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CÜI|r g i a l l a C U itti N r u i a j white paper, printing machinery
—- _ j . - — -— ■-
- ------_ __ ! and type in boosting interests
¡that show by their actions that
they neither need nor want news­
paper boosting? We guess thut
> the circulation o f the News-Cap­
Knten-U aa MM'oiMlt ism tuail at tha poaioffuv
• t Falla Cltjr.
r««ntjr. nrraoa. andar tin- ital covers all and more than the
Art ¿t iVu*ur*a of Mars'll 1 18711.
trade territory o f the alleged
Telepheae Newt Office, S3.
wholesale business o f McAles-
Subscription Kates. One your. »100. u i months 1 ter. ’ *
60 canta, three months, 26 canta: sánala copy. 6 eta.
Advertía! n$r Rates- Display, 15 cents an Inch
Hast ness Notices. 5 cents a line : For lünàe. Rant.
Kichanjre. Want and Pay Entertainment No­
tices. 5 cts. a line. Card of Thanks 50 eta; lwega
Notices, legal rates.
Copy for new a«ls. and changes should be sent
to The News not later than Wednesday.
Official Newspaper of the City af Falla Cits
H. J. Griffin. Mayor.
R M. Wonderly. Oodncilman-at large
G. W. Prentner.
George C. March.
C. J. Bradley.
l.G . Singleton,
C. L. Hopkins,
N Sells.
C E. McPherren. Auditor and Police Judge
Walter L. Toose Jr.. City Attorney
Pat Murphy. Marshal end Water Supt.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
Dr F. M Hellwerth. Health Officer.
l h e ( ounci l meets in regular session on the first
Monday night of each month, at 7 90 o’clock, m
he office o f the Falla City News.
Hughes Will Accept,
Says Capital Paper
W a sh ington
S ta r
D e c la r e s
Suprem e
C o u r t J u s t i c e W ill T a k e N o m i n a ­
tio n I f It C o m e s
W ith ou t
P ro te ct.
Washington, April 4.—U. S. Su­
preme Court Justice Hughes will
accept the Republican nomination
for president if it “ comes to him
without protest and is tenderer! on
the ground that the party con­
siders him the man most likely to
wrest control o f the government
the Democrats,”
to a story printed in the Washing-
ton Star today.
S a t u r d a y . A p r il 8. 1916
Nigh P rie «
In practically every business,
except the printing, prices have
been raised to meet the advance
in the price o f material.
price o f all kinds o f paper, inks,
type and machinery has soared,
yet the printer pockets the loss
and goes on as though there was
no war in Europe. Strange as it
may appear to some, it actually
requires money to publish a news
paper. In the contest just closed
the contestants report that the
people who found fault with the
paper was invariably those who
were in arrears. The newspaper
publisher has an excellent oppor­
tunity to size up the community.
He not only gets wise to their
incination to pay their just debts
but soon learns all the spicy
stories, ancient and modern.
you go into a new locality, and
desire to learn the commercial
rating o f M r.-----call at the news
paper office and find how he
stands on the subscription books.
I f he is good there you are reas­
onably safe in trusting him; but
should you find that he has taken
the paper until the publisher
called for his money and then
marked it “ refused,” shun him
as you would an evil spirit.
Once upon a time, so the story
goes, a man was taking a paper,
and as was customary at that
time was to pay for it at the end
o f the year. During the year
the erstwhile subscriber used 35c
worth o f advertising space.
the end o f the year the publisher
presented his bill for subscrip­
tion and was met with a stony
stare, with a voice saying, “ I
thought you furnished the paper
free to advertisers.” The only
wonder is that the average news
papers are as good as they are.
There are a few in this town
who are in arrears, presumedly,
good people. O f such we ask
that they call and make settle­
ment. I f you are so situated as
to be unable to pay, come any­
way and lets have an understand­
ing. We are not putting up any
hard-luck story, it is simply due
and we propose to look after it.
Business from a man who wont
pay is worse than no business.
------ —♦♦♦—«--------
Weeks Talks About Our Navy
and National Defense.
Inalata an M ilitary, Commercial, Fin­
ancial and Induatrial Preparedneaa
— Let Ua Be Ready for Peace aa
W ell aa W ar.
By J A M E S B. M O R R O W ,
In the Philadelphia Record.
(Continued from page 1)
" A great many. It tea shown the
value of aeroplanes, watch are now
known as the eyes o f the fleet. They
are very necessary as acouta. Levy­
ing the deck of a vessel, they ean
easily locate the enemy and are there­
fore of the greatest possible use In
the events that occur before a battle.
“ The submarines, too, it has bees
learned, are o f a real and practical
service. A ll officers think they have
become a permanent addition to
every navy, but there is some dis­
agreement aa to their general utility.
Can a swarm o f submarines, for In­
stance, go to sea, meet a fleet and de­
stroy It?
The Question cannot be
answered untU such an attempt baa
Sx.cn m ale and either failed or sue-
“ I asked one o f fhe highest military
authorities in the ooustry if 1,000 sub­
marines. along with mines, could s a fe
guard the United States against in­
vasion—the mines to blow up the en e
mles’ ships o ff shore, if any hap­
pened to get that near, the submarines
having met the rest and destroyed
them before they came within striking
distance o f our coasts. The answer
was that such a measure of pro­
tection, an invasion of the United
States would, to say the least, be
made very difficult.
“ You see, no one can tell as yet
what part the submarines will take
In the wars o f the future. Their uses
are slowly being developed, and we
cairaot know what they are capable of
doing undl the French or British
fleet meeds the fleet of Emperor
"A lso, it has been learned that bat­
tle crufcers are required to bring a
navy np to Its highest efficiency.
Cruise).*» form erly were used as scouts
and to hunt down and destroy the
merclsant ships of an enemy.
were swift, but not heavy enough to
take a place In the battle line when
largo vessels w ero engaged.
A Sea Battle First.
"The modem cruiser, however, can
fl~ht, being covered with armor and
armed with large guns. Steaming 30
knots an hour, it, can run all around
a fleet oof dreadnaughts and pump
shells into them from a long distance
and from any a’ kgle. Our navy must
have tyxttle crulgera. besides a great
many su bm arine and aeroplanes, if
we msian to be In a position where
we qon protect «ouroelyes against in­
jury, insult or dishonor.
"It should be a lways remembered,’’
Captain Weeks w ent on to say, "that
our navy will be our first line of de­
fense. American (ships will meet for­
eign ships befo/e there is a battle on
shore. If the UnUted States goes to
war with any nation In Euorpe or
Asia, the fleets o f the two countries
will light fo r the supremacy of the
’No invai/
rm will
set out »or
T t n
llo o w
as takpn
ìdr a rfn
ill Bit
e fo
io u
w in
m g g w
w as
ta u en ir
^ tl)
u )s m y tB w from
attack by
an exchange and presents, the our fleet. 'So long a a our fleet Is afloat,
no army will venti ire to start for our
often facts, in a very plain and shores. Moving tre ops from one coun­
try to another Is t in Immense under­
matter-of-fact way.
taking. even when It Is ssfe to do so.
“ Fo'ur hundred Is I’ge ships, for ex­
“ The McAlester News-Capital
amine. would be r bquired to trans­
has a bragging editorial on the port. an army of 2 60,000 men from
wholesalers and wholesale trade Javam to the United States. Armies
traveling by water h a v e to carry their
o f its town, but a careful search otyn artillery, ammunil Ion and horses.
o f the advertising columns o f that -Upon would not send 400 large troop
out Unto the P sidfle unless Its
paper fails to reveal any indi­ ships
fleet had fought an d defeated our
cations o f the presence o f whole­ fleet. No*.* would G sn u an y or any
other country in But d p * attempt an
sale establishments in McAlester. invasion
» jf the Unite i 6t,*tea
They may be there and the News- as our fl* jet, decks cb fared', was wait­
Capital may have discovered ing In t».e Atlantic.
Look/ing to the East, I « i n see no-
them, but surely they have not probab'/e danger that is likely to occur
discovered the leading and only In the, near future, unless th e allies
are t'ioroughly beaten, by Gena,m y, or
paper o f that town. Moral:— unle ss Gi >rtnany Is t horoughly '¿»eaten
Why should a measly newspaper by the allies. I f t'he wgr is Brrctl-
ca.Iy a d raw at th a end, the -efforts
use up brain energy, pencils and or, aJIjtbe, gregt nay p w s jq maintain as
rA LLs om r
equilibrium of power wilt aeep llieiu
entirely engaged fur some Hum wiib
their own affairs."
“ Do you believe that a trade war
against this country will follow lb#
restoration of peace In Europe
“ Such a war will come there ia iio
doubt of It. Loaded with debt, bur­
dened with taxation. Europe will turn
with energy and ferocity to the work
o f peace The factories In Europe, o
cept In Melglum, Poland and Northern
France, have uot been shut down nor
burned. Indeed, new ones have been
built. Industrially, save In the places
I have named, Europe la bettor situ
ated now than when the war begun.
Court, dated the 30th day of
March, 1916. is published once a
week for six connective weeks, in
the Falls City News, a weekly
newspaper of general circulation
published in suid County.
The date o f the first publication
of this summons is April 1, 1916.
Attorney for pluintiff.
Facta to Be Faced.
“ Things have been speeded up id
Great Britain, Germany and Eranc*.
The factories, old ones and new ones,
are running. They will be running
It appeurs to be difficult for a
after the armies at the front have
especially n democratic
been sent home, but Instead of mak­
ing cannon and ammunition, as at .*d¡tor to undei stand why a repub­
present, they will be operated ntchl
and day In the production o f goods lican editor w ill criticise the short
for the American markets.
comings o f republican officials.
AU Americana, no matter wf liter they
call themselves Democrats 01 It «pub If-
cutis, ouxht to have courage enough and
wleootn enough lo (ace the facte
Lum p*
Is goin g to ladle uesaeomlon o f the markets
In this country if we do not defend our
selves. You spoke o f an Invaaton by sol­
diers. There can also be an Invasion wllti
u la.
> ra ver all kinds ot defenses—military,
commercial, flnandal aqd Industrial. And
right here at home I think some of us
need defense against fallacious Ideas, For
Instance: This Is a great business nation
and yet we bear many suggestions that
business be taken out o f the ownership
and management which have davetope.i It
und made It wonderfully successful, so
that It may be turned over to the national
Business ought to be regulated, but we
have regulated the railroads so vlgo
that no more are being bullí, alttwnig
they are surely needed In some parts of
the country. Furthermore, the lim e h, s
come when the railroads cannot borr
money for ahort penods on g . advuniuge.
ous terms as can other lines o f big bual*
And yet transportation nest 10
agriculture, ia our
most Important Indus
Would government ownership and oper­
ation Improve the situation?
No: the situation would be mado worse
State ownership and operation has failed
In France. Canada and ether countries
W herever It has been tried, expenses are
Increased and deflclts created.
On the
Weatern R ailroad o f France the operating
Charges went up (0 per cent In three
years. More than 5.M0 new men were em­
p loyed -n o workers on the tracks, engi­
neers. conductors or brakemen. but clerks,
porters and other little politicians, places
for whom were found around this general
offices and St the stations.
Government ownership In the United
States would add 1.700,000 men lo our of.
flce-holdlng class, and congress would tls
their salaries. Freigh t rates. I am m m
would be higher than at present an .ru,-
consumers—the men who w ork—would t
losers and not gainers.
According to English accounts
o f German Zepperlin raids only a
few women and children have
been killed with practically no
Oakdale Items.
______________ PH YS IC IA N _____________
lilu m
Joe Miuphv ant! wilt) visited
with Mr. and Mra. Shepherd laat
Mr. Ilruce ha« moved to Carlton
where lie expect« to run a butcher
Mr Oleen «m l fam ily paid Hoy
Graham and wife a farewell vis.l
before having for their new home
in Canada.
the democratic party. Joining a
party does not necessarially make
a man honest. But if he is elect­
'I lie K T. C. Club met with Mr«
ed by the party to which you be- George King last Wednesday.
ong, see to it that he is honest
Mr*. Tichenor returned from
and lives up to its principles. We
Portland Monday, much improved
will not support a man, that we
in health.
enow to be dishonest, by our vote.
Mrs. A. H. Dodd ia visiting her
daughter, Mr*. Fred Brown in
Klamath county.
Mr. Inman who lived
p r o f c 00 to iu il C arO o
Office one door ea«t of I'. O.
W. L Barnhart and wife «pent
Herein lies the secret o f republi­
Uni Sunday at Mr. and Mr«. Mc­
can success. There are republi­
can editors enough, who hold j
honesty and efficiency in office
ll,u commissioners weru oui
above mere party to have a house Tuesday looking over the Canyon
cleaning once in a while. W e be- ro*d with a view of inn king change*
lieve the principles o f the republi-
mucb n**dml repairing,
can party are better than those'1 The Farmer’« Union held «n
o f the democratic, yet w e do not »»pen nesting hi the school house
believe that they are perfect nor Wednesday evening, March 29
that the leaders are infallible. W e hirg* crowd » '»* present which
would be harder on a republican j «bowed the people were aware
official should he go wrong than a that something wu» going on at
demacratic, for the simple reason Oakdale, «evoral topics of interest
that we do expect better things of to the farmer were discussed after
the republican. Were there no which a «hurt program waa h a d ;
one to call a halt in the republican and Inst but not leaat it nice lunch
party in all probabilities they was served and n good social time
would soon become as corrupt as waa in evidence.
Saturday, April 8, 1916
new s .
Phone 3611
tall* City,
DR. W. L. Holloway
Will beat rall.cn/ Hotel
AfterttootiN Each
B U 0 II 1 C 00 d a r t o
jfa llô C it y > 1b o t d
Sámele Reeme
B e e t A c c o m m o d a tio n »
F. D ro o ga, P ro p rie to r
i i a K p KK
«iin ra
Bohle’s Barber Shops
F a ll« C ity, O rasen
IIher* y«s (•• get a ikeee, lair Cut. Ink
or *lhlae‘
Agent far Dallai Steam Laundry
i Hu nu Ira fi»fwar«lc*l luculay «vrultig
G . L. H A W K I N S
D a lle « , O regen
F u n e r a l D i n e to t
W e oMoed le nil werk «raap tly.
D alla« » .J Falla City. Or
in Fall«
In the Circuit Court o f the State Los A n g o la s W o u l d S t o p I n f lu x o f City a ii’jm'ner of year» is very ill
De stitu te Perso na .
of Oregon for Pi lk County, De
in Dal la*.
partrr.ent No. 2, No. 4813.
•10 Mill Btr»«t
Ornila*. Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. Tetherow and Mr«.
JOHN H Mint.KY Mantear
John T. Hughes, Plaintiff, v. Alvah
Los Angeles, Cal., April 2.—A
Gilbert attended the funeral at
Our nbalracl plant la poalad dall/ tram
G. Lineback, Rida Lineback, Alex programme o f action to stop the
Monmouth of Johu Grounds last
l*olk Conni/ Kaiordt.
Christ. Rina Christ, Walter L influx of Mexicans into Los Angeles
Tooze and Phil Arthur, Defend- County and to obtain the aid of
Mrs. Robt. Wonderly assisted by
the Federal Government in deport­
1. G. Singh ton entertained
To Alex Christ and Rina Christ, ing such undesirables as may be
society at her
defendants above named.
found in the Mexican population
In the name o f the State of Ore­ of about 75,000 was instituted to­
gon: You are hereby required to day by the Board of Supervisors.
The department «tore of N. Selig
appear and answer the complaint
Reports were made to the Board and the hardware stole of J. C
filed against you in the above en­ that nearly 2000 Mexicans were Talbott have each an excellent
sign painted on the fronts of their
titled Court and suit, within six dependent on county aid and many building*, which adds nni'erinlly
weeks from the date o f the first were afflicted with diseases and to the allraudvenega to their place*
publication o f this summons, tow it, that sanitary conditions in camps of busiiie*«. B Paul did the paint-!
on or before the 15th day of May, were “ frightful.”
1916, and if you fail so to answer
the said complaint for want there­
Headquarters for Candy and Ci
of the plaintiff will apply to said
Court and take a decree for the
relief prayed for in the said com­
plaint. viz.:
That plaintiff recover off and
from the defendants Alvah G.
Lineback and Rida Lineback Three
hundred and seventy-five (¡5375
Dollars, with interest thereon at
S AV E F R O M 35c TO $ 1 .9 0 .
eight per cent, per annum since
These prices are for year paid In advanoe subsorlptiona.
February 27, 1911, until paid, and
Sixty ($60) Dollars as attorney’s
fees herein, and his costs and dis­
bursements, and that the mort­
$ 1 .7 5
j Speoial Prlca
gage given by said defendants
Lineback to W. II. Boals October
Falls City News
$ 1.7 6
J. Speoial Prloa
Candi»*, Toljacco* and Cigar«, a t f
27, 1906, and recorded on page 157
1.50 \
of Volume 27 of the Polk County,
L. B. WON D E R B Y 'S
Palls City N ew s----
$ 1.7 6
1.00 1 Speoial Prloa
Oregon, Mortgage Records, and
Hearst’s Magazine .. 1.50 \
now held by plaintiff, be foreclos­
$ 1 .7 5
Speoial Prloa
ed in the manner provided by law,
and that the real property describ­
Notice to News Subscribers
ed in the said mortgage, viz.: ■
Falls City News...
$ 1.56
Spadai Prloe
Mondern Priscilla
That tract or parcel of land, be­
1. o
A mark here indicates that
ing a part of the Donation Land
Falls City News ..
your subscription is delinquent.
Claim of John Sheldon and wife,
$ 2 .1 0
1.00 „ Spedai Prloa
Please call and fix it.
Notification No. 6832, Claim No.
50 J
McCall’s (fr e e p ’trn)
41, in Township 8 South, Range 6
West of the Willamette Meridian,
Falls City N ew s...... 1.001
$ 1.50
1.00 * Spedai Prloa
Boy’s Magazine
in the County o f Polk and State of
Oregon, and bounded and describ­
M r . H o m s Saakar—
C O M E T O , F A L L S C IT Y , O R E G O N
ed as follows, to-wit: Beginning at
1.00 1
• nd B u y Orohard Land
a point which is 32 chains South
Home Needlework
$ 1 .7 6
Special Prloa
Boy’s M agazine...... 1.00
and 25 chains West from the
50 J
Northeast corner o f said Claim;
Beware, of Ointments for
.thence South 18.80 chains; thence
Falls City New s...... 1.001
Today’s (free patterr 1 50 , Spadai Prloa
West 5.00 chains; thence North
$ 1.55
18.80 chains; thence East 5 chains
Boy’s Magazine.....
the mucous aurfocaa. Such artlclea ahou...
to the place of beginning, contain­
never bo o»c<J except on prescription»
from reputable physicians, aa the damayn
ing 9.40 acres, more or less;
Don’t miss these bargains. Send your order in at once.
! they wlM do ia ten fold to the good you
! ®*n txrselhly derive from them. Hell'«
— be sold for the satisfaction of
Ifvou do not find what you want in this list, call at our office,
! Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
C h «r,#y; _ tk Co., Toledo,
_____ _ O.. con Tan!,
----- - no
the amounts decreed to be due th e1 We have many other popular magazines that we sell at special
■nwrcuav, and Is token Internally, acting
plaintiff herein, and that plaintiff
f »ore of the eveSem. In buying Hall a
may have such other relief as is
Catarrh Cure be aure you get the genu­
ine. It le tokoa laternally and made In
prayed for in the said comulamt.
Toledo. Ohio, by F. Jf. Cheney A Co. Tes­
timoniala free.
This summons, by order o f the
Bold by Druggist«. PMce TSc per botti«
Tabe Bell a rasali/ M ia lor aoaaUpetloo.
Hon. H. H. Belt, Judge of said