Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, January 01, 1916, Image 1

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Might Become Involved
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red war
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> profea-
aor. if,—Timw declared saue by .in
advisory Jury in New York city. 24.--
l.ako excursion steamer EuNtlaiid went
down uL her dock In Chicago; Uhl were
drowned or missing. 28.—Haitian rev
oiutlunlsts Invaded the Krench legntkm.
dragged out the depoaed president
tiulllaume, nud allot him to death. 80.—
Charlea Becker waa electrocuted at Oa
Mining, N. Y , for the murder of Her
mail Itoaeutbal.
Aug. 3 — Cloudburat at Erie, I'u., cuum
ed a loaa of $6,000,000 and seventy five
deatlia. 10.—United Staten declined to
put an embargo on the aale o f muul
thins to belllgereuts. Id.—Leo Prank,
(leorgla Ilf« convict, forcibly tukeu
from prlaou at Mllle<1gevllle aud hang
ed neur Marietta, borne of bis alleged
victim, Mary Pbagnn. 17.—The Unit-
••d State* agreed to a joint board to
Nettle the disputed Frye damage case-
Kept U.-Tbe United States requested
ihe Austrian government to recall lla
ambassador, Dr. Konstantin Theodor
Iniinba, ou the grounds that hla ap
liearance In America was no longer
12. — Naval advisory
board appointed, with Thomas A. lid I
sou chairman. Id —The United States
reeogntxeil tbe new Haitian govern­
ment of President Iiartlguenuve aud
concluded a treaty establishing a pro
l e t orate for ten years. 27.—Austria
formally agreed to recall Dr. Duinba.
Oct. 13.—Boston American» defeated
the Philadelphia Nationals for the
worlds baseball championship. ID.—
The United Ktates aud the South
American countries formally recog­
nised Oeneral Cerrante, head of the
de facto government In Mexico. 21.—
Wireless telephoning accomplished be
tween Arlington, Va., aud Pails.
Nov. 7.—United Ktates note to Ureal
Britain declared the British blockade
Illegal aud u curtailment of ueuiral
rights. 10.—Emperor Yoshlhito formal
ly crowned ut Kioto.
De«'. 3. - Dr. Kurl Bueut. head In
America of llamburg-Amerlcaii line,
and three of bU employees were found
guilty Ui New York ou a charge of con­
spiring to defraud the United Ktates
government. The United States ask
ed the recall of Captain Franz von
Papen and Captain Karl Boy-Ed, re
spectlve Herman military and naval
attaches In America. Their actions lu
military end naval affair« were consld
ered Improper by the United States
4.—Buena and two of Ills employees
were sentenced to eighteen mouths In
the federal prison at Atlanta. The
third defendant got one year aud a
day. Henry Ford with 14S pilgrims
aalled for Etiro|ie ou the Oscar II. lu
an effort to restore peace. 7.—The Sixty-
fourth congress ofiened with a lengthy
address by President Wilson. 13.—Tbe
United States note to Austria on tbe
Ancona incident was made public. Tbe
sinking of tbo ship was called “ wanton
slaughter.'' 18.—President Wilson waa
married to .Mrs. Edith Halt at her
home In Washington.
The most Important events In tbe
war news in part follow:
Feb. 4 —German admiralty declared *
war cone In the English channel on and
after Feb. I*. 11.—Tho Catted States ad­
dressed noto» to tho German government
and also to Great Britain atatlug Its posi­
tion regarding the ne«v German war cone
and the use of the United States flag by
Great Britain.
1*.—German w ar decree
went teto effect.
Mare’i 1.—England announced her Inten­
tion to stop all ships to and from Ger­
many. 10.—German auxiliary cruiser Eltel
Friedrich muda port at Newport Nows,
Va., at tho end of a 30,000 mile sea raid,
having on board 311 passengers and crew
of venseta sunk by her. Including the
American ship W . P. Frye. 12.—The Aus­
trian fortress of Prsemysl, In Galicia, sur­
rendered to the Husslans.
A pr'l 7.—Prince Eltel Friedrich Interned
at Newport News until the end of the
war. 11.—German aea raider Kronprlm
Wilhelm, which had captured and sunk
fourteen vessels, arrived at Newport News
38.—K ronprlm Wilhelm Interned at N e w ­
port New s until tho end of tho war.
M sy 7.—The Lusitania torpedoed Mnd
sunk off Ktnxalc. Munster coast, Ireland
There were 2,104 persons on board, of
w hen 1 ,100, Including about 100 Amerl-
cank, were lost. 13.—Wilson sent a note
to Germany protesting sgalnst submarine
warfare on neutrals.
24.—The king of
Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary
2*.- N e w British war cabinet announced,
with Churchill deposed from the admiral­
ty o flics.
J»ne 8 — Germana recaptured Przemysl,
Galicia. 10 —Germany announced that the
case of the sinking of the United fttatee
ship Frye by a German submarine would
be referred to a prlxe court and not set­
tled under the treaty of 1328, ns this coun­
try had demanded.
IS. — Twenty-three
French airships dropped 130 bombs on
Karlsruhe. Germany: 200 noncombatants
ware killed. 23.—Lemberg recaptured by
Austrians. 30.—British admiralty steamar
Armenian torpedoed off tha British coast;
23 Americana lost.
July 8 —Germany promised to safeguard
Americana under their own flag.
Third American not# to Germany on the
torpedoing of neutrals rafused to compro-
ulaa MlhJOermaiu- on n eu trajjlgh ts and
d sell red that further encroachment will
be ' dellbei utely unfriendly.’'
Aug l Germans captured Warsaw, the
capital of Poland. 10. A German subma­
rine tuipedocd the Arable off I'ape Clear,
Ireland, two Americans and about forty
other» perished
Novo Georglevsk, great
Itusslan fortress In Poland, captured by
dept. I -German smb'issadur notified tha
United dtales ocean liner* would not be
sunk by submarine* without warning un­
less they resisted nr attempted to escape.
7 Tan persona killed and forty-stx Injur­
ed by s German airship raid on tbs east
coast of England
s —German airships
raided leindon. killing twenty persons
tod Injuring eighty-four.
Oct. 6 —Germany disavowed Arabic sink­
ing end agreed to pay Indemnity for toes
of American lives
II.—Bulgaria declared
war on Hervla. IS -F ifty -fiv e killed end
111 Injured to< l-ondon by Zeppelin attack.
It.—Great Britain declared war on Bulga­
ria. 17 -F r a m e declared war on Bulge-
rla. II.-Ita ly declared war on Bulgaria
Nov. 8 -G rea t ra il« ay Junction at Nish.
Hervla, captured by Bulgarian army. 7 —
Italian liner Ancona sunk by an Austrian
submarine In the Mediterranean. 208 live*
tout. Including nine American*. 24 -«-Teu­
ton* captured Mltrovltza and Prishtina,
with control i f the vale of Kossuvo, In
33-P rlsren d captured by Bulga­
tree 2.-Three members of the Austro-
Hungarian cabinet resigned. 3.—Monastic
In southern part of Hervla. surrenders to
* «• c «
Germans Comment
On Note To Vienna
No, 18.
Second Note Not on Ultimatum,
lu t Milder on More Conoilltory
The Berlin papers published the
full text of the American note on
the Ancona.
You can profit bv a visit to our
Only the Tagebla
lidi gdiib now in effect.
and Boersen Zeltung comment a
any length.
The Tageblatt says
the note differs from the first to
its advantage by the
tone, which preserves the forms
customary in communication be­
tween nations.
“ The question at issue,” savs
Tageblatt, "is not brought a step
nearer solution.
The Am erican,
Government maintains its de­
mands made on December 6. As
a basis for this demand, however,
it has recourse no longer to the
Senator Lodge Wants Republicans to somewhat scanty material furn­
Nominate Hie Colleague for Free*
ished by naked assumptions and
suppositions, which it was before
based on, but on the report o f the
Austro-Hungarian Charge d ’A f-
faires at Washington, which he
AS PROOF OF HIS STRENOTH presented the same day the Am er­
ican Ambassador at Vienna re­
ceived the answer o f Count Bur-
Victory of 0. 0. P. in Maasachueetts ian.”
1 fl#*? 5l
(¿dies dff5'j hats at 1-3 rmd
•w'fïl. ►
n #
5 À r»j aiu
U 1,1 fT /« ^ y 1 l|4
/^1 t| Í
*' % li } * & ^ 2 f'A
if in*
ill t
Cited ae Qreat Triumph. Average
Majority Noted
Indorsement o f the candidacy
Laok of Threat Is Noted.
The Tageblatt says it must wait
until it knows what this report
contained before deciding whether
it furnishes a better basis for the
American demand than “ the as­
sumptions and suppositions" on
which the first note was based,
and continues:
“ In any event it remains a strik­
ing and unusual fact that th» re­
newed demands were not empha­
sized by any threat or time limi­
o f Senator Weeks o f Massachu­
setts for the republican presiden­
tial nomination was voiced today
by Senator Lodge o f Massachu
setts, who has come to Washing­
ton for the approaching session
o f Congress. In a statement
given to The Star Senator- Lgdge
“ The election in Massachusetts
was a very great victory indeed
for the republican party. Mr.
McCall’s election was particular­
ly important and was the most
significant thing in the victory
because he had certain local is­
sues to meet which made the con­
test for him a hard one. He Seattle Concern May Go Into Fed­
made a splendid campaign and
eral Courts to Secure Rights
won handsomely. The majority
to Moke Beer for Sale
for the republican ticket aver­
aged 64,000. We shall carry the
Outside the State
state next year against the dem­
ocratic candidate by a majority
Seattle. Wash., Dec. 28.—The
for the presidential electors which
will range from 75,000 to 100,000. Seattle Brewing & Malting com­
pany, the largest concern o f the
State for Senator Weeks.
kind on the Pacific coast, has
“ As to presidential candidates. made no move to shut down its
Massachusets, o f course, will be big plant, despite the fact that
for Senator Weeks. Personally, the supreme court held the prohi­
1 shall do all in my power for bition law valid.
him. He is not only my collea­
There is every indication that
gue, but ray warm personal the company intends to run in de­
friend and 1 have the highest re­ fiance o f the law to the extent of
gard for him, as well as the brewing for sale in other countries.
greatest confidence in his ability, It is proposed in this connection
his character and his strength o f to take the law into the federal
purpose, which is accompanied courts on a test case, to be car
by sanity o f judgment and thor­ ried to the Unted States supreme
ough good sense.
court, where the brewery interests
“ In saying this I merely give hope to get permanent relief thro'
expression to the sentiment which a decision knocking out that sec­
has been shown toward him tion c f the law which prohibits
again and again by, the people the manufacture o f beer in this
o f his state, o f his congressional state for sale in other states and
district and o f his own city.
foreign countries.
Seattle Brewery
May Defy Dry Law
His Series of Successes
“ His city elected him mayor,
he was five times chosen for
Congress, and the state sent him
to the Senate, where he has dis­
tinguished him self in such a
marked way. Massachusetts, I
am sure will g iv e him a most
earnest support.
“ The general sentiment in the
other New England states is also
very tavorable to Senator Weeks,
and Massachusetts expects to
have their support o f his candi­
dacy.— E ven iog Star,
u a ig d iift
w ill
find throughout the store.
Start This Year
Roseburg, Ore. Dec. 27.—Owing m
to a change o f postoffice regula­
tions effecting the parcels post.
Roseburg has been eliminated as
a mailing station by a big Eastern i
mail order house for distributing
their catalogues. As a result of
the change the Roseburg postoffice
will lose revenue to the amount of
about $7,000 and the salary o f the
postmaster will be reduced accord- j
u n ic i
Falls City’s Largest Store.