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No. 30.
United States Again
Faces Serious Crisis
With Croat Britain
Reaction of Our Contortion« Regard­
ing High Sea« Foroo««tod by
^ Washington, March 14.—Am-
bassador Pugu at London, it wbh
learned today, bus cabled the
atate department aufficient infor­
mation concerning the forthcom­
ing reply to the American protest
on the British seizure of mailB to
indicate that the United States is
soon to face a serious crisis with
Great Britain.
The answer is understood to be
practically u Hat rejection of all
the American contentions and is
officially reported as being "un­
Three Acute le«ues.
There are now three acute is-
sues with Great Britain. They
1 Seizure of American mails
on the high seas.
2 Invasion of American ships
on the high seas to take off per­
sons either of or suspected of be­
ing of German origin.
3 The validity of the English
blockade, which embraces her ex­
tension of the contraband list and
her "enemy origin” decree.
The underlying principle of the
American protest is that Great
Britain not only has violated in­
ternational law by her acts but
has also violated the plain letter
of The Hague convention.
Hepublicans are no longer di­
vided. Bull Moosers are as ex­
tinct as the dinosaurus. Stand­
patters and progressives alike are
unxious to meet each other half
way. The disaster they brought
upon themselves four years avo
has taught u bitter lesson, but
there will be no necessity to re­
peat it. Four years of Democracy
in the saddle bus been quite
enough to cement the Republican
factions and for u long time they
have been asking each other,
"What was it we quarreled
Yet one must not lose sight of
the fact that the same men who
split the Republican party wide
open are still on earth, still active
ir. politics and still very much to
be reckoned with in the coming
campaign. One at least the
Strenuous One—is hailed with
loud acclaim by his followers as
thu political Moses that shall
again lead them ouLof the Dem­
ocratic desert. What is more ser­
ious, many journals in the East
who opposed him four years ago
are now regarding him as the
only available man, since Justice
Hughes has said he was not a
But why not Hughes? He is
the biggest man in the Republi­
can party today, if not in all par­
ties. His nomination, everyone
will agree, would be equivalent
to an election. Because a man
chooses to keep out of the mire
of politics preceding the national
conventions and refuses to permit
his friends to drag his name into
all the political primaries months
before the election, is that a
reason why the sovereign people
of this great nation should not
choose him to execute its laws?
Hughes is the man for pres­
Perhaps Hughes does prefer
his place on the supreme bench
to the presidency. Y’et, no man
is so big that he can turn down
the request of the vast majority
of the people that he shall accept
the highest office in the land—
and that is what the Republican
nomination m e a n s .—Portland
Evening Telegram.
Present Situation a Critical Time. Two New En-
trys. Final Count Will Be April 1st.
Friday evening the contest
judges took over the ballot box
and shut off all voting at 6:00 P.
M. The count favored Mrs. Hul-
bert who leads with a good mar­
gin. Miss Lota Bradley holds
second position, winning $5 in
gold at this time and is promis­
ing a heavy vote for the final
count. Among the other contes­
tants holding various positions in
the count were two new names
and the unexpected can be looked
for at any time and especially on
the final count. The piano is
very well accepted and as yet any
contestant can lay claim to it as
it is continually admired in Selig
department store where it is on
Up to this time we have not
made a single suggestion, but at
this point we wish to instruct all
N ame
Grace Hulbert ..............
Lota Bradley..................
Mattie Ferguson ...........
Ruth L ew is...................
Clara Sampson ..............
Ruth Gottfreid ..............
Iva Newman ..................
Mildred Chapin...............
voters it is optional how the votes
are deposited at the final count.
The coupons may be obtained
from the Editor as has been the
ruling or should anyone choose to
vote secretly it is their privilege
to do so.
The names of the subscribers
may be placed in an envelope
with the money paying for same
and when sealed and deposited
will mean the proper amount of
votes will be credited to the can­
didate named within theenvelope.
These will be opened by the
judges and insures absolute sec­
recy. We urge the candidates to
use this method on long term
subscriptions especially.
The following standing is the
correct number of votes each
contestant cast up to date:
V otes
.............................. 94,360
............................ 58,860
.............................. 5.600
............................. 5.325
.............................. 4,475
....................... 2,000
............................. 2,025
............................. 1,025
It is more than ever to your interest to econom­
ize. You can best do this at our store where prices
are being lowered where possible. We are selling:
$ .65
A 1 creamery butter, 35 lb. roll
Sugar peas at, per can
Sunshine flour, per sack
Bluestem flour, per sack
Olympic flour, per sack
G. D. cane sugar, per sack
Coal oil, per gallon
12 l-2c Dress Ginghams at, yard
Three per cent cash register coupons given for
cash or paid in full 30 day accounts.
We are making prices as low as possible in order
to do this we will have to adhere to 30-day rule as
closely as we can. If your account is overdue better
see us, otherwise it may be closed.
Selig’s Cash Price Store,
“Meeting and Beating Competition”.
Britain Roplios Arbitrarily.
It has been decided to ruh a FREE 25 VOTE COUPON in one
- Great Britain has replied arbi­
more issue of the N ews before the contest closes and Saturday,
trarily that she has jurisdiction
March 25th has been selected as the day to run such coupon. This
in her own territorial waters,
will give one week before the final count in which to gather them
which, officials say, means that
up. Everv subscription you turn in before Saturday March 25th
she can commit any international
will mean an extra 25 votes as you certainly can get them to save
violation within her jnrisdiction.
their votes for you. This is the last opportunity to get Free Votes
There is growing irritation in
and you should get busy.
state department circles over the
failure of the British government
murderers in that country to wait
to reply to the inquiries of this
any longer upon their honor to do
government regarding her right
the right thing. The thing to
to take from the American ship
quiet them is a little real war —
China more than 30 German citi­
Goodwin’s Weekly.
zens when the vessel was near
Both Great Britain and France
heretofore have released Germans
L o ca l O p tio n L a w V io la to r of F o rt
thus taken off American ships, THE ONLY REAL MEXICAN POLICY
W o rth , Tox., G ets L im it.
without, however, admitting the
We suspect that Villa by order­ Fort Worth, Tex.—Charles Pettigrew
was defendant tn the tlrst ease tried
Sand Springs Okla.—This town was
American contention that they ing the raid on Columbus, N. M., In
Tarrant county under the law mak­ built for widows. They compose more
had no right to take them.
and the accompanying murders, ing it a felony to sell liquor In local than a fourth of the 5,000 population.
hoped to bring an order from option territory. He was convicted The town was founded by Charles
Answer la Expected Soon.
nud sentenced to two years. He sold Page, multimillionaire oil producer of
Great Britain’s answer to the Washington to invade Mexico and two drinks to the same man.
note regarding the validity of her establish there, believing if such Pettigrew was indicted in January, His earliest recollections were of his
^blockade is understood to be a determination should be reach­ and his first trial was on an Indict­ mother's efforts to raise her large fam-
ment that carried only a misdemeanor
either en route or about ready ior ed, he could sound a call for de­ penalty. He escaped on a technicality. ily unaided, and he resolved that when
he grew up he would take care of all
transmissions. It will come by fenders and get back his lost The next Indictment under the felony the widows.
law also was held defecUve, but the
Wheu he made his fortune Page
mail and is understood to be a popularity.
I third one was sustained.
founded Sand Springs. He built doz­
But the truth is that order
flat justification based on the
ens of comfortable cottages In which
should have been made when the
principal of expediency.
gas, fuel and rent were free. Facto­
If the government already is news of the assassination of Pres­
ries he bought so the widows might
R eport ol the condition of the
have employment.
on record as considering reprisals ident Madero reached the United
He built a car line to Tulsa upon
unlawful, the British answer will j States. It should be made now
which widows ride free. There are a
s t full» City, In the 8t»to ot Oregon, a t
\ day nursery, free medical attendance
foice the United States to pass and should be backed by a de­
the cloae of business March 7th, 1916:
nud a vocational school. If a widow
on the contention between Ger­ claration of war by congress.
wants to get married Page helps her
many and Great Britain as to Carranza no doubt thinks he can Loans an d disco u n t!
do that. He likes grandmothers too.
whether England is justified in eventually bring order out of the F u rn itu re, an d fixture»
There are a score of them here, with
excluding foodstuffs from Ger­ | chaos of his country, but it is at Due Irom banks,(not re»crve banks) 1,971.32 nothing to do but knit and read and
Due from approved reserve bank» 6,872.44
many and whether such exclusion best a forlorn hope. *
Page probably has more '‘children'*
Cash on h an d
is justifiably based on Germany’s
In the meantime Americans Expenses
than any other man in the world. An
orphans' home In a nearby town re­
T otal , . 663,928.54
enough have been assassinated.
submarine warfare.
cently went bankrupt. To provide bet­
In addition we owe something to
ter for the little inmates Page le­
C apital stock paid in
the foreigners and foreign inter­ Surolu»
gally adopted the whole Institution and
moved It to Sand Springs.
profits, less expenses
CIRCULATING ON COAST ests in that country. Europe will Undivided
and taxes paid
have peace sometime and then Postal
savings bank deposits
3,689 25
Pacific State« Arc Warned of Bad Great Britain, France and Ger­ In d iv id u a l deposits subject to
many will all ask of us an ac­ D em and certificates ot Deposit.
Five-Dollar Reserve Rotea.
P u la s k i C o u n ty Roaid ont W in s R a cord
6,781 *6 )
counting for the way we have Time an d saving deposits
by N o t U s in g G un.
T otal , . 663.023.54 \
Rolla, Mo.—Mrs. J. H. Arthur, who
Washington, March 14.—The dealt with their peoples’ interests S tate ol Oregon )
lives near Laquey. Pulaski county,
County ol Polk, )
secret service today issued a in Mexico.
I, P„ G. W hite. Ast. C ashier ol th e above- , probably enjoys the-distinction of be­
warning against a counterfeit of The right thing to do is invade nam ed bank, do solem nly sw ear th a t th e j ing the only woman In Missouri to kill
sta te m e n t is true, to the best ol my J
an eagle without the aid of a gun.
the five-dollar note of the San that country, establish order and above
know ledge s n d belie!.
Recently she heard a noise In the
R. U. WHITE. A ssistant Cashier.
Fransisco Federal Reserve bank, then call upon the people to
Subscribed an d sw orn to before mo th is < chicken yard and saw a large eagle
which has appeared on the Pacific establish a stable government. It 13th day ol M arch, 1915.
swoop down on the flock. A watch­
(L.S ]
J dog rushed upon the eagle and knocked
Coast. The counterfeit is printed should have been done just when
J It to the ground. Mrs. Arthur grabbed
from zinc etched plates, poorly our government was advising Com m ission expires Oct. 6, Notary
a long piece of wagon tire and struck
executed and readily detected. Americans in that distressed C o r r e c t- Ira C. M ehrllng I
It with all her might, breaking Its neck
A ttest:
E G. W hite
) Directors , and right wing. The eagle measured
Five persons have been arrested country to get out.;
six feet four Inches from tip to tip.
for passing the counterfeits.
There are too many loafers and
Oil Producer Using Wealth on
Women and Children.
Bank of Falls City
as possible as it often requires
Rules Fcr Correspondents more time to "translate” the copy
Here are ten rules for corres­ than to set the type—but above all
pondents. 'They were prepared
by an experienced newspaper |
man and are very valuable for
guidance in giving the news. Cut
English newspapers are almost
them out and in sending in your unanimously of the opinion that
items conform with these rules:
Francisco Villa will involve the
1. Do not abreviate. Do not United States in war with all
write Mr. & Mrs., but Mr. and Mexico. The Globe says: “ It
Mrs: not Mon. or Sat but Monday
seems that America cannot draw
or Saturday.
back, having once put its hand on
• 2. Leave space between items the sword.”
for corrections or additions.
3. Give both initials. Write
C.H. Brown instead of Mr. Brown NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT.
or Mr. C. Brown.
Notice is hereby given that John
4. Write important subjects
fully. Do not dismiss the death Edward Beezley, administrator of
of a well known pioneer in half the estate of Edward E. Beezley,
dozea words, but write something deceased, has filed his final ac­
of interest concerning him. If count as such administrator in the
suicide or murder give all the de­ County Court of the State of Ore­
gon for Polk County, and that
tails you can get.
Monday, the 20th day of March.
5i Have verbs agree with
subjects. Don’t say Mr. and Mrs. 1916, at the hour of ten o’clock in
the forenoon of said day, at the
B. was. but Mr. and Mrs. B. were.
Courtroom of said County Court in
Mr. and Mrs. B. may be one script-
Dallas, Oregon, has been appoint­
urally. But they are two gram­
ed by the Judge of said Court as
the time and place for the hearing
6. Don’t use nicknames. Use of objections to said final account
James Brown instead of Jim. Ed­ and the settlement thereof.
ward instead of Ed.
Dated and first published Feb­
7. Give the time in an item. ruary 19, 1916.
Mr. Brown was hunting deer, the
house burned down, are incom­
Administrator aforesaid.
plete. Tell when things happened. OSCAR HAYTER, Attorney.
8. Divide words correctly.
Don’t divide such words as enough,
is hereby given that the
9. Don’t send articles reflect­
formerly existing be­
ing on the character of individuals
Munson and C. W.
or firms. The newspaper is not
firm name of the
looking for libel suits: neither does
Lumber Co., is
it care to air personal grievances.
Davis buying
Write your name and town
said M. C.
at top of page. Last but most
I will
important rule. It is most essen­
tial that the newspaper know
from whom the news is received
tracted by the said M. C. Munson.
and from what place.
Signed this 24tli day of Feb.
We also suggest that care be
used when writing names. In
C. W. D a v i s .
fact make your writing as clear
W ar With All Mexico