th e
In every other contest, begin- allowance for the lighting o f the
ning with Lincoln’s re-election. President's greenhouse and stables
the Democratic candidate for would be a bloated aristocrat.
President polled a greater per-
------ —
centage o f all votes cast than did
President Wilson,
Abandonment by England and
Even Horace Greeley, whom
o f the Declaration o f Lon-
we are accustomed to regard as a
pathetic example o f a man actual- don as an interpretation o fm a ri-
ly killed by a political Waterloo, time international law. establish­
was a more popular candidate ing neutral tights, is the greatest
than Woodrow Wilson. The cele­ step backward ever taken by any
nation or nations representing
brated editor in his fight against
the advanced civilization of the
General Grant polled forty-four
Twentieth century.
out o f every one hundred votes
The Declaration o f London was
cast, while President Wilson re­
the result o f long years o f war­
ceived only forty out o f every
fare and was an agreement, after
one hundred votes cast. On two
actual experience, for the pur
occasions Bryan gathered in fortv-
pose o f protecting neutrals when­
seven out o f every one hundred
ever any great war should threat­
votes, and the other time he ran
en their interests and the lives o f
for President he got forty-three.
their citizens. It was a formid­
You will notice that Mr. Bryan
able document, the work o f the
as a donkey driver was more dex­
world’s ablest diplomats, and was
terous than
j VITI" supposed to t»e for the assurance
to the world in general that even
three times, and on each occasion
war would not crush out all the
was honored with a larger per­
finer instincts o f humanity.
centage o f the votes cast than
This declaration o f principles,
President Wilson.
by which it was hoped and ex-
Tilden and Handcock were
Democrats* who were defeated pected that warring nations would
for President, but both o f them hereafter be governed, did not
were far more popular candidates supersede or do away w.th the
than our present President.
declaration o f Pans but broaden-
Tildcn received more than fifty I ed the P ^ c ip le s laid down at
out o f every hundred votes cast,
international conference in
and General Hancock corralled 185f- and broadened the rights
f tv .eight
! and duties o f neutrals and belli-
' gerents in the interests o f mor-
Even General George B. Mc­
ality and justice.
Clellan had forty-four in his con­
England, with her vast power
test against Lincoln in 1864.,
, .
These historic Heures make the *!"* '“ ealth' a" d * j that l,me un.
folloain e question pertinent:
d“ ">uted contro1 ° f c.ommer“ * " d
the seven seas, had more to do
I f the Donkey pulled only fo r t y . . . .
.. ~ ,
out ot every hundred votes four - « " ll> fram' " B the De,c' aratl0" o f
years atto. how many will it pull
° ‘ hef ,nat'°"-
in 1916 with Mexico on its hack ? j >** >bl« ‘ !a» > r!!ra and aV“ aama"
- G ir a v d in Philadeipha Ledger. : have vied in its presentation and
O R EG O N. S A T U R D A Y . J U L Y 15, 191«
I f the Government had asked you to invest your money in a plant to supply
Government needs; and after the plant was built, and had become useful for no
other purpose, the Government built a plant of its own, making your plant
useless and your investment valueless— would that seem fair ?
That is precisely what Congress is planning for lhe Government to do with reference
to our investment of $7,000,000 in an armor plant
Reporting to Congress, Hon. H. A. Herbert, then Secretary of the Navy, said December 31,1896:
“The two armor contractors, the Bethlehem Iron Company and the Carnegie Steel
Company, both entered upon the business at the request o f the Navy D e p a rtm e n t.'’
Is it wise— is it fair— for the Government to destroy a private industry brought into existence
to serve the Government, unless for reasons of compelling force? T o show that no such reasons
exist, we make this offer to the United States Government:
The Bethlehem Steel Company will manufacture armor plate for the
Government of the United States at actual cost of operation plus such
charges for overhead expenses, interest, and depreciation as the Federal
Trade Commission may fix. We will do this for such period as the
Government may designate.
Isn’t that fair P The question is now before the United States Senate.
CHAS. M. SCHWAB. Chairman
les and Raney which was followed
Bethlehem Steel Company
A t what age shall be baptize: by several games. The prize win­
Friday evening o f last week J.
according to the teaching o f the ners being Eugene Starr. 1st prize, S. Gibson, a logger, by threats
Old and New Testaments?
Delbert Deal, booby prize. De­ caused Wm. M. Whyte, a mer­
On next Sunday the 16th at 11 lightful refreshments were served chant at Black Rock, to give him
a. m., in the M. E. Church. Rev. i at a late hour and the guests de­ a check for $25. Gibson owed
W. J. Warren will speak on above
parted, declaring they had spent Whyte a grocery account and had
given an order on his employers,
an enjoyable evening.
Bros, for $25. When Gibson
Miss Cowles returned to her
that the money had been
The cloud burst in Sherman j home in Sellwood last Saturday.
he went to W hyte’s store
Those present: Almeda Cowles.
county, June 30th that caused so
its return. .
much loss o f property and the loss Sybil Wilson. Olive Deal, Ruth
W hyte notified
o f four lives near Moro was the Raney o f Lebanon, Myrtle Ellis,
to the
first cloud burst in the history of Eugene Starr, Delbert Deal, Eldon
that country. J. W. Kunsman, Frink, William Ellis of Carlton.
one o f the victims o f the flood was Mrs. Frank McConnell and chil­
the arrest. Gibson submitted with­
a brother-in-law o f Mr3. Ira C ., dren o f Condon. Thomas McCon­
any protest, but asked to be
nell and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellis.
Mehrling o f this city.
to visit his cabin, which
was granted. Here is where the
sheriff went “ snipe hunting.” He
allowed Gibson to enter the cabin
alone while he stood guard at the
door. Gibson promptly and with­
out unnecessary delay crawled
out o f the back window and for
all the sheriff knows is still going.
There was a balance due him from
Scott Bros, and W hyte issued a
garnishment and had it served.
When Germany gets her fleet
o f submarines and airships run»
ning on schedule time it will keep
England pretty busy maintaining
her blockade.