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    Saturday February 10, lOlfl
Free Methodist Church
Suuday School 1U;(R) A. M.
Preaching 11 :(>o A M.
CI umh meeting 12:00 I’. M.
Evening service 7:80.
II, A. NV ai . tici «, Pa «tor.
M. L Church
Sunday Service*
(Sunday School
Morning Hervice
Epwurtb League
Evening Hervice
10:00 A. M
11:00 A. M.
11:80 P. M
7;80 P. M
Week-Day Service*
Oicbeatra Practice Wednesday
7 00 P. M.
Olioir Practice, Wedueeday 8:00
P. M.
Prayer Meeting, Friday 7:30 P
W. J. W a m k k n , Paetor.
F in d * C ure fo r Epilepsy
A fte r Years o f Suffering
" My daughter wa* afflicted with
*pll«|>tle flU (or three yia ri. the attache
coming every few week*, We employed
eeverw1 doctors but they did her ne
About a
yeer a g o
h e a r d o f Dr.
and It certainly
h a a provad a
bleaalng to our
little girt. She la
n o w apparently
cured and la en­
joying Ih* best
of health
It Is
over a yaar alnca
aha hai had a
Wa cannot
apeak too highly
o f Dr MU..' Nervine
Cotulrey. Minn.
Tlioutan.lv of children in the
United State* who are Buffering
from attacks of epilepsy are a
burden and sorrow to their parents,
who would give anything to restore
health to the sufferer*.
D r . Milas' Nervine
it one of the beat remedies known
for this attliction
It has proven
beneficial in thousands of cases
and those who have used it have
the grratrat faith in it
It it not
a "cure all," but a reliable remedy
for nervoua diseases.
You need
not hesitate to give it a trial.
gold by all Druggists.
If tns Aral
bottle fall* te benefit your money I*
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, aa they cannot
reach tlm dlaeaaed portion o f I lie ear.
T here la on ly one w ay to cure deafncaa,
an d that la hy con stitu tion al remedies,
D eafness la caused by an Inflamed co n d i­
tion o f the m u cou s fining o f the E usta­
ch ian Tub*. W hen Ihta lube la Inflamed
you h ave a rum bling sound o r Imp. if I
nearing, and w hen It le entirely closed.
I learner« la tha result, and unless the In­
flam m ation ran be taken out and this
tube restored to Its norm al condition,
hearin g w ill ba d estroyed fo r e v e r : nine
• aaee out o f tsn are cau srd by C atarrh,
w hich I. nothing but an Inflamed i
tlon o f the m ucoua su rfaces
We «III « . e One Hundred D olls» for any case of
Dearaess (caused bycaiarrbHbat oanaot be cured bf
lu ll's Catarrh Care Head foe otresun free.
r. J ('ll BN BY, B CO. Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Prosaists. TSc
Take 11*11 * re a lty rule for ooaeUssUoa.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in this
office for the week ending Feb.
17, 1015.
entlem en .
Adkiiia, J. T.
Christoff, K. M.
Gratean, A. P. and Jamea
Gimro, 8. A.
Norman, Harry
Shook, M. K.
Stunt', Ude
Stevens, J. D.
These letters will be Bent to the
dead letter office March 14, 1910
if not delivered before. In calling
for the above, please say "Adver-
tised,” giving date of list.
I r a C. M k h r l i n o , P. M ,
B«v. Warren
mu in pa,
ia ill
with the
W. A. Pursiy made a I rip to
Dallae Tuesday morning,
Falla City, Oregon.
Bestirs and examine our Bar-
aiu Counter. You cau save mon-
y. M. L. Thompson.
\ James Bohle
, r,
I Iraval l owers
Vocal Solo— Mrs. A. C. Powers
William 8. Maitin and Miss
fL o y d Miller
Piano Trio
Olive Kneebone were married Feb­
Ferris Dodd
Male Quartett
G. Sammons
ruary 11, 1010, at the residence ol
Chester Ward
Elder E. A. La Dow, w ho also per­
formed the ceremony.
Automobile owners in the city
sent (ueu to work on the rind in
Fern Lane. La«t fall the county
commissioners hud n lot ol river
giavel dumped at that point and
the citizens spread it out, hut it
failed to pack, rolling around like
marbles. It is intended to mix
clay with the gravel to form a bin­
der tnus making a solid road.
Two new desks are being com ­
pleted in the manual shop for the
use of the teachers.
When these
are finished the class will have
completed seven cf these desks.
Such desks in veneered oak are
quoted in Portland at $30 each,
but the class is making them of
Oregon Fir at a cost of about $2
each to the district.
There are Btill rumors floating
around that the mill at this place
wi l l
resume operations
Rumors are better tl.au notaing,
we pres nine, but it would sound
much better to hear the hoarse
voice ol the mill whistle waking
the echo's in the valley.
Work on the Falls City Lumber
Co’s., logging road to the Siletz
was resumed at Gilo's camp Tues­
day. The work has been shut
dow n since the 29th of December
on acoount of the deep snow. It
is expected to push the work as
rapidly as possible. The work of
getting out the cross ties for the
road is uuder way and will be
completed by April 15.
Fresh Bread,Cakee,Cookies, Piee,
and other bakery goods, evory day
Notice is hereby given to all
whom it may concern;
at the Falla C ity Bakery.
All kinds of lands; business
propositions listed, sold and ex­
changed, anywhere, Choice city
and country homes for sale cheap.
I,, i• u ,,
Violin Duett
That the undersigned nor his
one-half interest in the saw mill
and logging outfit now owned
>y Munson and Davis and locat­
ed about 24 miles from Falls City
will not be responsible for any
abor done in the mill or woods
or connected therewith or for
any supplies furnished to operate
said plant if operated by any
other person than himself.
Signed this 4th day o f Feb. 1916.
M. C. M unson .
Bargains In Queensware
Edited by Falls City High School
C. J. Pugh was in Portland the
A free entertainment will be
fiiet of tlie week on luieinoHs.
given at tlie school I iouhc March 1,
Dr. J. G. Turner, ey« specialist under the auspice« of the «chcol
wa« here Tuesday on hi« regular for the purpose of uiding the town
library and leading room.
monthly visit.
having hooks, magazine« or any
C. II. Sumlbcrg, manager ol the
other contribution they would care
Dallas Telephone company was
to donate may be able to do so at
transacting husiue«« in this city
this time. The Science cine« will
make and sell candy, to all who
What about the fruit dryer and wish to purchase, and the proceeds
canning factory that wa« talked ol will go towards purchasing daily
some time ago? Dou't let it die paper« for the reading room.
out, but keep aggravating it until we are to have a reading room and
someone start« something.
library, now is the time to begin
High water has damaged the and some sacrifices must be made
bridge on Dayton Street and it on the part of the citizens. Almost
baa been closed to traffic. How­ every home in town has good book«
ever, it is believed that it can be that are just dustcatchers and
repaired at «malt cost so as to make «lead so far as usefulness to the
family is concerned. Having once
it safe for the season.
read them they become shelf orna­
The little pupils of Mies Ham­
Why not give some of
mond gave a birthday mu*icale at
these books to the library and
the home of Muster Glen Wingo
have them do some good in the
last Saturday ulteruoon
After the
community. Gome now cheer un
program they played games alter
and let us get busy.
which they had refreshments.
Twenty-four were present.
Reading— Mrs. Hingleton,
For Sale or Trade
Violin 8olo— Ralph Lunde
A $050 Shubert piano and a 1225
Reading— Miss Hammond
diamond ring. Teams, cow* or
Piano Solo— Mabel Sheppard
sheep taken. Inquire at News
Ladies Chorus
W. J. Reece came down from
eastern Oregon Monday to visit
homefolks. He has been up there
all winter on a wood cutting con­
tract. He says that the snow has
been about four feet deep and the
thermometer 28 below. For all
Try Chiropractic.
the snow android weather he is
The beet show at the Gem tonight well pleased with the country and
will return in a few days.
Walter L. Tooie, Jr., Lawyer,
Dallas, Oregon.
1. 0. M IC K A IS O N .
Floyd Graham left Wednesday
for Luke Comity, Oregon,
At the last meeting of the Parent
Teachers association an invitation
was extended to Lamar Tooze of
the U. ol O. a former student of
the Falls City High, to lecture on
the Ford Peace Tour and general
conditions found in Europe.
Tooze has accepted the invitation
and will lecture March 14.
The meeting was to he held at
the school house but will probably
be changed to the Hall if satisfac­
tory arrangements can lie made
with the owner. The lecture w ill
be free. Every one invited.
Maurice Selig was all chot to
pieces last Friday morning when
the doctor was called and he wa«
informed that he hud a bad case of
the grip and could not take his
part in the High School play. Too
bad Muurice but there will be other
plays, u.aybe, and perhaps you
will oot be “ luck" in the tame
We have a nice line of dishes
that we are offering at Bar­
gain Prices; 5 and 10c each.
High School Play a Sucoaa*
The High School play given in
Wagner'a hall Friday evening
Feb. 11 th was a success from every
standpoint. The characters acted
and carried their parts t j perfec­
tion and judging from the repeat­
ed applause from the audience
every character was well appreciat­
ed. Jonah and Junior brought
forth peals of laughter, not men­
tioning Colonel Strutt with bis
stories of Timbuctoo.
Receipts and disbursements of
the Student Body l! uud.
From H. 8. Play................... $50,20
M. L. Thompson, supplies $ .50
Falls City News, printing...
4 50
L. W. Gardner, play books
Lee Perrin, tunning piano
J. Wagner, hall hire ........
R. A. Titus, hauling.............
Eiler Piano House, pay­
ment on piano................... 35.00
2 05
Ral. on hand
$39.20 $59.20
The other day while sawing
wood Barnette Brown noticed that
the saw was running quite heavily,
thought he had struck a pilch seam
on examination he found Gordon
Sammons riding on the other end.
He said quietly, “ I don’t mind
your riding. Gordon, but please
don't drag your feet, and quietly
resumed bis woik.
Lloyd Miller after moaning
around a few day, not knowing
just where the trouble lay came
down like all mortal souls with n
very common disease called grip.
At last report Lloyd is able to re­
ceive some of his close friends, and
if no serious backset comes will
be able to return to school iu a
few days.
R. E.W illiams , M. L. T hompson , W. F. N ichols ,
R. G.W hite ,
Cashier Assistamt Cashier
Bank of Falls City
F alls C ity , P olk C ounty . O regon
Does a General Banking Business. Interest Paid on Time
Deposits. Exchange sold on all points in the United States.
Notary Public officially connected with the Bank.
The Junior Berean Class held its
regular meeting Monday night.
The regular order of bueiness was
transacted and the following chair­
man of committees appointed:
Social Committee, Mrs. R. Paul,
Devotional Committee, L. C.
Membership Committee of the
Jr. Bereane, Mrs. C. J. Bradley.
Committee Sr. Berean, Mrs. R.
M. Wonderly.
The ladies were divided into
three divisions in order that the
work might be done more systema­
The social program was opened
by class song.
E. A. L i Dow made au interest­
ing talk on Soul Winning.
Bible quotations,
Male Quartett— Frink, Skeels,
Calkins and LaDow.
Alter the exercises refreshments
were served and a sociaKime for
The Spaulding Lumber Com­
pany’s logging camp will be in full
operation Monday. The Balderee
camp is to start Tuesday and the
Great Western Lumber Company
will begin March 1. This will give
employment to all the idle men in
this vicinity and looseu up the
stringency that has grown mono­
The Oregoniau says that there is
an increased demand for laborers
over the country; in fact that theie
is a scarcity and mill men are re­
garding the situation as serious.
It states that wages advanced from
$2 to $2.25 within the last two
weeks. That yard men in the
mills are gettiug $2.25 pier day.
Last year the price was $1.75.
This looks good for the laborer, it
it is true and not a scheme to iu-
duce men to rush to this section
and cause an over-production and
reduce the wages.
On Saturday afternoon Feb. 12,
the Ladies Aid Society of the M.E.
Church held their anuual business
meeting. The financial report was
read and was vei y encouraging.
The following officers were.elected:
President— Mrs. Hellwarth; Vice-
Presidents— Mrs. Thompson and
Mrs. Starr; Secretary— Mrs. Mont­
gomery; Treasurer— Mrs Butler.
A discussion followed on plans for
the coming year. Remarks were
made by Rev. W. J. Warren on the
work of the Ladies Aid Society.
Up in Washington last week
several persons in one family were
poisoned and made seriously ill by
eating butter that had been wrap­
ped with paper which had been
marked with a rubber stamp. The
ink used with rubber stamps is
very poisonous and as it frequent­
ly washes off the paper and gets
onto the butter, the person using
such butter ie running a great risk
of beiug poisoned. Butter wrap­
pers properly printed with the pro­
per kind of ink at a printing office
do not cost much; the ink is not
affected by water, will not rnb off
and is not poisonous if it did.
Butter enclosed in properly printed
wrappers also brings a higher price
on the market.— Dallas Itemizer.
The botany class started its
semester work Monday, uuder the
supervision of Miss Ruth Rite tour.
This is one of the largest classes
in the High School there being
The Ladies Aid Society of the
about thirty-seven enrolled,
M. E. Church will hold a 10-cent
Get your butter wrappers print­
Washington tea on the afternoon
ed at the News office.
(Later— The date of the lecture
of February 28, Wednesday at the
is undecided, but will be given out Tuesday.
It is reported that our old friend
residence of Mrs. Hellwarth from
“ Sandy" Taylor will make another
as soon as it can be determined )
Mrs. A. Brown and Mrs. Wilbur two to five o’clock.
assault witn intent for the office
Davis visited school Wednesday.
Mrs. Butler, L. A. S. Reporter.
of county surveyor. Go to it
Sandy! But before you start be
A number of the grades celebrat­
Biology Collection
John Hughes went to Dallas suie and get a good ready.
A large collection of bugs and ed the fourteenth with a Valen­
Thursday night.
woods of the community has been tine Box.
Fred J. Holman, county treas­
urer, was over from Dallas Satur­
added to the «cienCfe department
A mixture of suushiue, snow
Mildred Chapin was visiting in day and Sunday greeting friends
by the biology class.
Research enn wild flowers, brings us again Dallas last Saturday.
and relatives. Fred is in the race
work has been going on for the to the land of the “ unusual."
for county clerk this year. He
past five months and as a result
made a record run for treasurer at
Miss Beulah Young one of the her bed with the grippe.
last election and it is very prob­
one of the lar ge cabinets, recently
freshmen has quit school for this
Clay Miller has been quite ill able that he will give a good ac­
completed by the manual class is
year, on account of sickuess.
w ith la grippe, but is able to be count of himself in the May pri­
well filled with all kinds o f var­
out again.
ments that crawl, creep and tly
within our city limits.
Thirty- and La Verne Mickalson have been
Roy Russell left Sunday after­
eight varieties of wood found in absent from school a few days on noon for Walla Walla, W .ah.,
this vicinity,
nicely mounted, account o f lagrippe.
where he expects tc secure employ-
Notice is hereby given that John
Floyd Graham of Fort Rock,
adorn the cabinet and in addition
Beezley, administrator of
to this many varieties of southern Oregon who has been visiting his
o f Edward E. Beezley,
wood. Those visiting school should parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Gra­
has filed his final ac­
ham left for his home Wednesday.
not fail to see this collection.
Salem where they will visit friends count as such administrator in the
for a few days.
County Court of the State o f Ore­
Mrs. Eva Rains has the lagrippe.
N. N. Christy has been laid up
Mrs. Hedgepath and daughter of gon for Polk County, and that
with the grippe.
Josh Talbott was in Dallas on
Airlie visited her sisters, Mrs. Monday, the 20th day of March.
Mre. Dale Bell is quite sick with business Wednesday.
Byerly and Thrasher. She return­ 1916, at the hour of ten o’clock in
lagrippe this week.
Lloyd Miller is confined to his ed home Monday.
the forenoon o f said day, at the
F. Droege was in Portland on home with la grippe.
Courtroom of said County Court in
For Sale— 55 pounds carpet rags,
business this week.
Mrs. Byerley visited her mother. sewed hit and miss, or trade for Dallas. Oregon, has been appoint­
ed by the Judge of said Court as
Mrs. Pratt visited her sister, Mrs. Rose iu Airlie last week.
good Plymouth Rock hens. Ad­
the time and place for the hearing
Mrs. N. Selig last week.
W. I. Reynolds, Superintendent dress Mrs. Ida Dunn on Canyon
o f objections to said final account
Misses Fatland and Shields were of Schools visited the schools here road.
and the settlement thereof.
in Portland the latter part of this Wednesday.
The Sheridan Lumber Co., have
Dated and first published Feb­
Mre. Belle Dunlap o f Salem sold their mill to the Fisher-Bou- ruary 19, 1916.
The Falls City Dramatic Club came up Wednesday to spend a liu Lumber Co., of Springfield and
will put on a play at Independence few days with her parents, Mr. it is expected that they will oper­
Administrator aforesaid.
aufi Mrs. C. T. West.
ate the plant soon.
Saturday night.